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                                                       The History of Farmer City-Mansfield High School

The towns of Farmer City (population 2,055) and Mansfield (population 949) are located in eastern Illinois along Interstate Highway 74 and U.S. Route 150. The towns sit about 20 and 11 miles respectively northwest of Champaign. You can read about the the make-up of each town on their individual pages on this site.

Both towns supported their own high school districts through the early 1970’s. In 1971, the towns decided to consolidate their efforts into one district. The new school district was called the Farmer City-Mansfield School District. Mark Beasley, a student in the first Blue Ridge HS graduating class, relates the following about the school district set-up:

“Both Farmer City and Mansfield maintained grade schools (K-6) after the merger. Mansfield secured the junior high school (7th and 8th grades). The high school was located in Farmer City.”

Farmer City-Mansfield High School stood strong and was joined by nearby Bellflower (also on this site) in 1985. The addition of Bellflower caused the Farmer City-Mansfield district to change its name to the Blue Ridge School District, ending the short run of Farmer City-Mansfield High School.

Farmere City High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                   1971

Year Bellflower joined:      1985

School name changed to: Blue Ridge HS

School nickname:            the “Blue Devils”

School colors:                 Blue & White

School Fight Song:          unavailable


For such a short life span, the Farmer City-Mansfield Blue Devils and Lady Blue Devils certainly made some waves in the area as well as on state-wide level. The boys competed in football, basketball, track, and probably baseball. The girls were offered basketball, volleyball, track, and the unique sports of field hockey and bowling.

The above photo of the Farmer City-Mansfield football field has an interesting story in itself. The field is named after former Blue Devil football player Kenneth Rittenhouse and is aptly named “Kenneth Rittenhouse Memorial Field.” Kenneth was a player on the 1974-75 squad when a play on the field caused him to be paralyzed from the neck down. Kenneth survived for a few weeks before succumbing to his injuries. The field is located in Farmer City and serves today as the Blue Ridge High School football field.

Boys Track & Field

The Blue Devil thinclads had one really nice season which was, ironically, their last as Farmer City-Mansfield. In addition, a total of seven individual medals were won at the state meet.

1974-75     Individual Medalist

                 Mike Maynard            Discus                   6TH Place

1976-77     Individual Medalist

                 Dana McCoy               Long Jump           7TH Place

1977-78     Individual Medalist

                 Dana McCoy              Long Jump            2ND Place

1983-84     Individual Medalist

                 Jeff Rolson                 Discus                   5TH Place

                                                   Shot Put                8TH Place

1984-85     Team Finished FIFTH at STATE MEET Competition!!

                Individual Medalists

                Jeff Rolson                  Shot Put                STATE CHAMPION!!

                Chris Campbell           100 Meter Hurdles  2ND Place

                Final Team Standings

1.)  Cairo HS                                     54

2.)  Savana HS                                  25

3.)  St. Anne HS                                19

3.)  Byron HS                                    19


5.)  Pontiac HS                                  18

5.)  Princeton HS                               18

8.)  Walter Lutheran HS                      17

9.)  Carlinville, Yorkville, Beecher Tied  16

Girls Track & Field

The girls track program brought home a total of 8 individual medals and one relay medal from the State Meet. The 1984-85 team just missed a top-ten finish, placing 11th by one point in the final staandings.

1977-78      Individual Medalist

                  Cindy Emmerson            220 Yard Hurdles          4TH Place

                                                         120 Yard Hurdles          5TH Place

1979-80      Individual Medalists

                  Relay Team                    4 X 400 Meter Relay     5TH Place

1982-83      Individual Medalists

                  Annie Waite                   High Jump                    7TH Place

                  Brenda Schumacher      Shot Put                        8TH Place

1983-84      Individual Medalist

                  Brenda Schumacher      Shot Put                       STATE CHAMPION!!

                                                         Discus                          5TH Place

1984-85      Individual Medalist

                  Brenda Schumacher      Discus                          STATE CHAMPION!!

                                                         Shot Put                      STATE CHAMPION!!

Brenda Schumacher finished her track career at FCMHS with three gold medals, a 5TH, and an 8TH place medal…great job Brenda!


The football program was run by only one head coach during the school’s existance. Coach Bud Maynard continued his career at FCMHS after serving the Farmer City HS district for the previous 16 years. Coach Maynard was the coach at FGMHS from 1974 to 1985, all eleven seasons the school was in operation. He then continued for a few more years at Farmer City Blue Ridge before retiring as one of the winningest coaches in Illinois HS history!  Coach’s best season at FCMHS is listed below.

1980-81     6 – 4      Qualified for Class 1A Playoffs          Coach Bud Maynard

                              Lost in first round

1984-85                  The football team tied for going on to     Coach Bud Maynard

the Class 1A playoffs with Leroy but since

Leroy won the regular season match up they

went on to the playoffs. Both the “named”

track stars, Chris Campbell and Jeff Rolson,

were on the football team as well. Chris

was usually double teamed because of his

re-known and Jeff, well Jeff just hit people HARD!!!

Girls Basketball

The girls basketball team had some nice seasons though it is confusing on when the program was begun. Keeping with the thought that the girls’ program started when we believe the school was established, the following are the best of the Lady Blue Devil seasons. Note that the main coach at FCMHS was Mike Hendricks, who coached the Lady Blue Devil program from 1975-76 through 1984-85.

1974-75    7 – 2                                                     Coach Joe Basillo

1976-77    7 – 6                                                     Coach Mike Hendricks

1977-78    9 – 6                                                     Coach Mike Hendricks

1978-79  20 – 1     Undefeated Regular Season    Coach Mike Hendricks

                           District Champions

1979-80  18 – 5                                                      Coach Mike Hendricks

1980-81  17 – 6                                                      Coach Mike Hendricks

1981-82  12 – 11                                                    Coach Mike Hendricks

1982-83  19 – 5     Regional Champions                Coach Mike Hendricks

1983-84  15 – 7                                                      Coach Mike Hendricks

1984-85  19 – 4                                                      Coach Mike Hendricks

Coach Hendricks finished his career at Farmer City-Mansfield HS with a record of 139 – 59 for a .696 winning % in his ten years at the helm!!

The Lady Blue Devils could score some points as well. On January 16th, 1981, Farmer City-Mansfield defeated Fisher in Sangamon Valley Conference play 104-2 (that is correct) for one of the widest margins of victory in IHSA history. FC-M started out with 68 points in the first half before settling down to win the game.

Boys Basketball

The boys’ basketball team won their only regional title in the first year of existence. The 1971-72 and 1973-74 teams won their Regional titles.  The 1973-74 team was led under the guidance of Coach Don Steers. Unfortunately, no other Blue Devil teams or records are listed on the IHSA web site.

1971-72               Regional Champions

1973-74  20 – 7     Regional Champions                Coach Don Steers

Girls Bowling

The Lady Bowlers of Farmer City-Mansfield High had a great year their first year of competition. The team of 1973-74 won their DIstrict and qualified for the State Meet.

1973-74   District Champions/Qualified for State Meet Competition!

Girls Field Hockey

For a small school, FCMHS did not mind mixing with the big schools. The girls competed in field hockey while it was offered by the IHSA. The teams of 1977 and 1978 in fact, won their sectionals and found themselves in the top 8 and final 4, respectively. The 1978 team just missed a championship match by losing in the semifinals, 1-0, to a school about 10 times their size, New Trier West!!

1976-77   10 – 1    Undefeated Regular Season

                           Sectional Champions

                           Elite 8 Qualifier

                           Lost to New Trier West in quarterfinals, 3-2

1977-78               Sectional Champions

                           Final Four Qualifier

                           Beat Chicago University High School in quarterfinals, 1-0

Lost to New Trier West HS 1-0, in semifinals

Boys Baseball

The boys baseball program had some nice seasons as well. In their inaugral season of 1971-72, the team won the Sangamon Valley Conference championship that spring!

1971-72       Sangamon Valley Conference Champions

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