Lake City High School

Lake City High School Building
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Photo Taken in 2011 by Bob Critchelow

The History of Lake City High School

Lake City (population approximately 100) is located in the far northwestern portion of Moultrie County in Dora Township about 10 miles southeast of Decatur.  Illinois Route 32 passes by the northeast corner of town.  County Highways 6 and 9 take you directly to Lake City. According to Lake City is 6 blocks from east to west and 2 blocks from north to south.

A very nice early history of the town of Lake City is available at the web address of . The article states that the town was established in 1873 along the Paris & Decatur Railroad line.  The town was named after James C. Lake, who donated 20 acres of his land on which the town would be platted.  Several small businesses soon were initiated, including the construction of a new school building in 1876.

The history of Lake City High School is in need of research.  We only know of its existence due to the extensive research done by our good friend Roberta VanBriesen. The web address of provides an article from the Decatur Daily Republican and reports on the Lake City High School graduation ceremonies of May 23, 1894.  The article lists six students receiving their diplomas in the “third annual” graduation ceremony.

A fan of the Glory Days website, Bob Critchelow, sent us the following information he summarized which was found in a book titled “History of Moultrie County Schools” written by Vera Slover.

“The building in the photos provided (above) was built in 1919 to replace the previous school building. Lake City schools became part of the Lovington School District in the late 1940s. This school continued to be used as a grade school through the early 1960s when it was closed. It is presently used as the parsonage by the church in Lake City.”

**Andrea Miller provides the following information regarding current schools attended by Lake City kids:

“I’m a current resident of Lake City and have lived there for the past 14 years. I graduated in 2010 from Lovington High school. Lake City kids currently go to grade school at Lovington Grade School. High school students from Lake City went to Lovington High School up until the annexation to Arthur in 2012. They currently go to Arthur-Lovington High School in Arthur as of the 2012-13 school year.”

**Terry Blankenship adds the following:

“I went to grade school in Lake City. I attended 1st and 2nd grades 1952 & 1953.  1st through 6th grades were held in one room and 7th and 8th in the other room. After you graduated from 8th grade you rode a bus to Lovington to attend high school.”

This is the extent of the current information we have regarding Lake City High School. If you have any further information on the former Lake City school system please contact us via the means listed below.

**From Suzanne Parrott:

“My 6th grade class was the last class to attend and finish 6th grade at the Lake City School in May 1962.   Then it closed and sll students were sent to Lovington.  At that time 1st to 3rd grade with teacher Miss Race,  was in the south upstairs room and 4th to 6th grade with teacher Mrs Ruth Davis, was in the north upstairs room.  The music/ play room plus girls bathroom was below the 1st to 3rd grade room and the kitchen  and boys bathroom was below the 4th to 6th grade room.  Both teachers are with us in the kitchen and also played outdoors during recess.  Miss Race and Mrs Davis both played softball with students, jumped rope. And joined in on all activities at recess.”

Lake City High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                  1889?

First Graduating Class:   1892

Year HS closed:              not available

Year GS closed:              1962

Consolidated to:              Lovington High School

Kids Now Attend:            Arthur-Lovington High School

Lake City HS nickname:  ?

Lake City HS colors:       ?

School Fight Song:         ?

Lake City HS Inscription Above Front Door
A sign on the side of a building

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Provided by Bob Critchelow (2011 – Left click on photo for larger version)

It is quite possible that the Lake City High School boys competed in sports against other schools from the area. If you have any information you can share regarding Lake City High School athletics, please write to us so we can add it to this page.  School team nickname, uniform colors, coach’s names, seasonal records, and individual accomplishments are welcome.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Other activities such as school plays, FFA, FHA, GAA, band, and chorus may also have been a very important part of the Lake City High School student experience.  Please contact us if you have information on these activities as well.

If You Have Any Information You Wish to Share:

Especially a photo of the high school building, please contact us by e-mail at .  You can also mail items to us at:

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