Rock River Military Academy – Dixon

Rock River Military Academy Building – Dixon, Il.
A brick building with trees in front of it

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The History of the Rock River Military Academy 

Rock River Military Academy Building
A large house with trees around it

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Dixon, Illinois (population 16,000) is located along the Rock River in Lee County in Northwestern Illinois. Illinois Routes 2, 38, 26 as well as U.S. Route 52 and Interstate 88 all lead you to the “Petunia Capital of the World”. The “Overland Route” of the Union Pacific railroad runs through the south part of town, and the Illinois Central once did. The city is located on both sides of the Rock River, settled on the North side and the South side.

Rock River Military Academy was organized in 1875 as Rock River University on the north end of the River. By 1881, the school “settled down to a prepatory and military academy,” as told in the 1881 history of Lee County. It continued to serve in that capacity until 1922 when the academy shut down for good. More information is needed on the history of Rock River Military Academy.

It is believed that Institute Boulevard, Academy Street and Assembly Place bounded the Academy.

Rock River Military Academy “Quick Facts”:

Year opened:                   1875 (as a University)

“Settled” to prepatory:     1881

Year closed:                     1922

School Mascot:                Unknown if existant

School Song:                   Unknown if existant

School Colors:                 Unknown if existant

Dixon Rock River Military Academy Hat Shield
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*From Val Cassenti:

“My great-uncle, Edwin Bruce Floyd, was commandant of the Rock River Military Academy around 1910.  I have a 1911-1912 booklet and some photographs, mostly of the summer military encampment and military drills.”

Rock River Military Academy Yearbook
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Seeking More Information

As you can see, we are in need of a lot of information about the Rock River Military Academy in Dixon. If you have ANY information about anything related to the school, including a picture and our unknown “Quick Facts” information, please drop us an E-mail at – or – you can write to us at:

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