Enfield High School “Trojans”

Enfield High School
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Enfield, Illinois
Enfield College – Served as HS until 1935
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Enfield, Illinois

The History of Enfield High School

Enfield (population 685) is located in far southeastern Illinois in west-central White County. The city is located on U.S. Route 45 just north of Illinois Route 14. The Prairie Trunk Railroad intersects with the Louisville & Nashville Railroad in Enfield. The Gowdy Creek flows to the west of Enfield and the Lost Creek trickles to the north of town. Enfield is a quiet farming community, except for a week each summer when the residents celebrate the Enfield Mule Day.

Enfield and its school system date back to the mid-1800s. A report on the school system of Enfield can be read at http://www.rootsweb.com/~ilwhite2/wchs8_31_00.html. A two-story brick school building was erected in 1881 for $5,000 in Enfield. This building stood tall and served the community until 1935, when it was replaced by a newer building built as a WPA (Works Progress Administration) project. The original building remained as a educational outlet, as it was renamed Enfield College

By 1955 a newer school building was erected. The existing building was named the Booth School building and served as the home of the Enfield High School gymnasium for three decades. It was in the early 1980s’ that Enfield began talks with nearby Norris CIty-Omaha High School regarding consolidation. The 1984-85 senior class was the last to graduate from Enfield High. The Enfield HS-aged kids now attend high school in Norris City as part of the Norris City-Omaha-Enfield High School District.

The Booth school building still provides education for the Enfield students in grades PK-8.

Enfield High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                      1881

Newer building opened:        1935

Year closed:                       1985

School nickname:                the “Trojans”

School colors:                     Red & Black

School Fight Song:              unavailable, sung to the Notre Dame fight song

Enfield Water Tower
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Enfield, Illinois


The Enfield High School Trojans enjoyed many years of great success and turned out many great athletes. The Trojan boys basketball and boys track programs had some very rewarding seasons. Unfortunately, they garner the only mention on the IHSA web site (www.ihsa.org). Enfield HS probably also offered baseball for the boys as well as volleyball, track, and basketball for the girls in the later years. If you have any information you can share regarding teams, coaches, and players of Enfield High School, please take the time to share it with us.

Boys’ Basketball

The Enfield High School Trojans won a total of EIGHT District Titles!!! One incredibly successful streak came from 1964 to 1970 when the Trojans won titles in five of the seven years! The years of the titles won at Enfield High are listed below. The records and coaches names are not listed on the IHSA web site. We are looking for these and the records and accomplishments of other great Enfield teams as well.

One great basketball player for the Enfield Trojans was Ken Mitchell (Class of 1953).  Ken’s basketball abilities were remembered by former Allendale great Franklin Pemberton:

“I was a freshman in the fall of 1952 and my first experince in high school basketball was to guard Ken Mitchell. He was a senior and had played for Enfield for four years. Ken was the best ball handler and scorer that I ever saw in Southern Illinois (or at least that I had the difficulty in guarding). That senior “took the freshman to town” that night. He scored 38 points. I was later informed that Ken had averaged 30+ the year before. (By the way, Allendale did win the game.)”

**The Enfield Trojans of 1972-73 are remembered for what they did in their season opener that year. The Trojans defeated Ridgway handing the Eagles their only loss during their state championship run!

1927-28         District Champions

1941-42         District Champions

1956-57         District Champions

1963-64         District Champions

1964-65         District Champions

1966-67         District Champions

1968-69         District Champions

1969-70         District Champions

1971-72 25- 1  (great record!)


Enfield could sure hang with the big boys of Illinois Boys Track! In the 1927-28 school year, the Enfield Trojans took fifth place overall in the state tournament!

1   – Chicago Tilden                    22

2   – Urbana                               17¼

3   – Evanston                            12

4   – West Frankfort                    11

5   – Carbondale                           9


7   – Chicago Hyde Park               8

7   – Oak Park-River Forest           8

9   – Lostant                                6

One throwing power for the Enfield Trojans was an athlete by the name of P. Thompson. In 1927, Thompson placed second in the shot put, an event that he would win the following year in 1928! Thompson also placed second in the discus throw in 1928. What an effort!


From Tony Cox (Class of 1973):

“I am especially proud of the overall accomplishments of the student body while I was a student (class of 1973).

During school year 1971-72, we sent a team to the Evansville TV program ‘Klassroom Kwiz’, and had the first (and as far as I know) undefeated team, retiring after seven consecutive wins.  On this team were Cindy Birk, Brian Lewis & Tony Cox.

Also, the 1971-72 Trojan Basketball team was the Little Ten Conference champs at 25-0.

We also had a great jazz band that went on tour in the area and our marching band, though small, was very talented and produced some extremely talented musicians.”

Seeking Further Information

If you have ANY further information on the many great accomplishments achieved at Enfield High School please drop us a line. All information is welcome. We are especially interested in adding a photo some of the great Enfield High School teams to this page. You can e-mail your items to us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net or write to us at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago, Il.  60631


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