Kaneville High School

Kaneville HS – now Kaneville Community Center
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Photo by Cody Cutter – January 2010
Kaneville HS Bldg 2011 – Northeast View
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The History of Kaneville High School

Kaneville (population approximately 750) is located in northeastern Illinois in the southwestern portion of Kane County.  The town is located about 10 miles northwest of Aurora and 10 miles southeast of Dekalb.  Kaneville is located at the intersection of County Highways 4 and 62.  Interstate Highway 88 passes by the northeast side of town.  The Welch Creek flows by the west side of Kaneville.

Kaneville was incorporated as a town in 2006 making it one of Illinois’ newest officially recognized towns.  However Kaneville’s roots run much deeper into history.  A nice history of the community can be found at the web address of http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~ilkane/Kaneville.htm .  This article states that Kaneville is named after Elias Kent Kane.  The first school for Kaneville children was established in 1839.

Last Class to Graduate From Kaneville HS – 1949
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We were fortunate to view several items that remain proudly displayed in the Kaneville School building.  The building now serves as a township building, library, and a pre-school. There are high school graduation photos that are prominently displayed. They start with the class of 1922 and end with the class of 1949.  The 1949 photo has a handwritten note which states “Last Class to Graduate From Kaneville High School”.  This photo is available to the right. Once closed, the kids of Kaneville attended school as part of the Maple Park Kaneland School District.  This arrangement continues today.

Deanna Crider provided the following bit of information regarding Kaneville High School:

“I was on the Illinois high school glory days website to research my grandmother’s high school in Kaneville, Illinois. I happened to have her high school diploma, dated June 6, 1912! So cool to have a piece of history that is 102 years old!

Kaneville High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                         early 1900s?

Year closed:                           late 1949

Consolidated to:                     Kaneland School District (Maple Park)

Kaneville HS team nickname:  unavailable

Kaneville HS team colors:       Purple & Gold

School Fight Song:                “Go You Kaneville High School”


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As Proudly Displayed in the Trophy Case at Kaneville HS

As mentioned above, we do have evidence of Kaneville High School’s existence.  That evidence comes in the form of an IHSA District Basketball Tournament score from the 1948-49 season.  That year Waterman High School won the District Tournament for the area.  In the first game of the tourney Waterman defeated Kaneville HS 50 – 47.

Kaneville High School therefore definitely competed in basketball.  It is likely that baseball and track were offered too.  We are searching for the Kaneville High School team nickname, team uniform colors, coach’s names, season records, and any individual accomplishments that you might like to share.

Kaneville HS Gym Center Circle and Stage – 2011
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Photo Taken from the Stands
Kaneville HS Gym Bleachers
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Boys Basketball

Our good friend Brian Hoxey sent us this information regarding Kaneville High School’s team that competed in that 1948-49 District Tournament mentioned above:

Teams entered: Waterman, Kaneville, BurlingtonPlato CenterBig RockHinckleyMaltaSugar Grove. (Note:  ALL are schools on this site, “left click” on their name to visit their individual page)

Kaneville HS 1948-49 team members:  Burdette Barret, Leo Bomleny, Lloyd Byerhof,  Charles Flint, Bill Houtz, Roger King, Perry Lakin, Gene Lewis, Larry Mell, Ted Phelps, Richard Schicht, Gene Underwood

Manager: Claude Lee

Head Coach: J. Rex Thompson

1948-49                          Coach J. Rex Thompson

Kaneville HS Jersey and Trophy
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Kaneville Bleacher Seats – 2011
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If You Have ANY Further Information

If you have any further information you can share regarding the many accomplishments and the history of Kaneville High School, especially an older photo of the school building, please write to us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net .  You can also write to us via real mail at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St. 

Chicago, Il.  60631

Kaneville HS Bldg Northwest View
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Kaneville HS Gym Floor – 2011
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Kaneville HS Baseball Field – 2011
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Kaneville HS Letterman’s Sweater
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  1. If I remember correctly, kids from Kaneville had the choice of going to the Maple Park High school or the Elburn High school before Kaneland was built.

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