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The History of Grandview High School

Grandview (population 75?) is an unicorporated village situated in far east-central Illinois in the southwest portion of Edgar County. Grandview is located on County Highway 20 about 1 mile south of Illinois Route 16. According to MapQuest ( Grandview is about 4 blocks from east to west and 3 blocks from north to south.

A nice history regarding the early development of the village of Grand View is found in a book titled “The History of Edgar County” written by William Henry. The book can be viewed at the web address of . Page 364 provides the following information about Grandview:

Grandview (spelled “Grand View” in those days) was platted in 1831 due to a large number of settlers moving to the area to be near the Big Creek. The town enjoyed immediate, steady growth and soon was thought to have a great future. A hotel and, at one time, six general stores, allowed for plenty of shopping to be done in Grandview. In 1853, however, the Indianapolis & St. Louis Railroad laid tracks a few miles from town, thus taking away a major source of transportation and potential commerce from Grandview.

A book titled “The History of Schools in Edgar County” was written in 1968 by Charles Humphrey can be viewed at the web address of .  A summary of the history of Grandview schools is as follows.

The first school was started in Grandview in 1837. In 1906 a new school building was erected. The building supported a grade school from 1906 – 1924.  In that year an addition was made to the building and a 2-year high school was begun.  The high school existed from 1924 through the end of the 1932-33 school year when it was closed.  The grade school remained open until it was closed in the spring of 1948.

The school building continued to serve the town as a community center, at least through 1968. The children of Grandview now attend all grades of school in nearby Kansas. A photo and the fate of the Grandview school building is being sought.

Grandview High School Quick Facts

Year opened:          1924

Year closed:           1933

Consolidated to:      Kansas High School

Unkown if athletics were offered

Athletics & Extra-Curricular Activities

It is not known at this time if athletics were offered at Grandview High School.  It is possible that activities, including athletics, such as band, chorus, plays, and graduations were held at the school.

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