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The History of Millstadt High School

Millstadt (population 2,794) is located in southwestern Illinois about 12 miles southeast of East St. Louis.  This southwest St. Clair County town is situated at the intersection of Illinois Routes 158 and 163.  The Douglas Creek flows by the northeast side of town while their are three ponds also sitting about Milstadt.

A great history of the town of Millstadt can be read the Millstadt Consolidated School website at .  The following is an exact copy of that article:

“The first settlers of this area were of English ancestry and came from the original thirteen colonies because they received land grants for their services in the military in the late 1700’s .The first Germans came up the Mississippi from New Orleans as a group in 1834.  Millstadt was laid out in 1836 on a section of Henry Randleman’s land and was named Centreville due to its central location. It was incorporated in 1875.  The story of how Millstadt developed out of “Centreville” goes something like this. The current Centerville and our Centreville each had a post offices through which a great deal of mail became confused and miss delivered. Our town’s forefathers, upon applying for formal organization through the state, supposedly decided on the name “Mittlestadt or Middlestadt” which means literally “center city”; somehow the state misread the writing and sent back the papers reading “Millstadt”. As you can guess, the governing group decided to keep that name as we had several mills at that time and the name fit.”

The history of the school system was not as well documented.  The only information we found is that the many small country schools that were in the area of Millstadt were closed in the early 1950s.  Some consolidated to Millstadt while most consolidated to Belleville.

We believe that Millstadt supported a high school because there are photos of the school’s marching band uniforms on the museum page of the school’s website.  There is not any mention of Millstadt High School that we could find. As you may be able to decipher, we are in need of help regarding the history of Millstadt High School.

Millstadt High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                          late 1800s?

Year closed:                          1950s?

Consolidated to:                     Belleville School District

MIllstadt HS team nickname:  unavailable

Millstadt HS team colors:       unavailable (possibly maroon & white)

School Fight Song:                unavailable

Athletics and Other Activities

Yes, there was a marching band which was part of the Millstadt High School experience.  We are fairly certain that a boys basketball team, baseball, track, and possibly even football were offered at one time. We are in need of all information which was a part of Millstadt High School.   School team nickname, colors, fight song, coach’s names, team records, and any other facts about MHS athletics are welcome.

The band, chorus, and special activities and groups are also being sought.

If You Wish To Provide Further Information

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