Logan (Hanaford) High School

The History of Logan High School

Hanaford (population 55) is located in far south-central Illinois in the southeast portion of Franklin County.  County Road 20 is the mnain roadway through Hanaford as Illinois Route 34 passes by the northeast side of town.  The website of www.mapquest.com lists a small hamlet of Logan on the northeast side of Hanaford too.  We are told that Hanaford is also known as Logan and at one time was called Smothersville.  The 2000 Illinois Census only lists the town of Hanaford however.  The population of 55 is disputed as well, there may be about 200 actual residents of Hanaford .

The history of the Logan School in  Hanaford is in need of research.  We do know that K – 8 classes were held at the school at one time.  If high school classes were offered, we believe it was probably no more than a two-year high school.  We are in need of your assistance to verify any of this information.

A good fan of the Glory Days site and former pastor of the Logan Baptist Church (1998-2003) Steve Dunford offered the following information on the former Logan High School of Hanaford:

“The village name is Hanaford but the post office schools, churches, and the name that the local residents refer to the town is Logan.  From talking with some old timers while I was the pastor of the church there, that Logan High School consolidated with Benton in the early 1950’s.  I am not sure but I believe Logan was a three-year high school.

They used the same building for all grades (K-11). After the high school closed they raised the second floor of the building and added a gymnasium.  Logan existed as a k-8 school until it closed its doors at the end of the 2004-2005 school year.  Most graduating 8th grade classes while I pastored the Baptist church were under 10 students. I believe the K-8 enrollment for 2004-2005 was around 50, with only four teachers and one administrator.  The town took great pride in their school and kept it from consolidation for several years.  Most students became part of the Benton Grade School system while some in the southeast part of the district went to nearby Thompsonville.

While I was pastor, even though I did not live in Logan, I attended school events whenever possible.  Because of the small size and the appearance of the building, it was like stepping back in time.  You also expected Jimmy Chitwood to be shooting hoops in the gym.”

We are searching for as much information as possible on the Logan School District. We understand that the school building is still standing and used for a good purpose.  The kids of Hanaford now attend school in nearby Benton.

Logan High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                            late 1800s / early 1900s

Year HS closed:                        late 1940s?

Year grade school closed:         1980s

Consolidated to:                        Benton High School

Logan School team nickname:   possibly the “Rams”

Logan School team colors:        unavailable

Logan School Fight Song:         unavailable

Athletics & Extra-Curricular Activities

We are not sure that Logan School ever offered athletics.  We are fairly certain that band and chorus was offered.  There were probably many other activities offered at Logan.  We are in dire need of your assistance in filling in the missing information about Logan School in Hannaford.

The Logan gymnasium was a throwback to the good old days of high school basketball as well.  Steve Dunford remembers the gym and Logan School athletic program in this way:

“I also remember playing against them in Basketball in Junior High.  The Gym only had two rows of bleachers and the stage was crowded.  Both team’s benches were on the south end of the Gym.  I officiated several basketball games in that gym and I always loved to be the trail official on that end because you could just stand underneath the basket and both coaches had a “good time” with the ref.

While I was pastor, even though I did not live in Logan, I attended school events whenever possible.  Because of the small size and the appearance of the building, it was like stepping back in time.  You also expected Jimmy Chitwood to be shooting hoops in the gym.

Logan had some very good junior high basketball teams in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, they had a couple regional championships and might have made some IJHSAA state tournament appearances during that stretch.  My eighth grade year (83-84) they beat us (Thompsonville) four times and we were a school four times their enrollment.

I remember they had a totally analog scoreboard in their gym that was in use until the 1983-84 school year.  I was always fascinated with the clock turning red under one minute.  They used their brand new Nevco scoreboard for the first time when we played them.

Logan did not have girls basketball and several girls played on the boys’ team.  In fact there was a girl who went to the church while I was pastor, played the JV game changed into her cheerleading outfit and cheered during the varsity game.

Teresa Beasley served as the school secretary, teacher’s aide, girl’s volleyball coach, track coach, and many different roles that were unmentioned.”

Adam Rosho provided the following insight to the Logan School history:

“Logan Grade School

Nickname: Rams

School Colors: Royal Blue, Gold, and White

Logan Grade School competed in the Little 6 Conference.  Different schools were members of the conference over the years, but they included Akin, Ewing-Northern, Thompsonville, Creal Springs, Crab Orchard, Galatia, Pickneyville District 204.  I believe that Mulkeytown and Hurst-Bush Grade Schools were also members of the conference at one time.

The Logan gym floor was so small that there was a restraining line around the entire floor.  There were also two half court lines for play on each half.  The three point line was only able to get to the free throw line due to the small size of the gym.

Logan Grade school offered Boys Basketball (Girls played on Boys Team), Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Track, and Cheerleading.

To field and A and B team, 7th and 8th grade team, there were usually students from 4th-8th grades on the teams.”

In Need of Your Assistance

As stated before, we are in dire need of assistance in researching Logan (Hanaford) High School.  What were the school colors and team nickname? We are hopeful someone from Hanaford, Logan, (or a neighboring town) can provide us with this information and possibly a photo of the old high school building.

If you have this information to share please complete a School Submission Form or write us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net or via real mail at:

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