Metropolis Community High School “Trojans”

Metropolis High School Building – 1975
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Metropolis Community High School
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Metroplis School Ring from 1979 Located:

From Brian M Licht:

“I found a class ring with Metropolis High on it from 1979 with the initials “JDJ” on the inside. It also has a trojan type mascot and a sheild with red and white on it. can you possible help me find the owner of this ring?”

If you may know who the owner could be contact the Glory Days website at


The History of Metropolis Community High School

Metropolis (population 6,482) is located in far southern Illinois on the banks of the Ohio River.  The “Official Hometown of  Superman”, so named in 1972, is located in south-central Masaac County.  U.S. Route 45 is the main roadway to and from Metropolis and connnects it to Interstate Highway 24 about 2 miles to the east. Two major railroad lines, the At & St and the Illinois Central Gulf, intersect on the city’s southwet side.  Mud Creek flows through the north side of town as well. Fort Masaac State Park is located just east of Metropolis.

Metropolis has a very rich and storied history not only in Illinois but also in the United States.  A great account of the town and area history is found on the town’s official website . Metropolis was settled in the late 1700s.  An official town was not platted until 1839.  Plans were actually drawn up to make Metropolis the new United States capitol in the 1850s however they never materialized. The town now serves as the county seat of Masaac County.

A school system for Metropolis was set in place in the mid 1800s.  Metropolis began high school curriculum for its students in 1873.  This bit of Metropolis Community High School history was provided to us by a great fan of the area, Bob Lingle:

“Metropolis High School was part of the elimentary school until 1912 when a separate building was constructed.  From 1912 until 1981 that was high school for Metropolis.  In 1924 it became Metropolis Community High School so that it covered more area and have a larger taxing base.  It was known for its outstanding agricultural program started

by long-time ag teacher George Sullivan.

A separate building held the gym called the Rose E. Cutting gym after longtime principal.  It was one the largest gyms in southern Illinois from its opening in 1930 until it was surpassed in early 1950s.  It was used to host games between Southern Illinois and Murray State.  New Columbia High school was annexed to MCHS in 1949 followed by Metropolis Dunbar in 1953.”

Metropolis Community High School served the community and surrounding smaller communities for over 100 years.  Consolidation talks began between Metropolis Community HS and its neighbor, Brookport HS, in the late 1970s early 1980s.  This effort led to the creation of the Masaac County School District in 1981, offically ending hte solo run of each town’s high school.

Metropolis landed the high school for the new Masaac County School District.  The original Metropolis Commmunity HS building continued its usefulness for the community. From 1982 until 2002 it was used as a junior high and a site for a branch of Shawnee Community College.  In 2003 the original Metropolis Community High School building was razed.

Metropolis Community High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                                 1873

Year HS building built:                    1912

Year named “Community” HS:        1924

Year gymnasium built:                    1930

Year New Columbia HS annexed:    1949

Year Metropolis Dunbar annexed:    1953

Year MCHS closed:                        1981

Consolidated to:                             Masaac County School District

Metropolis HS team nickname:        the “Trojans”

Team colors:                                 Red & White

School Fight Song:                        “Metroplis Loyalty”

                                                                  Sung to Illinois Loyalty – click paly button below and sing along!

                                                We’re loyal to you M.C.H.S.

                                                We’re red and white, M.C.H.S.

                                                We’ll back you to stand

                                                ‘Gainst the best in the land

                                                For we know you have sand, M.C.H.S.


                                                Rah! Rah!


                                                So crack out the ball, M.C.H.S.

                                                We’re backing you all, M.C.H.S.

                                                Our team is our fame protector:

                                                On! Boys for we expect a

                                                Victory from you M.C.H.S.!


                                                Che-he, cha-ha, cha-ha-ha-ha,

                                                Metropolis, Metropolis,

                                                Rah, Rah, RAH!


                                                Fling out that dear old flag of

                                                Red and White,

                                                Lead on your sons and daughters

                                                Fighting for you

                                                Like men of old, on giants.

                                                Placing reliance, shouting defiance


                                                Amid the broad green plains that nourish our land,

                                                For honest Labor and for Learning we stand.

                                                And unto thee we pledge our heart and our hand,

                                                Dear Alma Mater, METROPOLIS HIGH!

Metropolis Varsity – Senior Boys of 1966-67
A group of men running

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The Metropolis Community High School Trojans and Lady Trojans were a force to be reckoned with not only in their area, but on a state-wide level as well.  The boys competed in baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, and track.  The girls were offered basketball, golf, track, volleyball, and probably softball. We have some great information to add through the IHSA website (  We also have some great information and insight from former teacher and school historian Bob Lingle.

Boys Basketball

The Metropolis High School Trojans boys basketball program has a well-recorded and highly successful history.  An overall recorded won-loss record of 958 – 477 (a .668 winning %) is a great way to start this program’s success story.  How about this information as well for a short “by the numbers” look:

28 – Regional Championships!!

20 – Seasons of 20+ games won

  3 – District Championships 

  2 – Sectional Championships 

  1 – Super-Sectional Championship

The best of the Trojan seasons according to the IHSA website are listed below.

1917-20                                                                               Coach L.D. Wiant

1923-24                 District Champions                                 Coach’s name unavailable

1924-25  11 – 5                                                                      Coach William Fielding

1926-27                                                                                Coach Lawrence Hamilton

1927-28                                                                                 Coach Charles Cochrane

1928-29  14 – 4                                                                       Coach Charles Cochrane

1929-30  13 – 8                                                                       Coach Charles Cochrane

1930-31  10 – 6                                                                       Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman

1931-32  21 – 7    District Champions                                      Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman
1932-33  28 – 4    District Champions                                      Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman

                          Sectional Finalist

1933-34  28 – 7                                                                        Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman

1934-35  18 – 6                                                                        Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman

1935-36  13 – 7     Regional Champions                                  Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman
1936-37  14 – 3     Regional Champions                                  Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman

1937-38  16 – 10                                                                      Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman

1938-39  20 – 8      Regional Champions                                 Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman
1939-40  25 – 7      Regional Champions                                 Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman

                            Sectional Finalist

1940-41  27 – 5      Regional Champions                                 Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman
1941-42  26 – 7      Regional Champions                                 Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman

1942-43                                                                                  Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman

1943-44  15 – 15    Regional Champions                                 Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman
1944-45  24 – 8      Regional Champions                                Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman
1945-46  25 – 6      Regional Champions                                Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman
1946-47  26 – 10    Regional Champions                                 Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman
1947-48  14 – 12    Regional Champions                                 Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman
1948-49  17 – 10    Regional Champions                                 Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman

1949-52                                                                                  Coach George “Dutch” Schneeman

1952-53                                                                                  Coach Dan Faherty

1953-54  17 – 12    Regional Champions                                 Coach Dan Faherty

1954-55  20 – 6                                                                        Coach Dan Faherty
1955-56  15 – 12    Regional Champions                                  Coach Dan Faherty

1956-57  13 – 11                                                                       Coach Claude Shelton

1957-58  16 – 11                                                                       Coach Claude Shelton

1958-59  23 – 4       Regional Champions                                 Coach Howie Crittenden
1959-60  27 – 4       Regional Champions                                 Coach Bob Jones

                             Sectional Finalist

(Lost in O/T in sudden-death format)

1960-61  20 – 7                                                                          Coach Bob Jones

1961-62  22 – 5                                                                          Coach Bob Jones

1962-63  26 – 5       ELITE 8 FINALISTS!!                                   Coach Don Smith

                             Regional Champions

                             Sectional Champions

                             Super-Sectional Champions

                             Beat Herrin 53 – 52

                             Elite 8 Finalist

                             Lost to Centralia (eventual state runner-up)

1963-64  13 – 12                                                                         Coach Don Smith
1964-65  19 – 9        Regional Champions                                  Coach Don Smith
1965-66  23 – 6        Regional Champions                                 Coach Don Smith

                              Centralia HS Tourney Cons. Champs

                              Gary Sundmacker All-Tourney Team
1966-67  20 – 9        Regional Champions                                 Coach Don Smith
1967-68  16 – 11      Regional Champions                                 Coach Don Smith
1968-69  19 – 8        Regional Champions                                 Coach Don Smith

1969-70  13 – 12                                                                        Coach Warren Koch

1970-71  17 – 9                                                                         Coach Warren Koch

1971-72  13 – 12                                                                        Coach Steve Woodward

1972-73  17 – 10     Regional Champions                                  Coach Steve Woodward

1973-74  16 – 10                                                                        Coach Steve Woodward

1974-75  25 – 3       (State Ranked in Class A)                             Coach Steve Woodward

1975-76                                                                                    Coach Steve Woodward

1976-77  19 – 8       Regional Champions                                  Coach Steve Woodward
1977-78  26 – 4       Sweet 16 Finalists!!                                     Coach Steve Woodward

                             Regional Champions

                             Sectional Champions

                             Sweet 16 Finalists

                             Lost to Nashville 67 – 55

Nashville eventual State Champions 
1978-79  13 – 12      Regional Champions                                   Coach Steve Woodward
1979-80  21 – 9       Regional Champions                                    Coach Steve Woodward

1980-81  19 – 8       Regional Champions                                    Coach Steve Woodward

                                   School’s Final Season  

Nice Job by the Metropolis Trojans!!

Girls Basketball

The history was not as extensive, but one year was definitely magical for the Metropolis Lady Trojans. The team of 1979-80, coached by Cindy Almendinger, made a Sweet 16 appearance in the state playoffs after winning their Regional and Sectional Championships!

1979-80   24 – 2    Sweet 16 Finalist!!                                                  Coach Cindy Almendinger

                                 Regional Champions

                                 Sectional Champions

                                 Super-Sectional Finalist

                                 Lost to Benton 41 – 39

Benton eventual State Champs

1980-81   20 – 4     Regional Champions                                             Coach Cindy Almendinger

Boys Baseball

Two Regional titles were won by the Trojans on the baseball diamond.   The team of 1956-57 had a great year going undefeated in the regular season before falling the IHSA playoffs. Team records and coach’s names of other great MCHS teams are not currently available.

1956-57     13 – 1    Undefeated Regular Season

1970-71                   Regional Champions

1980-81                   Regional Champions

Ron Ashby provides the following information on MCHS baseball:

“During early 1950s MCHS baseball teams took the field wearing Chicago Cubs uniforms which were doneate by the CUBs and the General Manager of the Cubs grew up and went to school MCHS.

Bob “Hawk” Taylor was one the first bonus babies signed by the Milwaukee Braves, Bob played his high school baseball at MCHS!”

Boys Cross Country

The boys cross counry team qualified for the IHSA State meet in 1976-77.  One Metropolis student really carried the banner for the MCHS harriers.  Gary Bremer placed at the IHSA State Meet in three consecutive years, becoming the State Champion in 1979 with a time of 14:49.2!!  Gary’s excellent accomplishments are listed below.

1976-77         Team Qualified for State Meet Competition

Individual Medalists (Class A State Meet)

1976      Gary Bremer                17th Place

1977      Gary Bremer                 2nd Place

1978      Gary Bremer                 STATE CHAMPION!! 

Boys Football

The Trojan grid iron boys had some great moments as well.  The team of 1969-70 had an undefeated season.  The coach’s names and records of hte better teams are listed below.

1938-39                                                                                  Coach George Schneeman

1939-40       3 – 3                                                                   Coach George Schneeman

1940-41       3 – 2 -1                                                               Coach George Schneeman

1941-42                                                                                  Coach George Schneeman

1942-46                         (no team)

1946-49                                                                                   Coach George Schneeman

1949-50                                                                                   Coach Charles Hopson

1950-51        4 – 3                                                                   Coach Charles Hopson

1951-52        6 – 2                                                                   Coach Charles Hopson

1952-54                                                                                   Coach Charles Hopson

1954-55        4 – 2 -1                                                              Coach Charles Hopson

1955-56                                                                                   Coach John Evers

1956-57                                                                                   Coach Tom Gher

1957-60                                                                                   Coach Dean Renn

1960-61                                                                                   Coach Bernie Behrendt

1961-62         5 – 3 -1                                                             Coach Bernie Behrendt

1962-63         4 – 4 -1                                                             Coach Bernie Behrendt

1963-64         4 – 4 -1                                                             Coach Bernie Behrendt

1964-65         4 – 4 -1                                                             Coach Bernie Behrendt

1965-66         6 – 3                                                                  Coach Bernie Behrendt

1966-68                                                                                   Coach Bernie Behrendt

1968-69         4 – 4 -1                                                             Coach Bernie Behrendt

1969-70         8 – 0                                                                  Coach Chuck Durham

1970-71         6 – 2                                                                  Coach Chuck Durham

1971-72                                                                                   Coach Chuck Durham

1972-73         6 – 3                                                                  Coach Chuck Durham

1973-74                                                                                   Coach Chuck Durham

1974-75         6 – 3                                                                  Coach Chuck Durham

1975-77                                                                                   Coach Vern Pollack

1977-79                                                                                   Coach Chuck McFall

1979-80                                                                                   Coach Chuck Durham

1980-81          7 – 3                                                                 Coach Chuck Durham

Boys Golf

The boys golf team brought home a NINTH place finish from the 1978-79 State Meet!

1978-79    Team Finished NINTH in State Meet Competition!

Final Team Standings

1.)  Carmi                                   637

2.)  Quincy (Notre Dame)             651

3.)  Elgin (St. Edward)                 656

4.)  Dwight                                  673

5.)  Petersburg (PORTA)              676

6.)  Sullivan                                 681

7.)  Morrison                               684

8.)  Woodstock (Marian)              685

9.)  METROPOLIS COMM HS     698 

1980-81 Individual Medalist

John Riegger 10th Place

Girls Golf

The Metropolis lady linksters had some state success of their own.  A FOURTH place finsih at state and an inidividual medalist hi-light the MCHS successes here.

1978-79     Individual Medalist        Lisa Rottman        14th Place

1979-80     Team Finished FOURTH in State Meet Competition!

Final Team Standings

1.)  Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)            694

2.)  Peoria (Academy of Our Lady)       753

3.)  Palatine (Fremd)                   773

        4.)  METROPOLIS COMM HS                 776

5.)  Waukegan (East)                    778

6.)  Mattoon                            780

7.)  Mt. Vernon (H.S.)                  782

8.)  Olympia Fields (Rich Central)      791

9.)  Galesburg (H.S.)                   800

10.)  Macomb                             835

Boys Track & Field

The MetropolisTrojan tracksters had some superb individual efforts to go a long with a SECOND place finish in the 1980 Class A Boys State Meet.  The efforts of those listed on the IHSA website are in turn list below.

1933-34     Individual Medalist       John Kidd            High Jump         5TH Place

1958-59     Team Won the District Championship

1975-76     Indivdiual Medalist        Stanley Oliver   1 Mile Run           8TH Place

1977-78     Individual Medalist        Gary Bremer     1 Mile Run           5TH Place

                                                               Gary Bremer     2 Mile Run           4TH Place

1978-79     Individual Medalist        Gary Bremer     1 Mile Run           5TH Place

                                                               Gary Bremer     2 Mile Run           STATE CHAMPION!!

1979-80      Team Finished SECOND at IHSA State Class A Track Meet!!

                      Individual Medalists

                      Gary Bremer                 1600 Meter Run              2ND Place

                                                               3200 Meter Run              3RD Place

                      Cameron Riley               Long Jump                     3RD Place

                      Jason Goodman            Long Jump                     5TH Place

                      Mike Rushing                 High Jump                       5TH Place

                      Final Team Standings

1.)  Chicago (Luther South)                                  32

2.)  METROPOLIS COMM.  H.S.                            28

3.)  Mahomet (M.-Seymour)                                  25

4.)  Freeburg                                                            22

5.)  Gibson City                                                        21

1980-81       Individual Medalist         Cameron Riley         Long Jump        2ND Place

The English Department

Metropolis thespians had some great success as well!  Three District titles and a TENTH place finish hi-lite the Speech Competition accomplishments.

1945-46       Team Finsihed TENTH in State Conmpetion!!

Individual Medalist

Jo Ann Strubinger      Verse        2ND Place

                      Final Team Standings

                      1.)  Tremont                                                          10

2.)  Freeport (H.S.)                                                9

3.)  Elgin (H.S.)                                                      8

4.)  Henning                                                           7

5.)  DuQuoin (H.S.)                                               6

6.)  Charleston (Eastern)                                    5

6.)  Granite City                                                      5

6.)  Rockford (East)                                               5

6.)  Rock Island (H.S.)                                          5

                    10.)  METROPOLIS COMM. H.S.                           4

10.)  Paris                                                                 4

10.)  Rock Falls                                                       4

1953-54      Individual Medalist – Ophus Evans                 Extemp       4TH Place 

1964-65      Individual Medalist – Jacqueline Williams    Serious       4TH Place

1965-66      Team Won District Championship

1969-70      Team Won District Championship

1970-70      Team Won District Championship

                      Individual State Medalist – Mike Moorman    Extemp      4TH Place

Great Athletes

Some of the other great athletes to grace the courts and feilds of MCHS include:

Louis “Too-Tall” Laster –  6’7″ tall and was outstanding football and basketball player in late 20s.  Played some football at Illinois.

Lester Cagle –  All-round athlete that played football at St. Louis University and boxed professionally.  Scored 527 points during the 1933 basketball season.

Jim Pearce – all-around athlete that was an all-conference football player at Murray State.

Bob “Hawk” Taylor – A four sport stand-out in the 50s.  Holds the single season scoring record in basketball.  Signed as a bonus baby in 1957 was with the World Champion Milwaukee Braves that year.  Played 10 years in MLB seeing service with the Braves, Mets, Angels and Royals.

Stan Brinker and Richie Williams – played with NCAA teams at Mississippi State

Gary Sundmacker – was a starter for national champion Paducah Community College in 1969 and also a regular for the 1971 Western Kentucky team that made it to the Final Four.

Norman Goodman – played in the first all-state basketball and football games.  Played at Fort Scott Junior College and Missouri in football. Also played in the Canadan Football League.

John Kreuter – Named most valuable player in both basketball and football in 1952 as well and signing with the Chicago Cubs in 1953. He played professional baseball for 8 years.

Great Coaches

George “Dutch” Schneeman – coached from 1930 through 1952. Won over 400 basketball games and also coached football.  In basketball coaches hall-of-fame

Chuck Durham – was Hall-of-Fame football coach during the late 60s and

through the mid-70s

Bob Beck – was baseball coach for the last 12 years and is also in the baseball hall-of-fame.

Memories and Stories of MCHS

THe following memories and stories were given to us by Bob Lingle, a great suporter of Metropolis and the surrounding area.

Stan Brinker and Richie Williams were members of the historical Mississippi State basketball team that broke a state law by sneaking out of the state to play in the NCAA against Loyola of Illinois.  At that time it was against the law in Mississippi for whites and blacks to play sports against each other.

The 1960 basketball team was beaten in a double overtime game in the sectional finals.  At that time a double overtime meant sudden death, the first team to score two points.  West Frankfort beat Metropolis when they were fouled on the jump ball and they made two free throws.

Metropolis played the first high school game at Assembly Hall.  They played Centralia which was coached by Bob Jones who had been the Metropolis coach the year before.  Steve Woodward scored the first points and John Turner had the first field goal, but Metropolis lost the game.”

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