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“Early days in Greenbush” By William L. Snapp (Submitted by Dave Sanders)

The History of Greenbush Academy

Greenbush (population approximately 150) is a town and township located in the upper-western portion of Illinois.  Greenbush Township is located in the far southeastern portion of Warren County.  The township is boundried by Illinois Route 116 to the north, and U.S. Route 67 to the west. The web address of shows the town of Greenbush located on County Road 130th Street about one mile south of Illinois Route 116.  County Roads 54th Avenue, 55th Avenue, and Wolf Road also lead you to Greenbush.

An excellent history of Greenbush Township can be read at the web address of . In quick summary the township’s first settler arrived in 1830.  There were several problems with “Indians” in the early days.

The early settlers of Greenbush Township saw the need for education for their children.  In 1840, a scant four years after the first settler arrived, the first school was organized.  By 1848 there were five separate school districts in the township.

The web address of tells us that by 1851 the residents of the Greenbush area were looking to further the eduational opportunities for their children.  Residents of the area met several times over the next two years to discuss plans for the academy.  In 1853 construction was underway for the newly planned Greenbush Academy. The school was granted a charter in 1853 and opened that year or in early 1854.

The Greenbush Academy began slowly, having an enrollment of 24 students its first year.  Word spread quickly however and the population of the area grew.  Within a few short years the attendance at the Academy reached a daily count of approximately 100 students.

The article does not say when or why, however the Academy closed after several successful years.  It would be our belief that this occured in the late 1800s, possibly in the 1880s.

Greenbush Academy Quick Facts

Year opened:       1853

Year closed:        1880s(?)

Extra-Curricular Activities

High school sports were not offered in the days when Green Bush Academy was open.  It is likely that other forms of training or teaching such as speech, band, and student government may have been offered. This has not been verified however.

Special Gratitude

Thank you to Roberta Van Briesen for her diligent research which led to the discovery of the Greenbush Academy information for this page.


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