Maroa High School “Trojans”

Maroa High School
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Maroa HS Flag Pole Base – Class of 1932
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The History of Maroa High School

Maroa (population 1,654) is located in east-central Illinois in north-central Macon County.  U.S. Route 51 is the main roadway through Maroa and connects it to Decatur located just 13 miles to the south.  The Illinois Terminal Railroad travels through Maroa as well.  The Lake Fork Creek flows to the north of Maroa.

The town was officially established in 1854 and has a long and rich history. According to the book “Place Names of Illinois” by Edward Callary, the town name of Maroa was of Native American origin. It was named by the Illinois Central Railroad officials. Maroa is the only town of this name in the United States.

The history of the high school is in need of research.  It is known that the first school in the area was established in 1854 as well.  It is quite probable that the townspeople had a high school in place by the late 1800s. Maroa High School served the community and children of Maroa on a solo basis for many years.  An anonymous person submitted information stating that kids of Forsythe had been attending Maroa High School for many years, probably at least as early as 1948 when the Maroa High School District was formed. However the official name of the school was not changed to Maroa-Forsythe until approximately 1959.

The high school for the district remained in Maroa.  We believe the original building is still used and is pictured above. Please contact us if you have any further information on the history of Maroa High School.

Maroa High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                                   late 1800s

Year new HS District Formed:         1948

Consolidated to:                               Maroa-Forsyth High School

Maroa HS team nickname:                the “Trojans”

MHS team colors:                            Blue & Gold

School FIght Song:                           unavailable

Maroa HS Building Inscription
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The Maroa High School lads competed in basketball and football for sure according to the IHSA website (  It is most likely that track and baseball were competed in as well.  School team nickname, colors, fight song, as well some of the great stories are items we are looking for.


The very rich football tradition for the Maroa HS grid iron heroes was initiated in the 1940s. Walter Boyd turned the Maroa HS football program into a powerhouse in the 1950s and 1960s setting the stage for some exciting State Championship runs in the 1980s and 1990s.  The best of the Maroa HS football seasons as listed on the IHSA website are listed below.

1945-46                                                                                                       Coach Reuter

1946-47                                                                                                       Coach Brandt

1947-48                                                                                                       Coach Brandt

1948-49     4 – 4                                                                                          Coach Walter Boyd

1949-50     4 – 0 – 3                                                                                     Coach Walter Boyd

1950-51     4 – 4                                                                                           Coach Walter Boyd

1951-52                                                                                                        Coach Walter Boyd

1952-53     6 – 2                                                                                           Coach Walter Boyd

1953-54                                                                                                        Coach Walter Boyd

1954-55      7 – 1                                                                                          Coach Walter Boyd
1955-56      7 – 1                                                                                          Coach Walter Boyd
1956-57      6 – 1 – 1                                                                                     Coach Walter Boyd

1957-58      6 – 2                                                                                           Coach Walter Boyd

1958-59      4 – 4                                                                                           Coach Walter Boyd

Congrats to Coach Walter Boyd and his “boys” for some memorable football seasons!!

Boys Basketball

The boys basketball program had some excellent seasons as well!  three District titles, two Regional tItles, and a Sectional title hi-lighted Maroa’s hardwood court successes.  Coach Walter Boyd proved his abilities on the basketball court.  He was followed by Coach Herman Edwards who had three of the most incredible back to back to back seasons that any high school could ask for going 80 – 9 including a trip to the Sweet Sixteen in the the late 1950s!!

Several scores from the IHSA State Tournament involving Maroa High School are found on a website titled “Illinois Postseason Basketball Scores” found at . Scores from championship seasons found on this site are printed below.

1935-36                   Maroa District Champions                             Coach’s name & record needed

                                Semi-final Beat Dalton City 33-15

                                Title Game Beat Wapella 42-35

                                Clinton Regional Tournament

                                1st Rd:  Macon Beat Maroa 26-17

Macon lost to Decatur in title game

Decatur won State Championship

1945-46     7 – 16     IHSA Regional Tournament                              Coach Reuter

                                1st Rd lost to Bloomington 48-39

Notable team member:  Jack Hockaday

1947-48   15 – 10                                                                               Coach Laroy Brandt


1948-49   17 – 10     Waynesville District Champions                   Coach Walter Boyd

                                Semi-final Beat Deland-Weldon 53-30

                                Title Game Beat Beason 42-40 (O/T)

                                Clinton Regional Tournament

                                1st Rd lost to Bloomington Trinity 57-47

Clinton Beat Bloomington in title game

1949-50   13 – 12     Waynesville District Champions                   Coach Walter Boyd

                                Semi-final Beat Deland-Weldon 52-43

                                Title Game Beat Wapella 46-44

                                Clinton Regional Tournament

                                1st Rd lost toFarmer City 55-43

Clinton Beat Farmer City in title game

1951-53                                                                                             Coach Walter Boyd

1953-54   12 – 11                                                                               Coach Walter Boyd

1954-55   15 – 9                                                                                 Coach Walter Boyd

1955-56   17 – 9                                                                                 Coach Walter Boyd


1956-57   29 – 3        SWEET SIXTEEN FINALISTS!                       Coach Herman Edwards

                                  Clinton Regional Champions

                                  1st Rd Beat Leroy 84-40

                                  Semi-final Beat Bloomington 86-62

                                  Title Game Beat Argenta 82-57

MAROA (82): Brown 18, G. McClung 17, Chalcraft 15, Staudt 12, L. McClung 12, Connelly 4, James 2, Thomas 2.

ARGENTA (57): Roberts 29, Fear 12, Nixon 6, Phillips 6, Justice 3, Querry 1.

                                  Decatur Sectional Champions

                                  Semi-final Beat Taylorville 57-54

MAROA (57): Chalcraft 23, Brown 19, G. McClung 10, Staudt 3, L. McClung 2

TAYLORVILLE (54): Rightnowar 16, Friedrich 15, Huffines 10, Frisina 6, Mammen 6, Staley 1.

Title Game Beat Warrensburg-Latham 59-50

MAROA (59): Chalcraft 18, Brown 12, G. McClung 9, L. McClung 8, Staudt 8, Thomas 4.

WARRENSBURG-LATHAM (50): Howe 22, Lehn 13, Hamilton 8, Southern 4, Waddell 3.

                                  Super-Sectional Finalist 

                                   Title Game Lost 57 – 56 to Champaign HS

Champaign lost to Ottawa in Elite 8

Ottawa placed 3rd in State Tournament

1957-58   24 – 4                                                                                 Coach Herman Edwards


1958-59   27 – 2         Clinton Regional Champions                       Coach Herman Edwards

                                  1st Rd Beat Leroy 84-58

                                  Semi-final Beat Argenta 68-60

                                  Title Game Beat Clinton 87-63

MAROA (87): Wilson 23, P. Odle 22, McClung 17, C. Odle 11, James 11, Terrell 3.

CLINTON (63): Helm 17, Steward 16, Delaney 15, Cavanaugh 8, Mettler 5, Heiberg 2

Decatur Sectional Tournament

Semi-final lost to Villa Grove 63-62

VILLA GROVE (63): Gaines 21, Duncan 20, Corbin 13, Schackel 6, Howard 3.

MAROA (62): James 17, Wilson 14, McClung 13, P. Odle 10, C. Odle 6, Lewis 2.

Villa Grove lost to Taylorville in title game

Taylorville lost in Sweet 16 round.

Need Your Help

We are hopeful an area “buff” will fill in the open areas regarding the history and accomplishments of Maroa High School.  If you have any information you can offer please complete a Guest Commentary Form. We would really like to share a photo of the old school building and tell more about the students of the Maroa High School historic past.  You can e-mail us photos at or write to us at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago,  Il.   60631

Maroa High School Class of 1932
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Submitted by B Bree
Maroa High School
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Maroa, Illinois

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