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Findlay High School Building
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Now Okaw Valley Junior High
Findlay School of 1895
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The History of Findlay High School

Findlay (population 723) is located in lower east-central Illinois in the northeast portion of Shelby County.  Findlay sits on County Highway 19 about three miles east of Illinois Route 128.  Lake Shelbyville sits just two miles to the east.  The Missourri Pacific Railroad travels through the southeast portion of town. Findlay is located about 25 miles southeast of Decatur.

A great history of Findlay along with many interesting articles and photos can be found on the webiste  In summary the area in which Findlay now sits was once called Midfield.  This small town began to rise in 1860 and died shortly after.  The town of Findlay began taking shape in 1883.  This time the town grew quickly with the help of the railroad running through town. Findlay became incorporated in 1892.

The residents of Findlay had a great school system from the beginning of the town’s establishment. A great history of the early school system in place in 1901 can be read at Findlay probably had a high school up and running by the early 1900s.  We know that Findlay High School served the residents of the area for about 100 years.  It was in the late 1990s and early 2000s thast consolidation talks arose between Findlay and its neighbor to the north, Bethany.  This effort became a reality in 2001 with the creation of the Okaw Valley School District.

The Okaw Valley High School is located in Bethany.  Findlay’s former high school building now serves as Okaw Valley’s K – 8 facility.

Findlay High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                                     early 1900s

Year closed:                                      2001

Consolidated to:                                 Okaw Valley School District (Bethany)

Findlay HS team nickname:                the “Falcons”

Findlay HS team colors:                     Royal Blue & White

School Fight Song:                            “Falcon Fight Song”

                                                                            Lyrics and Music Written by Jack Eadie

                                                                            Submitted by Bubba McClain

                                                        Cheer for dear old Findlay High School
Cheer for the blue and white
Win or lose we know that our school does it best to fight

Rah! Rah! Rah!

Findlay Falcons we’re behind you
Just you wait and see
We will prove we’re loyal and cheer you on to a victory!

Blue White, Blue White, Blue White, FIGHT FIGHT HEY!

Cheer for dear old Findlay High School
Cheer for the blue and white
Win or lose we know that our school does it best to fight


                                                        Rah! Rah! Rah!

Findlay Falcons we’re behind you
Just you wait and see
We will prove we’re loyal and cheer you on to a victory!

F-I-N-D-L-A-Y      F-A-L-C-O-N-S

Findlay Falcons are the best YES!!!!

Findlay High School Gym
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The Findlay Falcons boys participated in basketball (and QUITE well, thank you),  baseball, cross country, and track for sure.  This is evidenced by the successes they earned in these respective sports as recorded on the IHSA website We believe the girls competed in cross country, basketball, and track as well as volleyball and possibly softball.  School team colors and fight song, as well as more information on the sports listed, especially in the girls athletic depatrtment, are items we are seeking.

Boys Basketball

Two words describe the Findlay Falcons basketball team of 1991-92 – STATE CHAMPIONS!!  Following consecutive trips to the Sweet 16 round in 1990 and 1991, the Falcons of 1992 became the smallest school since the two-class system began to win the Class A championship. Only 96 students walked the halls of Findlay High that year. Truly a remarkable accomplishment and special group of kids that must have been.

Coach Mike Reynolds
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Photo Provided by Wade Burch

Coach Mike Reynolds led the Falcons from 1981 through the 1992 compiling a record of 234 and 89.  We believe Coach Reynolds returned to the helm in 1996 and led the Falcons to through the school’s final season of 2001.  Coach Reynolds continued to lead the Findlay kids as Coach of Okaw Valley High School through the 2005-06 season. After a few ykears away from coaching we are told by Wade Burch that Coach Reynolds has resumed the helm of the Bethany Okaw Valley High School boys basketball program for the 2009-10 school year!

Highlights of Findlay Falcon basketball program include the following:


Sweet 16 – 1989-90 AND 1990-91

District Titles – 6

Regional Titles – 6

Sectional Titles – 3

Super Sectional Titles – 1

Undefeated Regular Season – 1990-91 (Final record 29 – 1)

1940-41                District Champions
1952-53                District Champions
1963-64                District Champions
1964-65                District Champions
1969-70                District Champions
1970-71                District Champions
1973-74                Regional Champions                        Coach Bill Walters

1979-80                                                                         Coach Bill Walters

1980-81  18 – 10                                                             Coach Mike Reynolds

1981-82  16 – 10                                                             Coach Mike Reynolds

1982-83  16 – 9                                                               Coach Mike Reynolds

1983-84  15 – 8                                                               Coach Mike Reynolds
1984-85  21 – 8      Regional Champions                        Coach Mike Reynolds

1985-86  20 – 6                                                               Coach Mike Reynolds

1986-87  17 – 7                                                               Coach Mike Reynolds

1987-88  11 – 13                                                             Coach Mike Reynolds

1988-89  14 – 11                                                             Coach Mike Reynolds

1989-90  26 – 4      SWEET 16 FINALIST!                        Coach Mike Reynolds

                            Regional Champions

                            Sectional Champions

                            Super Sectional Finalist

                            Lost to Shelbyville 85 – 67

1990-91  29 – 1      SWEET 16 FINALIST!                        Coach Mike Reynolds

                            UNDEFEATED REGULAR SEASON

                            Regional Champions

                            Sectional Champions

                            Super Sectional Finalist

                            Lost to Williamsville 62 – 55

1991-92  31 – 2      CLASS ‘A’ STATE CHAMPIONS!!       Coach Mike Reynolds

                            Regional Champions

                            Sectional Champions

                            Super Sectional Champions

                            Beat Springfield Calvary 62 – 55

                            Elite 8 Finalist

                            Beat Elgin St. Edwards 74 – 60

                            Final 4 Finalist

                            Beat Benton 83 – 74 

                            STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME

                            Beat Normal U-High 61 – 45

Findlay HS Falcons – State Champions 1991-92
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Submitted by Wade Burch

1995-96                Regional Champions

2000-01  21 – 7      School’s Final Season                         Coach Mike Reynolds

St. Elmo Boys Basketball Tournament highlights from Mark Jurenga:

1961- 2nd Place; lost to Cowden

1963- Champions over Brownstown

1964- Champions over Brownstown

1965- Champions over Brownstown

1969- Champions over St. Elmo

1970- Champions over Farina (LaGrove)

1980- Champions over Kinmundy-Alma

1981- Champions over Beecher City

1983- 2nd Place; lost to Beecher City

1984- 2nd Place; lost to Beecher City

1986- 2nd Place; lost to Kinmundy-Alma

Cheerleader Awards

1973- 1st Place

1974- 1st Place

1980- 1st Place

Tournament Records

Most Tournament Championships- Seven (7); Tied with Altamont for most all-time.

(As of 12-14-07)

Most Points, Team- 111 points, Findlay, 1964

Boys Baseball

The boys baseball program won a Regional title as well in the 1984-85 season.  Team records and coach’s names of other great Findlay High baseball teams are not currently available.

1984-85                  Regional Champions           Coach Mike Reynolds

Boys Cross Country

One male harrier earned a medal at the IHSA Cross Country Meet!

1981A       Dale Chapman        5TH Place

Boys Track & Field

Three male tracksters wond a total of five medals at the IHSA State Track Meet.  Armand Mauzey was even crowned STATE CHAMPION in the Class ‘B’ State Meet long jump in 1924!!

1922-23B       Armand Mauzey           Long Jump           2ND Place
1923-24B       Armand Mauzey           Long Jump           STATE CHAMPION!!

1950-51         Jim Simmering             Discus                   5TH Place

1980-81A       Dale Chapman              3200 Meter Run    4TH Place

1981-82A       Dale Chapman              3200 Meter Run    5TH Place


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