Grafton High School “Dynamiters”

Grafton High School
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Grafton, Illinois

The History of Grafton High School

Grafton (population 609) is located in far southwestern Illinois about 20 miles northwest of St. Louis, Missouri.  Grafton sits on the banks of the Mississippi River where the Mississippi River and Illinois River meet.  The southern Jersey County town is intersected by the Illinois Routes 100 and Route 3.  Grafton was founded in 1832 by James Mason.  It reached an estimated population of 10,000 in 1850 (probably due to its convenient waterway location) before slowly decreasing to the steady 600+ population it enjoys today.  For a great historic view of Grafton check out .

The school history of Grafton High School was difficult to research.  A photo of the high school building was found on .

A history of the Grafton school system is provided below:

Grafton High School
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                                                        History Of Grafton Schools

A log cabin was Grafton’s first school. Mr. Brock was the teacher and he taught all grades in the one room school.

Following this was the 24 ft. square dwelling of the Lewis Johnson family, located in the grove. Again all grades and ages were taught. In 1838 a frame school building was erected. Still all students shared this building. This building was 18 x 24.

In 1858, a stone building, costing $4,500 was erected. One night in 1870, this school was destroyed by fire. All library and school books were destroyed. In 1874 contractor M. J. Smith was given a contract to build a new school. It was to be made of native stone, costing $15,000. It consisted of a large basement room for children to play in on rainy days with restrooms. The first floor consisted of two rooms and the principal’s office. The second floor had two classrooms. The principal at this time was Mr. John W. C. Jones, and four teachers were employed. There were 225 scholars enrolled and the yearly maintenance cost was $2,000 a year. An 800 pound brass bell stood in the bell tower of this grand old rock building. The inscription was “Buckeye Bell Foundry, Cincinnati 1851”. This bell is now (1980s) located in front of the present school. A rope hung from the tower to the basement and many children ran to ring the bell each time to start school. When the bell rang recess was over. In 1925 a brick building was built for the primary grades, and a band room was added. School pictures were taken on the front steps of this building.

Principal Downey
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The gymnasium was also built in 1925. Two classrooms behind the stage served as dressing rooms and later as classrooms. Many plays and graduation have taken place on the stage. One well remembered play was “The Womenless Wedding”. The men in town dressed as women, Mrs. Margaret Keller helped put this play on and many of us will never forget how Mrs. Keller sang her song “The Cutest Little Dingey In The Navy.” At this time the children graduated from the 8th grade and again from the third year of high school. We had to go to .Jerseyville for our fourth year and we had to get our own transportation. Mr. P.P. Downey was our principal, one of the best. From the top floor of the old school was a metal round tube fire escape. The children loved to climb up and slide down. When you got sent to Mr. Downey’s office you got a good talking to and a piece of candy.

Mr. “Duke” Erwin
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Mr. Duke Erwin was our janitor and maintenance man. Behind the old school building was the furnace room. Mr. Erwin kept the old furnace going and all the teachers visited him and had their smoke during recess and at noon. There was no dismissal of school because of snow. The country boys rode their horses in and tied them out above the gym.

Reading, writing, and arithmetic were our main courses; history and sports were extra.

The big rock school was torn down in 1967 and everyone hated to see it go. The new school was built in 1969 at present location. We now have a new primary building, the main building was constructed in 1956, with eight classrooms and office. The cafeteria and kitchen are located in the basement. At the present time (1980s), Mr. Paul Van Brown is the principal. Mr. Brown is a local boy who attended school and is a native of Grafton.

In 1952 the high school was moved to Jerseyville. In 1971 the 7th and 8th grades were taken to Jerseyville.

Our students board a school bus and ride the 18 miles each way to Jerseyville. The good old days of high school in Grafton are no more. “Education is priceless, you get out what you put into it.

                                                       Written by Luella Sutton”

The town of Grafton still hosts a grade school in town as part of the Jerseyville School District, though it has been moved to Grafton Hills.

Grafton High School Quick Facts

Year HS classes opened:         1898

Year closed:                            1953

Consolidated to:                      Jerseyville School District

School nickname:                    “Dynamiters”

School colors:                         Black & White

School Fight Song:                 “We’re Loyal to You Grafton High”

We’re loyal to you – Grafton High

To the Black and the White – Grafton High

We’ll back you to stand ‘gainst the best in the land

For we know you have sand – Grafton High – RAH! RAH!

So crack out the ball – Grafton High

We’re backing you all – Grafton High

Our team is our fame protector

On boys – for we expect victory from you – Grafton High

Che-he! Che-ha! Che-ha-ha-ha!

Che-he! Che-ha! Che-ha-ha-ha!


Grafton High School offered boys basketball for sure.  Baseball and track & field may have also been offered by the school.  We are searching for the school nickname, colors, fight song, coach’s names, and team records of the many great teams that walked the halls of GHS.  If you have this information please send it along so we may share it with others.

1935-36        District Champions

1947-48        District Champions

1951-52        District Champions

1952-53        District Champions

Grafton Class of 1913
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Grafton Baseball Team of 1909
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The following information was provided by former resident and grade school student Greg Watson:

“My Dad was a graduate of Grafton High School in 1946.  Grafton was 3-year high school. The few kids who wanted a 4-year diploma finished their education at either Jerseyville or Alton.  The rock building pictured (as I recall) was built in 1874 from stone quarried locally.  When my Dad was in school (1935-1946) the rock building was 4th-8th grade.  High school was in the basement of the gym building (built in 1926).  Grades 1-3 were in the one story building to the right of the rock building.

I attended school at Grafton 1968-1975.  The building set was different. The gym was still there (it just burned last fall). The rock building and small building had been demolished in 1968 to make way for a modern 5 classroom building with a library. There had been another building built in 1956 that housed K-6.  This entire campus has now been demolished and the school (K-5) moved out of Grafton (where it was landlocked during flooding on the Mississippi River) and on to higher ground.  Condominiums are being built in its place.  All that survives of the old school is the big brass bell that is waiting to be dedicated in front of the new school at Grafton Hills.

“Prof” Downey was the Principal in the 1930s and 1940s. An avid basketball coach and history teacher, he was originally from Arkansas.  He had seen a boy killed playing football growing up, so he would not permit it at Grafton.  The primary sport at Grafton was basketball.  The movie “Hoosiers” reminds me of how it used to be.  Life would shut down on Friday night when those boys would play basketball.  The championship team (I believe they won District that year) in 1945 dispersed to Alton and Jerseyville in 1946 and, I believe, made them very competitive as well.  My Dad, Clark Watson, was the salutatorian out of 8th grade (1943) and the valedictorian of his High School in 1946.  He recalls listening to the President address Congress over the intercom on Monday Dec. 8, 1941.  He talks about the mountain of scrap metal they gathered that filled the playground for the war.  He tells of going to school in bib overalls, just like all the other kids in the depression, with “patches on patches”, but pointing out “they were clean”.  They had stationary iron and wood desks with ink wells and they prayed and said the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of the day and no one thought twice about it.  Before they moved to town he spent first grade walking five miles to school down a hill, through a valley in the creek bed across the flat rocks and in the snow of winter (but it was only uphill one way – home). 

As far as the mention of haunted Grafton.  I grew up there (leaving in 1985 for the Air Force). I spent a lot of time studying the history, and all those stories are news to me. There was a lot of violence in town around the time of the Civil War and just after.  Bandits from Missouri would frequent the River House, a notorious saloon at the west end of town. Horse thieves were hung or shot in the hills surrounding town.  Saturday night brawls in the downtown (which once sported 26 saloons) among Irish quarrymen sometimes turned deadly.”

From Carol “Main” Walsh:

“I attended Grafton School in the 40’s,I don’t recall ever having any snow days or even High water days off from school.I can remember a terrible ice storm when a lot of us from the west end of town ice skated to school with ours shoes in our pockets.When the water crossed the road and side walks my Dad Hine Carey and Frank Watson took turns taking us to school in a boat from our end of town.Our lunch room was the biology class room and we ate our sack lunches in the room with all sorts of pickled frogs and bugs,it didn’t bother us a bit.Ross DeSherlia brought a juke box to school and put in in the gym.The jitterbug was the thing then and we sure loved our lunch time dancing in the gym.I think every one of us loved Duke the janitor and bus driver.He was so very special.I’m 72 now and still remember every one of my teachers.I can attribute many things that I love and learned to do well to each and everyone of them.I was so sorry to see the old school go.I felt it could have had a elevator put in and have been converted to a Grafton Historical Society.”


This old, historic town once had a total of 26 saloons!  It was a hardy place for the men who worked the nearby rock quarries to come and loosen up after a hard week’s work.  It is also said to have been visited by the Jesse James gang a time or two.

Rumors persist also that Grafton has several areas of supernatural happenings.  The newly refurbished Reubel Hotel has a little girl named Abigail whom many visitors have sighted and even spoken with.  A wooded area on the outskirts of town is said to be filled with occassional screams of agony due to ghastly deeds of the past.

Read more of Grafton’s ghostly history on the web site .  Say hi to Abigail for us if you are ever in town!

Need Your Assistance

If you have any more information you can share regarding Grafton High School please write and share it with us.  Our e-mail address is  You can also write to us via real mail at:

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6439 N. Neva St.

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Listing Of All Graduates Of Grafton High School 1898-1952

Class of 1898

1. Myrtle (Slaten) Bray

2. Agnes O’Keefe

3. Agnes (Steimann) Patterson

4. Pearl (Booker) Larbey

5. Stella (Amburg) Slaten

6. Clara (Calloway) Stamper

Class of 1907

1. Alma (Nugent) Wedding

2. Mary (Simpson) Corey

3. Grace (Jordan) Brown

4. Jack Howe

5. Curtis Crane

6. Wm. Miller

Class of 1908

1. Ethel (Park) Atkinson

2. Anna (Sauvage) Amburg

3. Mattie Bell

4. Earl Bradfisch

Class of 1911

1. Elfleda Foster

2. Mable (Seik) Baxter

3. Hudson LeFaivre

4. Roscoe Baxter

5. Paul Aulabaugh

Class of 1912

1. Jewel (Landon) Seigel

2. Clinton Cope

3. George Rippley

4. Ashley Marshall

5. Leo Dempsey

6. Lita (Ruebel) Vance

7. Robert Marshall

8. Clarence Lewis

Class 1913

1. Marguerite (Ruebel) Wadlow

2. Edith (Cope) White

3. Alberta (Slaten) Mareing

4. Bernice Rippley

5. Harry Bray

6. Ethel (Cope) Fuller

7. Freida Freeman

8. Agnes (Freiman) Kreppel

9. Daisy Dowdall

10. John Dowdall

Class of 1914

1. Blanche (Bray) Reining

2. Kathleen (Freeman) Lewis

3. Elizabeth Stahl

4. Theodore Tonkinson

5. Isabel (O’Donnell) Leady

Class of 1915

1. Margaret (Ruebel) Hartford

2. Charles Freiman

3. Margaret O’Donnell

4. Lola (Wilson) Tonkinson

5. Viola (Cope) Patton

6. Hazel (Daubman) Freeman

7. Margaret (Rippley) Seik

8. Robert Warner (Doctor)

9. Julius LeFaivre

10. Edwin Warner

11. Wesley Legate

12. Earl Legate

Class of 1916

1. Maurine (Ruebel) Marshall

2. Neva (Amburg) Pike

3. Clementine Rippley

4. Zita (Freeman) Zipprick

5. Mason Legate

Class of 1917

1. Leonard Brower

2. Ethel (Tucker) Corey

3. Marie (Worthey) Wilken

4. Bernice (Slaten) Morgan

5. Fern (Daubman) Hansel

6. Ruby (Nairn) Maynard

7. Bernadette (O’Donnell)- Bergman

8. Thelma (Waggoner) Locke

9. Maybell (Pivoda) Williams (Doctor)

10. Mary Whalen

11. Lora (Larbey) Pickett

12. Leila (Larbey) Legate

13. Carlyle Rippley

Class of 1918

1. Ethal (Simpson) Bradfisch

2. Ida (Pivoda) Betoll

3. Camille (Rippley) Mary

4. Esther (Crull) Stanley

5. Lora (Freiman) Bradshaw

6. Clara (Meier) Matthew

7. Florence (Dowdall) Heck

8. Gladys (Wadlow) Sandusky

9. Willie Daubman

10. Willard Brower

11. Robert Rippley

Class of 1919

1. Marie Cope

2. Verna (Simpson) Rybolt

3. Lucille (Goodrich) Brandenberg

4. Carrie (LaMarsh) Mecurio

5. Lee Warner

6. Harold Seik

7. Wm. Redd

Class of 1920

1. Nina (Crull) Daubman

2. Mary (Kirk) Rogers

3. Marie (Crull) Spatz

4. Agnes O’Neil

5. Lillian Shade

6. Mildred Olin

7. Leo Pohlman

8. Monica O’Donnell

9. Raymond Pohlman

10. Leola (Doughtery) Cantrell

11. Robert Miller

12. Enid (Robinson) Johnson

13. Edith (Purdy) Redd

14. Altha (Gearing) Rothweiler

Class of 1921

1. Letitia (Freiman) Powers

2. Irene (Foval) Cope

3. Clara (Larbey) Watson

4. Velma (McAdams) Sconce

5. Ailsa Purdy

6. Vernis McCoy

7, Paul Miller

8. Opal (Mauk) Stephenson

Class of 1922

1. Bernice (O’Neil) Dunsing

2. Marguerite Gearing

3. Carrie (Jones) Sherman

4. Clifford Wheeler

Class of 1923

1. Verna (Highfill) Noble

2. Corinne (Wilson) Forbes

3. Bessie (Plummer) Besaw

4. Russell Foval

5. Fred Forbes, Jr.

6. Louis Bartels

Class of 1924

1. Harry Patton

2. Brainerd Rippley

3. Mary (Williamsmeyers) Baecht

4. Margaret (Gavin) Erdelien

1925 Had No Class

Class of 1926

1. Billy Pierce

2. Alma (Simpson)

3. Helen (Worthey) Dabbs

4. Levering Smith

Class of 1927

1. John O’Donnell

2. Lambert Redd

3. Lynn Schlansker

4. Chas. Crull

5. Ray Highfill

6. Forrest Duncan

7. Fern Duncan

8. Alice (Redd) Barone

9. Helen (Grubb) Halgerson

10. Helen (Elder) Watson

11. Eloise (Patton) Daniels

12. Lavena Pierce

13. Violet (LeFaivre) Bilbro

Class of 1928

1. Mary (Brock) Hagen

2. Mildred Dunlope

3. Juanita (Pivoda) Maurice

4. Alice (Forbes) Rayborn

5. Wm. Wallace

Class of 1929

1. Pauline (Crull) Rich

2. Irene (Ketchum) Lucas

3. Sina Worthey

4. Agnes (Banfield) McDaniels

5. Bessie Hildred

6. Nugent Wedding

7. John Hawkins

Class of 1930

1. Ida Plummer

2. Katie (Hayes) Gorman

3. Stewart Freiman

4. Grace M. (Wallace) Kallman

Class of 1931

1. Wilbur Wallace

2. Robert Mossman

3. Robert LaMarsh

4. Steve Sherman

5. Jewel (Groppel) McAdams

6. Elmer Forbes

7. Genevieve (Arnold) Redd

8. Ruth Calhoun (Marshall)

9. Chas. Calhoun

10. Robert Wagner

11. Kermit Keehner

12. Thomas Adney

Class of 1932

1. Robert Redd

2. Helen (Gavin) Phillips

3. James Osborne

4. Agnes (Sheridan) Osborne

5. Lyle Freiman

6. Sybil Freiman

7. Leon Freiman

8. Clara (Wallace) Bailey

Class of 1933

1. Fred Callahan

2. Thomas Womack

3. Hudson LeFaivre

4. Adam DeSherlia

5. Bernadine (Auston) Fosha

6. Doris Bates Littleton

7. Lester Chappee

8. Alma (Forbes) Gammatoni

9. W. W. Gearing, Jr.

10. Joseph Hagen

11. Marlin Irwin

12. Edwin Pittenger

13. Meredith Rhodes

14. Eleanor (Wilson) Zigrang

15. Kenneth Marsh

16. H. W. Giers

17. Alice (Zimmerman) Young

18. Norbert Schleeper

19. Minerva Mclntire

20. Harold Breden

21. Roberta Williams

22. Barnal Cresswell

Class of 1934

1. Mary Virginia (Marshall) Callahan

2. Wilma Heyer

3. Ethal (Plummer) Duncan

4. Dorothy (Wilson) Gisy

5. Roberta Heyer

6. Virginia Belle LeFaivre

7. Wilfred Mossman

8. Reginald Wadlow

9. Robert Wilson

10. Garnet (Bushey) Callahan

11. Geraldine Wallace

12. Jasmine (Meier) Murrell

13. Leo Grubb

14. Rosetta (Hagen) Bryant

15. Jerome Plummer

16. Wilbur Slaten

Class of 1935

1. Floyd Mclntire

2. Thomas O’Donnell

3. Mary E. O’Donnell

4. Mary Highf ill Malloy

5. Thelma Ennis

6. Pauline (Cory) Groppell

7. Evelyn (Clanney) Ennis

8. Edna (Calhoun) Klein

9. Charles Besaw

10. Zada Wilman

11. Dorothy Stewart

12. Della Ruth (Brown) LeFevers

13. Virginia (Rowling) Wilson

14. Valadin (Womack) Mackereth

15. Bernard Pohlman

16. Junior Zimmerman

17. Charles Callahan

18. Ralph Breden

19. Addle (Queen) Calvin

Class of 1936

1. Clarence Auston

2. Esther Ruth (Duncan) Owens

3. Fred Redd

4. Robert Pohlman

5. Harvey Mielke

6. Eldon Miller

7. Carl Pittenger

8. Vera Hayes Flowers

9. Jeanette Klein

10. Velma (Ennis) Smith

Class of 1937

1. William Crane

2. June (Waggoner) Stevens

3. Hubert Bates

4. Cosette Wallace (Seal)

5. Leslie McCann

6. Norman Breden

7. Robert Hamilton

8. Alfred Calvin

9. Bert Britt

10. Leonard Cope

11. Elizabeth Mclntire

12. LaVerne Freeman

13. Edward Ennis

14. Frances Corey

Class of 1938

1. Roscoe Baxter

2. Rosie Baecht

3. Wayne Legate

4. Gordon Wyllie

5. June Auston

6. Clara Kiunk

7. Margie (Elder) Chase

8. Margie Larbey (Crane)

9. Erman Slaten (Stock)

10. Slaten Bray

11. Paul Zimmerman

12. Constance LeFaivre

13. Ruth Ann (Banfield) Presley

14. George Forbes

15. Vincent Compton

16. Claude Cope

17. Hubert Callahan

18. David Willman

Class of 1939

1. Charles Wallace

2. Andrew Richardson

3. Harriet Tonkinson

4. Margie Jean Seik

5. Dorothy Jean (Legate) Richardson

6. Amy (Cargill) Brainerd

7. Margaret Plummer

8. Romie Womack

9. June Patton

10. Charlotte (Wallace) Freeman

11. Kenneth Breden

12. Charles Legate

13. Daniel Zimmerman

14. Virginia (Church) Britt

15. Edward Purdy

16. Eugene Slaten

17. John Redd

18. Warren Allen

19. Wilson Mclntire

20. April Hayes

21. Mitchel Carey

Class of 1940

1. Vincent Carey

2. Billy William Callahan

3. Darward Erwin

4. Helen (Pittenger) Slaten

5. Kathryn (Hedgecoc) Kreuger

6. Mary Richardson

7. James Gorman

8. Eleanor (Forbes) Cherry

9. Charles Clanney

10. Bertha Edwards

11. Shirley (Plummer) Creech

12. Junior Mayhall

Class of 1941

1. Robert Burns

2. Margaret (Wilson) Kinser

3. Lucille Hagen

4. Vernon Slaten

5. George Baxter

6. Orval Legate

7. Charlotte (Neimeyer) Stevens

8. William Purdy

9. William Surgeon

10. Charles Mclntire

11. Otis Whitten

12. William Toberman

13. Frank Plummer

14. Jack Toal

Class of 1942

1. Laverne Breden

2. William Corey

3. William DeSherlia

4. Jerome Foval

5. Robert Freeman

6. Leonard Ferguson

7. Dan Malone

8. Eugene Neimeyer

9. George Sancamper

10. Donald Wallace

11. Robert Watson

12. Elston Williams

13. Evelyn Arnold

14. Sandra Downey

15. Evelyn (Forbes) Wagner

16. Imogene (Freeman) DeSherlia

17. Myrtle Harmon

18. Dorothy Hooper

19. Marcelline Plummer

20. Francis Robeen

21. Esther Sawyer

22. Mary Zimmerman

Class of 1943

1. Nina Manning

2. Betty Kiehnell

3. Suzanne Edwards

4. Don Purdy

5. Howard House

6. Kenneth Whaley

7. Louis Auston

8. Leroy Cates

9. Daniel Callahan

10. Roland Carey

11. Stanley Plummer

12. Russell Zimmerman

13. Ronald Forbes

Class of 1944

1. Daniel Warren Barry

2. Geraldine (Cates) Duff

3. Doris Chase Grant

4. Paul Cory

5. Frank Eldred

6. William Fenton

7. Louella (Irwin) Sutton

8. Betty (Keller) Goodwin

9. Nat Lane

10. Marjorie Manning

11. Wilma Plummer

12. William Pohiman

Class of 1945

1. Garnet (Bockholdt) Clay

2. Donald Bradfisch

3. Russell Church

4. Ronald Crisswell

5. Jim Depper

6. Doris DeSherlia

7. Bernard Downey

8. Elbert Freeman

9. Margaret (Kelley) Whaley

10. John Mosby

11. Tom Plummer

12. Dorothy Purdy

13. Charles Simpson

14. David Wallace

15. Annabelle (Watson) Davis

Class of 1946

1. Betty June DeSherlia

2. Peggy (DeSherlia) Burns

3. Herbert C. Watson

4. Milton Watson

5. Ruth Plummer Waters

6. Clarence McCuen

7. Victor Miller

8. Lawrence Sconce

9. Don Robeen

10. Jack Bates

11. Harry Mclntire

Class of 1947

1. Charles Cates

2. Beauton (Ready) Seib

3. Virgil Plummer

4. Maxine McCuen

5. Pat Malone

6. Bob Morris

7. Willis Womack

8. Frank Cates

9. Delores Marsh

10. Donald Klunk

11. Roy Alverson

12. Rea (Lane) Owens

13. Mary F. (Miller) Gill

14. Mary B. (Keller) DeSherlia

15. Alvin Montgomery

Class of 1948

1. Leola Andres

2. Robert Manning

3. Kathleen Freiman

4. Curtis Freiman

5. Sue (Auston) Harmon

6. Patsy (Baecht) Watson

7. Gordon Brown

8. Kenneth Franz

9. Nelson Fry

10. Dorothy Groves

11. Harvey Harmon

12. Virginia Purdy

13. Cassie (Vanausdoll) Watson

14. Gene Wallace

15. Charles Watson, Jr.

16. Carol Womack

17. Donald Zimmerman

Class of 1949

1. Maxine Alverson

2. Franklin Armstrong

3. Robert Bates

4. Alice Bradfisch

5. Shirley Ann Dabbs

6. Virginia Dabbs

7. Marian Fluehel

8. George Finch

9. Nora Ann Goodrich

10. Mary Louise Groves

11. Oran Legate

12. Gerald Nairn

13. Russell Patton

14. Paul Sauerwein

15. Lenora Poore

16. Don Schuback

17. MarIo Legate

18. James Dille

Class of 1950

1. Gerald Wallace

2. JoEllen Ready

3. Ira Gene Bushey

4. Carl E. Wallace

5. Donna Plummer

6. Ida Mae Church

7. Lewis H. Roberson

8. Chauncey C. Bogue

9. Glenna Lou Edgington

10. Edward J. Baecht

11. Robert Lee Groves

12. Paul E. Slaten

13. Elzie H. Fry

Class of 1951

1. Betty Lou Alverson

2. Nelda Jean Bates

3. Eula Mae Bushey

4. Paul Arnold

5. Grace DeSherlia

6. Etta Ann Dobson

7. Patrick Keller

8. Richard Pohiman

9. Norma Jean Sauerwejn

10. Patsy Wallace Fleming

11. Thomas Wright

12. Mary Lou (Watson) Kraashar

13. Margie Lee (Watson) Brady

Class of 1952

1. Paul Van Brown

2. Bessie Brown

3. Nellie Bull

4. Leroy Bogue

5. Ellen Callahan

6. Patsy Cory

7. Mary Jane Dillie

8. Delores DeSherlja

9. Kenneth Fry

10. Jane Finch

11. Robert Mosby

12. Melvin Ott

13. Ernestjne Plummer

14. Charlotte Rowling

15. Kenneth Thomas

16. Thomas Womack, Jr.

17. Paul Wallace


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