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Mounds Township High School
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Mounds, Illinois

The History of Mounds High School

Mounds (population 1,117) is located in far southern Illinois in south central Pulaski County.  Mounds is about 5 miles north of Cairo, 2 1/2 miles northwest of the Ohio River, and 3 miles northeast of the Mississippi River. Do you realize how far south we are talking now?  Woooweee!  Old Highway 51 is the main roadway traveling through town and Interstate Highway 57 runs past the east edge of town.  The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad runs past the west side of town as well.

Mounds High School was probably established in the early 1900s.  Mounds High School served the town of Mounds for about six decades.  After the graduation of the Class of 1964 the high schools of Mounds and Mounds Douglass joined forces with, we believe, Mound City and Mound City Lovejoy high schools, to create Mounds Meridian High School.

Mounds Meridian High School is located in Mounds.  We are not sure if the original Mounds High School building is still in use for thiis capacity or is even still standing.  Please contact us if you can help clarify the information regarding the schools of Mounds, Mounds Douglass, Mound City, and Mound City Lovejoy.

An EXCELLENT website regarding the history of Mounds High School can be viewed at  The site was sent to us by Margaret Grace and does a great job providing a massive amount of information and photos on Mounds and its former high school!

Mounds High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                       early 1900s

Year closed:                        1964

Consolidated to:                   Mounds Meridian High School

Mounds HS nickname:         the “Railroaders”

Mounds HS team colors:      Purple, Gold, & White

School Fight Song:              unavailable


Mounds High School participated in a great variety of sports for a small school.  Boys basketball, golf, and track & field were definitley offered.  It is probable that baseball and maybe even cross country and football were offered as well.  We need information on the school’s team nickname, school’s team colors, fight song, and conference affiliation.

Boys Basketball

The Mounds High School basketball team won one District title and one Regional title. Unfortunatley this is the extent of the information we currently have available to us.  Coaches’ names and records of the better teams in MHS history are being sought to add to this page.

1933-34        District Champions
1947-48        Regional Champions                      Coach Thomas Dunn

Boys Golf

The Mounds High School golf team made its school proud in the late 1930s/early 1940s.  During these two consecutive seasons the MHS golfers brought home District titles and qualified for the IHSA State Golf Competition.  Information as to the coaches names and possible team records are needed.

1938-39        District Champions / Qualified for State Match Competition
1939-40        District Champions / Qualified for State Match Competition

Boys Track

One Mounds High School trackster brought home a medal from the IHSA State Track Meet while it ran under the one-class system.  Howard Branch was one of the State’s premier runners in 1953 placing third in the 880 Yard Run.

1952-53        Individual Medalist

Howard Branch          880 Yard Run       3RD Place

6-Man Football

Adam Rosoho’s research found that Mounds High School competed in 6-man football in the 1940s/50s.  If you have any further information please send it to us for inclusion on this page.

Seeking More Information

If you have any further information regarding the successes and achievements of those who attended Mounds High School please write to us at  We are especially seeking a photo of the original high school building.  You can also write to us via real mail at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.
Chicago, Il.    60631

  1. Lovejoy High School closed in 1963, one year before the Meridian consolidation. Mound City HS was the only integrated school in the district for that year.

  2. A few years ago, the building was still standing but in extreme disrepair. Meridian used it as a grade school until Meridian Elementary School opened in 1981. It was referred to as the Titus Building. Lovejoy closed a year before the Meridian CUSD was formed, giving Mound City an integrated HS. The three schools continued to operate until Meridian HS was built a couple of years later. The other high school buildings are long gone. I was the Librarian at Meridian for 38 years but am retired now and don’t have records of dates.

  3. I am a graduate of Mound City Community High School (class of 1955). We won the Tri-County Track Championship 1953-55, also won the regional basketball Champ. in 1956. won the Baseball Champ. in 1954 & 1955. won the MCCHS Basketball Tourney several years 1948-1955 I was awarded a full Basketball Scholarship to The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)in 1955 and was Captain in 1960
    We had many good Athletes from this school ( Morris Le Fever, Ray Neeley, Billy Snyder, Wayne Stevers Charles D Evers, Harold Hopkins, Troy Wilburn, Bobby Richey, Lynn Lemons,

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