Mt. Auburn High School “Eagles”

Mt. Auburn High School in 1990
A building with trees in front of it

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Mt. Auburn High School Side View
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The History of Mt. Auburn High School

Mt. Auburn (population 515) is located in central Illinois about 20 miles west of Springfield.  This places Mt. Auburn in the northeast portion of Christian County. The main roadways leading to and from Mt. Auburn include County Highway 2 and County Highway 22. The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad travels through Mt. Auburn and was vital to the town’s early growth.  Branches of the Sangamon River and Mosquito Creek make their way into town as well.

The history of Mt. Auburn and its high school are in need of research. We do know that Mt. Auburn provided education for its school-aged children very early in its existence.  It was probably in the late 1800s or early 1900s that Mt. Auburn began offering high school curriculum to its students.  Mt. Auburn High School served the community quite well for over eight decades.  According to 1987 graduate Bryan Bramel, Mt. Auburn High School closed in 1990.  The citizens voted to become part of the Taylorville School District, their neighbor 15 miles to the south.

The photo above is of the Mt. Auburn High School building and was taken in 1990 by our good friend Dennis Downey. The Mt. Auburn High School building was the victim of a fire. It was then torn down to clear the property. On a sad note, the Taylorville School District closed the Mt. Auburn Elementary School (pictured below) at the end of the 2008-09 school year.

Mt. Auburn High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                           late 1800s / early 1900s

Year closed:                            1990

Consolidated to:                       Taylorville School District

Mt. Auburn HS team nickname: the “Eagles”

School colors:                          Green & White

School Fight Song:                   unavailable


Mt. Auburn High School offered the boys sports of baseball, basketball, and track for sure.  The girls competed in basketball, track, and, we believe, volleyball. School team nickname, school colors, fight song, and are all being sought.

Research by Tom Fitch revealed that Mt. Auburn was a part of the following conference with member schools listed in the 1980s:

1983 thru 1984  –  Tri-Central Conference: Springfield Calvary Academy, Springfield Lutheran, Mt. Auburn and New Holland-Middletown.

1985 thru 1988  –  Tri-Central Conference: Springfield Calvary Academy, Springfield Lutheran, Mt. Auburn, New Holland-Middletown and Springfield Ursuline Academy.

1989  –  Tri-Central Conference: Springfield Calvary Academy, Springfield Lutheran, Mt. Auburn and Springfield Ursuline Academy.

Boys Basketball

The boys basketball program is listed on the IHSA website ( back to the 1947-48 school year.  The program had many solid seasons. The greatest success came during the coaching era of Vic Binkley. Coach Binkley brought the Mt. Auburn HS basketball team its only 20+ games-won seasons concluding with the school’s best effort in what might have been their last year of existence.  Coach Binkley’s team of 1985-86 finished 22 – 7 and brought home the school’s only Regional Title!

The coach’s names and the better records of the Mt. Auburn boys basketball program are listed below.

1947-48                                                                    Coach Williams

1948-49                                                                    Coach Williams

1949-50  13 – 10                                                        Coach Williams

1951-52                                                                    Coach Ray Bentz

1952-53                                                                    Coach Ray Bentz

1953-55                                                                    Coach Delmar J. Egli

1955-56                                                                    Coach Jim Thornton

1956-57                                                                    Coach Charles Lucia

1957-58  19 – 7                                                          Coach Charles Lucia

1958-60                                                                    Coach Jim Thornton

1960-63                                                                    Coach Billy McCullough

1963-65                                                                    Coach Fred Edwards

1965-66  13 – 12                                                        Coach Fred Edwards

1966-67                                                                    Coach Larry Graham

1967-68                                                                    Coach David Willenborg

1968-69  16 – 7                                                          Coach David Willenborg

1969-70  15 – 9                                                          Coach David Willenborg

1970-71  15 – 9                                                          Coach David Willenborg

1971-72  13 – 11                                                        Coach David Willenborg

1972-73                                                                    Coach David Willenborg

1973-76                                                                    Coach Dennis Castlenberry

1976-77                                                                    Coach Dave Haas

1977-78                                                                    Coach Don Alton

1978-79  16 – 8                                                          Coach Don Alton

1979-80                                                                    Coach Harold Wainwright

                                                                                Coach Randy Lewis

1980-82                                                                     Coach Vic Binkley

1982-83  20 – 6                                                           Coach Vic Binkley

1983-84  21 – 5                                                           Coach Vic Binkley

1984-85  14 – 11                                                         Coach Vic Binkley

1985-86  22 – 7    Regional Champions                      Coach Vic Binkley

Last season listed for Mt. Auburn basketball

Girls Track & Field

One lady trackster of Mt. Auburn High brought home the school’s only medal in this sport.  Anna Hale took consecutive 4TH Place finishes in the high jump in 1983 and 1984 at the State Class ‘A’ Track Meet!

1982-83     Anna Hale     High Jump     4TH Place

1983-84     Anna Hale     High Jump     4Th Place

Boys Baseball

The boys of the baseball diamond also had some good seasons.  Only two are currently listed on the IHSA website however.

1977-78   7 – 7        Coach Dan Alton

1978-79   8 – 4        Coach Dan Alton

** From John Butcher (Class of 1977):

“The 1977 Mt.Auburn High School baseball team won the regonal championship and lost in the first game of state tournament to Lanphier High School 7-5. It was before the 2 class system came in, so, all sizes of schools played together. The loss came at Lanphier Park in Springfield, Il. I don’t know what the team record was that year.”

Seeking Your Assistance

If you have any further information you would like to share regarding the achievements attained at Mt. Auburn High School pleae contact us via e-mail at .  You can also write to us via real mail at:

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Mt. Auburn Grade School
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Built in 1953

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