Hartsburg High School “Stags”

Hartsburg High School
A brick building with a flag in front of it

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Photo by Jon Wheat
Hartsburg High School Insciption
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The History of Hartsburg High School

Hartsburg (population 358) is located in south-central Illinois in the northwestern portion of Logan County.  Illinois Route 121 runs through the center of Hartsburg and connects it with Lincoln, its neighbor about 7 miles to the southeast.  The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad also angles through Hartsburg.  The town was platted in 1871 by its founder, David Harts.

The history of the early educational system in Hartsburg is in need of research.  It is thought that Hartsburg residents began schooling for their children in the late 1800s.  A high school was established in town in the late 1800s / early 1900s.  The high school functioned effectively in Hartsburg for about five decades.  In the mid-1940s the towns of Hartsburg and Emden began talks of consolidating their high schools.  In 1947 the talks were put into action with the development of the Hartsburg – Emden School District.

The high school for the new district was (and still is) located in Hartsburg.  The photo above is of the original Hartsburg High which now serves as a part of Hartsburg-Emden HS. A new addition for H-EHS is shown below.

Photos taken are courtesy of Jon Wheat!!

Hartsburg High School Quick Facts

Year opened:               late 1800s

Year closed:                1947

School building:           now Hartsburg-Emden High School

School nickname:        the “Stags”

School colors:             Orange & Black

School Fight Song:      unavailable

Hartsburg HS Baskeball Team of 1934-35
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Hartsburg High School definately offered boys basketball.  An excellent season by season record of this is kept on the IHSA web site www.ihsa.org. We believe Hartsburg offered baseball and track as well.  If you have any further information on the Hartsburg athletic program please drop us an e-mail.  School nickname, colors, fight song, and conference affiliation are also being sought.

Boys Basketball

The Hartsburg High School boys basketball team had some incredibly successful seasons during the school’s short existence.  The team’s exploits from the 1921-22 season through the 1946-47 season are covered on the IHSA web site including overall record and coach’s names.  During this time the Hartsburg boys won four District titles.  No less than 21 of the 26 seasons listed ended with the HHS boys having a winning record!!  The best of the Hartsburg High School basketball successes are listed below.

1923-24    12 – 8                                                  Coach Maxwell Suggs

1924-25    12 – 5                                                  Coach Maxwell Suggs

1928-29    15 – 3                                                  Coach Roy Oliver

1929-30    19 – 5                                                  Coach C.E. Hull

1930-31    16 – 8                                                  Coach Harold Bower

1932-33    22 – 1     Undefeated Regualr Season!    Coach Harold Bower

1933-34    16 – 13                                                 Coach Harold Bower

1934-35    18 – 6                                                   Coach Harold Bower

1935-36    17 – 11                                                 Coach Harold Bower

1936-37    19 – 13    District Champions                Coach Harold Bower

1937-38    25 – 4      District Champions                Coach Harold Bower

1938-39    20 – 4      District Champions                Coach Bill Meyer

1939-40    14 – 10                                                  Coach Bill Meyer

1940-41    17 – 9      District Champions                Coach Bill Meyer

1941-42    25 – 1      District Champions                Coach Bill Meyer

                              Undefeated Regualr Season!

1942-43    18 – 5                                                    Coach Weldon Ryan

1943-44    21 – 5                                                    Coach Weldon Ryan

1944-45    18 – 6                                                    Coach Weldon Ryan

1945-46    19 – 7                                                    Coach Weldon Ryan

1946-47    13 – 11     Last Season                           Coach Weldon Ryan

School overall record was 397 – 200 in this 26 year period!!  Nice job Hartsburg High!!

Great Coaches

*Coach Harold Bower  –  1930-31 through 1937-38 – Basketball

8 seasons – all with winning records

2 District Titles

2 seasons of 20 plus wins

1 undefeated regular season

144 – 66 overall   .686 winning %

*Coach Bill Meyers        1938-39 through 1941-42 – Basketball

4 seasons – all with winning records

3 District Titles

2 seasons of 20 plus wins

1 undefeated regular season

76 – 24 overall   .760 winning %

*Coach Weldon Ryan –   1942-43 through 1946-47  –  Basketball

5 seasons – all with winning records

2 seasons of 20 plus wins

89 – 34 overall    .724 winning %

Led initial Hartsburg-Emden team to Regional Championship and 22 – 4


Special Thank You

The photos on this page are courtesy of a “road trip” taken by the Wheat boys, Jon, Jim, and Dan.  Great job fellas!! 

Seeking Further Information

If you have ANY further information regarding Hartsburg High School and its many accomplishments, please share them with us.  We are especially interested in a photo of the original High School building.  Items can be e-mailed to us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net.  You can also write to us at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago, Il.   60631

Hartsburg-Emden High School
A picture containing building, grass, outdoor, window

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Addition to Original Hartsburg Building

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