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Iola High School Gymnasium 2015
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The History of Iola High School 

Iola (population 171) is located in southeastern Illinois in the northwestern portion of Clay County. County Highway 7 is the main roadway to and from Iola. County Roadways 310E and 400E flank the town on the east and west sides..According to Mapquest ( Iola is about 4 blocks from north to south and 4 blocks from east to west. Iola is about 26 miles southwest of Effingham.

There was very little found on the internet regarding the history of the town of Iola. We did locate an article at the web address of which states that a small town called Larkinsburg was first established in the area in the mid-1800s. Tragedy struck the village in October of 1866 when a tornado passed through the area. Larkinsburg was devistated and one person was killed. In 1870 the railroad passed by Larkinsburg about one mile to the east. The village of Larkinsburg was soon forgotten and a new village named Iola was established.

Iola residents set up educational opportunities very early on in the town’s development. We know very little about this however. We only know that Iola once supported a high school due to a web site we discovered that lists Illinois High School Basketball scores from 1922 – 1991 ( ). On this site we found scores for Iola High School boys basketball for several years during the 1930s. We will list these results below in the basketball section.

We can only guess at this point, however we believe that Iola High School was likely a three-year high school that began in the early 1920s. The obituary of Rosemary Flynn-Anderson ( states that she attended Iola High School in the late 1930s and graduated from Flora High School. It is probable that the school closed in the late 1940s. We believe the kids of Iola began attending Louisville North Clay School District schools at that time. This agreement probably continues today.

If you have ANY information to the contrary or that can assist in making the history of Iola High School clearer, please write to us at

Iola High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                  early 1920s(?)

Year closed:                   late 1940s(?)

Consolidated to:              Louisville North Clay High School

Iola HS team nickname:  ??

Iola HS team colors:       ??

Iola HS fight song:          ??


We are confident the boys of Iola High School participated in basketball. It is probable that sports such as baseball and track were offered as well. We are searching for season records and coaches names of these teams. We are also looking for the school’s team nickname, uniform colors, and fight song. Any information regarding athletics at Iola HS is welcome.


We did locate some basketball scores for Iola HS listed on a website titled “Illinois Post Season Basketball Scores“. The scores from these games are posted below. If you have any further information please contact us at

Iola High School Gymnasium Building 2015
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1933 Effingham District Tournament

1st Round – Iola 32, Edgewood 16

2nd Round – Effingham 21, Iola 10

Effingham beat Kinmundy in title game

1934 Flora District Tournament

1st Round – Iola 23, Xenia 20

2nd Round – Salem 48, Iola 17

Salem won District Championship and lost in the semi-final of the Sectional

1935 Effingham District Tournament

1st Round – Iola 38, Bible Grove 17

2nd Round – Salem 36, Iola 22

Salem won District Championship and lost in the semi-final of the Sectional

1936 Flora District Tournament

1st Round – Iola 30, Bible Grove 15

2nd Round – Cisne 32, Iola 20

Cisne won District Championship and lost in 1st round of Regional

1939 Effingham Regional Tournament

1st Round – Cowden 43, Iola 16

St. Elmo beat Altamont in title game

1941 Patoka District Tournament

1st Round – Odin 34, Iola 21

Patoka beat Odin in title game

This was the final time (1941) that Iola High School was located on this site. Information regarding any seasons not listed is needed.


It is probable that Iola High School students had many activities to participate in. FFA, FHA, GAA, dances, student government, and many other activities were likely a part of the IHS experience.


…that you can add that will make this page more complete please contact us at . We are especially interested in photos of the school building and students. You can also write to us at:

IHSGD Website

6439 N. Neva Ave.

Chicago, IL.  60631 

Iola Store Building 2015
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