McGuire High School

The History of McGuire High School

McGuire High School appears to have been a country school located in far southwestern Illinois in the far northwestern portion of Union County. The school was located about four miles northwest of Wolf Lake. The small hamlet of La Rue was situated about two miles to the east and the small hamlet of Aldridge was about two miles to the northeast. McGuire High School was located on Galilee Road approximately one mile west of County Highway 3. The Mississippi River flows by two miles to the west. McGuire High School was located about 20 miles due southwest of Carbondale.

The fact that McGuire School offered high school courses was the result of research on a website titled “Illinois Postseason Basketball Scores“. In the 1934 Cairo District Tournament, McGuire High School advanced into the second round. The IHSA website ( states that McGuire High School won the District Championship in 1937. More information on this will be available below. This is currently the extent of information we have on this school.

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McGuire High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                         ??

Year closed:                          late 1940s(?)

Consolidated to:                    Wolf Lake High School (?)

McGuire HS team nickname:  ??

McGuire HS team colors:       ??

School Fight Song:                ??


We are certain the McGuire High School boys competed in basketball. Track and baseball may also have been offered. We are in need of season records, coaches names, team nickname, uniform colors, and school fight song. Photos are always welcome as well.


As stated above, the boys competed in the IHSA state tournament for certain. In fact, the team won the District Tournament championship in 1937!!  This is confirmed on the IHSA website at the address of .The following scores from the “Illinois Postseason Basketball Scores” website are the extent of information we currently have regarding the McGuire High School boys basketball program.

According to research conducted by Phil Shadid, McGuire High School competed in the Union & Alexander County Conference (U & A Conference) in the late 1930s for certain..

1933-34     Cairo District Tournament                           Coach’s name & record needed

1st Round – McGuire 35, Olive Branch 19

2nd Round – Mounds 58, McGuire 26

Mounds would win the District title.

1936-37     DONGOLA DISTRICT CHAMPIONS!!       Coach’s name & record needed

          1st Rd Beat Ullin 68-26

                  Semi-final Beat Mounds (score unavailable)

                  Title Game Beat McClure 37-21 

1936-37 Anna Regional Tournament

1st Round – Wolf Lake 36, McGuire 28

Wolf Lake lost in semi-final round

1937-38     U & A Conference Member                         Coach’s name & record needed

Regular Season lost to Thebes 45-35

Thebes District Tournament

1st Rd lost to Wolf Lake 41-31

Game played on February 26, 1938

Extra Curricular Activities

Sports were likely not the only activity offered at McGuire High School. It is probable that band, choir, plays, clubs, and many other activities made the experience of attending MHS a rewarding one.

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