Farm Ridge Seminary

The History of Farm Ridge Seminary

Farm Ridge (population approximately 50) is located in north central Illinois in the south central portion of LaSalle County. Farm Ridge is about 10 miles due southeast of LaSalle and 8 miles due southwest of Ottawa. The small hamlet is located on County Road 2050 about 4 miles west of Illinois Route 23 and Grand Ridge. County Roads E1251 and E13 will also lead you to Farm Ridge. A satellite image found on  shows just a few homes scattered over a wide area are all that remain of this village.

The web address of contains an article that brought our attention to the small town of Farm Ridge and its short-lived seminary. The article, in summary, states the following:

The area that the village was established in was first settled in 1850. A church was been established in the area in 1851. A store was built in 1855 which signaled the establishment of the village. Soon after a doctor and a blacksmith took up residence in the village.

The Farm Ridge Seminary was built in 1850. It immediately gained success as anywhere from 50 – 90 people were in attendance during the first few years. The article, written in 1886, states that the seminary had to resort to being open in winter months only due to the creation of several high schools in the county. Students were said to attend Farm Ridge Seminary from places as far away as Detroit, Michigan and St. Paul, Minnesota. As of the writing of the 1886 article, the Farm Ridge Seminary was still in operation. It is our guess that the Seminary closed in the late 1800s or very early 1900s.


Farm Ridge Seminary Quick Facts


Year opened:               1850

Year closed:                late 1800s / early 1900s

Students now attend:    LaSalle or Ottawa Schools

Athletics likely not offered.


The Farm Ridge Seminary was likely a boarding school. Music was offered as a course of study as were math, english, and science. For this time period in Illinois history, Farm Ridge Seminary was considered well advanced for education.


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