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The History of Highland Park Deerfield-Shields High School

Highland Park (population 31,365) is located in far northeastern Illinois in the southeastern corner of Lake County. The town is located on the shore of one of the “Great Lakes”, Lake Michigan, about 25 miles north of Chicago. U.S. Route 41 is the main roadway to and from Highland Park. The Chicago & Northwestern Railroad travels through town as well.

According to history found on the town’s official website, http://www.highlandpark.org/index.htm , the area was first settled in the mid-1830s. The first school was established in 1846. The town was officially chartered as Highland Park in 1869.

Highland Park’s first public high school opened in 1887. By 1914, the school had gone through several changes including building additions to accomodate the influx of students due to the ever-increasing population. Also by 1914, the name of the high school had been established as Deerfield-Shields High School (http://www.highlandpark.org/hpg_about_sketch.htm).

Highland Park Deerfield-Shields High School served the community and surrounding area for several decades. The population increase became so great that a new high school was started north of Highland Park. The high school was to serve the town of Deerfield. The name of Highland Park’s high school, “Deerfield-Shields,” was changed to simply Highland Park High School in 1949.

Highland Park High School continues to serve its community today. The fate of the original school buildings is being sought.

Highland Park Deerfield-Shields High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                                    1887

Year name changed:                         1949

Name change to:                               Highland Park High School

Deerfield-Shields HS team nickname:  unavailable

Deerfield-Shields HS team colors:       unavailable

School Fight Song:                            unavailable


The Deerfield-Shields boys competed in many different sports as they competed in two different conferences, the North Shore League from 1903-14 and the Suburban League from 1913-39…although that affiliation may have lasted longer.  They also managed several top-ten finishes in State-wide competition, even two STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS in golf. In fact, golf was the DSHS boys’ greatest success in IHSA competition.  Basketball, swimming, football, and track are also covered on the IHSA website (www.ihsa.org), while the school also offered cross-country, baseball, and tennis. Many team records and coach’s names are currently not available.


TWO STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS, FOUR SECOND Place finishes, and ONE THIRD Place finish made Deerfield-Shields the team to beat in the late 1930’s and the entire decade of the 1940’s. In addition FIVE Individual Championships were won by the HPDSHS linksters, plus they won eight conference titles and shared a ninth thru 1939!  Coach Harry Bolle led the linksters to their incredible status.

1920-21   Individual Medalist @ State Finals

                  Harold Martin        2ND Place

1921-22   Suburban League Champions

                Individual Medalists @ State Finals 

                  Harold Martin        STATE CHAMPION!

                  Fred Glader            2ND Place

1922-23   Suburban League Champions

                Individual Medalist @State Finals

                  Robert Stupple       3RD Place

1923-24   Suburban League Champions
Individual Medalists @ State Finals

                  Richard Martin       CO-STATE CHAMPION!!

                  Robert Stupple       CO-STATE CHAMPION!!
1924-25   Individual Medalists @ State Finals

                  Richard Martin       STATE CHAMPION!!

                  ?? Conrad              14TH Place

1925-26   Individual Medalist @ State Finals

                  Alex Stupple          10TH Place

1928-29  Suburban League Champions

               Individual Medalists @ State Finals

                  William Chambers 2ND Place

                  Turido Saielli         6TH Place

1929-30   Suburban League Champions

                Individual Medalist @ State Finals

                  Robert Saielli         2ND Place

1930-31   Suburban League Champions

                Individual Medalist @ State Finals

                  Warren Geary        3RD Place
Oswaldo Saielli      4TH Place

1931-32   Suburban League Champions

1932-33   Co-Suburban League Champions

1934-35   Suburban League Champions

                Individual Medalist @ State Finals

                 William Saielli        4TH Place

1938-39   Team Finished SECOND in State Match Play!!   Coach Harry Bolle

               District Champions

               Individual Medalist

                Manuel de la Torre  2ND Place

                Final Team Standings

1)  LaGrange (Lyons)                               10 pts. (699)

2)  Highland Park Deerfield-Shields      10 pts. (708)

1939-40   IHSA STATE CHAMPIONS!!                            Coach Harry Bolle

               District Champions

               Individual Medalist

                Manuel de la Torre  STATE CHAMPION!!

Final Team Standings

 1)  Highland Park Deerfield-Shields    19 pts.     (652)

               2)  Galesburg (H.S.)                                8 pts.      (674)

1940-41   Team Finished SECOND in State Match Play!!   Coach Harry Bolle

               District Champions

Individual Medalist

                Herbert Chambers    2ND Place

               Final Team Standings

               1)  Rockford (West)                               16 pts. (648)

2)  Highland Park Deerfield-Shields    12 pts. (652)

1941-42   Team Finished SECOND in State Finals!!   Coach Harry Bolle

District Champions

Individual Medalist

                Herbert Chambers    3RD Place

               Final Team Standings

               1)  Rockford (East)                                       672

2)  Highland Park Deerfield-Shields           679

1946-47   Team Finished SECOND in State Finals!!   Coach Harry Bolle

               District Champions

               Individual Medalist

                Dominic Ori              5TH Place

Final Team Standings

1)  Rockford (East)                                     652

               2)  Highland Park Deerfield-Shields         657

1947-48   IHSA STATE CHAMPIONS!!                         Coach Harry Bolle

District Champions

              Individual Medalists

               Dan Coleman            2ND Place

               Dominic Ori               5TH Place                        

               W. Mansfield             11TH Place

              Final Team Standings

              1)  Highland Park Deerfield-Shields                     650

2)  Rockford (East)                                                 654

1948-49   Team Finished THIRD in State Finals!!   Coach Harry Bolle

District Champions

               Individual Medalist

                Dan Coleman           9TH Place          

Final Team Standings

1)  Kewanee (H.S.)                                             648

2)  Pekin                                                            659

3)  Highland Park Deerfield-Shields                 668


One Deerfield-Shields basketball team reached the State Finals round of 16 in the IHSA State Playoffs. The team of 1934-35 accomplished this under Coach Arthur Thurston.

1903-04           North Shore League Champions            coach unknown

1918-19           Suburban League “B” Division Champs coach unknown

1924-25           Suburban League “B” Division Champs coach unknown

1926-27           Suburban League Co-Champions          coach unknown

1928-29                                                                         Coach J.A. Peel

1933-34           Suburban League L’tw’t Co-Champs           coach unknown

1934-35  25–6  IHSA SWEET 16 FINALIST!!                   Coach Arthur Thurston

Suburban League Champions

Sectional Champions

                         Sweet 16 Finalist

Lost to Champaign HS 25-21

1947-49                                                                         Coach Carlson


Incredible track athletes attended Highland Park Deerfield-Shields High School. In addition to winning the Suburban League’s outdoor track title in 1920 as well as the “B” division league title in 1926, the school had a number of placers at the state finals. Check out this Resume’:

50 Individual Event Medal Winners

13 Individual Event State Champions

12 Top-Ten Finishes at the IHSA State Meet

  7 Realy Team Medal Winners

  3 Relay Team Champions

  2 IHSA State Runner-up Finishes

These accomplishments, as listed on the IHSA website, are listed below. 

1908-09   Individual Medalist

               ?? Parratt    50 Yard Dash     4TH Place

               A. Walker    220 Yard Dash   4TH Place

1909-10   Team Finished EIGHTH at IHSA State Meet!!

               Individual Medalists

A. Walker    220 Yard Dash     STATE CHAMPION!!    

                                  100 Yard Dash      2ND Place

1911-12   Individual Medalist

               C. Noel         880 Yard Run      2ND Place

1912-13   Individual Medalist

               Sam Bingham   1 Mile Run     4TH Place

1918-19   Team Finished FOURTH at IHSA STATE MEET!! 

               Individual Medalists

               Wallace Kimball         120 Yard Hurdles       STATE CHAMPION!!
Javelin                     3RD Place

               Elsworth Sheridan       Javelin                     STATE CHAMPION!!
David Kimball              120 Yard Hurdles      2ND Place
Weyman McIntosh       440 Yard Dash           4TH Place

1919-20   Team Finished SECOND at IHSA STATE MEET!!

               Individual Medalists

               David Kimball             120 Yard Hurdles        STATE CHAMPION!!
220 Yard Hurdles        STATE CHAMPION!!
Relay Team                 880 Yard Relay          STATE CHAMPIONS!!
Wallace McIlwain       120 Yard Hurdles        2ND Place
Shot Put                    3RD Place

               Garfield Proctor           220 Yard Dash           3RD Place
Charles Stewart           220 Yard Hurdles       3RD Place
Emil Lauridsen            Javelin                       4TH Place

1920-21   Team Finished EIGHTH at IHSA STATE MEET!!

Suburban League Outdoor Champs!!!

               Individual Medalists at State

Wallace McIlwain       120 Hurdles               2ND Place

Garfield Proctor          440 Yard Dash           3RD Place

               Barron Rockwell         220 Yard Dash           3RD Place

1921-22   Team Finished SECOND at IHSA STATE MEET!!

               Individual Medalists

               Charles Stewart          120 Yard Hurdles       STATE CHAMPION!
220 Yard Hurdles       STATE CHAMPION!
Relay Teams               880 Yard Relay          2ND Place
Garfield Proctor          440 Yard Dash           3RD Place
Barron Rockwell         220 Yard Dash           3RD Place

1922-23   Team Finished SEVENTH at IHSA STATE MEET!!

               Individual Medalists

               Ed Bolan                     Shot Put                    STATE CHAMPION!!
Byron Harvey              120 Yard Hurdles       3RD Place
Barron Rockwell         100 Yard Dash           3RD Place
220 Yard Dash          3RD Place

1923-24   Team Finished FIFTH at IHSA STATE MEET!!


               Individual Medalists

               Bob Craig                    440 Yard Dash           STATE CHAMPION!

               Barron Rockwell         100 Yard Dash            STATE CHAMPION!
220 Yard Dash            2ND Placed
Dan Rogers                 High Jump                  3RD Place
Relay Teams               880 Yard Relay           4TH Place


1924-25   Individual Medalist

               Harry McClure              Discus                        5TH Place


1925-26   Suburban League “B” Division Champs!!


1927-28   Team Finished TENTH at IHSA STATE MEET!!


               Individual Medalist 

               Dick Hammond            880 Yard Run             STATE CHAMPION!


1930-31    Individual Medalists

                Arthur Fox                  880 Yard Run              2ND Place

                Paul Rubly                 440 Yard Dash             4TH Place


1931-32    Individual Medalist

                George Ray                High Jump                  STATE CHAMPION!


1932-33    Individual Medalist

                Parker Johnson          Discus                         4TH Place


1933-34    Individual Medalist

                Fred Ullman               440y dash                    5TH Place


1937-38    Team Finished NINTH at IHSA STATE MEET!! 


                Individual Medalist

                Norman Durment        200 Yard Hurdles        STATE CHAMPION!
Walter Repholz          880 Yard Run               5TH Place
John Rompel              440 Yard Dash             5TH Place


1938-39    Team Finished TENTH at IHSA STATE MEET!!


                Individual Medalists

                Relay Team                880 Yard Relay           STATE CHAMPIONS!


1939-40    Team Finished EIGHTH at IHSA STATE MEET!!


                Individual Medalists

                Relay Team                880 Yard Relay           STATE CHAMPS!
William Bromstedt      220 Yard Dash            4TH Place

                John Heath                 200 Yard Hurdles        5TH Place


1940-41    Individual Medalist

                Joseph Grinnell         200 Yard Hurdles         2ND Place

1943-44    Individual Medalists

                Relay Team               880 Yard Relay            2ND Place


1944-45    Team Finished FIFTH at IHSA STATE MEET!!

                Individual Medalists

                Leroy Young              100 Yard Dash             3RD Place
Relay Team               880 Yard Relay            3RD Place
Martin Detmer            Shot Put                      4TH Place


1945-46    Individual Medalist

                Martin Detmer            Shot Put                      2ND Place


1948-49    Individual Medalist

                Stephen Behr             200 Yard Hurdles         3RD Place



Three boys swim teams placed in the top-ten at the IHSA State Meet!  In addition NINE individuals earned medals with THREE of the individuals winning State Championships in their events.  The results as found on the IHSA website are listed below.

1931-32     Team Finished SEVENTH at IHSA STATE MEET!!

                 Individual Medalist

                 William Walker    100 Yard Breast Stroke    STATE CHAMPION!

1939-40      Individual Medalist

                  ?? Lyons             50 Yard Free Style            5TH Place

1944-45     Team Finished SIXTH at IHSA STATE MEET!!

                 Individual Medalists

                 George Hiller       100 Yard Breast Stroke     3RD Place
Relay Team         200 Free Style Relay         5TH Place

1945-46     Team Finished SECOND at IHSA STATE MEET!!

                 Individual Medalist

                 Relay Teams       150 Medley Relay              STATE CHAMPIONS!

                                             200 Free Style Relay          3RD Place

                 George Hiller       100 Yard Breast Stroke      STATE CHAMPION!
Steve Pollak          50 Yard Free Style           2ND Place


1946-47     Individual Medalist

                 ?? Rosenheim      100 Yard Backstroke          4TH Place


Coaches J.L. Rothacker (10 years) and J.A. Peel (6 years) both had nice tenures at Deerfield-Shields High School, while helpng the school’s gridiron program win two Suburban League titles. The better records as listed on the IHSA website are listed below.

1915-18                                                              Coach J.L. Rothacker

1918-19    4-4                                                     Coach J.L. Rothacker

1919-20    5-2                                                     Coach J.L. Rothacker

1920-21    6-3                                                     Coach J.L. Rothacker

1921-22    6-2  Suburban League Champs!!       Coach J.L. Rothacker

1922-23    8-1                                                     Coach J.L. Rothacker

1923-24    6-3                                                     Coach J.L. Rothacker

1924-25    6-3                                                     Coach J.L. Rothacker

1925-26    4-4  Suburban League “B” Div. Champs!!  Coach J.A. Peel

1926-27    5-3                                                    Coach J.A. Peel

1927-28    5-2-1                                                 Coach J.A. Peel

1928-29    6-3                                                    Coach J.A. Peel

1929-30                                                            Coach J.A. Peel

1930-31    4-2-1                                                 Coach J.A. Peel

1948-49    3-2-1                                                 Coach Dave Floyd


Deerfield-Shields also hosted the American Pasttime in its athletic department during the spring. The school won the 1925 championship in the Suburban League according to research done by our good friend Robert Pruter, but there is no other evidence of school records, coaches’ names, and names of notable players.


The school was a busy place to be to watching sporting events in the spring of 1920. With the golf & track teams in action at that time year along with possibly baseball, the netters made their school proud by winning the doubles title in the Suburban League that year. This is the only item we have been able to find on the sport. If anyone has more about the tennis program at Deerfield-Shields, we invite them to contact us at the addresses listed below.


In the fall of 1933, Deerfield-Shields set a team to run over hill and dale with other schools in the Suburban League. The result was successful as the D-S harriers were conference champions. We are in need of more information about the sport while it was offered at the school.

If You Have Any Further Information

If you have any further information regarding the history of Highland Park Deerfield-Shields High School, please write to us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net. You can also write to us via real mail at:

Illinoiis HS Glory Days

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