Elmira High School

Elmira High School Building – 2009
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Submitted by Gerry Halpin
Elmira School Building in 2001
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Photograph Taken by Marty Golby

The History of Elmira High School

Elmira (population approximately 50) is located in the upper west-central portion of Illinois. Elmira sits in the north-central portion of Stark County about 5 miles southeast of Kewanee, 30 miles northwest of Peoria.  Illinois Route 93 is the main roadway to and from Elmira.  County Highway 14 also travels into town.

The history of the town of Elmira is still needed.  A nice history of the school system for Elmira Township is found at the web address of http://www.genealogytrails.com/ill/stark/BradfordAnniversaryIssue.html#Elmira. The article can be summarized as follows:

A school system for the children of Elmira Township was established in 1838.  It was not until 1851 that plans were made to build a school house.  A brick building was subsequently built.  By 1862 there were 47 students in the school, believed to be for grades 1 – 8.  New school buildings were built in 1867 and again in 1902.

High School courses began being offered in 1902 and continued through 1915.  The article does not state what level of high school the students attained.  The school continued on as a grade school through 1952.  At that time the school districts of Osceola and Elmira consolidated with a new grade school building built in Elmira. This school was in operation at least through 1964, however does not serve as an educational facility today.

Elmira High School Quick Facts

Year HS classes began:    1902

Year HS classes ceased:  1915

Consolidated to:                Toulon High School

(Athletics likely not offered at Elmira High School)

Extra-Curricular Activities

Activities such as school plays, FFA, FHA, GAA, band, and chorus may have been a very important part of the Elmira High School student experience.  Please contact us if you have information on these activities.  We do not believe that Elmira High School participated in athletics, however we are open to such research.

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Elmira School Front Entrance
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Courtesy of Marty Golby
Elmira School Building – 2009
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Thank you to Gerry Halpin
Elmira High School Building – 2009
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Courtesy of Gerry Halpin

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