Hoopeston-East Lynn High School “Cornjerkers”

The History of Hoopeston-East Lynn High School

Hoopeston (population 5,965) is located in upper-eastern Illinois about 35 miles northeast of Champaign and 25 miles north of Danville.  Hoopeston is only 6 miles west of the Indiana state border. Illinois Route 1 runs north and south through town and intersects with Illinois Route 9 which runs east and west. Hoopeston was settled in 1871 in northeast Vermilion County. According to the town’s official website www.cityofhoopeston.org/ a major contributing factor to the town’s early growth was the intersection of two railroad lines, the Louisville & Nashville and the Norfolk & Western.

East Lynn (population approximately 100) is located in far eastern Illinois in northwestern Vermillion County.  Places of note near East Lynn include Danville (20 miles to the south), Bloomington (60 miles to the west) and Indiana (14 miles to the east).  Illinois Route 9 is the main roadway through East Lynn.  The Fountain Creek flows north of town and splits with branches running to the east and west of town.  The Norfolk & Western Rairoad runs beside Route 9 as well.

Both towns have individual pages for their original high schools on this website.  Check them out by clicking your mouse the town names in bold above.  Both towns have school systems that date back to the late 1800s.  The early 1970s brought about serious consolidation talks between the school districts Hoopeston and East Lynn.  These talks became a reality after the 1972-73 school year with the creation of the Hoopeston-East Lynn School District.  All grades, including the high school, were moved to the town of Hoopeston.

Hoopeston-East Lynn High School served the two communities for nearly 20 years.  The high school districts from nearby Rankin and Wellington joined Hoopeston-East Lynn in the late 1980s.  After the 1992-93 school year Hoopeston-East Lynn High School changed its name to Hoopeston Area High School.

Hoopeston-East Lynn High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                     1973

Year changed name:          1993

Changed to:                       Hoopeston Area High School

H-EL HS team nickname:   the “Cornjerkers”

H-EL HS team colors:

School Fight Song:


The Hoopeston-East Lynn High School kids excelled on many levels in many different sports.  The boys played football, basketball, cross country, wrestling, track, and baseball.  The girls competed in volleyball, basketball, softball, volleyball, track, and bowling.  In addition the school faired well in speech and dramatic competitions.

The sports listed below include the items we found on the IHSA website (www.ihsa.org).


The Cornjerker baseball program did not win IHSA hardware as Hoopeston-East Lynn.  If you have seasonal records and coach’s names you wish to share for H-EL please do not hesitate to write to us.


The Lady Cornherker ‘boulders’ had sonme great success in the mid-1970s. The girls brought home a SECOND Place Finish from the IHSA STATE TOURNEY in the sport’s second season of 1973-74!!  In addition the program qualified for the IHSA State Finals for four straight years, winning District titles each year as well.


                   District Champions!!

1974-75       Qualified for IHSA State Finals

                   District Champions

1975-76       Qualified for IHSA State Finals

                   District Champions

1976-77       Qualified for IHSA State Finals

                   District Champions


The hardwood court was the site of many great games and many successful seasons.  This was especially true in the early and mid 1980s.  Check out the COrnjerkers’ incredible boys basketball history as found on the IHSA website (www.ihsa.org) that is listed below.

1973-74                   Regional Champions
1976-77                   Regional Champions

1977-78     26 – 4      IHSA Sweet 16 Finalist!!             Coach Ed Byrd

                               Regional Champions

                               Sectional Champions

                               Super-Sectional Finalist

                               Lost to Mason City 60 – 56

1981-82     22 – 6                                                         Coach Randy Feller

1982-83     24 – 6      IHSA Sweet 16 Finalist!!             Coach Randy Feller

                               Regional Champions

                               Sectional Champions

                               Super-Sectional Finalist

Lost to Flanagan 87 – 60

Flanagan finished 2nd

1983-84     26 – 6      IHSA Elite 8 Finalist!!                  Coach Randy Feller

                               Regional Champions

                               Sectional Champions

                               Super-Sectional Finalist

                               Beat Toluca 51 – 48 (O/T)

                               Elite 8 Finalist

                               Lost to Mt. Pulaski 61 – 54

Mt. Pulaski finished 2nd

1984-85     31 – 1      IHSA TOURNEY THIRD PLACE!!   Coach Randy Feller

                               Undefeated Regular Season

                               Regional Champions

                               Sectional Champions

                               Super-Sectional Finalist

                               Beat Mason City 65 – 60

                               Elite 8 Finalist

                               Beat Pittsfield 60 – 58

                               Final Four Finalist

Lost to Providence St. Mel 83 – 72

St. Mel Won State Championship

Third Place Game Winners

                               Beat Harvard 84 – 70

1985-86     32 – 2      IHSA TOURNEY THIRD PLACE!!   Coach Randy Feller

                               Regional Champions

                               Sectional Champions

                               Super-Sectional Finalist

                               Beat Roanoke Benson 68 – 45

                               Elite 8 Finalist

                               Beat Winchester 51 – 38

                               Final Four Finalist

Lost to Teutopolis 58 – 43

Teutopolis Won State Championship

                               Third Place Game Winners

                               Beat West Frankfort 68 – 58


The Lady Cornjerkers won some IHSA hardware of their own.  Four Regional TItles highlighted the their success.

1988-89                   Regional Champions
1989-90    25 – 2       Regional Champions             Coach Jim Matta
1990-91    20 – 8       Regional Champions             Coach Jim Matta
1991-92    16 – 12     Regional Champions             Coach Jim Matta


The Hoopeston-East Lynn harriers had a real nice “run” in the late 1970s.  Three consecutive trips to the State Finals and several individual medalists were highlighted by a third-place finish at the IHSA State Meet in the 1979-80 seasonh!!

1977-78              Team Qualified for IHSA State Finals!

                          Indivdiual Medalist 

                          Harry Gudeman          10TH Place


1978-79              Team Finished EIGHTH at IHSA State Finals!

                          Individual Medalists

                          Jeff Stipp                    15TH Place


1979-80              Team Finished THIRD at IHSA State Finals!

Individual Medalist

Jeff Stipp                    2ND Place

1981-82               Individual Medalist

                           Kirt Davis                   2ND Place

1982-83               Individual Medalist  

                           Kirt Davis                   9TH Place

1984-85               Individual Medalist

                          Mark Haggerty           23RD Place



Several individual medalists and a FOURTH Place Finish at the IHSA State Meet were the highlights of the lady trackster program.  An individual State Championship was won in the 100 Meter Dash by Jill Doty in 1987!!

1981-82           District Champions

1982-83           Individual Medalists

                       Kathy Bugera           400 Meter Dash      4TH Place

Relay Teams            800 Meter Medley  7TH Place

1985-86           Individual Medalist

                       Tessy Manion           800 Meter Run       6TH Place

1986-87           IHSA STATE MEET – FOURTH PLACE!!

Individual Medalists

 Jill Doty                     100 Meter Dash     STATE CHAMPION!!
200 Meter Dash     2ND Place
Relay Teams              4×100 Meter Rel.  2ND Place
4×200 Meter Rel.  4TH Place
Aly Jo Haggerty          1600 Meter Run    4TH Place
Madonna Johnson      300 Meter Hurd.    6TH Place

1987-88           Individual Medalists

                       Relay Team               4×200 Meter Rel.   3RD Place

1988-89           Individual Medalist

                       Madonna Johnson     300 Meter Hurd.     3RD Place


The boys track and field program had some excellent individual efforts as well as two top-ten team finishes. The thin-clads of 1974-75 brought home the State Meet’s SECOND Place Trophy!! Jeff Shipp and Bob Summers each won GOLD Medals in their events and two Relay Teams brought home the gold as well!!


                       District Champions  

                       Individual Medalists

                       Bob Summers        330 Yard Hurd.      STATE CHAMPION!!

                       Relay Teams          880 Yard Relay      STATE CHAMPIONS!!

                                                      440 Yard Relay      2ND Place

                       Arlyn Rudin             Pole Vault             4TH Place

                       Marv Gudeman       880 Yard Run         6TH Place

1975-76            Individual Medalist

                        Relay Team           2 Mile Relay           5TH Place

1977-78            Individual Medalists 

                        Relay Team           2 Mile Relay           STATE CHAMPIONS!!

                        Harry Gudeman     1 Mile Run              7TH Place

1978-79            Individual Medalists

Bob Forshier          330 Yard Hurdles    6TH Place


                       Individual Medalists

                       Jeff Stipp                3200 Meter Run       STATE CHAMPION!!

                                                      1600 Meter Run        5TH Place

                       Relay Team            4×400 Meter Relay   6TH Place

                       Kirt Davis                1600 Meter Run        7TH Place

1981-82           Individual Medalist

                       Kirt Davis                1600 Meter Run         6TH Place


The Cornjerker lady netters put up some incredible numbers for the relatively short time the school was known as Hoopeston-East Lynn.  Two Trips to the IHSA State Tourney Elite 8 and one trip to the State Championship game highlighted an incredible run from the late 1970s through the 1980s.  In all, H-EL won a total of 4 District Championships, 10 Regional Championships, 5 Sectional Championhips, 2 Super Sectiional Championships, and made one trip to the Final Four where the girls earned their IHSA Tournament SECOND Place Trophy. Coach’s names and team records are being sought.

1974-75                    District Champions

1977-78                    IHSA Sweet 16 Finalist! 

                                District Champions

                                Sectional Champions

1978-79                    District Champions
1981-82                    District Champions
1982-83                    Regional Champions

1983-84                    IHSA Sweet 16 Finalist!

                               Regional Champions

                               Sectional Champions

1984-85                    Regional Champions
1985-86     13 – 9       Regional Champions                   Coach Beth Carpenter

1986-87                   IHSA Sweet 16 Finalist!                Coach Beth Carpenter

                               Regional Champions

                               Sectional Champions


1987-88     20 – 4      Regional Champions                    Coach Beth Carpenter
1988-89     21 – 4      Regional Champions                    Coach  Beth Carpenter

1989-90     32 – 2      IHSA Tourney SECOND Place!!     Coach Beth Carpenter

                               Regional Champions

                               Sectional Champions

                               Super Sectional Champions

                               Elite 8 FInalist

                               Beat Riverton, 15-13, 8-15, 17-15

                               Final Four Finalist

                               Beat Sherrard, 13-15, 15-2, 17-15

                               State Championship Game

Lost to Mt. Pulaski, 15-5, 15-7

1990-91     28 – 6      IHSA Elite 8 Finalist!                   Coach Beth Carpenter

                               Regional Champions

                               Sectional Champions

                               Super-Sectional Champions

                               Elite 8 Finalist 

                               Lost to Colchester, 15-7, 10-15, 15-3

(Colchester finished 3rd)

1991-92                    Regional Champions


The grapplers had some nice success of on the mat as well.  Four District titles, three Regional titles and a Sectional title were the highlights.  The team of 1978-79 even earned a top-five finish at the IHSA State Meet.  Several individual wrestlers earned medals too, including STATE CHAMPION David Grant (1979).

1973-74              District Champions

                          Individual Medalist 

                          Don York           155       4TH Place

                          Tim Drollinger   185       4TH Place

1974-75              District Champions

                          Individual Medalist

                          Don Warner        98       2ND Place

                          Tim Drollinger   185       3RD Place


1977-78              Sectional Champions

                          Individual Medalist
Tony Montez      98       2ND Place

1978-79              Team Finished FIFTH in IHSA Tourney

                          District Champions

                          Individual Medalists

                          David Grant      119      STATE CHAMPION!
Tony Montez      98       3RD Place

1979-80              District Champions

1980-81              Individual Medalist

                          Gary Shoufler   167       2ND Place

1985-86              Regional Champions
1987-88              Regional Champions

1988-89              Regional Champions

                          Individual Medalist

                          Dan Magee       189       4TH Place


The grid iron warriors entered the IHSA football playoffs for the only time that the school was called H-EL in 1989.  The Cornjerkers were always competitive in this sport.

1989-90    6 – 4     IHSA CLASS 3A Playoffs           Coach Dick Geddes

Lost 1st Rd. Game to Monticello


The Hoopeston-East Lynn kids faired well in the IHSA Scholastic Bowl Competition.  In the school’s last year of being H-EL, this team earned a birth to the iHSA State Finals!

1992-93   19 – 7      IHSA State Qualifier              Coach David Bibb
Sectional Champions

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