Dallis City High School “Bulldogs”

Dallis City High School
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Photo Courtesy of Richard Soseman
Dallas City High School
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The History of Dallas City High School Unit District #336

Dallas City is located on the Mississippi River at the intersection of Illinois Routes 9 and 96 in western Illinois approximately 30 miles west and a little north of Macomb.  The town’s population hovers above 1,000 and has for many years.

Though no date is known for the origin of Dallas City High School the high school building itself is listed on the Henderson County web site as one of the “sights to see” in the county.  Its design is unique and is described as “castle-like”.  The building has stood proudly for nearly 100 years. The building was originally designed with two seperate stairways, one for “Guys Only” and one for “Girls Only”. The high school closed after the 2000-01 school year however the building still stands tall and proud, housing elementary school grades.

The high school students of Dallas City attended nearby Nauvoo-Colusa High School through the 2006-07 school year. Consolidation talks began with its neighbors of Carthage and La Harpe in the middle of the first decade of the 2000s.  Plans were finalized in 2006 and it was decided that the school districts of Carthage, Dallas City, and La Harpe would consolidate for the 2007-08 school year. The new school district would be named “Illini West” with the high school located in Carthage. (Thank you to Gary Collins for this corrected information.)

For more information regarding Dallas City, Illinois check out their web site at: http://www.dallascity-il.com/  

Dallas CIty High School Steeple
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Photo by Richard Soseman
Dallas City’s “Castle” High School
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Photo by Richard Soseman

Dallas City High School “Quick Facts”

Year Opened:         Early 1900s

Year Closed:          2001

Consolidated to:     Illini West High School (Carthage) in 2007

School Nickname:  the “Bulldogs”

School Colors:       Red and Black

School Fight Song: Not Available


As with many small towns of its day, basketball was the sport garnering most of the athletic success at the school.  The Bulldog boy’s teams earned 12 Regional Championships during the school’s existence, six of which were earned in the 1940s. Toward the late 1980s the names Rod Brent and Erick Danielson were familiar for Bulldog fans. The girl’s teams earned 5 Regional Championships.  The girl’s volleyball team also gained a Regional Championship and one Bulldog athlete took home two medals from the State Track Meet.  The athletic accomplishments of the Dallas City Bulldog teams are listed below.


As former coach Roger Icenogle states:

“Dallas City was a perennially strong basketball school from the 1940s until its recent consolidation.”

1926-27                 Hancock County Tourney Champs

1940-41                 Regional Champs

                             Hancock County Tourney Champs

1942-43                 Regional Champs

                             Hancock County Tourney Champs

1943-44                 Regional Champs

                             Hancock County Tourney Champs

1944-45                 Regional Champs

                             Hancock County Tourney Champs

1946-47                 Regional Champs

1948-49                 Regional Champs

1955-56                 Regional Champs

                             Hancock County Tourney Champs

1956-57                 Hancock County Tourney Champs

1962-63                 Hancock County Tourney Champs

1966-67                 Regional Champs

1968-69                 Hancock County Tourney Champs

1978-79  19 – 7                                                              Coach Roger Icenogle

                            Starting players:  Cevin Cox, John Foresman,

                            Randy Wright, Greg Ferrill,

and Byron Newberry

1979-80  23 – 5      Regional Champs                            Coach Roger Icenogle

                            Starting players:  Byron Newberry,

                            Jeff Herriman, Robbie Leake,

                            Brent Sparrow, and Tim Logan


Front row:  John Gittings, Bill Dowell, Jef Perry, Clay Vass, Robbie Leake, Jeff Herriman

Back row:  Jeff Vorhies, Rick Sartorius, Brent Sparrow, Tim Logan, Tim Bowen, Byron Newberry

Dallas City Bulldogs of 1979-80
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Submitted by Coach Roger Icenogle

1980-81  25 – 2      Lost Regional Final

22-0 start

Led by Robbie Leake

1981-82  27 – 1      Regional Champs                           Coach Mark Branscum

                            Undefeated Regular Season (24-0)

                            43-0 at home for Class of 1982.

                            (They NEVER lost a home game

                            in High School!!)

                            Roseville Tournament Champs

                            Hancock County Tournament Champs

                            LaMoine Valley Conference Champs

                            Regional Champions

                            Ranked 15th in Illinois

                            (1st Dallas City team to ever be ranked)

                            Ranked #1 – Quincy Herald Whig Rankings

                            Led by Tim Logan & Rick Sartorius

                            Sectional Finalist

Lost to Havana

who would place 4th

in tourney.

Dallas City HS Regional Champs 1981-82
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Submitted by Rick Sartorius (left click on photo for larger view)

1988-89                 Regional Champs

1989-90                 Regional Champs


Dallas City Boys Basketball “By The Numbers”:

103 – Number of points scored by the Bulldogs in a losing effort to Carthage in a February 21, 1994 Regional Tournament game.

78 – Total fouls in the game for both teams in the Bulldogs’ game against Carthage in the 1994 Regional Tournament.

77 – Number of rebounds pulled down by Bulldog players in a February 9, 1979 game against Farmington, IA Harmony H.S. The fourth highest number for a high school team in Illinois.

54 – Points scored by the Bulldogs’ Erick Danielson in a November 20, 1990 game against LaHarpe, the highest individual point total per game in school history.

10 – Three pointers made by Danielson in the 1990 game against LaHarpe, also school best.

6 – Of those three pointers were made in the first quarter.

8 – Number of overtimes in the Bulldogs’ Regional game against Carthage in 1994.

.507 – Three-point shot percentage accumulated by Danielson, the most in school history and among the top 25 best in the state. He was 69-for-136 from behind the arc.

.505 – Three-point shot percentage accumulated by the Bulldogs’ Rod Brent, second best in school history and also among the top 25 best in the state. He was 46-for-91 from behind the arc.

.490 – Career three-point shot percentage accumulated by Brent. He was 51-for -104.

Basketball Memories

From Rick Sartorius:

“I played on the Dallas City teams from 1978-1982 when we won 2 regional championships. I played on Dallas City High School’s only undefeated regular season team . We were 27-1 in 1982 (my senior year, and we were coached by Mark Branscum, and rated 15th in the state). We were the first Dallas City team team to EVER be ranked in the state. We lost to Havana in the Sectionals by 58-51 after being down by 17 points at the half. From 1979-1982 we went 23-5, 25-2, and 27-1…Basketball WAS Dallas City!”


1980-81  N.R.A.      Regional Champs         Coach’s names unavailable

1981-82  N.R.A.      Regional Champs

1985-86  N.R.A.      Regional Champs

1999-00  N.R.A.      Regional Champs

2000-01  N.R.A.      Regional Champs


1990-91  N. R. A.    Regional Champs          Coach’s name unavailable


1992   Krissy Meyers     1600m     3rd

                                     3200m     6th


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Dallas City vs. Plymouth
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