Ellisville High School “Eagles”

Ellisville School Building
A brick building with cars parked in front of it

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Ellisville School Building and Student Body – 1910
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The History of Ellisville High School

Ellisville (population 87) is located in upper-western Illinois about 20 miles northeast of Macomb.  The town was founded in 1830 by Levi D. Ellis and currently sits in northwestern Fulton County. County Highway 17 is the main thoroughfare through Ellisville.  The Spoon River flows by the east side of town. Ellisville is said to have the smallest operating library in Illinois.  More on the town’s history can be read at:     http://www.iltrails.org/fulton/Twp_Histories/Ellisville.html.

A school in Ellisville opened in 1840, and it was called Pleasant Hill Academy. In 1920, a new community high school (pictured above) was established and classes were added one-by-one. Ellisville High School served the town and surrounding farm kids for over four decades, possibly much longer. We believe it was in the late 1940s that consolidation talks began between the small schools of Ellisville, Fairview, and London Mills.  We further believe that this effort was realized in the late 1940s when the Spoon River Valley School District was formed.

The fate and some history of the Ellisville High School building was provided by Phil Hammond:

“The Ellisville high school building served as a high school from 1920 to 1949 when the Spoon River Valley School district was formed. They moved the High School to Fairwiew, IL where it served until 1973. The Ellisville School served as a grade school from 1949 to 1973 when the new schools were built in the country by Rapatee, IL. The school was closed in 1973. It was vacant from 1973 to 1987 when it was razed.”

A new school was built in a country setting near London Mills and the Ellisville school was no longer needed.  The Ellisville High School building, sadly, was razed in the late 1980s, after the above photo was taken..

Ellisville High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                         late 1800s

Year closed:                          late 1940s?

Consolidated to:                     Spoon River School District (London Mills)

Ellisville HS team nickname:   the “Eagles”

Team colors:                          Blue & Silver

School Fight Song:                 unavailalbe


Ellisville Hig School probably competed in basketball, baseball, and track.  We currently have no information on this.  There is no record of Ellisville athletics on the IHSA website that we could find either.  If you have any information you can share regarding the Ellisville athletic program or other extra-curricular activities at EHS, please contact us at the e-mail address listed below,

Seeking More Information 

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Ellisville High School Building
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Ellisville High School – late 1980s
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