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Monmouth High School
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Courtesy of Chris McIntyre

The History of Monmouth High School

Monmouth (population 9,841) is located in upper-western Illinois in central Warren County.  The city is sits about 15 miles west of Galesburg and 15 miles east of the Mississippi River.U.S. Route 34 and U.S. Route 67 intersect in Monmouth along with Illinois Route 164.

This Monmouth railroad history was provided by 1959 alum Larry Swanson: 

“Monmouth was settled at the junction of two railroads and an electric interurban railroad line – the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy (CB&Q), the Minneapolis and St. Louis (M&StL)  and the Rock Island Southern (RIS).

Today the CB&Q has become the BNSF and is still running. Both the M&StL and the RIS have been abandoned and their tracks removed, but you can see traces of the old track beds and bridges along the route.  The M&StL coming from Minneapolis entered Illinois over the Mississippi on a bridge at Keithsburg.  It then ran through Little York, Monmouth, Nemo, and Abingdon on its way to Peoria.  The RIS left  Monmouth to Galesburg one way and to Rock Island the other way, running up the West side of present Route 67 but not always visible from the road.  Traces of the old bridge used to be visible at Cedar Creek.  On the East side  of Route 67 there was also a railroad bridge visible over Cedar Creek, but that one was a spur line from the CB&Q,  which was abandoned while we were in High School.

My grandfather, Bert McIntyre, worked as telegrapher for the M&SL at Norwood and Burgess north of Monmouth. Both my father, Ronald Swanson, and my uncle, Paul McIntyre, in their youth worked summers as brakemen on the CB&Q.  Monmouth was a railroad town. The auto routes 34 and 67 came later.  Monmouth is now located at the junction of 34 and 67, but it was settled at the junction of the three railroads.”

Monmouth is and always has been a very progressive and active community.  The small private college of the same name, Monmouth College, has been one staple of the city for approximately 150 years.  The Monmouth area was settled shortly after the War of 1812 finished.  According to the towns website, , a gentleman named John Talbot won the rights to some land in the area in a “game of chance” and soon discovered the great resources the area possessed.  Monmouth soon grew into the thriving community it has become today.

The residents of early Monmouth saw the need to educate their young children too.  It is believed that a high school was started in the town in the middle 1800s.  Monmouth High School served the community of Monmouth for over 100 years on a solo basis.  In the early 2000s the Roseville School District began consolidation talks with Monmouth High School.  In 2005 this effort became a reality with the creation of the Monmouth-Roseville School District.  Monmouth High School’s official name, school mascot, and team colors were changed as well.

For more stories regarding Monmouth High School check out a book authored by long-time teacher Susan Van Kirk:

“A veteran of thirty-four years in public high school teaching, Susan Van Kirk has written a montage of stories that take you on a passionate and unforgettable journey through one teaching life at Monmouth High School, in Monmouth, Illinois. Her book, The Education of a Teacher (Including Dirty Books and Pointed Looks),  describes the town, the school, and the students who molded a rookie teacher into a veteran. Sometimes inspirational, sometimes heart-breaking or hilarious, these are unforgettable stories from a real classroom that illustrate why teaching is an inspired and rewarding profession like no other. Van Kirk’s early fears about classroom discipline, hilarious student plots to overthrow “the rookie,” a student drug overdose, the first student death, and a challenge to a major Kurt Vonnegut book in her classroom are just some of the topics of the fifteen stories. Told as entertaining narratives, these stories are nevertheless based on real events that occurred at Monmouth High School from 1968-2002. They should bring back memories of the Zippers and maroon and gold.  Her book can be purchased at or

Susan Van Kirk, Author

The Education of a Teacher (Including Dirty Books and Pointed Looks)

Now available at or



The high school for the Monmouth-Roseville School District is located in the original Monmouth High School building pictured above.

Monmouth High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                                   middle 1800s

Year consolidated with Roseville:       2005 (Monmouth-Roseville School District)

Original Monmouth team nickname:   the “Maroons”

Year nickname changed:                   1938

“New” team nickname:                      the “Zippers”

School colors:                                  Maroon & Gold

School Fight Song:                           “The Alma Matter”

“The Alma Mater is an original composition by MHS Band Director Lester S. Munneke, who also wrote the fight song. We were one of very few high schools which did not borrow a college fight song.” 

(Information provided by Larry Swanson)

From current bandmaster Dan Potts:

“You will be pleased to note the music mentioned in the quote from Larry Swanson is saved and is in great condition.  Both the school song titled “Salute to the Zippers” and the “Monmouth Alma Mater” were indeed composed by bandmaster Lester Munneke.  Since Mr. Munneke’s tenure an additional school song was added by bandmaster Edgar Sheckler entitled “Hail to the Varsity”.

Hail to the Varsity

We’ll give a cheer for the varsity,

Cheer them along the way. 

Onward to victory,

May they win a game today! 

We’ll give a cheer for the varsity,

Long may they reign supreme. 

Shout till the echos ring,

For the glory of our team!”

Monmouth-Roseville High School Fight Song

An Original Composition by Music Director Dan Potts

Fight on Monmouth Roseville

Fight on down the field

Spirit tied with unity

We’ll fight on for a victory!

Fight on Monmouth Roseville

Show forth your Silver and Blue


On to Victory

For Monmouth-Roseville High!



Monmouth High School Alma Mater

Composed by Lester Muneke

Submitted by Bob Swanson

Hail to Thee Our Alma Mater

Monmouth Hail to Thee

We Her Sons and Her Daughter

Raise Her Praises to the Sky.

Loyal to Maroon and Gold

Shall We Ever Be

Hail to Thee Our Alma Mater

Monmouth Hail to Thee.

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The words “rich”, “storied”, and “successful” are three words which only begin to describe the Monmouth High School Athletic Program.  Several State Championships were won as well as several elite finishes. The Monmouth School Fight Song is being sought at this time.

As you can read in the “Quick Facts” portion, the Monmouth athletic teams were originally known as the “Maroons”.  Local newspaper men of the 1930s liked the way the Monmouth basketball teams ran the floor during games and one of them used the word “zip” in his description. This adjective developed into a new school nickname, the “Zippers”.  This took place around 1938.

Former Zipper Charles Hall remembers this about the Monmouth HIgh School Hall of Fame located in the school’s gymnasium:

“As a former Zipper, I remember the great Hall of Fame that Monmouth had before the consolidation. This Hall of Fame was on the west entrance to the HS gym. It had pictures of all the athletes starting I think in the 1930’s that achieved the honor of being in the Hall of Fame. At one time a person had to have 7 letters of which 4 were in a main sport-main sports being football, basketball, and track.During the seventies the criteria changed, to what I don’t know. I am wondering if that HOF still exists and what the criteria changed to after the seventies. I know of many great athletes of the fifties and early sixties that went on to compete in college that are on that wall.”

We will start honoring the Zipper accomplishments with one of the more non-traditional type sports, Boys Golf. You will soon see why it is only natural we start here.


Can you yell “FOURRRRRRR!”.  Well, the kids on the Monmouth High School golf team apparently didn’t have to very often!  No need for droning on with praise, let the numbers speak for themselves.

Class A State Championships Won:           8 (EIGHT!!!!!!!!)

Consecutive Championships Won:             6 (1985-86 through 1990-91)

                                                                   2 (1994-95 and 1995-96)

Top-Five Team Finishes:                           16

Top-Ten Team Finishes:                            20

District Titles Won:                                      5 (All in a row!) 

Regional Titles Won:                                 19 (Including 14 in a row!)

Sectional Titles Won:                                17 (Including 13 in a row!)

Times Qualified for State Competition:     22

Number of Individual State Champions:     6

Number of Individual Runner-Ups:              6

Number of Top-10 Individual Medalists:    20

Number of Top-15 Individual Medalists:    28

Incredible run by the Monmouth High School golfers!!  The yearly accomplishments are listed below:

1971-72       Qualified for the State Match Competition

1975-76       Team Finished NINTH in STATE MATCH Competition!!

                   District Champions


                   Individual Medalist

Bill Rhea                  2ND Place!

                   Final Team Standings

                   1.)  Carmi                                           656

2.)  Normal (University)                         676

3.)  Bloomington (Central Catholic)        678

4.)  Plano                                            684

5.)  Chatham (Glenwood)                      685

6.)  Dunlap                                          691

7.)  Danville (Schlarman)                       693

8.)  Sandwich                                      699

9.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL         704

1976-77        Team Finished SEVENTH in STATE MATCH Competition!!

                    District Champions

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

Dave Levine             2ND Place!!

                    Final Team Standings

1.)  Carmi                                          642

2.)  Auburn                                        668

3.)  Dunlap                                        674

4.)  Quincy (Notre Dame)                    681

5.)  Kankakee (McNamara)                 682

6.)  Mt. Morris                                   690


                    8.)  Bloomington (Central Catholic)      704

9.)  Peru (St. Bede)                            726

1979-80        Team Won the District Championship

1980-81        Team Place THIRD in STATE MATCH Competition

                    District Champions

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalist

                    Mel Blasi                  7TH Place

                    Final Team Standings

                    1.)  Dwight                                        647

2.)  Rochester                                   658


4.)  Normal (University)                       670

5.)  Red Bud                                      671

1981-82        Team Won the District Championship

1983-84        Team Won the Regional Championship

1984-85        Team Finished SECOND in STATE MATCH Competition!!

                    Regional Champions

                    Sectional Champions


                    Individual Medalist

                    Mike Braggs             12TH Place

                    Final Team Standings

                    1.)  Aledo                                          660


2.)  Petersburg (PORTA)                    673

4.)  Princeton                                    682

5.)  Normal (University)                       683

1985-86        TEAM WON IHSA CLASS ‘A’ STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!  Coach Bill Pieper

                    Regional Champions

                    Sectional Champions


                    Individual Medalists

                    Buck McBride           4TH Place

                    Carl Odendahl          7TH Place

                    Final Team Standings 

                    1.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL ZIPPERS!!        638

2.)  Aledo                                                            655

3.)  Dunlap                                                          667

4.)  Princeton                                                      668

5.)  Aurora (Central Catholic)                                671

1986-87        TEAM WON IHSA CLASS ‘A’ STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!  Coach Bill Pieper

                    Regional Champions

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

Mike Briggs              STATE CHAMPION!!

                    Carl Odendahl          8TH Place

                    Final Team Standings

                    1.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL ZIPPERS!!       633   

2.)  Dunlap                                                         649

2.)  Normal (University)                                        649

4.)  Quincy (Notre Dame)                                     658

5.)  Litchfield                                                       662

1987-88        TEAM WON IHSA CLASS ‘A’ STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!  Coach Bill Pieper

                    Regional Champions

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Randy Briggs            STATE CHAMPION!!

                    Buck McBride            8TH Place

                    Tadd Bednar             15TH Place

                    Final Team Standings

                    1.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL ZIPPERS!!       621

2.)  Normal (University)                                        659

3.)  Dunlap                                                         667

4.)  Quincy (Notre Dame)                                     668

5.)  Elgin (St. Edward)                                         673

1988-89        TEAM WON IHSA CLASS ‘A’ STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!  Coach Bill Pieper 

                    Regional Champions

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Tadd Bednar             STATE CHAMPION!!

                    Randy Briggs             2ND Place!

                    Scott Pieper              15Th Place

                    Final Team Standings

                    1.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL ZIPPERS!!       629

2.)  Kankakee (McNamara)                                  653

3.)  Mendota                                                       656

4.)  Normal (University)                                        662

5.)  Freeport (Aquin)                                            674

1989-90        TEAM WON IHSA CLASS ‘A’ STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!  Coach Bill Pieper 

                    Regional Champions

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Randy Briggs            STATE CHAMPION!!

                    Erik Pieper                14th Place

                    Final Team Standings

                    1.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL ZIPPERS!!      640

2.)  Kankakee (McNamara)                                 641

3.)  Normal (University)                                       653

4.)  Dunlap                                                        664

5.)  Geneva                                                       665

1990-91        TEAM WON IHSA CLASS ‘A’ STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!  Coach Bill Pieper 

                    Regional Chamions

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Mark Odendahl         2ND Place!

                    Erik Pieper                6TH Place

                    Robbie Hawk            14TH Place

                    Final Team Standings

                    1.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL ZIPPERS!!      621

                    2.)  Kankakee (McNamara)                                 626

3.)  Normal (University)                                       644

4.)  Quincy (Notre Dame)                                    645

5.)  Belleville (Althoff)                                          654

1991-92        Team Finished SEVENTH in STATE MATCH Competition  Coach Bill Peiper

                    Regional Champions

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalist

                    Aaron Pieper            8TH Place

                    Final Team Standings

1.)  Normal (University)                                        645

2.)  Kankakee (McNamara)                                  672

3.)  Elgin (St. Edward)                                         676

4.)  Nashville                                                      678

5.)  Carterville                                                     682

6.)  Staunton                                                      683

7.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                        686

8.)  Kewanee (H.S.)                                            688

8.)  Dwight                                                         688

10.)  Rochester                                                    694

1992-93        Team Finished FOURTH in STATE MATCH Competition    Coach Bill Pieper 

                    Regional Champions

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalist


                    Final Team Standings

                    1.)  Kankakee (McNamara)                                 652

2.)  Hamilton                                                      654

2.)  Normal (University)                                       654

4.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                       655

4.)  Nashville                                                     655

6.)  Mendota                                                     662

1993-94        Team Finished SECOND in STATE MATCH Competition   Coach Bill Pieper

                    Regional Champions

                    Sectional Champions

Individual Medalist

                    Matt Livingston         STATE CHAMPION!!

                    Adam Goldie            14TH Place

                    Final Team Standings

                    1.)  Breese (Mater Dei)                                      316

2.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                      330

2.)  Normal (University)                                      330

4.)  Wheaton (St. Francis)                                 336

5.)  Danville (Schlarman)                                    337

5.)  Kankakee (McNamara)                                337

5.)  Staunton                                                    337

1994-95        TEAM WON IHSA CLASS ‘A’ STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!  Coach Bill Pieper

                   Regional Champions

                   Sectional Champions

Individual Medalist

                   Andrew Johnson         STATE CHAMPION!!

                   Adam Goldie               13TH Place

                   Final Team Standings

                   1.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL ZIPPERS!!       627

                   2.)  Normal (University)                                        645

3.)  Belleville (Althoff)                                           652

4.)  Rochester                                                     655

5.)  West Frankfort (Frankfort)                              658


1995-96       TEAM WON IHSA CLASS ‘A’ STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!  Coach Mel Blasi

                   Regional Champions

                   Sectional Champions

                   Individual Medalists

                   Adam Goldie             2ND Place!

                   Final Team Standings

                   1.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL ZIPPERS!!        650

2.)  Belleville (Althoff)                                           654

3.)  Kankakee (McNamara)                                  661

4.)  Normal (University)                                        668

5.)  Quincy (Notre Dame)                                     673

1996-97       Team Finished FOURTH in STATE MATCH Competition

                   Regional Champions

                   Sectional Champions

Individual Medalist

                   Adam Goldie            2ND Place

                   Chuck Blake             14TH Place

                   Final Team Standings

                   1.)  Normal (University)                                      627

2.)  Clinton                                                       649

3.)  Quincy (Notre Dame)                                   653

4.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                      654

                   5.)  Oregon                                                       656

5.)  Staunton                                                    656

1997-98       Team Qualified for State Match Competition

1998-99       Team Finished FIFTH in STATE MATCH Competition   Coach Mark Shrader

                   Regional Champions

                   Sectional Champions

                   Individual Medalist


                   Final Team Standings

                   1.)  Havana                                                       644

1.)  Quincy (Notre Dame)                                   644

3.)  Rochester                                                   645

4.)  Kankakee (McNamara)                                656

  5.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                      657

1999-00      Team Finished THIRD in STATE MATCH Competition   Coach Mark Shrader

Regional Champions

                  Individual Medalists


                  Final Team Standings

                 1.)  Fairbury (Prairie Central)                                625

1.)  Rochester                                                    625

3.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                        626

                 4.)  Quincy (Notre Dame)                                    628

5.)  Kankakee (McNamara)                                 630

2000-01     Team Finished SIXTH in STATE MATCH Competition  Coach Mark Shrader 

                 Regional Champions

                 Sectional Champions


                 Individual Medalist

                 Matt Baker                  4TH Place

                 Final Team Staandings

                 1.)  Kankakee (McNamara)                                 611

2.)  Normal (University)                                       612

3.)  Byron                                                          615

4.)  Elgin (St. Edward)                                        623

5.)  Fairfield                                                       625

 6.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                       626

2002-03     Team Won the Regional Championship                     Coach Mark Shrader

2004-05     Team Placed THIRD in STATE MATCH Competition   Coach Mark Shrader

                 Regional Champions


                 Individual Medalist


                 Final Team Standings

                 1.)  Normal (University)                                       596

2.)  Benton                                                        638

3.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                       648

4.)  Campbell Hill (Trico)                                     650

5.)  Rock Island (Alleman)                                  656

Great Coaches

Bill Pieper:

How can we not mention what incredible success Coach Bill Pieper brought to the Monmouth HS golf program.  It is a fact he coached 7 of the 8 State Championship teams listed above. It is probable that he won a minimum of 11 Regional titles and 11 Sectional titles, probably more!!  Congratulations to Coach Peiper for an outstanding career at Monmouth High.

Coach Pieper has actually written to us to share some of his personal memories of his six State Championships:

“What fun I had reliving the stats you presented so well!  One highpoint I’ll share was the team that won the 1989 State Championship and tied Carmi H.S. for the most consecutive state championships at 5. Of the 6 team members, 3 were my sons: Scott (senior ), Erik (junior) and Aaron (freshman).

Erik and Aaron were on the 1990 team that set the current record of 6 consecutive titles.  I retired in 2000 after 34 years at Monmouth H.S. (The Zippers are no more!) I graduated from Dallas City Community H.S. (the Bulldogs are no more) in 1962. Thanks again for the memories!”

(Thank you Coach!)

Tim Sweborg:

Also to be commended for this incredible run of great golf teams and individuals at Monmouth High School is Tim Sweborg.  We are told that Mr. Sweborg personally coached and was instrumental in instilling a love for the game of golf with the kids who chose to participate. The IHSA even awarded Tim a “coaching” award to acknowledge his contributions to the success of the Monmouth Zipper Golf Team.

Tim was the PGA pro at Gibson Woods in Monmouth from 1977 to 2005; is a Hall of Fame Member of Bradley University; was awarded Golf Digests’ youth development award; founder of the FGA (Future Golfers Association) and many others.  If you were to poll any of the former Zipper golfers, they assuredly would all tell you the same thing – that Tim Sweborg was instrumental in the success of ther Zippers and their record 6-straight State Championships.

Former ‘youth’ that got their start at Gibson Woods include:

British Open Winner Todd Hamilton; Record winning WIU golf coach Mel Blasi; current PGA pro Charlie Johnson; Gibson Woods PGA pro, Randy Briggs; current PGA pro Cory Bizarri; former PGA pro Mike Briggs; current PGA pro Buck McBride.

Gibson Woods and Monmouth, Il. is quite a success story when it comes to molding young golfing talent.  

Monmouth Golf Program….give yourself a hand.  One of the more remarkable runs on this site!!

Monmouth HS Football Field and Track
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The Monmouth High School were one of the more successful teams in their area. This is further evidenced by their success in State Playoff action.  The 1980s and early 1990s were certainly some of the “glory days” of Zipper football.  The Zippers won the whole kit and kaboodle in the 1983-84 school year, claiming the IHSA Class 3A title under Coach Warren Dobry! 

The Zippers made a total of 13 trips to the IHSA Playoffs including 10 consecutive trips starting in 1981.  But we wish not to mislead you, football at Monmouth HS has very long and rich tradition.  The school has records dating back to the 1902-03 school year on the IHSA website (  There are many missing years between 1902 ad 2005, but many successful seasons are listed.  The better season records and coaches names are listed below along with the playoff scores if applicable. Monmouth Football had a cumulative record from 1894-2004 of 444-445-26!

1902-03   6 – 3

1903-04   6 – 1- 2

1905-06   5 – 3 -1                                                       Coach Chester Smith

1906-07   3 – 2

1907-08   2 – 1 – 1

1908-09   3 – 3                                                           Coach James Clarke

1909-10   6 – 3                                                           Coach E.J. Rutt

1910-11   6 – 2                                                           Coach Henry Mendelsohn

1911-12   5 – 2 – 1                                                      Coach A. Deenker

1912-14                                                                    Coach Ray Smith

1914-15                                                                    Coach  H.E. Carlson

1915-16   5 – 2                                                           Coach White

1916-17                                                                    Coach Charles Pitkin

1917-18                                                                    Coach Russell Berry

1919-20   4 – 4                                                           Coach L.B. Maxwell

1920-21   5 – 1 – 1                                                      Coach Thomas Foster

1921-23                                                                    Coach Milton Niergarth

1923-24                                                                    Coach Herman Bear

1924-25                                                                    Coach Glen Hartman

1925-26                                                                    Coach Earl McKown

1926-28                                                                    Coach Byron Cully

1928-30                                                                    Coach Warren Taylor

1930-36                                                                    Coach Herbert Jebens

1936-38                                                                    Coach Fred C. Exter

1938-42                                                                    Coach Les Corzine

1942-44                                                                    Coach Sheehan

1944-45                                                                    Coach James Wilkes

1945-50                                                                    Coach Charles Larson

1950-53                                                                    Coach John Nettleton

1953-61                                                                    Coach Glenn Stavenhagen

1961-70                                                                    Coach Gene Behnke

1970-73                                                                    Coach Larry Keener

1973-76                                                                    Coach  John Bickell

1976-77          Qualified for IHSA Class 2A Playoffs  Coach John Bickell

                      “Final Four” Finalist

                      Beat Stockton            28 – 24

                      Beat Princeville         26 – 22

                      Lost to Fulton              47 – 14

Fulton eventual State Champs
1977-78          Qualified for IHSA Class 2A Playoffs  Coach John Bickell

                      “Elite 8” Finalist

                      Beat Rushville              6 – 0

                      Lost to Stockton           46 – 38

Stockton eventual State Runner-up

1978-81                                                                     Coach Greg Dillard

1981-82          Qualified for Class 3A Playoffs           Coach Warren Dobry

                      “Sweet 16” Finalist

                      Lost to Dunlap               12 – 0

1982-83          Qualified for Class 3A Playoffs            Coach Warren Dobry

                      “Elite 8” Finalist

                      Beat Pittsfield              12 – 6

                      Lost to Alton Marquette  35 – 0

Marquette eventual State Runner-up 
1983-84 12 – 1 IHSA CLASS 3A STATE CHAMPIONS! Coach Warren Dobry

                      Beat Farmington (East) 27 – 15  

Beat Normal U-High      21 – 18

                      Beat Addison Driscoll    20 – 0

                      Beat Anna-Jonesboro    26 – 7

                      STATE CHAMPIONS!! 

1984-85          Qualified for Class 3A Playoffs            Coach Warren Dobry

                      “Final Four” Finalist

Beat Farmington East    31 – 13

                      Beat Rockridge              33 – 18

                      Lost to Ottawa Marquette  38 – 27

Marquette eventaul State Runner-up

1985-86          Qualified for Class 3A Playoffs            Coach Warren Dobry

                      “Sweet 16” Finalist

                      Beat Farmington East     22 – 19

                      Lost to Rockridge              12 – 0

1987-88   7 – 3 Qualified for Class 3A Playoffs            Coach Warren Dobry

                      Lost to Sherrard                 32 – 0

1988-89   7 – 3 Qualified for Class 3A Playoffs            Coach Warren Dobry

                      Lost to Beardstown            20 – 17

1990-91          Qualified for Class 3A Playoffs            Coach Warren Dobry

                      “Sweet 16” Finalist

                      Beat Dunlap    (2 OT)        21 – 20

Lost to Sherrard                  34 – 7

1991-92          Qualified for Class 3A Playoffs            Coach Warren Dobry

                      “Sweet 16” Finalist

                      Beat Farmington               12 – 6

                      Lost to Sherrard                    7 – 6

1992-93          Qualified for Class 3A Playoffs            Coach Warren Dobry

                      “Elite 8” Finalist 

                      Beat Dunlap                      28 – 7

Beat Sherrard                   23 – 22

Lost to Coal City                 24 – 21

1993-95                                                                      Coach Warren Dobry
1995-96   6 – 4 Qualified for Class 3A Playoffs            Coach Warren Dobry

                       Lost to Coal City                21 – 7

1996-97                                                                      Coach Warren Dobry

1997-98   5 – 4                                                            Coach Warren Dobry

1998-01                                                                      Coach Warren Dobry

2002-05                                                                      Coach Nate Johnson

Interesting Games:

October 16, 1992 – Moumouth’s Ryan Wallace intercepted two passes against Olympic Conference foe Rockridge and scored touchdowns on each pickoff.

By The Numbers:

20 – Number of fumble recoveries by the Zippers in their state championship season in 1983.

111 – Number of solo tackles by the Zippers’ Jon Bickell in their state championship season in 1983.

Monmouth High School Gymnasium
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The boys basketball program at Monmouth High School had many successful seasons during its existence.  How about this for a resume’:

1 – Second Place Finish at the State Tournament

  1 – Final Four Appearance 

  2 – Elite 8 Appearances

  6 – Sweet 16 Appearances

  6 – Sectional Championships

18 – Regional Championships

  4 – District Championships

The best seasons as listed on the IHSA website ( are in turn listed below:

1903-04    2 – 0

1904-05    6 – 3                                                                       Coach E.S. Dyer

1905-06    8 – 1

1906-07    3 – 1

1907-08    5 – 3

1908-09  10 – 6                                                                       Coach James Clarke

1909-10  13 – 9                                                                       Coach E.J. Rutt

1910-11  10 – 3                                                                       Coach Laurence Redford

1911-14                                                                                 Coach W.R. Smith

1914-15                                                                                 Coach Ralph White

1915-16  15 – 4                                                                       Coach Ralph White

1916-17                                                                                 Coach Russell Berry

1917-18    8 – 4                                                                       Coach Russell Berry

1918-19                                                                                  Coach Victor Kirk

1919-20                                                                                  Coach Leslie Maxwell

1920-21                                                                                  Coach Frank Berg

1921-22  10 – 7                                                                        Coach Frank Phillips

1922-23                                                                                  Coach Henson Clark

1923-24                                                                                  Coach Herman Bear

1924-25  12 – 11                                                                      Coach Glen Hartman

1925-26                                                                                  Coach Earle McKown

1926-27                                                                                  Coach Byron Cully

1927-28  13 – 12                                                                      Coach Byron Cully

1928-29                                                                                  Coach Warren Taylor

1929-30  15 – 9        District Champions                                  Coach Warren Taylor

1930-31  15 – 8        District Champions                                  Coach Herbert “Hap” Jebens
1931-32  12 – 11      District Champions                                  Coach Herbert “Hap” Jebens
1932-33  18 – 8        District Champions                                  Coach Herbert “Hap” Jebens

1933-36                                                                                  Coach Herbert “Hap” Jebens

1936-38                                                                                  Coach Fred Exter

1938-39  15 – 10                                                                      Coach Les Corzine

1939-42                                                                                  Coach Les Corzine

1942-43  14 – 12      Regional Champions                               Coach John Sheahan

1943-44  12 – 11                                                Coaches Floyd Abbott /  John Sheahan

1944-45  18 – 7        Regional Champions                                Coach Floyd Abbott

1945-46                                                                                   Coach John Sheahan

1946-47                                                                                   Coach Chester Davidson

1947-48  14 – 11                                                                       Coach Charles Larson

1948-49  21 – 6        Regional Champions                                Coach Charles Larson
1949-50  20 – 10       Sweet 16 Finalist                                     Coach Charles Larson

                              Regional Champions

                              Sectional Champions

                              Lost Sweet 16 game to Danville 69 – 49

Danville State Runner-Up

1950-51                                                                                   Coach Robert Talkin

1951-52                                                                                   Coach Dean Pieper

1952-53  18 – 7         Regional Champions                               Coach John Nettleton

1953-54  19 – 9         Regional Champions                               Coach Glenn Stavenhagen

1954-57                                                                                   Coach Glenn Stavenhagen

1957-58                                                                                   Coach Mike Kalosh

1958-59  14 – 9                                                                         Coach Mike Kalosh

1959-60  19 – 7         Elite 8 Finalist                                          Coach Mike Kalosh

                               Regional Champions

                               Sectiional Champions

                               Super-Sectional Champions

                               Beat Springfield HS  49 – 48

                               Elite 8 – Lost to Chicago Marshall 55 – 35

Chicago Marshall eventual State Champs

1960-61  22 – 4         Sweet 16 Finalist                                     Coach Mike Kalosh

                               Regional Champions

                               Sectional Champions

                               Sweet 16 – Lost to Springfield HS 58 – 48

1961-62  20 – 3                                                                         Coach Mike Kalosh

1962-63  14 – 8                                                                         Coach Mike Kalosh

1963-64  13 – 9                                                                         Coach Mike Kalosh

1964-65  12 – 10                                                                       Coach Mike Kalosh

1965-66  14 – 10                                                                       Coach Mike Kalosh

1966-68                                                                                   Coach Mike Kalosh

1968-71                                                                                   Coach Gerald Goodman

1971-72  17 – 5                                                                         Coach Gerald Goodman

1972-73  13 – 9                                                                         Coach Gerald Goodman

1973-74  21 – 7          Sweet 16 Finalist                                    Coach Jim Carlson

                                Regional Champions              

                                Sectional Champions

                                Sweet 16 – Lost to Prophetstown 77 – 60

1974-75  17 – 7                                                                          Coach Jim Carlson

1975-77                                                                                    Coach Jim Carlson

1977-78  15 – 11                                                                        Coach Mike Mueller

1978-79  19 – 6          Regional Champions                               Coach Mike Mueller
1979-80  25 – 4          Regional Champions                               Coach Mike Mueller
1980-81  22 – 6          Regional Champions                               Coach Mike Mueller
1981-82  31 – 3          IHSA Class ‘A’ State Runner-Up!!             Coach Mike Mueller

                                Regional Champions

                                Sectional Champions

                                Super-Sectional Champions –

                                Beat Chadwick  81 – 68

                                Elite 8 – Beat Stonington 81 – 59

                                Semi-Final –  Beat Havana  56 – 55

                                State Championship Game

                                Lost to Lawrenceville 67 – 53

**For more on the 1981-82 Zippers see below. 

1982-83  16 – 8                                                                          Coach Mike Mueller

1983-84  20 – 9          Sweet 16 Finalist                                     Coach Mike Mueller

                                Regional Champions

                                Sectional Champions

                                Super-Sectional –

Lost to Lena-Winslow  65 – 53

Lena-Winslow eventual 4th Place

1984-85  19 – 6                                                                          Coach Mike Mueller

1985-86  17 – 8                                                                          Coach Mike Mueller

1986-87                                                                                    Coach Rich Vana

1992-93  11 – 17        Regional Champions                               Coach Chris Kusnerick

1993-96                                                                                    Coach Chris Kusnerick

1996-98                                                                                    Coach Chuck Grant

1998-99  16 – 13                                                                        Coach Chuck Grant

1999-00                    Regional Champions                               Coach Chuck Grant
2000-01  12 – 11        Regional Champions                               Coach Chuck Grant
2004-05                    Regional Champions

                                School’s Last Season

**Information on the 1981-82 Zippers as found in the 1981-82 IHSA State Tournament program and forwarded to us by Mark Jurenga:

“”The slogan for success at Monmouth is TEAM (Togetherness, Enthusiasm, Attitude and Motivation.) And this year’s edition of the Zippers is a team of the first degree. The Zippers listed three players on the Class A all-state nomination sheet. Just one, 6-5 forward Mike Miller, made the first team, but 6-1 guard Mel Blasi and 6-4 center Jerome Birditt are also excellent players. Miller scores in excess of 20 points a game while Birditt collects more than 12 rebounds per outing. “The real key to our team is balance,” fifth-year coach Mike Mueller said. This year’s sectional title is the first after three straight losing efforts in sectional championship games. “The shackles are off,” Mueller said. ” The three misses are behind us.”

Some Facts:

The 1982 season was coach Mike Mueller’s 5th at Monmouth. Erich Murphy advises that Coach Mueller came to Monmouth after a two-year stint at Pontiac Township High School in 1977 for the 1977-78 school year. Upon leaving Monmouth Mueller eventually went on to win an Ohio state championship at Lakota High School in Westchester (outside of Cincinnati). Mueller was 81-25 for his career at Monmouth High.

Mike Miller, star player on the 1981-82 Class ‘A’ runner-up team, has had a successful career in the coaching ranks as well. His coaching career eventually led to the head coaching job of the men’s program at NCAA Division I Eastern Illinois University from 2005 – 2012.

The Zippers completed the 1981-82 season at 31-3; 2nd place in Class A to Lawrenceville who would continue their winning streak into the next season reaching 68 in a row before losing. In the final regular season AP poll, Monmouth (H.S.) was ranked #2 behind Lawrenceville. In the four state tournament games, Miller scored 74 points and had 30 rebounds. He was selected to the all-tournament team. He led the team with 19 points in the state championship game. Also in those four state tournament games, Birditt had 70 points, 36 rebounds and 5 blocked shots and Fred Hayes had 58 points and 17 rebounds. Blasi had 38 points and 22 assists. Birditt threw in 27 against Chadwick in the Supers.

1982 season highlights.

Kewanee (Wethersfield) Tournament (Champs)

vs. Orion                              W 77-57

vs. Galva                              W 97-56

vs. Kewanee (Wethersfield)      W 76-48

Macomb Western Illinois University Tournament (Champs)

vs. Pittsfield                          W 63-44

vs. Macomb                           W 70-69

vs. Canton                             W 59-57

vs. Quincy (Notre Dame)          W 65-50

Knoxville Class A Regional (Champs)

vs. Monmouth (Yorkwood)         W 92-50

vs. Knoxville                            W 80-48

vs. Oneida (ROVA)                   W 78-65

Sherrard Class A Sectional (Champs)

vs. Taylor Ridge (Rockridge)       W 57-47

vs. Biggsville (Union)                 W 61-42

Notable Roundball Athlete

Lloyd Jackson – Led the Zippers on the court under coach Les Corzine during the late 1930s and early 1940s, eventually garnering All-State honorable mention honors in 1940-41.


The Lady Zipper tracksters brought home some individual and team hardware of their own.  This includes one second place and one third place finish. Also included was a total of seven top-ten finishes in State Competition! The excellent success of the Lady thinclads is documented below.

1975-76            Team Won District Championship

1977-78            Team Won District Championship

Individual Medalists at State Meet

Joy Galusha        High Jump            8TH Place

                        Relay Team         880 Yard Relay     3RD Place

1978-79            Individual Medalists at State Meet

                        Sue Snyder         110 Yard Hurdles   5TH Place
Relay Team         440 Yard Relay      6TH Place 

                        Relay Team         880 Yard Relay      6TH Place

1979-80            Individual Medalists at State Meet

                        Pam Lovdahl       800 Meter Run       7TH Place
Relay Team         4 X 200 Meter        5TH Place

1980-81            Individual Medalist

                        Dana Kellogg      100 Meter Dash      7TH Place
200 Meter Dash     2ND Place!

1981-82            Individual Medalist

                        Jan Reichow       100 Meter Hurdles  5TH Place
200 Meter Hurdles  7TH Place

1982-83            Team Finished SIXTH in State Meet Competition!!


                       Individual Medalists

                       Jan Reichow        100 Meter Hurdles  2ND Place!
200 Meter Hurdles  2ND Place!

                       Golda Ewalt          Discus                    6TH Place

                       Final Team Standings

                       1.)  Peoria (Bergan)                     51

2.)  Chicago (Luther South)          48

3.)  Teutopolis                             42

4.)  Monticello                             20

4.)  Aurora (Rosary)                     20


1983-84           Team Finished THIRD in STATE MEET Competition!!

                       Individual Medalists

                       Relay Team          4×100 Meter Relay   STATE CHAMPION!

                       Jan Reichow        100 Meter Hurdles    STATE CHAMPION!

                                                    200 Meter Hurdles     7TH Place
Golda Ewalt          Discus                      3RD Place

                       Kelly Churn          100 Meter Dash         7TH Place

                       Final Team Standings

                       1.)  Teutopolis                                    46

2.)  Tiskilwa                                       34

3.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL        30 

4.)  Urbana (University High)                29

5.)  Mahomet (M.-Seymour)                 28½

1984-85           Team Won Sectional Championhsip

                       Individual Medalists at State Meet

                       Golda Ewalt         Discus                       2ND Place
Kelly Churn         100 Meter Dash          6TH Place

                                                   200 Meter Dash          5TH Place

                       Laura Little          Shot Put                    6TH Place

1985-86           Individual Medalist

                       Laura Little          Discus                       4TH Place

1988-89           Individual Medalists

                       Relay Team         4×200 Meter Team     8Th Place

1989-90           Team Finished SECOND in STATE MEET Competition!!

                       Individual Medalists

                       Relay Teams        4×200 Meter Relay     STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×400 Meter Relay      STATE CHAMPIONS!

                                                   4×100 Meter Relay      3RD Place

                                                   4×800 Meter Relay      4TH Place

                       Final Team Standings

1.)  Palos Heights (Chicago Christian)       43

2.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL             31

3.)  Urbana (University High)                     28

4.)  Princeton                                          20

5.)  Maple Park (Kaneland)                       19

1990-91           Team Finished FOURTH in STATE MEET Competition!!

                       Individual Medalists

                       Relay Teams       4×400 Meter Relay       STATE CHAMPION!
4×800 Meter Relay       5TH Place
800 Meter Medley        5TH Place

                       DeeDee Peoples  Long Jump                  4TH Place

                       Final Team Standings

                       1.)  Palos Heights (Chicago Christian)          47

2.)  Urbana (University High)                        36

3.)  Rock Island (Alleman)                           27

 4.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                24

                       5.)  Mason City (Illini Central)                       23

1991-92           Team Finished EIGHTH in STATE MEET Competition!

                       Individual Medalists

                       Heather Furrow    400 Meter Dash           4TH Place
Relay Teams        4×400 Meter Relay      2ND Place!
4×800 Meter Relay       6TH Place
800 Meter Medley        5TH Place

                       Final Team Standings

                       1.)  Palos Heights (Chicago Christian)           42

2.)  Cairo                                                    32

3.)  Rochester                                             30

4.)  Elmhurst (Timothy Christian)                   29

5.)  Kewanee (Wethersfield)                          28

5.)  Fairfield                                                 28

7.)  Yorkville                                                22

8.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                 20  

8.)  Taylor Ridge (Rockridge)                         20

8.)  Gardner (G.-South Wilmington)                20

8.)  Sherrard                                                20

1992-93           Team Finished FIFTH in STATE MEET Competition!!

                       Team Won The Sectional Championship

                       Individual Medalists

                       Heather Furrow    400 Meter Dash           3RD Place
Relay Teams        4×400 Meter Relay      2ND Place

                                                    800 Meter Medley       3RD Place

                       Final Team Standings

                       1.)  Elmhurst (Timothy Christian)                    52

2.)  Tuscola                                                  28

3.)  Mendota                                                 23

4.)  Fulton (H.S.)                                           21

5.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                  20

5.)  Rochester                                              20

5.)  Gardner (G.-South Wilmington)                20

1993-94           Team Finished FOURTH in STATE MEET Competition!!

                       Individual Medalists

                       Heather Furrow    400 Meter Dash          2ND Place

                       Relay Teams        4×400 Meter Relay     2ND Place
800 Meter Medley      STATE CHAMPIONS!

                       Final Team Standings

                       1.)  Rochester                                              47

2.)  Elmhurst (Timothy Christian)                    38

3.)  Westmont                                              35

4.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                  26

                       4.)  Tuscola                                                  26

6.)  Byron                                                     22

1994-95           Team Won Sectional Championship

1995-96           Individual Medalists

                       Relay Team         4×400 Meter Relay      3RD Place

1997-98           Individual Medalists

                       Relay Team         4×800 Meter Relay      8TH Place

2001-02           Individual Medalist

                       Sara Ingersoll      800 Meter Run            6TH Place

2002-03           Individual Medalist                       

                       Sara Ingersoll      800 Meter Run            7TH Place

2003-04           Individual Medalist

                        Relay Team        4×800 Meter Relay      7TH Place

2004-05           Individual Medalists

                       Relay Teams        4×800 Meter Relay      9TH Place

                       Hannah Hottle      800 Meter Run             9TH Place


The Monmounth High School harriers had some “zip” in their step as well.  MORE IHSA hardware!

1976-77    Individual Medalist

                Kelly Egger            15TH Place

1977-78    Individual Medalist
Kevin Howe           24TH Place

1987-88    Team Qualified for State Meet Competition
1988-89    Team Qualified for State Meet Competition 

                Regional Champions
1990-91    Team Finished TENTH in STATE MEET Competition!!

                Individual Medalist

                Gary Haneghan       16TH Place

                Final Team Standings

                1.)  Tremont                                                        94

2.)  West Frankfort (Frankfort)                             114

3.)  Elmwood                                                     163

4.)  St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)                                179

5.)  Breese (Mater Dei)                                       187

6.)  Liberty                                                         202

7.)  Maple Park (Kaneland)                                  226

8.)  Chicago (Luther North)                                  236

9.)  Wheaton (St. Francis)                                   243

10.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                        256

1991-92     Team Qualified for State Meet Competition

                 Individual Medalist

                 Gary Haneghan            22ND Place

1994-95     Individual Medalist

                 Jamie Nelson              13TH Place

1996-97     Individual Medalist

                 Brandon Queen           14TH Place

1997-98     Individual Medalist

                 Brandon Queen           22ND Place

2000-01     Individual Medalist

                 Zach Barr                     7TH Place

Kelly Egger won a total of 22 dual wins in his career from 1974-1977, including 14 in 1975.


The Lady Zipper harriers excelled as well. A fifth place finish and several individual medalists are the highlights Here is a look at their contribution to the Monmouth High School athletic prowess.

1988-89         Team Qualified for State Meet
1989-90         Team Qualified for State Meet
1990-91         Team Qualified for State Meet 

1997-98         Team Qualified for State Meet

                     Regional Champions

                     Individual Medalist

                     Jaime Scholz           24TH Place
1999-00         Team Qualified for State Meet            Coach Jody Chapman

                     Regional Champions
2000-01         Team Qualified for State Meet            Coach Jody Chapman
2001-02         Team Qualified for State Meet            Coach Jody Chapman

                     Regional Champions
2002-03         Team Finished FIFTH in STATE MEET Competition!!

Regional Champions

                     Sectional Champions

                     Individual Medalist

                     Pam Wolf               3RD Place

                     Final Team Standings

                     1.)  Winnebago                                                   114

2.)  Stanford (Olympia)                                        179

3.)  West Chicago (Wheaton Academy                 183

4.)  Robinson                                                      222

                     5.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                         225

                     6.)  Athens                                                          229

2003-04         Regional Champions                                    Coach Gary Miller
2004-05         Team Qualified for State Meet                     Coach Gary Miller

                     Regional Champions

                     Individual Medalist

                     Hannah Hottle          24TH Place


The Monmouth High School boy tracksters faired quite well during their times of competition.  How about 4 Sectional titles and 9 District titles?! 

1905-06       Individual Medalist

                   Relay Team           2/3 Mile Relay          3RD Place

1908-09       Individual Medalist

                   J. Stratton              440 Yard Dash          3RD Place

1911-12       Team Finished EIGHTH in STATE MEET Competition!!

                   Individual Medalist

                   Jay Mayo “Inky” Williams  100 Yard Dash    2ND Place

                                                               50 Yard Dash    STATE CHAMPION!

**From Erich Murphy:

“J. Mayo Williams…played football at Monmouth High School before going on to play football at Brown University. He also was one of the first African-Americans to play in the fledgling NFL in the 1920s before that league segregated for some time. FYI, there is (or was the last time I was there) a photo of Williams in an exhibit on early Black football players at the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.”

                   Final Team Standings

                   1.)  Chicago (Lane)                                             18

2.)  Oak Park (O.P.-River Forest)                         17

3.)  Chicago (Englewood)                                    14 5/6

4.)  Chicago (University)                                      14 2/3

5.)  Chicago (Bowen)                                          12

6.)  Aurora (West)                                               11

7.)  Urbana (H.S.)                                                 9

8.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                          8

                   9.)  Chicago (Phillips)                                            6

1935-36        Individual Medalist

                    Johnson                    Javelin                 5TH Place

1943-44        Team Won District Championship

1944-45        Team Won District Championship

1945-46        Team Won District Championship

                    Individual Medalist
Ben Almageur           1 Mile Run           STATE CHAMPION!

                    Bill Smallwood          220 Yard Dash     5TH Place
1947-48        Team Won District Championship

1948-49        Team Won District Championship

                    Individual Medalist

                    Tom Nichol                 Discus                 4TH Place

1951-52        Team Won District Championship

1952-53        Team Won District Championship

                    Individual Medalist

                    Lyle Skinner               Long Jump         STATE CHAMPION!

1953-54        Team Won District Championship

1954-55        Team Won District Championship

1974-75        Individual Medalists

                    Relay Team                440 Yard Relay   7TH Place

1975-76        Individual Medalist

                    Mark Weegar              Pole Vault          7TH Place

1977-78        Individual Medalist

                    Kelly Egger                 2 Mile Run          8TH Place

1978-79        Individual Medalists

                    Relay Team                2 Mile Relay        5Th Place

1982-83        Individual Medalist

                    Rick Kellum                100 M. Hurdles     5TH Place

1983-84        Individual Medalist

                    John Warfields           Discus                  7TH Place

1984-85        Individual Medalist

                    Larry Willett               Triple Jump         4TH Place

1985-86        Individual Medalist

                    Les Warden                High Jump           8TH Place

                    Relay Team                4×800 M. Relay    5TH Place

1988-89        Individual Medalist

                    George Ewalt              Shot Put              4TH Place

1989-90        Individual Medalist

                    Corey Wheeler            400 Meter Dash   3RD Place

                    George Ewalt              Discus                 7TH Place

1990-91        Team Won Sectional Championship

                    Individual Medalist

                     Jared Thurman           800 Meter Run    4TH Place

1993-94        Team Won Sectional Championship

1994-95        Team Won Sectional Championship

1995-96        Team Finished TENTH in STATE MEET Competition!! 

                     Individual Medalists

                     Jamie Nelson              800 Meter Run    STATE CHAMPION!                      Gentry Tate                 Long Jump         3RD Place

                     Denny Weldon            High Jump          4TH Place

                     Cort Mills                     High Jump          7TH Place

                     Final Team Standings

                     1.)  Carlinville                                                     46

2.)  Rushville                                                      31

3.)  Chicago (Luther South)                                  27½

4.)  Newton                                                        27

5.)  Maple Park (Kaneland)                                  25

5.)  Knoxville                                                      25

5.)  Lisle (Sr.)                                                     25

8.)  Harrisburg                                                    23

9.)  Fulton (H.S.)                                                22

10.)  MONMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL                        21½

1996-97        Individual Medalist

                    Cort Mills                      High Jump          STATE CHAMPION!

                    Scott Stanton               100 M. Hurdles     4TH Place

1997-98        Team Won Sectional Championship

                    Individual Medalist

                    Scott Stanton               100 M. Hurdles     3RD Place

1998-99        Individual Medalists

                    Relay Team                  4×800 M. Relay    6TH Place

1999-00        Individual Medalist

                    Paul Burton                  100 Meter Dash    8TH Place

2000-01        Individual Medalist

                    Paul Burton                   Long Jump         5TH Place


Three Zipper Grapplers brought home IHSA hardware.  Only one season is listed with a record or coach’s name though.

1975-76       Individual Medalist

                   Larry Funderburk    126 Lbs. Weight Class     3RD Place

1977-78       Individual Medalist

                   David Day               105 Lbs. Weight Class      4TH Place  

1994-95       Individual Medalist

 Luke Burton            145 Lbs. Weight Class      2ND Place

2000-01                                                                               Coach Bob Reedy

Monmouth High School Baseball 2000-2001
A group of people sitting together

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State Class ‘A’ Runner-up


The boys baseball team brought home a State Runner-up trophy as well!!  The best of the baseball diamond accomplishments are listed below:

1960-61              Regional Champions                             Coach Wendall “Woody” Woodall
1962-63              Regional Champions

1973-74              Conference Champs                              Coach Jim Carlson

1974-75              Conference Champs                              Coach Jim Carlson

1975-76              Conference Champs                              Coach Jim Carlson
1978-79              Regional Champions
1984-85              Regional Champions
1986-87              Regional Champions

1988-89  25 – 7    Elite 8 Finalist!!                                      Coach Dan Hogan

                         Regional Champions

                         Sectiional Champions

                         Elite 8 Finalist – Lost to Freeburg 3 – 2 (9 ins.)

Freeburg eventual State Champions

1989-90              Regional Champions
1992-93              Regional Champions|

1996-00                                                                             Coach Bob Reedy

2000-01  22 – 15  IHSA CLASS ‘A’ STATE RUNNER-UP!!     Coach Bob Reedy

                         Regional Champions

                         Sectional Champions

                         State Tournament Elite 8

                         Beat Byron           4 – 0

                         Beat Armstrong  12 – 6

                         Championship Game

                         Lost to Newton     12 – 2

Baseball memories from John Chamberlin (Class of 1976):

“In regard to Zipper baseball, the 73-74, 74-75, and 75-76 teams won conference in 3 consecutive years.  However, the Illinois State High School Athlectic Association did not “class” baseball by school enrollment, until 1978. We would  thrash our first opponent, a school of our own size, and then be immediately matched up with a school from Galesburg or the Quad Cities and the season would come to a quick end.  However, during that 3 year span, we did manage to beat some of those same schools during the regular season and were the only team at our school capable of matching up against the much bigger schools. Even the games we lost, were usually close. However, come tournament time, it was asking too much to run off a string of wins.”


The Monmouth High School Lady Zippers had some truly incredible seasons.

Coach Gary Collins led the Lady Zippers from 1978-79 through 1990-91. In his 13 seasons at MHS, Coach Collins’ teams won 231 games and lost 86.  Included during this run were NINE Regional titles (8 consecutive) and SEVEN consecutive 20+ win seasons!  Coach Collins went on to become the Principal of Monmouth High in 1991 before retiring in 2001.

Mike Bradford also had some great success at Monmouth High.  Coach Bradford led the Lady Zippers to TWO consecutive Sweet 16 appearances, reaching the Elite 8 in 2000-01!  Coach Bradford also enjoyed FOUR consecutive 20+ win seasons.

1974-75    5 – 2                                                             Coach John Nesladek

1975-76  11 – 2                                                             Coach Dan Hogan

1976-77  12 – 2                                                             Coach Dan Hogan

1977-78  12 – 7                                                             Coach Rick Shantz

1978-79  15 – 6                                                             Coach Gary Collins

1979-80  15 – 9    Regional Champions                        Coach Gary Collins
1980-81  24 – 4    Regional Champions                        Coach Gary Collins
1981-82  25 – 3    Regional Champions                        Coach Gary Collins
1982-83  22 – 6    Regional Champions                        Coach Gary Collins
1983-84  22 – 6    Regional Champions                        Coach Gary Collins
1984-85  20 – 7    Regional Champions                        Coach Gary Collins
1985-86  24 – 4    Regional Champions                        Coach Gary Collins
1986-87  24 – 2    Regional Champions                        Coach Gary Collins

1987-88    4 – 20                                                           Coach Gary Collins

1988-89  16 – 7                                                             Coach Gary Collins

1989-90  17 – 9                                                             Coach Gary Collins

1990-91  18 – 9    Regional Champions                        Coach Gary Collins
1991-92  19 – 8    Regional Champions                        Coach Jeff Tyrrell
1992-93  14 – 14  Regional Champions                        Coach Jeff Tyrrell

1993-98                                                                       Coach Mike Bradford

1998-99  20 – 6                                                             Coach Mike Bradford

1999-00  24 – 6    Sweet 16 Finalist                              Coach Mike Bradford

                          Regional Champions

                          Sectional Champions

                          Super-Sectional Finalist

                          Lost to Lewistown 62 – 59

Lewistown eventual State Runner-Up

2000-01  26 – 4    Elite 8 Finalist                                   Coach Mike Bradford

                          Regional Champions

                          Sectional Champions

                          Super-Sectional Champions

                          Beat Concord Triopia  67 – 42

                          Elite 8 Finalist

                          Lost to Carrollton    63 – 37

Carrollton eventual State Champs

2001-02  23 – 6    Regional Champions                        Coach Mike Bradford

2002-03                                                                       Coach Mike Bradford

2003-04  16 – 14                                                           Coach Mike Bradford

2004-05  14 – 12                                                           Coach Mike Bradford

**The Monmouth Lady Zippers sported an overall record of 10-12 in five years at Bloomington-Normal Holiday Tournament Classic (1999-2004).


The Lady Zipper netters showed the diversity of exceptional talent at monmouth High.  ANOTHER State Finalist Program!!!

1979-80  22 – 3    Elite 8 Finalist                                      Coach Debi Brokaw

                          District Champions

                          Sectioinal Champions

                          Super-Sectional Champions

Elite 8 Finalist

                          Lost to Immaculate Conception  (2 – 0)

1984-85              Sweet 16 Finalist

                          Regional Champions

                          Sectional Champions  

1991-92              Regional Champions
1993-94              Regional Champions


Back in the day there was tennis at Monmouth High School too.  Two teams certainly “loved” the sport.

1938-39            District Champions

1939-40            District Champions


Settle in, there were more than just good athletes at Monmouth High.  The school must have taken great pride in its academics as well.  Several IHSA trophies and individual medals.were won by the thespians of MHS.  The impressive Zipper list continues below.


The Illinois Theatre Festival is the largest, non-competetive high school theatre festival in the world. It was organized in 1976 by teachers from the Chicago suburbs. The group was headed by chairman Mr. Le Hook, a Monmouth High School alum (Class of 1961). This festival is still going strong as they perform at the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana) and Illinois State University every other January. Monmouth High school participated in this festival in 1991.


The Debate team won a Sectional in 1943 and subsequently finished third in State Competition!

1942-43     Team Finished THIRD in STATE COMPETITION!

                 Sectional Champions

                 Final Team Standings 

                 1.)  DuQuoin (H.S.)

2.)  Elgin (H.S.)


Speech Sweepstakes

Tack on three District titles here!

1952-53      District Champions

1954-55      District Champions

1955-56      District Champions


The Drama Team of 1942-43 finished FIFTH in State Competition!!

1942-43     Team Finished FIFTH in STATE Competition!

                 Final Team Standings

                 1.)  Pekin                                     A

1.)  Macomb                                 A

1.)  Freeport (H.S.)                        A

1.)  Roodhouse                             A


Speech Individual Events Competition

Four Regional titles and four individual medals were won by the Zippers in speedh competition over the years.


1945-46       Indivdual Medalist

                   Ethel Erickson           Serious Category        4TH Place

1969-70       Individual Medalist

                   Linda McCallister      Serious Category        3RD Place

1979-80       Individual Medalists

                   Jon Anderson            Drama Duet                 6TH Place

                   Jon Linman               Drama Duet                 6TH Place

1985-86       Regional Champions

1988-89       Regional Champions

2000-01       Regional Champions          Coach John VanAusdall

2001-02       Regional Champions

Scholastic Bowl Competition

The accomplishments of the Scholastic Bowl Team are listed below.  More incredible work by the Monmouth High School Zippers!  Keeping their competitive edge to the very end.

1995-96  19 – 6   Team Finished as ELITE 8 FINALISTS!   Coach Mary Dyke

                         Sectional Champions

                         Sweet 16 Finalists

                         Beat Fairfield  246 – 73

Elite 8 Finalists

                         Lost to Ottawa (Marquette)  264 – 215

2002-03             Regional Champions
2003-04             Regional Champions
2004-05             Regional Champions

Band & Chorus

“The Monmouth High School Band was organized by Lt. Albert Carr during the 1917-18 school year and made its first concert appearance on December 20, 1917.  By 1929 it had grown to 24 players, and during the next decade grew in size and fame.  Among the former bandmasters were Lt. Carr, M.G. Niergarth, W.B. McMillan, L.V. Robinson, C.W. Muilenberg, W.D. Lynch, Lester S. Munneke, Edgar Sheckler, Lisa Stomberg, and current band instructor Daniel B. Potts.

During the past years the voice of Monmouth’s band has sounded across the prairies of Illinois and the plains of the Midwest, to the top of the Rocky Mountains and into the center of Canada. The band has been recognized as one of the outstanding groups of its kind in America.  It has numerous First Division contest ratings to its credit, and has helped win four Sweepstakes trophies for Monmouth High School.”

*Memories from John Chamberlin (Class of 1976):

“I was a Freshman at Monmouth High School in 1972-73.  This was Lester Munneke’s last year as band director.  “Hail to the Varsity” was already in use as the fight song and cannot be attributed to Ed Sheckler.  I think it dates well before then.  I once looked up “Hail to the Varsity” on the internet.  There are a number of schools across the country who use it.  I cannot confirm that Mr Munneke wrote it, however. I never once heard “Salute to the Zippers” and was unaware the tune ever existed.

Lester Munneke was an “old school” director.  He focused on the concert band. He had lots of attention to detail.  We won numerous 1st place awards. We played classical arrangements and patriotic songs from John Phillip Sousa.  A classic small town band.

Ed Sheckler, sad to say, died in the past few years.  He was young when he started at MHS.  He was known for his marching bands.  He lead a money drive to get new marching uniforms for us. We did well in our marching competitions winning high awards.  For concert band, Ed had us playing more modern tunes and he also started a jazz band.”

“The Clipper” Newspaper

From Thomas E. Winski, CJE:

“During my years at MHS — 1978-1990, the student newspaper and its staff garnered 103 awards, both state and national. The clipper also received a proclamation from the Illinois General Assembly honoring those years.”


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