East St. Louis Lincoln “Tigers” and “Tigerettes”

East St. Louis Lincoln High School
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East St. Louis High School
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The History of East St. Louis Lincoln High School

East St. Louis (population 31,542) is located in southwestern Illinois along the banks of the Mississippi River in northwest St. Clair County. The town sits across the river from its namesake, St. Louis, Missouri. Several roadways lead to and from East St. Louis including Interstate Highways 55 and 64, as well as several Illinois Routes including 3, 111, 157, and 203. Several railroads also travel through town, including the Norfolk Southern and Illinois Central Gulf.

East St. Louis was first settled as “Illinoistown” in 1818 (http://www.eslarp.uiuc.edu/la/LA437-F95/reports/History/timeline.html), however it was not platted officially until 1859. The name was changed from Illinoistown to East St. Louis in 1861. The town has been the victim of flooding and tornadoes on more than a few occasions. After a promising start in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, East St. Louis has fallen into tough economic and crime-ridden times. Only recently has the town started to make a comeback from years of depression.

Lincoln Senior HS Sign – Classes of 1987 & 1989
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Due to the fast growth rate and growing diversity in East St. Louis in the early 1900’s, it was decided to build an all-African American high school. East St. Louis Lincoln High School was then established in 1909. Lincoln High served the town and area reasidents of East St. Louis for nearly 90 years. It was in the late 1990’s that talks of closing East St. Louis Lincoln and consolidating all students to the East St. Louis Senior High School program took place. It was in 1998 that this movement became effective.

The Lincoln High School building was used as a grade school in East St. Louis for a short time after the high school closed. The former Lincoln High School building is no longer used as a school.

East St. Louis Lincoln High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                                       1909

Year closed:                                        1998

Consolidated to:                                   East St. Louis Senior High School

East St. Louis Lincoln team nickname:   the “Tigers” and “Tigerettes”

East St. Louis Lincoln team colors:        Orange & Black

School Fight Song:                               unavailable


The East St. Louis Lincoln Tigers and Lady Tigers had A LOT to be proud of.  Check out this resume’ for the Lincoln High School athletic program:



54 – Sectional Titles Won

64 – Regional Titles Won

16 – District Titles Won

We are looking for records and coaches’ names of many of the championship teams. There is no need to delay, the Tigers’ and Lady Tigers’ accomplishments will be addressed by sport starting with the most State Championships won.



The lady tracksters defined girls track & field in Illinois. Between 1977-78 and 1993-94, the Lady Tigers won a total of FOURTEEN STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS and finished SECOND the other three years in this seventeen year period. NINE of the State Championships were in consecutive years. The school also won SIXTEEN consecutive Sectional Championships. In addition between 1994-95 and 1997-98, the school finished in the top-ten three of those four seasons!

Coach Nino Fennoy was at the helm the entire twenty-one seasons listed on the IHSA website (www.ihsa.org). Coach Fennoy, in fact, continued on as girls’ track coach after the merger with East St. Louis Senior High and remains in that capacity today. The incredible accomplishments of the East St. Louis Linclon Lady Tigers track program is listed below.

1975-76       Individual Medalist

Danette Onyemelukwe    110 Yard Hurdles        6TH Place
80 Yard Hurdles        6TH Place

1976-77       Individual Medalists

Danette Onyemelukwe    110 Yard Hurdles        7TH Place
80 Yard Hurdles        4TH Place

Relay Teams                    

1 Mile Relay               3RD Place
440 Yard Relay          4TH Place
880 Yard Relay          7TH Place

1977-78       IHSA STATE CHAMPIONS!!                   Coach Nino Fennoy

                   District Champions

Individual Medalists

Danette Onyemelukwe     

110 Yard Hurdles       STATE CHAMPION!
220 Yard Hurdles       STATE CHAMPION!

Jackie Joyner                     

440 Yard Dash           STATE CHAMPION!
Long Jump                2ND Place

Gwen Brown                     

110 Yard Hurdles     4TH Place
220 Yard Hurdles     2ND Place

Relay Teams                     

1 Mile Relay            STATE CHAMPIONS!
880 Yd. Med. Rel.     2ND Place

1978-79       IHSA STATE CLASS AA CHAMPIONS!!  Coach Nino Fennoy

Individual Medalists

Gwen Brown                      

110 Yard Hurdles     STATE CHAMPION!
220 Yard Hurdles     STATE CHAMPION!

Jackie Joyner                    

440 Yard Dash          2ND Place
Long Jump              STATE CHAMPION!

Debra Powell                      

110 Yard Hurdles     3RD Place
220 Yard Hurdles     4TH Place

Relay Teams                      

1 Mile Relay            2ND Place
400 Yard Relay        3RD Place
880 Yd Med Relay    8TH Place


1979-80       IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!  Coach Nino Fennoy

Individual Medalists

Gwen Brown                        

100 Meter Hurdles    STATE CHAMPION!
200 Meter Hurdles    STATE CHAMPION!

Jackie Joyner                       

Long Jump                 STATE CHAMPION!

Debra Powell                       

100 Meter Hurdles     2ND Place
200 Meter Hurdles     7TH Place

Deborah Thurston                 

Long Jump               3RD Place

Relay Teams             

400 Meter Relay       2ND Place
800 Meter Med Rel.   2ND Place


1980-81        IHSA CLASS AA STATE RUNNER-UP!   Coach Nino Fennoy

                    Final Team Standings

1) Chicago South Shore               52


3) East St. Louis Senior HS         44

                     Individual Medalists

Debra Powell                       

100 Meter Hurdles    STATE CHAMPION!
200 Meter Hurdles    2ND Place

Gloria Talbert                      

Shot Put                   STATE CHAMPION!                   

Devlin Stamps                      

100 Meter Hurdles     8TH Place

Toni Wallace                        

Discus                       3RD Place

Relay Teams                       

4x100m relay             5TH Place
4x200m relay            4TH Place
4x400m relay            5TH Place


1981-82        IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!  Coach Nino Fennoy

                    District Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Toni Wallace                        Shot Put                    STATE CHAMPION!

                                                                 Discus                        2ND Place

                    Georgia Gibson                    100 Meter Dash          5TH Place
200 Meter Dash          4TH Place

                    Novia Harris                          High Jump                 4TH Place
Quintella Jackson                 100 Meter Hurdles      8TH Place
Relay Teams                         4×100 Meter Relay     2ND Place
4×200 Meter Relay     2ND Place
4×400 Meter Relay     2ND Place
800 Meter Med Rel.    STATE CHAMPIONS!

1982-83        IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!  Coach Nino Fennoy

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Toni Wallace                        Discus                         STATE CHAMPION!

                                                                 Shot Put                      STATE CHAMPION!

                    Nicolle Thompson                 200 Meter Hurdles       2ND Place
Georgia Gibson                    100 Meter Dash            3RD Place
200 Meter Dash            4TH Place
Shirley Walker                      100 Meter Hurdles       5TH Place
Relay Teams                         4×100 Meter Relay      STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×400 Meter Relay       STATE CHAMPIONS!
800 Meter Med Relay   2ND Place

1983-84        IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!   Coach Nino Fennoy

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Nicolle Thompson                 100 Meter Hurdles       STATE CHAMPION!
200 Meter Hurdles       2ND Place

                    Mary Cobb                             Long Jump                 STATE CHAMPION! 

                                                                  100 Meter Hurdles       5TH Place
Roslyn Rucker                       400 Meter Dash           3RD Place 

                    Linda Wilson                         Discus                         7TH Place
Marcia Byrd                           200 Meter Dash           8TH Place
Relay Teams                         4×400 Meter Relay      STATE CHAMPIONS! 

                                                                  4×200 Meter Relay      2ND Place
800 Meter Med Relay  2ND Place
4×100 Meter Relay      3RD Place

1984-85        IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!   Coach Nino Fennoy 

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Nicolle Thompson                  100 Meter Hurdles      STATE CHAMPION!
200 Meter Hurdles       STATE CHAMPION!
Mary Cobb                             200 Meter Hurdles       3RD Place
Long Jump                 2ND Place

                    Roslyn Rucker                       400 Meter Dash           2ND Place
Celisa Shy                             800 Meter Run            2ND Place
Linda Wilson                         Discus                        3RD Place

                                                                  Shot Put                     2ND Place
Marcia Byrd                           200 Meter Dash          5TH Place
Marla Cotton                          High Jump                 6TH Place

                    Relay Teams                         4×100 Meter Relay      STATE CHAMPIONS!

                                                                  800 Meter Med Relay  STATE CHAMPIONS!

                                                                  4×400 Meter Relay      STATE CHAMPIONS! 

                                                                  4×200 Meter Relay      3RD Place

1985-86        IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!   Coach Nino Fennoy     

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Mary Cobb                             100 Meter Hurdles       STATE CHAMPION!
Long Jump                  STATE CHAMPION!
Jacqueline Robinson            300 Meter Hurdles        STATE CHAMPION! 

                                                                 100 Meter Hurdles        5TH Place
Roslyn Rucker                      400 Meter Dash             STATE CHAMPION!
Celisa Shy                            800 Meter Run              STATE CHAMPION!
Beverly Powell                     300 Meter Hurdles        2ND Place

                    Marla Cotton                         100 Meter Dash            4TH Place
High Jump                  3RD Place
Linda Wilson                         Discus                         3RD Place
Shot Put                      5TH Place
Sara Fleming                        1600 Meter Run            4TH Place
800 Meter Run             5TH Place
Relay Teams                         4×100 Meter Relay       STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×400 Meter Relay        STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×800 Meter Relay        STATE CHAMPIONS!
800 Meter Med Relay   STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×200 Meter Relay       2ND Place

1986-87        IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!   Coach Nino Fennoy

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Carmelita Williams                100 Meter Dash            STATE CHAMPION!
200 Meter Dash            STATE CHAMPION!
400 Meter Dash            STATE CHAMPION!
Beverly Powell                      300 Meter Hurdles        STATE CHAMPION!

                                                                  100 Meter Hurdles        3RD Place

                    Erica Brooks                           Discus                          5TH Place

                    Erica Eastern                          1600 Meter Run            7TH Place
Relay Teams                          4×400 Meter Relay       STATE CHAMPIONS!

                                                                   4×100 Meter Relay       4TH Place
4×200 Meter Relay       6TH Place

1987-88        IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!    Coach Nino Fennoy

                    Sectional Champions 

                    Individual Medalists

                    Carmelita Williams                100 Meter Dash      STATE CHAMPION!
200 Meter Dash      STATE CHAMPION!
400 Meter Dash      STATE CHAMPION!
Terrell Washington                200 Meter Dash       2ND Place
Rosetta Duncan                      Shot Put                 3RD Place

                    Patrice Liddell                        300 Meter Hurdles  2ND Place
Long Jump             4TH Place

                                                                   100 Meter Hurdles   6TH Place
Savannah Taylor                    100 Meter Hurdles   2ND Place
300 Meter Hurdles   8TH Place
Erica Brooks                           Discus                      8TH Place

                    Relay Teams                          4×100 Meter Relay   STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×200 Meter Relay   STATE CHAMPIONS!
800 Meter Med Rel.  STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×400 Meter Relay    2ND Place

1988-89        IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!   Coach Nino Fennoy

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Carmelita Williams                 200 Meter Dash        STATE CHAMPIONS!
100 Meter Dash        3RD Place

                                                                   400 Meter Dash        3RD Place
Cynthia Tylor                          Long Jump              STATE CHAMPION!
100 Meter Dash        4TH Place
200 Meter Dash        6TH Place

                    Erica Brooks                           Discus                      STATE CHAMPION!

                    Savannah Taylor                    100 Meter Hurdles    3RD Place
Rosetta Duncan                      Discus                       4TH Place
Shot Put                   4TH Place
Patrice Liddell                        300 Meter Hurdles    8TH Place
Long Jump               5TH Place
Relay Teams                           4×100 Meter Relay   2ND Place
4x200m relay           2ND Place
800 Met. Med. Rel.   2ND Place
4×800 Meter Relay   6TH Place

1989-90        IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!    Coach Nino Fennoy

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

Cynthia Tylor                          100 Meter Dash         STATE CHAMPION!
200 Meter Dash         STATE CHAMPION!
Long Jump               STATE CHAMPION!

Rosetta Duncan                      Discus                       2ND Place
Shot Put                    4TH Place

                    Savannah Taylor                    100 Meter Hurdles     2ND Place

Terrell Washington                 100 Meter Dash         2ND Place

Tanya Gasper                         800 Meter Run           3RD Place

                    Marque Sanders                     3200 Meter Run         4TH Place

Angenette Sumrall                 Long Jump                6TH Place

Dorsand Quarles                    300 Meter Hurdles      8Th Place

Relay Teams                          4×100 Meter Relay     STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×200 Meter Relay     STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×400 Meter Relay     STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×800 Meter Relay     STATE CHAMPIONS!

1990-91        IHSA CLASS AA STATE RUNNER-UP!     Coach Nino Fennoy

                    Sectional Champions

                    Indivdual Medalists

                    Tifani Spraggins                     Long Jump                 3RD Place

                    Cicely Scott                            400 Meter Dash           5TH Place
Malina Williams                     200 Meter Dash           5TH Place
Ewona Ferguson                    100 Meter Hurdles       8TH Place
Relay Teams                          4×200 Meter Relay      STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×400 Meter Relay      3RD Place
4×800 Meter Relay      3RD Place

1991-92        IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!    Coach Nino Fennoy 

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Tifani Spraggins                     Long Jump                 STATE CHAMPION!
Cicely Scott                            400 Meter Dash           2ND Place

                    Malina Williams                     100 Meter Dash           4TH Place
Sharon Suggs                        100 Meter Hurdles       5TH Place
300 Meter Hurdles       7TH Place
Latoya Adkins                        200 Meter Dash           7TH Place
Relay Teams                          4×100 Meter Relay      STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×200 Meter Relay      STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×400 Meter Relay      STATE CHAMPIONS!
800 Meter Med. Rel.    STATE CHAMPIONS!

1992-93        IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!    Coach Nino Fennoy
Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Cicely Scott                            400 Meter Dash           STATE CHAMPION!
Ta’Mika Roddy                        Long Jump                 3RD Place
Tifani Spraggins                     100 Meter Hurdles       4TH Place
Dawn Anthony                        100 Meter Dash           7TH Place
200 Meter Dash           8TH Place

                    Sha’Neco Fennoy                   Discus                         6TH Place
Luciana Quarles                     100 Meter Hurdles       8Th Place
Relay Teams                           4×100 Meter Relay     STATE CHAMPIONS!
800 Meter Med. Rel.    STATE CHAMPIONS!

                                                                   4×200 Meter Relay      4TH Place

1993-94        IHSA CLASS AA STATE RUNNER-UP!      Coach Nino Fennoy

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Dawn Anthony                        200 Meter Dash           2ND Place
100 Meter Dash           3RD Place

                    Leah Nolden                           800 Meter Run            4TH Place
Tenessia Bradley                    300 Meter Hurdles      5TH Place

                    Jackie Newby-Trotter              100 Meter Dash          5TH Place
Marsha Cash                           Long Jump                 6TH Place

                    Relay Teams                           4×100 Meter Relay     STATE CHAMPIONS!

                                                                    4×200 Meter Relay     STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×400 Meter Relay     2ND Place
4×800 Meter Relay     3RD Place

1994-95        IHSA Class AA Meet – FOURTH Place   Coach Nino Fennoy

                    Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Angela Gilliam                        Shot Put                     3RD Place
Kanesha Williams                   High Jump                  4TH Place
Tenessia Bradley                    300 Meter Hurdles       5TH Place

                                                                   100 Meter Hurdles       7TH Place
Relay Teams                           4×100 Meter Relay      3RD Place
4×400 Meter Relay       8TH Place
4×800 Meter Relay       7TH Place
800 Meter Med. Rel.    6TH Place

1995-96         IHSA Class AA Meet – SIXTH Place      Coach Nino Fennoy

                     Sectional Champions

                     Individual Medalists

                     Leah Nolden                          800 Meter Run             2ND Place
Angela Smith                         300 Meter Hurdles       8TH Place
Relay Teams                          4×400 Meter Relay      2ND Place
4×800 Meter Relay      2ND Place

                                                                   800 Meter Med. Rel.    6TH Place

                                                                   4×200 Meter Relay       7TH Place

1996-97         Team Won Sectional Championship   Coach Nino Fennoy

                     Individual Medalists

                     Elisha Wright                         200 Meter Dash           8TH Place
400 Meter Dash           7TH Place 

                     Relay Teams                         4×200 Meter Relay      3RD Place
800 Meter Med. Rel.    6TH Place

                                                                   4×100 Meter Relay      7TH Place

1997-98         IHSA Class AA Meet – SIXTH Place      Coach Nino Fennoy

                     Sectional Champions

                     Individual Medalists

                     Elvira Williams                      100 Meter Hurdles       2ND Place
Relay Teams                          4×200 Meter Relay     2ND Place

                                                                   4×100 Meter Relay      3RD Place


Great Girls Track Athlete

*Jackie Joyner – (1979-81) is, of course, THE Jackie Joyner-Kersee, the internationally reknown track superstar of the 1980’s and 1990’s. Here are some of Jackie Joyner-Kersee’s accomplishments after she left Lincoln High:

*Went to UCLA and competed in track and basketball. Was a four-year starter in basketball and an All-American.

*Olympic medals: Three (3) gold (1988 & 1992 Heptathlon, 1988 Long Jump), one (1) Silver, two (2) bronze.

*First woman in history to break 7,000 points in the Heptathlon at the 1986 Goodwill Games.

*As of August, 2006 still world record holder in Heptathlon AND still holds the six best scores all-time in the Heptathlon.

*As of August, 2006 still #2 all-time in the Long Jump in history.

*Married to world famous track coach Bob Kersee.  



The Tiger boys track & field program at East St. Louis Lincoln High School was EXTREMELY successful as well. Their accomplishments include FIVE STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS (including four consecutive), SEVENTEEN Top-Ten Finishes, SIX Sectional Championships, and SIX District Championships!!

Coach Arthur Marshall led the program to their four consecutive State Championships in the early 1980’s. The great accomplishments of the Tiger boys tracksters are listed below.

1939-40      Team Won District Championship

1952-53      Team Finished TENTH at STATE MEET!

                  Could not locate individual Medalists

1953-54      Team Finished FOURTH at STATE MEET!

                  District Champions

                  Individual Medalists

                  Bob Mosby              High Jump              2ND Place
Robert Perkins        440 Yard Dash         2ND Place

                  Jim Shannon           High Jump             3RD Place

1954-55      Individual Medalist

                  Marvin Jones           Shot Put                 4TH Place

1955-56       Individual Medalist

                   Marvin Jones          Shot Put                 4TH Place

1957-58       Individual Medalist

                   Sam Harris              100 Yard Dash        4TH Place

1964-65       Team Finished SEVENTH at STATE MEET! 

                   Individual Medalists

                   Al Swepson             100 Yard Dash        2ND Place
Leon Ware              120 Yard Hurdles    3RD Place
Bruce Davis             Long Jump             4TH Place

1965-66        Individual Medalist

                    Greg Johnson         180 Yard Hurdles    5TH Place

1966-67        Individual Medalist

                    Greg Johnson         120 Yard Hurdles    3RD Place
180 Yard Hurdles    3RD Place


1967-68        Team Finished SECOND at STATE MEET!

                    Individual Medalists

                    Greg Johnson         120 Yard Hurdles    STATE CHAMPION!

                                                   180 Yard Hurdles    STATE CHAMPION!

Eddie Patterson      120 Yard Hurdles     5TH Place

                    Relay Team            1 Mile Relay            3RD Place

1969-70        Team Finished EIGHTH at STATE MEET! 

                    Individual Medalists

Freddie Armstrong  220 Yard Dash         4TH Place

Relay Team             880 Yard Relay       2ND Place

1970-71        Team Finished EIGHTH at STATE MEET! 

                    District Champions

                    Individual Medalists

                    Alfred Larry             120 Yard Hurdles     2ND Place

                    Relay Teams           1 Mile Relay            4TH Place
880 Yard Relay        3RD Place

1971-72         Team Finished NINTH at STATE MEET!

                     Individual Medalists

                     Mike Monroe           100 Yard Dash         2ND Place
220 Yard Dash        2ND Place
Derrick Glanton       Discus                     6TH Place

1972-73         IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!   Coach George Holliday

                     Individual Medalists

                     Mike Monroe           100 Yard Dash         2ND Place
220 Yard Dash         2ND Place
Hubert Butler           Pole Vault              4TH Place
Relay Team             880 Yard Relay       STATE CHAMPIONS!

1974-75         Individual Medalist

                     Roderick Glover       120 Yard Hurdles    4TH Place

1976-77         Team Finished TENTH at STATE MEET!

                     Individual Medalists

                     Auphrey Campbell    100 Yard Dash        6TH Place
Roddy McCloud         Pole Vault             6TH Place
Johnnie Poe              330 Yard Hurdles   8TH Place
Relay Team              1 Mile Relay           4TH Place

1977-78         Individual Medalists


                     Al Joyner                  Triple Jump           3RD Place
Relay Team              2 Mile Relay           5TH Place

1978-79          Individual Medalists

                     Freddie Simmons     220 Yard Dash        3RD Place
Frank Denzmore       120 Yard Hurdles    6TH Place

1979-80          Individual Medalists

                      Frank Denzmore      300 Meter Hurdles  STATE CHAMPION!

                                                      100 Meter Hurdles   4TH Place
Relay Team             4×100 Meter Relay  7TH Place

1980-81          IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!    Coach Arthur Marshall

                      Individual Medalists

                      Darryl Morgan          High Jump              2ND Place
Barry Malloyd          Long Jump              3RD Place
300 Meter Hurdles    8TH Place
James Hyde             800 Meter Run         3RD Place
Carl Clayborne         High Jump              3RD Place

                      Todd Porter              Long Jump              5TH Place
Willie Davis              Shot Put                  6TH Place
Demetrius Chism      200 Meter Dash        8TH Place
Pole Vault               8TH Place

                      Relay Teams            4×100 Meter Relay  STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×800 Meter Relay  STATE CHAMPIONS!

                                                       4×200 Meter Relay  2ND Place
4×400 Meter Relay  5TH Place

1981-82          IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!     Coach Arthur Marshall

                      District Champions

                      Individual Medalists

                      Barry Malloyd           100 Meter Hurdles    STATE CHAMPION!
Long Jump               STATE CHAMPION!

                                                       300 Meter Hurdles     2ND Place
Jessie Wilson            800 Meter Run          2ND Place
Darryl Morgan           High Jump                4TH Place

                      Leodis Fields            400 Meter Dash         7TH Place

                      Relay Teams             4×400 Meter Relay    STATE CHAMPIONS!

                                                       4×800 Meter Relay     STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×100 Meter Relay     2ND Place
4×200 Meter Relay     3RD Place

1982-83          IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!     Coach Arthur Marshall

                      Sectional Champions

                      Individual Medalists

Dedrick Flowers        1600 Meter Run          2ND Place

Victor Johnson          Shot Put                     3RD Place

Juan Brooks              300 Meter Hurdles      3RD Place
100 Meter Dash          7TH Place

Darwin Rencher        100 Meter Hurdles      8TH Place

Relay Teams             4×100 Meter Relay     STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×200 Meter Relay     2ND Place
4×400 Meter Relay     2ND Place

1983-84          IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!!   Coach Arthur Marshall

                      Sectional Champions

                      Individual Medalists

                      Leodis Fields             800 Meter Run          STATE CHAMPION!
Clarence Smith         100 Meter Hurdles     2ND Place
Antonio Baker           100 Meter Hurdles     5TH Place
Cedric Washington    400 Meter Dash         6TH Place
Jessie Owens            200 Meter Dash          7TH Place
Relay Teams             4×400 Meter Relay     STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×800 Meter Relay     2ND Place
4×200 Meter Relay     5TH Place

1985-86          Individual Medalists 

                      Cecil Shy                   800 Meter Run           5TH Place
Relay Team               4×800 Meter Relay     3RD Place

1986-87          Team Won Sectional Championship

                      Individual Medalists

                      Darryl Graham            Shot Put                     5TH Place

                      Marvin Wright             800 Meter Run            7TH Place
Cecil Shy                    800 Meter Run             8TH Place
Relay Team                4×800 Meter Relay      STATE CHAMPIONS!

1987-88           Individual Medalists

                       Vernon Garrison        Discus                         2ND Place
Ronald Willis             Discus                         8TH Place

1988-89           Team Finished SIXTH at STATE MEET! 

                       Sectional Championship

                       Individual Medalists

                       Ronald Willis             Shot Put                     STATE CHAMPION!
Discus                        4TH Place

                       Relay Teams              4×400 Meter Relay     3RD Place   

                                                          4×200 Meter Relay     7TH Place

1989-90            Individual Medalist

                        Relay Team               4×800 Meter Relay     7TH Place

1990-91            Team Finished THIRD at STATE MEET!

                        Sectional Champions

                        Individual Medalists

                        Maurice Dotson          800 Meter Run           2ND Place
LuCian Scott              Shot Put                    8TH Place

                        Relay Teams              4×800 Meter Relay    STATE CHAMPIONS!
4×400 Meter Relay    2ND Place
4×100 Meter Relay    4TH Place
4×200 Meter Relay    4TH Place

1991-92            Team Finished SECOND at STATE MEET!

                        Sectional Champions

                        Individual Medalists

                        Omari Banner             400 Meter Dash         3RD Place
200 Meter Dash         4TH Place
LuCian Scott               Shot Put                    3RD Place

                        Relay Teams               4×800 Meter Relay    STATE CHAMPIONS!

                                                            4×100 Meter Relay    2ND Place
4×400 Meter Relay    2ND Place

1992-93            Individual Medalists

                        Eugene Anthony          High Jump                 6TH Place
William Byrd                100 Meter Hurdles     8TH Place
300 Meter Hurdles     8TH Place

                        Relay Teams                4×800 Meter Relay     5TH Place
4×100 Meter Relay     6TH Place

1993-94           Individual Medalists

                       Eugene Anthony             High Jump               3RD Place
Relay Teams                  4×800 Meter Relay    3RD Place
4×400 Meter Relay    6TH Place

1994-95            Team Finished SEVENTH at STATE MEET!

                        Sectional Champions


                        Individual Medalists


                        Keith Rodgers               100 Meter Hurdles     5TH Place
Relay Teams                 4×100 Meter Relay    2ND Place
4×200 Meter Relay   3RD Place
4×400 Meter Relay    8TH Place


1995-96             Individual Medalists


                         Relay Teams                 4×200 Meter Relay    2ND Place

                                                               4×100 Meter Relay    3RD Place


Great Boys Track Athlete

*Al Joyner – late 1970’s – Won gold medal at 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

*Competed collegiately at Arkansas State University.

*Currently an assistant women’s track and field coach at UCLA.

*Was married to Olympic gold medalist and world record holder Florence Griffith-Joyner.



This is the sport with the best coverage on the IHSA website (www.ihsa.org) and with GOOD reason. Here is another long resume’ for a Tiger sport:


5  – Final 4 Appearances

6  – Elite 8 Appearances (Super-Sectional Titles)

9  – Sweet 16 Appearances (Sectional Titles)

14 – Regional Championships (Plus Two District Championships)

14 – 20+ Games-Won Seasons

Coach Bennie Lewis led the Tigers through all five of their Final Four appearances and came away with FOUR State Championships and one THIRD Place finish. Coach Lewis’ 27-year stay at East St. Louis Lincoln garnered his teams an overall record of 519-191 for a .731 winning percentage!! Coach Lewis was named to the “100 Legends of IHSA Boys Basketball Tournament team,” in 2007!

Bennie Lewis also ranks among Illinois’ best high school basketball coaches in the following categories:

#19 All-Time – Most Consecutive Winning Seasons (19)

#42 All-Time – Most Career Wins (559)

#44 All-Time – Most Wins One School (497 at Lincoln)

Most Schools Coached to Sweet 16 (2) (Lincoln and later ESL Senior)

Most Championship Games Coached in (4 – all at Lincoln)

Most State Titles – (4 – all at Lincoln)

Most Consecutive State Titles (3 – all at Lincoln)

Most Trophies Won – (6 – five at Lincoln)

Most Consecutive Years Winning Trophy – (4 – all at Lincoln)

Most Games Won in Final 16 Rounds – 24

Most Consecutive Games Won in State Tourney – 30

Most Consecutive Games Won in State Final 16 Rounds – 14

Coach Lewis continued his coaching career at East St. Louis Senior High School where he took two teams to the Elite Eight in Champaign-Urbana. The 1998-99 team went to the State Quarterfinals and the 1999-2000 team placed 3rd. Both of those teams competed in Class AA!

The seasonal records, as listed on the IHSA website, are listed below:

1935-36                 SICCHS Runner-Ups

1946-47    8 – 16     District Champions                         Coach Ellis Moore

1947-48  10 – 15

1948-49    9 – 16     District / Regional Champions

1949-50  17 – 7

1950-51  15 – 9

1951-52  14 – 9

1952-53  20 – 5                                                          Coach John Caldwell

1953-54  18 – 6                                                          Coach John Caldwell

1954-55  19 – 6                                                          Coach John Caldwell

1955-56  25 – 2       (Nice Record!)                              Coach John Caldwell

1956-57  27 – 1       (Great Record!)                             Coach Earl “Tree” Harris
1957-58  22 – 5       Regional Champions                  Coach Earl “Tree” Harris

1958-59  22   2       (Great Record!)                             Coach Earl “Tree” Harris

1959-62                                                                    Coach Henry Harris

1962-63  20 – 4                                                          Coach Earl “Tree” Harris

1963-64  15 – 7

1964-65  21 – 4

1967-68  14 – 9

1968-69                                                                    Coach Earl “Tree” Harris

1969-70  13 – 9                                                          Coach Earl “Tree” Harris

1970-71  19 – 7                                                          Coach Earl “Tree” Harris

1971-72  24 – 4       Regional Champions                  Coach Bennie Lewis

Sectional Championship Game

                             Lost to Collinsville 94 – 82

1972-73                                                                    Coach Bennie Lewis

1973-74  16 – 8                                                          Coach Bennie Lewis

1974-75  14 – 12                                                        Coach Bennie Lewis

1975-76  18 – 6                                                          Coach Bennie Lewis

1976-77  17 – 7                                                          Coach Bennie Lewis

1977-78  14 – 8                                                          Coach Bennie Lewis

1978-79  17 – 8                                                          Coach Bennie Lewis

1979-80  26 – 2       Sweet 16 Qualifier!!                    Coach Bennie Lewis

                             Regional Champions

                             Beat Collinsville 70-49 in TItle Game

                             Sectional Champions

                             Super-Sectional Finalist

                             Lost to Effingham 74 – 68

1980-81  21 – 4                                                          Coach Bennie Lewis

1981-82  29 – 1       IHSA CLASS AA CHAMPIONS!!   Coach Bennie Lewis

                             Regional Champions

                             Sectional Champions

                             Super-Sectional Champions

                             Beat Murphysboro 64 – 50

                             Elite 8 Finalist

                             Beat Arlington Hts.  60 – 46

                             Final Four Finalist

                             Beat Chicago Marshall 57 – 54

                             STATE CHAMPS!

Beat Chicago Mendell  56 – 50

1982-83  26 – 3       Elite 8 Qualifier!!                         Coach Bennie Lewis

                             Regional Champions

                             Sectional Champions

                             Beat Collinsville in Semi-Final 58-57

                             Super-Sectional Champions

                             Beat Benton  53 – 49

                             Elite 8 Finalist

                             Lost to Springfield Lanphier 55 – 47

1983-84  19 – 7                                                           Coach Bennie Lewis

1984-85  19 – 6                                                           Coach Bennie Lewis

1985-86  20 – 7       Sweet 16 Qualifier!                      Coach Bennie Lewis

                             Regional Champions

                             Sectional Champions

                             Super-Sectional Finalist

                             Lost to Carbondale 58 – 55

1986-87  28 – 1       IHSA CLASS AA CHAMPIONS!!    Coach Bennie Lewis

                             Regional Champions

                             Sectional Champions

                             (Beat Collinsville in Semi-Final 48-47)

                             Super-Sectional Champions

                             Beat Mt. Vernon 35 – 26

                             Elite 8 Finalist

                             Beat Oak Forest 64 – 58

                             Final Four Finalist

                             Beat Quincy 55 – 49

                             STATE CHAMPS! 

                             Beat Chicago King 79 – 62

1987-88  29 – 4       IHSA CLASS AA CHAMPIONS!!    Coach Bennie Lewis

                             Regional Champions

                             Sectional Champions

                             Super-Sectional Champions

                             Beat Centralia  69 – 41

                             Elite 8 Finalist

                             Beat Evanston  80 – 56

                             Final Four Finalist

                             Beat Peoria Manual  67 – 50

                             STATE CHAMPS! 

                             Beat Chicago St. Francis  60 – 52


1988-89  29 – 4       IHSA CLASS AA CHAMPIONS!!    Coach Bennie Lewis

                             Regional Champions

                             Sectional Champions

                             Super-Sectional Champions

                             Beat Mt. Vernon   55 – 47

                             Elite 8 Finalist

                             Beat Aurora East  72 – 70

                             Final Four Finalist

                             Beat Chicago King  60 – 57

                             STATE CHAMPS! 

                             Beat Peoria Central 59 – 57 (3 O/T)

1989-90  22 – 8       IHSA CLASS AA THIRD PLACE!   Coach Bennie Lewis

                             Regional Champions

                             Sectional Champions

                             Beat Collinsville in Title Game 60-51

                             Super-Sectional Champions

                             Beat Marion  51 – 47 (O/T)

                             Elite 8 Finalist

                             Beat Elgin  64 – 54

                             Final Four Finalist

Lost to Chicago King  54 – 49

                             Third Place Game Winner

                             Beat Quincy  61 – 60

1990-91  11 – 10                                                         Coach Bennie Lewis

1991-92  19 – 7        Regional Champions                  Coach Bennie Lewis

                              Lost Sectional Title Game to

Collinsville 52 – 44

1992-93  16 – 8                                                           Coach Bennie Lewis

1993-94  21 – 7        Regional Champions                  Coach Bennie Lewis

1994-95                                                                     Coach Bennie Lewis

1995-96  15 – 9                                                           Coach Bennie Lewis

1996-97                                                                     Coach Bennie Lewis

1997-98  20 – 7        Sweet 16 Qualifier!                     Coach Bennie Lewis

                              Regional Champions

                              Sectional Champions

                              Beat Collinsville in title game 60-55 (O/T)

                              Super-Sectional Finalist

                              Lost to Centralia 51 – 41

School’s Final Season – Lincoln Tiger Pride to the end!!

More Boys Basketball Facts

Research provided by Mark Jurenga 

*Career record of 13-10 against the storied Collinsville Kahoks.

*Competed six times in the legendary St. Louis Shootout (5-1 record).

1982 – vs. Collinsville W 42-40

1986 – vs. Memphis (TN) Central High W 68-53

1987 – vs. Chesapeake (VA) Indian River  L 56-53

Indian River featured future Georgetown and Miami Heat star Alonzo

Mourning (#2 pick in NBA draft the same year as LaPhonso Ellis)

1988 – vs. Louisville (KY) Ballard  W 68-67

Ballard featured future Tennessee and New York Knicks guard Allan Houston.

1989 – vs. Santa Ana (CA) Mater Dei   W 62-48

MD featured future Cal-Berkeley player Reggie Geary

1991 – vs. Jackson (MS) Murrah W 68-60

Murrah had future Mississippi and Chicago Bulls player Otella Harrington.

Schnuck’s Collinsville Holiday Classic.

Record: 24-12  1988 champions. 12 years in tourney.


1986 LaPhonso Ellis MVP, James Harris

1987 LaPhonso Ellis

1988 Cuonzo Martin MVP, Vincent Jackson

1993 Tyrone Caswell MVP, Jamaal Horton

1997 Darius Miles, Terrence Slater

Colinsville Tournament Records (As of 12-20-2007)

Team Records

Single Game

Most Pts. Winning team 114 vs. Springfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin), 1988

Most Pts. Losing team 83 vs. Belleville (East) (96), 1996

Largest Margin of Victory 68 vs. Springfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin) 114-46, 1988

Most Rebounds 51 vs. St. Jacob (Triad), 1993

Most Blocked Shots 15 vs. St. Jacob (Triad), 1986

All Games

Most Pts. Tournament 377, 1988

Most Blocked Shots Tournament 38, 1987

Individual Records
Single game

Most steals 8-Cuonzo Martin vs. Springfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin) 1988

Most Blocks 13-LaPhonso Ellis vs. Springfield (Calvary) 1987

All Games

Most Points 118-Cuonzo Martin, 1988

2pt Field Goal %  .823 (51-62)-Cuonzo Martin, 1988

Most Blocks 32-LaPhonso Ellis, 1987

1983 – Bloomington-Normal State Farm Holiday Classic

Grand Championship Game – Galesburg 93 East St. Louis (Lincoln) 80

Tournament Records

Highest Scoring Championship Game: 173, Galesburg 93 ESL (Lincoln) 80, 1983.

Individual Scoring Champion

1983 – Fred Towns, ESL (Lincoln) 22.25 ppg.


1983 – Fred Jones, Fred Towns


*LaPhonso Ellis, Played basketball at University of Notre Dame and was named to All-century team at ND. #5 pick in NBA Draft by Miami Heat, had 11-year NBA career.(Miami, Minnesota, Atlanta). Currently a radio analyst for the University of Notre Dame radio network (as of 2006-07 season). Named to the “100 Legends of IHSA Boys Basketball Tournament team,” in 2007.

LaPhonso Ellis was inducted into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2014 as a player. The following is the IBCA HoF write-up for LaPhonso.

Link to view this information:  https://basketballmuseumofillinois.com/hall-of-fame/players/19-hof-players/884-laphonso-ellis/

Year Inducted: 2014

Category: Players

Schools / Organizations: (East St. Louis) Lincoln High School
The University of Notre Dame
NBA:  Nuggets

Biography: LaPhonso Led (East St. Louis) Lincoln High School to IHSA Class AA Championships in 1987 and 1988, earning Parade Magazine and McDonald’s All-American player honors.  In 2007, he was named as one of the “100 legends of the IHSA State BAsketball Tournament”.  LaPhonso went on to amass 1,505 points, 1,075 rebounds and a school-record 200 blocked shots at The University of Notre Dame.  He was drafted 5th overall by the Denver Nuggets in 1992 and played in the NBA until 2003.


*Tyrone Jackson played college basketball at Kansas State from 1982-1985.

He played in 81 games, scored 340 career points, and gathered in 305 career rebounds.


*Vincent Jackson played basketball at Moberly Area (Mo.) Community College from 1989-91. He played basketball at Kansas State from 1991-1993. Vincent played in 60 games, including 50 starts. His junior year averaged 9.1 ppg and his senior year averaged 13.7 ppg (Led K-State in scoring). He had 137 assists in his career, 69 career steals; #15 all-time at KSU. Vincent led team his senior year with 42 steals.


*Cuonzo Martin, Played basketball at Purdue University where he helped Boilermakers to two Big Ten championships. Played for Vancouver and Milwaukee in the NBA. Also played professionally in Italy. Named to the “100 Legends of IHSA Boys Basketball Tournament team,” in 2007. Cuonzo Martin was named new men’s basketball coach at Missouri State University beginning with the 2008-09 season. Cuonzo was named MVP of the Collinsville High School Christmas Tourney in 1988 and 1989. He was also named one of the top forwards in the state of Illinois for high school basketball in 1989 by the Chicago Tribune.

Cuonzo Martin was inducted into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2014 as a player. The following is the HoF write up for Cuonzo Martin.

Link to view this information:  https://basketballmuseumofillinois.com/hall-of-fame/players/19-hof-players/894-cuonzo-martin/

Year Inducted: 2014

Category: Players

Schools / Organizations: (East St. Louis) Lincoln High School
Purdue University
NBA: Hawks, Grizzlies
Coaching: Missouri State, California, Tennessee, Missouri

Biography: Cuonzo played on 2 IHSA State Championship teams and an IHSA 3rd place team while playing for (East St. Louis) Lincoln High School.  He then had a standout career at Purdue University, scoring 1,666 points while leading the Boilermakers to a 90-37 record.  The squad won 3 consecturive Big Ten titles.  Cuonzo averaged 18.4 ppg during his senior season in 1994-95.  He went on to play several years in the NBA for the Hawks and Grizzlies.  He then turned to coaching, first as an assistant at his alma mater, Purdue University and then as the head coach at Missouri State University, The University of California—Berkley, The University of Tennessee, and the University of Missouri.


*Chris McKinney – Played basketball at San Diego State University where he started on the varsity as a true freshman. He was named on the ballot for the “100 Legends of IHSA Boys Basketball Tournament team,” in 2007. Chris was named to the Collinsville High School Christmas Tournament All-Tourney team in 1989.  He was also named one of the top guards in the state of Illinois for high school basketball in 1989 by the Chicago Tribune. Chris has continued his love for basketball by coaching at the high school level. In the 2012-13 season Chris was the Assistant Coach of the Cahokia High School ‘Comanches’ who placed 2nd in the Illinois High School Association Class 3A tournament!

Chris McKinney was inducted into the Illinois basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2021 as a player. The following is the HoF write-up for Chris McKinney.

Link to view this information:  https://basketballmuseumofillinois.com/hall-of-fame/players/19-hof-players/2888-chris-mckinney/

Year Inducted: 2021

Category: Players

Schools / Organizations: (East St. Louis) Lincoln High School
Oral Roberts University
Midland (TX) Junior College
San Diego State University

Biography: At (East St. Louis) Lincoln High School, Chris averaged 9ppg, 18.2ppg, and 21.7 ppg his soph-sr years respectively, averaged 2.6 and 2.7 assists per game his jr-sr years respectively, and 5.6 and 9 rebounds per game his jr-sr years respectively.  He played in 12 state tournament games with a record of 11-1 which is a record he shares with teammate Cuonzo Martin.  He was among the school leaders at the now closed Lincoln for fg made, ft converted and total points scored.  Chris was selected as an All-State player during both his junior and senior years.  During those two seasons, he was also selected on the All Tournament teams at the IHSA State Finals. Chris was selected as an Honorable Mention on the McDonald’s All American Team.

After his prep days were completed, Chris began at San Diego State University before transferring to Midland (TX) JC.  At Midland, he was an NJCAA All American player. This gained the recognition that led to Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK.  His best overall season was his junior season at ORU where he averaged 15ppg, 3.8 rpg, and 3.2 assists per game.  He played in the European Basketball League and was the MVP for Geissen of German.


*Darius Miles transferred to East St. Louis (Sr). after Lincoln shutdown. He was the 3rd overall pick in the 2000 NBA Draft by the Los Angeles Clippers. He has also played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Portland Trail Blazers.



The Lady Tigers had an incredible (that word pops up a lot when you review ESL Lincoln’s athletic history) run of success on their own.  Here is the ESL Lincoln Lady Tigers’ resume’:


1  – Undefeated Season

4  – STATE Runner-Up Finishes!!

5  – State Championship Game Appearances

7  – State Tournament Trophies Won

11 – Elite 8 Appearances

12 – Sweet 16 Appearances

20 – Regional Championships (out of 21 seasons covered!)

The East St. Louis Lincoln girls basketball program as recorded on the IHSA website are in turn listed below.

1977-78               Regional Champions

1978-79   32 – 2    IHSA CLASS AA STATE RUNNER-UP!   Coach Earnest Riggins

                           Regional Champions

                           Sectional Champions

                           Super-Sectional Champions

                           Beat Mt. Vernon  86 – 42

                           Elite 8 Finalist

                           Beat Waukegan  71 – 55 

                           Final 4 Finalist

                           Beat Sterling  41 – 33

                           State Championship Game

                           Lost to Skokie Niles West  63 – 47

1979-80   31 – 0    IHSA CLASS AA STATE CHAMPIONS!  Coach Earnest Riggins

                           Regional Champions

                           Sectional Champions

                           Super-Sectional Champions

                           Beat Belleville West  80 – 40

                           Elite 8 Finalist

                           Beat Chicago Maria  64 – 31

                           Final 4 Finalist

                           Beat Buffalo Grove  66 – 38

                           State Championship Game

                           Beat Chicago Marshall   64 – 47 


1980-81   29 – 1    IHSA Class AA Elite 8 Qualifiers!          Coach Earnest Riggins

                           Regional Champions

                           Sectional Champions

                           Super-Sectional Champions

                           Beat Belleville West  51 – 34

                           Elite 8 Finalist

                           Lost to Peoria Richwoods  50 – 43

Richwoods Finished 2ND

1981-82   28 – 3    IHSA CLASS AA STATE RUNNER-UP!   Coach Earnest Riggins               

                           Regional Champions

                           Sectional Champions

                           Super-Sectional Champions

 Beat Belleville West  40 – 31

                           Elite 8 Finalist

Beat Bartonville Limestone 67 – 46

                           Final 4 Finalist

Beat Dixon  53 – 42

                           State Championship Game

                           Lost to Chicago Marshall  57 – 49

1982-83   28 – 2    IHSA Class AA Elite 8 Finalist!              Coach Earnest Riggins      

                           Regional Champions

                           Sectional Champions

                           Super-Sectional Champions

Beat Murphysboro 60 – 36

                           Elite 8 Finalist

Lost to Chicago Marshall  72 – 71 (O/T)                        

Marshall Finished 3RD

1983-84   22 – 4    IHSA Class AA Elite 8 Finalist!              Coach Charles McDonald

                           Regional Champions

                           Sectional Champions

                           Super-Sectional Champions

   Beat Highland  45 – 31

                           Elite 8 Finalist

Lost to Chicago Marshall  67 – 55

Marshall Finished 4TH

1984-85               Regional Champions

1985-86   29 – 2    IHSA Class AA THIRD PLACE Finish!    Coach Charles McDonald

                           Regional Champions

                           Sectional Champions

                           Super-Sectional Champions

Beat Mt. Vernon  60 – 36

                           Elite 8 Finalist

Beat Des Plaines Maine West  57 – 41

                           Final 4 Finalist

                           Lost to Peoria Manual 51 – 46

Manual State Champs

                           Third Place Game

                           Beat Richards  68 – 37

1986-87   20 – 3    IHSA Class AA Sweet 16 Finalist!         Coach Charles McDonald

                          Regional Champions

                          Sectional Champions

                          Super-Sectional Finalist

Lost to Metropolis  47 – 44

Metropolis Finshed 2ND

1987-88               Regional Champions
1988-89               Regional Champions

1989-90   25 – 1   IHSA Class AA THIRD PLACE Finish!     Coach Charles McDonald

                           Regional Champions

                           Sectional Champions

                           Super-Sectional Champions

                           Beat Olney  69 – 36

                           Elite 8 Finalist

Beat Palatine Fremd  52 – 39

                           Final 4 Finalist

                           Lost to Aurora West  47 – 38

Aurora West Finished 2ND

                           Third Place Game

                           Beat Chicago Mother McAuley  53 – 51                          

1990-91   28 – 2    IHSA CLASS AA STATE RUNNER-UP!   Coach Charles McDonald

                           Regional Champions

                           Sectional Champions

                           Super-Sectional Champions

                           Beat Matoon  80 – 56

                           Elite 8 Finalist

Beat Chicago Washington  54 – 35

                           Final 4 Finalist

Beat Hoffman Estates  58 – 53  (O/T)

                           State Championship Game

                           Lost to Chicago Mother McAuley  69 – 65

1991-92   19 – 6    IHSA Class AA Elite 8 Finalist!              Coach Charles McDonald

                           Regional Champions

                           Sectional Champions

                           Super-Sectional Champions

Beat Centralia  64 – 46

                           Elite 8 Finalist

Lost to Des Plaines Maine West 39 – 23

Maine West Finished 3RD

1992-93               Regional Champions
1993-94               Regional Champions

1994-95               Regional Champions
1996-97               Regional Champions

1997-98   28 – 3    IHSA Class AA STATE RUNNER-UP!      Coach Charles McDonald

                           Regional Champions

                           Sectional Champions

                           Super-Sectional Champions

Beat Taylorville  70 – 67

                           Elite 8 Finalist

Beat Quincy  56 – 49

                           Final 4 Finalist

                           Beat Orland Park Sandburg  54 – 31

                           State Championship Game

Lost to Wilmette Loyola Academy  62 – 48



The Tigerettes have two basketball players who have been inducted into the Illinois Coaches Association Basketball Hall of Fame as Players.

**Jackie Joyner Kersee

Link for the IBCA HoF write up:  https://basketballmuseumofillinois.com/hall-of-fame/players/19-hof-players/1266-jackie-joyner-kersee/

Year Inducted: 2019

Category: Players

Schools / Organizations: (East St. Louis) Lincoln High School
College:  UCLA
USA Track/Olympic Champion
ABL:  Richmond Rage

Biography: Jackie has been called the greatest female athlete of all time by Sports Illustrated.  She starred in basketball and track at (East St. Louis) Lincoln High School.  During her senior season, she led her undefeated squad to the IHSA Class AA Championship with a 64-47 win over (Chicago) Marshall High School.  Jackie accepted a scholarship to UCLA to participate in both sports.  Jackie scored 1,167 career points for the Bruins and started for her 4 seasons on the squad.  Her senior season, 1984-85, Jackie helped the squad to an NCAA tournament appearance before losing to that year’s runner-up, Georgia.  Jackie still ranks in the top 20 Bruins in career points scored.  As impressive as this is, she was simultaneously starring on the track team.  She used a red shirt year from basketball during the 1983-84 year to concentrate on track and qualify for the Olympic Games.  Over the next decade, Jacke won an impressive 3 gold medals, one silver and two bronze medals in Olympic competition.  In 1996, she played briefly for the Richmond Rage of the American Basketball League.  Jackie has dedicated her post competitive life to working for charitable organizations that focus on helping children, notably in her home town of East St. Louis.


**Tina Hutchinson

Link for the IBCA HoF write up:  https://basketballmuseumofillinois.com/hall-of-fame/players/19-hof-players/2829-tina-hutchinson/

Year Inducted: 2021

Category: Players

Schools / Organizations: East St. Louis Lincoln High School
San Diego State University

Biography: Tina Hutchinson played at East St. Louis Lincoln HS, gaining many accolades. She scored more than 3,000 high school points on 78% shooting from the field and 80% from the free throw line.  She averaged over 35 points and 15 rebounds in her senior year, capping it off with 41 points and 17 rebounds in her final game, the quarterfinals of the IHSA state tournament. She was named the Parade Magazine Girls’ High School National Player of the Year and USA Today All-American and Girls’ Basketball Player of the Year. Tina continued her career at San Diego State University and as a freshman had 898 points over 30 games averaging 29.9 points a game.  She had 46 pts. in a single game and both set freshman records across NCAA Division I.  Her 29.9 points per game is 11th all-time for any class. Tina led her team to a berth in the NCAA Tournament. During her sophomore year, Tina suffered a career ending knee injury.


**Toni Wallace

From Mark Jurenga:

Illinois High School Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame, Class of 2009, inducted Toni Wallace, who helped East St. Louis Lincoln High place second in the Class AA Girls State Tournament in 1982.

The IBCA Hall of Fame website does not list a bio for Toni Wallace.

The following is the IBCA web link to show that Wallace is a member of this prestigious group:  https://basketballmuseumofillinois.com/hall-of-fame/players/

Great Job Lady Tigers!!



No State Championships, but WHAT A RECORD!  The harriers of East St. Louis ran quite well too. The Lady Tiger program garnered THIRTEEN Regional Titles, NINE Sectional Titles, ONE District Title, Qualified for the State Meet FIFTEEN times, and placed in the Top-Ten SEVEN Times!!  Coach Nino Fennoy of track fame led the charges at least for two seasons, possibly many more. 

1980-81             Team Qualified for State Meet!
1981-82             Team Qualified for State Meet!

                         District / Sectional Champions

1982-83             Team Finished EIGHTH at STATE MEET!

                         Regional / Sectional Champions
1983-84             Team Qualified for State Meet!

                         Sectional Champions
1984-85             Team Finished SIXTH at STATE MEET!

                         Regional / Sectional Champions
1985-86             Team Finished FOURTH at STATE MEET!

                         Regional / Sectional Champions

                 Individual Medalist – Celisa Shy       15TH Place
1986-87             Team Finished NINTH at STATE MEET!

                         Regional / Sectional Champions

                 Individual Medalists – Sara Fleming        19TH Place

                                                    Erica Eastern        20TH Place
1987-88             Team Finished SECOND at STATE MEET!

                         Regional / Sectional Champions

                 Individual Medalists – Erica Eastern          8TH Place
Sara Fleming        16TH Place

1988-89             Team Finished SEVENTH at STATE MEET!

                         Regional / Sectional Champions

                 Individual Medalist – Montrice Granberry  17TH Place
1989-90             Team Finished TENTH at STATE MEET!

                         Regional / Sectional Champions

                 Individual Medalists – Marques Sanders    STATE CHAMPION!!
Montrice Granberry  6TH Place
1990-91             Team Qualified for State Meet!

                         Regional Champions
1991-92             Team Qualified for State Meet!

                         Regional Champions
1992-93              Regional Champions
1993-94             Team Qualified for State Meet!

                         Regional Champions
1994-95             Team Qualified for State Meet!          Coach Nino Fennoy

                         Regional / Sectional Champions
1995-96             Team Qualified for State Meet!          Coach Nino Fennoy

                         Regional Champions



The boys Cross Country program had great success under long-time coach Leonard Manley.  Coach Manley’s tenure ent from at least 1979-80 through 1994-95. During this period Manley’s teams won a total of NINE Regional Titles, TWO Sectional Titles, and Qualified for the Stae Meet competition on EIGHT occassions! 

1978-79    Individual Medalist – Aurthur H???        25TH Place

1979-81                                                                      Coach Leonard Manley

1981-82            Team Qualified for State Meet!         Coach Leonard Manley

1982-84                                                                      Coach Leonard Manley

1982-83    Individual Medalist – Dedrick Flowers    12TH Place
1984-85            Team Qualified for State Meet!         Coach Leonard Manley

                        Regional Champions

1985-86            Regional Champions                         Coach Leonard Manley
1986-87            Regional Champions                         Coach Leonard Manley
1987-88            Team Qualified for State Meet!         Coach Leonard Manley

                        Regional Champions
1988-89            Team Qualified for State Meet!         Coach Leonard Manley

                        Regional Champions
1989-90            Team Qualified for State Meet!         Coach Leonard Manley

                        Sectional Champions

                Individual Medalist  – John Jackson       20TH Place
1990-91            Team Qualified for State Meet!         Coach Leonard Manley

                        Regional / Sectional Champions

                Individual Medalist – Marcus Farrell       19TH Place
1991-92            Team Qualified for State Meet!         Coach Leonard Manley

                        Regional Champions

                Individual Medalist – Marcus Farrell       24TH Place

1992-93            Team Qualified for State Meet!         Coach Leonard Manley

                        Regional Champions
1993-94            Team Qualified for State Meet!         Coach Leonard Manley

                        Regional Champions

1994-95                                                                      Coach Leonard Manley



The lady netters success included 3 Regional Championships and 2 District Championships.  Unfortunately coach’s names and team records are not currently available.

1977-78         District Champions
1981-82         District Champions 

1982-83         Regional Champions

1993-94         Regional Champions
1997-98         Regional Champions



Three Tiger football teams qualified for the IHSA State Playoffs on three occassions. In 1975, the gridiron boys advanced to the.final four before falling to eventual State Champion Metamora 14-12. The only seasons listed on the IHSA website are listed below.

1975-76          IHSA CLASS 3A FINAL FOUR!!               Coach Jimmie Adams

                     Beat Carmi  33 – 10

                     Beat Newton  32 – 19

                     Lost to Metamora  14 – 12

Metamora Won the State Championship.

East St. Louis Lincoln Football Team 1975
A group of people posing for a photo

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Submitted by Richard Savage (From IHSA State Playoff Program)

1990-91         IHSA Class 5A Sweet 16 Finalist             Coach James Monken

                     Beat Belleville East  13 – 7

                     Lost to East St. Louis Sr.  56 – 14

1991-92         Qualified for IHSA Class 5A Playoffs       Coach James Monken

Lost to Normal Community 14 – 13 (2 O/T)

1994-95   6 – 3                                                               Coach Jimmie Adams

1995-96   5 – 3                                                               Coach Jimmie Adams

1996-98                                                                         Coach Jimmie Adams

OTHER NOTES (courtesy of Don Greco):

The Tigers were part of the ILL-MO conference with other African-American schools in the St. Louis Metro Area, and won the 1949 season title at 10-0-1.

In 1960, Lincoln shutout Cairo Sumner 87-0. In that game, Orville Townsend scored 48 points (equal to eight touchdowns) for Coach Lawrence Simmons’ squad.

Anthony Carson was one of the top passers in the Metro area, completing 72 of 174 passes for 1,263 yards in 1988.

The following two seasons, Lester (Duby) Anderson passed for over 1,700 yards (1,745 in 1989 & 1,708 in 1990) for Coach Jim Monken (who came over after the closure of East St. Louis Assumption).



The grapplers of East St. Louis Lincoln had some good seasons too. A total of six athletes won seven different individual medals while as a team the Tigers won two District Championships.

1965-66     Individual Medalist – Henry Medley      103 lbs.       4TH Place
1966-67     District Champions

1967-68     District Champions

                 Individual Medalists – Mel Jackson        95lbs.        5TH Place

                                                    McNary Nollie   112lbs.        6TH Place

1968-69     Individual Medalist – McNary Nollie      120lbs.        6TH Place
1973-74     Individual Medalist – Dudley Stennis     HWT          5TH Place

1982-83     Individual Medalist – Earl Clark             185lbs.       4TH Place
1994-95     Individual Medalist – Jan Yates             275lbs.       3RD Place



Lincoln High School excelled in producing high quality musicians, excellent band leaders, and had some incredible success. From 1980 – 1994 the East St. Louis Jazz Band, under the direction of Mr. RONALD CARTER, were named the best jazz band in the United States! Mr. Carter would go on to become a Professor Emeritus at Northern Illinois University!

The jazz program as East St. Louis Lincoln High School has a long and storied history. World Famous and Grammy Award winning musician MILES DAVIS attended East St. Louis Lincoln High School in the early 1940s, getting his start in music while attending the school.

To read more about Mr. Davis and his incredible list of accomplishments and brief biography check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miles_Davis.

Mr. LEON THOMAS was also a former Lincoln High School student from the early 1970sand a renowned jazz singing performer. 

To read more about Mr. Thomas please check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leon_Thomas



The East St. Louis Lincoln High School Drill team was one of the best in nation. We are searching and welcoming any in-put regarding the Lincoln HS Drill Team. Here is some words from a former Drill Team Member:

**From Jonnie Barkely:

“I am a 1974 graduate of Lincoln Senior High School in the great town of East St. Louis, IL.  Back then, high school was the bomb and I was a member of the awesome Drill Team, which I don’t see mentioned at all.  We were the top Drill Team back then because we marched and twirled guns.  We participated in parades, school assemblies and performed at half-time shows at football games.  We were once invited by the St. Louis Cardinals to participate in the half-time show at Busch Stadium back in 1973 (guessing).  It was a scary, but once we got on the field it was all or nothing.  We marched, twirled our guns and did our very best.  I can remember for a few practices, our leader asked…I believe it was the National Guard, to attend and show us new moves with the guns.  They taught us how to throw the gun up in the air and catch it at the top and hit the floor in unison.  It was amazing.  We did this at one of the school assemblies, and the crowd went wild cheering for us.”



The East St. Louis Lincoln kids had a very diverse program to choose from. Their academic department was strong as well.  Take a look at the successes attained in Group Interpretation competition.

1977-78        Qualified for IHSA State Competition!     

1983-84        IHSA Team Placed FIFTH!

                    Regional Champions

1984-85        Qualified for IHSA State Competition!



The Individual Medalist competition proved to be a great experience for many kids as well.  FOUR Regional Championships, ONE Sectional Championship, ONE Top-Ten Finish, and SIX Individual Medalists highlighted the Tiger success in this competition.

1971-72         Individual Medalist – Don Smith          Humor Interp.   3RD Place

1978-79         Individual Medalist – Courtney Vales   Verse                6TH Place

1981-82         Individual Medalists – Barry Malloyd    Humor Duet      3RD Place
Tonette Spencer Humor Duet     3RD Place

1983-84         Regional Champions

                     Individual Medalist – Kim Walker         Prose                6TH Place
1984-85         Regional Champions
1985-86         Regional Champions

                     Individual Medalist – Lonnell Harris     Orig Comedy     6TH Place
1986-87         IHSA Team Placed TENTH!!

                    Regional Champions
Sectional Champions

                    Individual Medalist – Lonnell Harris      Orig Comedy     STATE CHAMPION!!



The Illinois Theatre Festival is the largest, non-competetive high school theatre festival in the world. It was organized in 1976 by teachers from the Chicago suburbs. This festival is still going strong as they perform at the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana) and Illinois State University every other January. Lincoln High school participated in this festival in 1976.



John Evans provides this tidbit of information on a former student of East St. Louis Lincoln High School:

“Jazz trumpet legend Miles Davis attended East St. Louis Lincoln High School in the late 1930s and early 1940s.


Then there is this story from Mark Jurenga as viewed in the July 27, 2008 edition of the Belleville News Democrat:

“I’ve got a GREAT story for the site. In today’s Belleville News-Democrat, there is the story of Justin Mallett, currently a pitcher at the Class AAA Louisville Bats (Cincinnati Reds).

Mallett spent his sophomore year at East St. Louis (Lincoln), then transferred to Belleville (West), but ony pitched six innings. He was cut from the West team as a SENIOR.

He found his way to Meramac Community College and then to Sterling (Kan.) College and was signed by the Cincinnati Reds.

The newspaper link is: http://www.bnd.com/389/story/411340.html



*From Reginald McClure (Class of 1978)

“I am a 1978 graduate of E.St.Louis Lincoln…Go Tigers…I recently came across this page while looking up one of my old Coachs (Leonard Manley). I ran track and cross-country for Lincoln and have some found memories. I actually was one of Coach Manley’s earliest projects when he first got hired at Lincoln. He came to my house to talk to my Dad about me running cross-country at Lincoln again for my sophomore year. Well I ended up going to Tenesee State University with “Sparky” Fields, Alfredrick Joyner (Sweet Water). We made up those names one weekend while running AAU track for the East St. Louis Railers in the summer of 1978 while at a track meet in Hannibal MO. Anyway this article back lots of memories. I currently reside on the North Shore in Lake County Il. North Chicago is my new E.St.Louis. I raised my children here and still follow high school sports. GO TIGERS!”


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