Keenes High School

The History of Keenes High School

Keenes (population 99) is located southeastern Illinois in the southwestern portion of Wayne County. Illinois Route 15 is the main roadway to and from Keenes. County Highway 13 also takes you to and from town. The Norfolk Southern Railroad passes through Keenes as well. According to Mapquest ( Keenes is about four blocks from east to west and four blocks from south to north.

The following information was found at the web address of . Keenes was at first called Keen Station as it was established along an early railroad line of the area.

Keen Station is a small town situated on the Air Line three miles west of Wayne City, and consists of two general stores, and one grocery store. It has a good school and a substantial church building is being erected by the Missionary Baptists. A grist mill was put up there in 1881, and there are also two saw mills at this place.”

We are uncertain of when, but at some point the name of the village was changed from Keen Station to Keenes. This is currently the extent of the information we have regarding the village of Keenes.

We know very little about the history of Keenes High School. We were made aware of the fact that the town supported a high school when reviewing a web site that lists high school basketball scores from the 1920s through the 1970s. On the web address of the town of “Kerens” is listed as playing Crossville in the first round of the District Tourney in Fairfield. In checking the area around Fairfield the only town with similar spelling was that of Keenes. Other ‘typos’ have been discovered on the site, so we believe that the author was writing about Keenes.

We believe that Keenes was a two or three-year high school that was open from the early 1920s through the late 1940s. At this time this information is simply an educated guess. We believe that when Keenes High School closed the students began attending nearby Wayne City High School, which is still going strong today.

Keenes High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                           1920s?

Year closed:                            1940s?

Consolidated to:                       Wayne City High School

Keenes HS Team Nickname:    ??

Keenes HS Team Colors:         ??

Keenes HS Fight Song:            ??


We are certain that Keenes High School boys competed in basketball. It is possible that baseball, track, and maybe even softball were offered at the school. Team nickname, uniform colors, fight song, team records, and coaches names are all being sought at this time.


As stated in the history section above, the Keenes High School boys competed in basketball for certain. The following information is the extent of knowledge we have at this point.

1935 Fairfield District Tournament

Crossville 48, Keenes 18

If you have ANY further information regarding the Keenes High School athletic program please contact us via the means listed below.


We are certain that student life at Keenes High School was full of opportunity. School plays, band, chorus, and clubs were all likely a part of the Keenes HS experience.

We Need Your Assistance

If you have any further information regarding the many successes of Keenes High School, we hope you will share it with the rest of us. The great teams, coaches, teachers, and townspeople who supported the school for many years should not be forgotten. We are especially interested in photos of the original Keenes High School building as well as some of the great landmarks and teams of the past. You can e-mail these items to us at, or write to us at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago, Il.    60631

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