Millbrook High School

Millbrook School
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The History of Millbrook High School

Millbrook (population 314) is located in far northeastern Illinois in the west-central portion of Kendall County.  Millbrook is situated about 3 miles south of Plano at the intersection of County Highways 1 and 14. The Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railroad travels through the town.  According to Wikipedia the town was incorporated in November of 2005 making it one of Illinois’ newest official villages.

A nice article about the town can be found on the village’s website at . It tells of life in Millbrook in 1873.  Millbrook’s existence has been that of a small hamlet for over 160 years.  Rapid growth in the Kendall County area likely led to the need to incorporate the village in 2005.

The article mentioned above does state that a school that was in session in Millbrook in 1873.  It is likely this school was one for grades 1 – 8.  We do know that according to an article located by Roberta VanBriesen ( ) the school system in Millbrook offered high school courses at one time.

This article states that Millbrook’s first school opened in 1841.  In 1914 several small school districts in the area combined and a new school building was erected in Millbrook to accommodate the students. This new school offered classes for grades 1 – 8 and included a room that offered a two-year high school course.

It is likely that Millbrook High School was never more than a two or three-year high school.  It is further likely that the school was closed in the 1940s as were all two and three-year high schools in Illinois.  We do know that the kids of Millbrook today attend high school in nearby Newark.  The building has since been converted into a dwelling.

Millbrook High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                 1915

Year closed:                   late 1940s?

Consolidated to:             Newark High School

Millbrook HS nickname:  unknown if athletics offered


It is possible that Millbrook High School could have offered some interscholastic activities. If there any graduates or former students that may know, we invite them to contact us with this information and other pieces of information that could help make this listing of the school very special.

Please send your information via email to or thru the mail to the following address:

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