Frederick High School “Eagles”

Frederick HS Building Viewed in the 1940 Yearbook
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Courtesy of Patrick Kinn
Frederick School Built in 1929
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The History of Frederick High School

Frederick (population approximately ) is located in western Illinois in the southeastern portion of Schuyler County.  Illinois Route 100 is the main roadway to and from Frederick.  Illinois Route 13 intersects with Route 100 at the town of Frederick. The Burlington Northern Railroad runs to the east of town.  The Illinois River flows just to the east of the current hamlet of Frederick.  The river was an important reason for the early development of the town.

The Rootsweb webaddress of gives an excellent account of the early history and establishment of this once promising and bustling town.  A portion of this information is copied below:



“In the early thirty’s (1830s) soon after the first steamboats began to ply the river George Frederick Jonte and Frederick Merchant, two Frenchmen located on section 17, in Frederick Township and decided to found a city that would be the shipping point for all the rich inland country to the north and west.

Allen Persinger was employed to plat the town, which he did May 12 and 13, 1836, and in honor of its founders it was named Fredricksville, and is so recorded on the Court Records but the United States Post Office department in 1892, shortened its name to the name of Frederick.”

The webpage also lists the following history of the school system in Frederick:

“The first school in Frederick was held in a private cabin built by Horatio Benton in 1845. The first school house was built in 1846, a small one-story frame building which was afterwards used as the town hall.

In 1871, a two story brick school building was erected which burned down in 1929. The present school building was built in 1929 and was nearly completed when the old one burned down.”

Further information on the town of Frederick can be viewed at

Frederick residents started a two-year high school for their children in 1927. This school served the town through the mid-1940s.  It is believed by former student George C. Egbert that Frederick High School closed in 1944.  The high school building today is used as a living quarters or private residence.

Frederick High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                            1927

Year closed:                             1944

Consolidated to:                        Rushville High School

School team nickname:              the “Eagles”

School team colors:                   Red & Black (at least through 1933)

Blue & Gold (as stated in 1940 yearbook)

School fight song:                      unavailable

Frederick HS Basketball Team of 1940
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Courtesy of Patrick Kinn & FHS Yearbook of 1940
Cheerleaders Betty Rayborn & Shirley Bellomy
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Courtesy of Patrick Kinn & FHS Yearbook of 1940
Frederick HS Basketball Team of 1941
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Cheerleader & Grade School Team Included


Frederick High School competed in boys basketball.  Track was offered as well. Former FHS student George C. Egbert tells us that in 1933 there were 6 boys on the basketball team.  George goes on to tell us:

“We never had an indoor gym – we played and practiced outside on a clay basketball court. We also had girls basketball team. Mr. Ogilvie was the only teacher for the high school.”

The 1941 yearbook provided to us by Patrick Kinn states the following:

“The Frederick High School Basketball Team had a very successful season.  We entered in the Schuyler County Basketball tournament which was held at Browning, Ill. We received a second place trophy.

The High School girls played several games with the Independents Girl’s team during the season.

The High School Team bought new blue jackets.  The emblem was a spread eagle.”

1940-41    10 – 7  Schuyler County Tournament Runner-up       Coach Malcomson

Other Activities

Frederick High School likely offered other activities as well.  If this is the case, please contact us via the means listed below so we may share this information on this page.

Seeking More Information

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