Ludlow High School

Ludlow High School Building 1938 Yearbook Photo
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Ludlow School Building 1938
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The History of Ludlow High School

Ludlow (population 324) is located in east-central Illinois in the north-central portion of Champaign County.  The town is located about 18 miles northeast of the city of Champaign.  U.S. Route 45 is the main roadway to and from Ludlow while Interstate Highway 57 passes by the west side of town.  The Illinois Central Railroad passes through Ludlow.  The Upper Salt Fork Creek flows by the south side of town.

A nice history of the town of Ludlow can be viewed at the Illinois General Web addresses of and .  The latter provides the following history of the town:

Mr. James D. Ludlow was born in the year 1822, near Cincinnati, Ohio, and came to Illinois in 1853 as the agent of Michael L. Sullivant, for whom he purchased most of the great farm on the southwest corner of the county, known as ” Broadlands.” He also acted as agent in the purchase at the Danville land office of most of the tract of forty thousand acres in Ford and Livingston counties, which formed Mr. Sullivant’s famous farm. After making this settlement in Harwood township, Mr. Ludlow began making improvements, and wisely set out a number of varieties of fruit and forest trees, which give the grounds adjoining his residence a beautiful appearance and demonstrate what can be done in the way of furnishing shade and shelter to these open prairies. The town and township of Ludlow were so named in his honor.”

The following historical information regarding Ludlow and its former high school was provided by Ross Brown:

“Ludlow was originally nicknamed “Pera.” Due to the prior establishment of Peru in northern Illinois, the postal service in 1868 asked town officials to change its name, which they did to honor Mr. Ludlow.

The first school was conducted by Miss Mary Wood in the Illinois Central Freight House. This school was furnished only with boxes and boards. The second school was located in the former Baptist church. Finally, land was donated and a school was built at the present school site in 1902.

Ludlow supported grade school students as well as a three-year high school through 1948. In 1948, voters in Flatville, Gifford, Ludlow, Rantoul and Thomasboro voted to establish the Rantoul Township High School District 193. Each community maintains a separate grade school district and then sends students to Rantoul for high school.”

Ludlow School Building Inscription Stone 1938
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“Ludlow School DIst. No. 148”

Ludlow High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                         early 1900s?

Year closed;                           1948

Consolidated to:                     Rantoul Township High School

Ludlow HS team nickname:    unavailable

Ludlow HS team colors:         unavailable

School Fight Song:                 unavailable


The Ludlow High School boys competed in basketball, baseball, and track. Photos of the 1937-38 basketball and track teams were provided by Ross Brown as copied from the Ludlow High School yearbook of the same year.

Boys Basketball


The boys competed in basketball with other area schools and participated in the annual IHSA State Tournament. Below are results of games involving Ludlow in the IHSA tourney as located on the web site titles “Illinois Postseason High School Basketball Scores.”

1933-34             Urbana District Tournament                   Coach’s name & record needed.

1st Rd Lost to Philo 26-11

Urbana beat Champaign in title game

1935-36             Farmer City District Tournament            Coach’s name & record needed.

1st Rd lost to Farmer City 52-14

Farmer City Beat Penfield in title game

1936-37             St. Joseph District Tournament             Coach’s name & record needed.

1st Rd lost to St. Joseph 46-19

Penfield beat Sydney in title game

1937-38   Postseason scores, record, and coach’s name needed.

Ludlow High School Basketball Team of 1937-38
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Submitted by Ross Brown

1940-41             Sydney District Tournament         Coach’s name & record needed.

1st Rd lost to Forrest 65-24

Melvin beat Forrest in title game

1942-43             Roberts District Tournament         Coach’s name & record needed.

*1st Rd lost to Loda 37-20

Strawn beat Loda in title game

*Last score listed for Ludlow High School basketball on this site.

Track & Field

Ludlow High School competed in track and field as well. Below is a photo of the Ludlow High School track & field team of 1938 as submitted by Ross Brown.

Ludlow High School Track & Field Team of 1937-38
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The following information was obtained by Ross Brown from the 1938 Ludlow High School yearbook called the “Peralo.”

Ludlow High School had a relatively new commercial department that was established in 1935. Activities included a typing class, school comedy play, girls’ glee club, orchestra, Girls’ Athletic Association, and yearbook staff..

Ludlow High School Yearbook 1938
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Submitted by Ross Brown

If You Have Any Further Information…

…you would like to share regarding the successes and memories made at Ludlow High School, especially a photo of the former high school building, please write to us at  You can also contact us via real mail at:

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Ludlow High School From 1938 Yearbook
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