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The History of Dudley Township High School

Dudley (population approximately 150) is located in the east-central portion of Illinois in the southwest area of Edgar County. Dudley sits about 7 miles east and a little south of Paris.  County Highway 20 is the main route to and from Dudley.  It connects the town to Illinois Route 16 just 1 mile to the south.  According to www.mapquest.com  Dudley is about 4 blocks from east to west and 3 blocks from north to south.

The village of Dudley was the benefactor of the Indianapolis & St. Louis Railroad line built in the early 1850s.  Dudley was platted along this line in 1855.  Several businesses and a school were soon established.  By the late 1800s Dudley enjoyed a population of over 300 residents.

The history of the Dudley Township school system is available at the web address of  http://www.archive.org/stream/historyofschools00hump#page/n77/mode/2up .  This address allows you to read the pages of a book titled “The History of the Schools of Edgar County, Illinois” written in 1968  by Charles Humphrey. The following information was taken from this book.

The first recorded official school in Dudley was established in 1855.  From 1855 to 1894 the school was taught in two different locations.  At one time the school was known as Dudley Academy. In 1894 a two-year high school course of study was added to the grades 1 – 8 curriculum. The two-year high school was called Dudley Township High School District No. 156.

In 1904 Dudley Township High School enjoyed its first official commencement exercises. These ceremonies were held every other year through the spring of 1935.  On some occasions Dudley Township High School and Grandview High School would hold their graduation ceremonies together.

It was decided in the spring of 1935 that Dudley Township High School would close.   The kids of Dudley would continue their education at Redmon High School after graduatiing from Dudley Grade School.  Dudley Grade School existed through the 1952-53 school year when it was closed for good.  It was then sold in 1956 and used as a community center.  Dudley students now attend school in nearby Kansas.

Dudley Township HIgh School Quick Facts

Year opened:             1894

Year closed:              1935

Consolidated to:         Redmon High School

Students now attend:  Kansas High School

Unknown if athletics offered


We believe that Dudley Township High School competed in boys basketball. Most 2-year schools of the day did, at least for a few years.  Baseball and track may have been offered as well.  “Quick Facts” information is needed for the Dudley High School athletic teams.  Also needed are coach’s names and team records.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Sports were likely not the only activity at DTHS.  It is probable that school plays, clubs, dances, and many other activities were a part of the well-rounded experience at Dudley High School.

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