Green Valley High School “Hornets”

Green Valley School
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Green Valley, Illinois
Green Valley’s First School Building
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Photo Courtesy of Clark Oltman

The History of Green Valley High School

Green Valley (population 728) is located in southern portion of Tazwell County approximately 10 miles south of Pekin.  The main roadway leading to and through Green Valley is Illinois Route 29. The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad curves its way through the town.  The Chicago & Northwestern Railroad also passes by the western edge of town and a branch of the G. M. & O. Railroad runs by the eastern side of town.

Green Valley has a long and storied history of providing education for its children.  The school system was probably started in the late 1800s.  It continued for nearly 100 years until the late 1980s when consolidation talks with nearby Manito Forman High School took place. This consolidation took place in 1991 with the creation of the Midwest Central School District.  Midwest Central High School was located in Manito.  Green Valley has remained the home for the Midwest Central Elementary School for grades 6 – 8.

The building used now for the elementary school in Green Valley was an addition built in 1960 for the grade school, but it was connected to the high school gymnasium by a breezeway.  The gymnasium is the only building still standing which was used for the High School, and it has since been completely renovated.

The official nickname of the high school was the “hornets” but the students often referred to themselves as the “green hornets.”  Also, the colors were historically green and white, but gold was added to the green & white in 1976.

We are hopeful for some more help from our fans regarding Green Valley High School.

Green Valley High School Quick Facts

Year opened:             late 1800s

Year closed:              1991

School nickname:      the “Hornets” or “Green Hornets”

School colors:           Green, Gold,  & White

School Fight Song:    Fight Them Green Valley

Sung to the tune of “Anchor’s Aweigh.”

                                           Click Play button below left and sing along.

Fight them Green Valley,

                                 Fight them GV!

                                 We know that you can win

                                 A vic-to-ry for Green Val-ley!

                                 So, roll up that score you boys,

                                 Roll up that score!

                                 Take them right down the floor and

                                 Beat ’em boys! Beat ’em boys!


                                 Ra, Ra, Ra!

Chanted after the song:

G,G, Gre, e,e, een

                                 V,V, VAl, l,l,ley!

                                 Oooooh Boy!,  Oooooh Joy!

                                 Green Valley, Illinois

GVHS Circa-1929
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Green Valley Gymnasium Entrance
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IHSA hardware was won in boys basketball, boys baseball, and girls softball (  It is thought that GVHS also offered track for the boys as well as basketball and track for the girls.  Very limited information is available regarding the many great accomplishments of Green Valley High.  The ones we are able to research are listed below.

Boys Basketball

The Green Valley High School Hornets won a total of five District titles. The first title came in 1938 and the last in 1968.  We are sure Green Valley had many other great seasons on the hardwood court.  The years of the District titles are listed below. Unfortunately the records are not yet available.

1914-15      Undefeated Season!   14-0

1937-38      District Champions                  Coach  J.A. Jones

1948-49      District Champions                  Coach Harry Koch

1959-60      District Champions                  Coach Myers

1962-63      District Champions                  Coach Don Lowe

1967-68      District Champions                  Coach Richard Streitberger

One of the best players to grace the hardwood of Green Valley High School was

Brice “Skipp” Reining. In a December 7, 1979 game against Greenview, he scored an incredible 59 points in the game. He went 23-for-46 from the field.

Boys Baseball

The diamond men of Green Valley High School also won a District title. It was during the 1940-41 season when the Hornets were the best of the little schools in their area.  Again, the coach’s name and team record is not available.

1936-37   Tazewell County Champions                     Coach Harry Mount
1940-41   District Champions

1944-45   Corn Belt Conference Champions              Coach Ewell Lindsey
1970-71   Mackinaw Valley Conference Champions  Coach Norm English
1976-77   Tomahawk &

               Lincolnland Conference Champions          Coach Don Harris
1981-82   Lincolnland Conference Champions           Coach Steve McAdams
1983-84   Lincolnland Conference Champions           Coach Steve McAdams

Girls Softball

The Green Valley Lady Hornets softball team won the school’s last IHSA title during the 1988-89 school year.  The girls won the Regional title just two years before the school closed.  The year is available but the team’s record is not.

1988-89     Regional Champions        Coach Jack Olson

As of 2005 Jack Olson still coaches Midwest Central Girls Softball

Girls Track

1985-86 Lincolnland Conference Champions  Coach unknown

Extra-Curricular Activities

Below are photos of the “Women’s Club” taken in 1915 and the Junior/Senior Banquet taken in 1950.  “Left click” on the photos to view an enlarged version.

GVHS Jr.-Sr. Banquet – 1950
A group of people posing for a photo

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GVHS Women’s Club – 1915
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Looking for More Information…

…regarding the many successes and accomplishments of Green Valley High School.  There were many other great seasons in GVHS history besides those listed on the IHSA web site.

Thanks to Clark Oltman, a 1977 Green Valley graduate, for having supplied much of the information included and some of the photos.  Clark’s father was a school administrator for many years in Green Valley.  Their family attends Princeville Public Schools and St. Mary of the Woods Church.

Thanks also to Jon Wheat for providing the photos on this page.

We are always looking for more information on the athletic and other  accomplishments  as well as a photo of the old school building. You can e-mail information to us at or write to us at:

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6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago, Il.   60631

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