Jonesboro High School

The History of Jonesboro High School

Jonesboro (population 1,838) is located in far southern Illinois in central Union County.  Illinois Route 127 is the main roadway leading to and from Jonesboro.  The Dutch Creek flows by the southside of town. The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad travels alongside Route 127 through Jonesboro.  A brief history of the town is found at .  According to the Shawnee Heartland website, Jonesboro was originally settled in 1818 and is one of the oldest towns in Illinois.

A school system for Jonesboro students was begun in the early to mid 1800s.  A high school was in place by the 1870s.  Jonesboro High School served the community until 1918.  It was in this early year that the residents could foresee the benefit of consolidating the three school districts within the mile radius of their town.  Jonesboro High School consolidated its efforts with Anna High School and  Union High School to form the Anna-Jonesboro Community School District.  Union High School Campus in Anna provided the original facilities for the high school of the Anna-Jonesboro School District.  More on the early history of the Anna-Jonesboro School District can be read at the following website address:

The fate of the original Jonesboro High School building is being sought.

Jonesboro High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                                 late 1800s

Year closed:                                  1918

Consolidated to:                             Anna-Jonesboro Community High School

Jonesboro HS team nickname:        unavailable

JHS team colors:                            unavailable

JHS School Fight Song:                  unavailable


It is only a guess, but we believe that Jonesboro High School offered baseball, basketball, and track.  The school did not win any IHSA hardware, in fact it was barely open long enough to compete in IHSA sports.  Other extra-curricular activites were likely offered as well.  If you have ANY information regarding the short history of Jonesboro High School, please contact us via the means below.

Need More Information

If you have ANY further information to offer regarding the many accomplishments and achievements made by the students and townspeople of Jonesboro and its original High School, please share it with us. School athletic items as well as other non-athletic related items are being sought.  A photo of the original Jonesboro High School building would especially be welcome. These items can be e-mailed to us at or “real-mailed” to us at:

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