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The History of Coleta High School

Coleta School

Coleta, Illinois (population 100) is located 10 miles northwest of Sterling, as the crow flies, at the intersection of Pilgrim and Coleta roads in northern Whiteside County in Northern Illinois. It is about five miles south of Milledgeville as well.

The only evidence of a high school in Coleta comes from a newspaper exceprt from Larry Reynolds. Read the full version, courtesy of the Geneology Trails website:

“In the year 1920 the first high school class was held in the hall and cloak room of the Coleta school. Teacher was the late Roy Hurless. Fifteen students enrolled. In 1921 through 1924 the High School classes were held in the tenant house of the late Cyrus Bushman on South West Main Street now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Van Dusen. Teachers were Roy Hurless, Eskel Anderson, Victor Jacobson, and Myrtle (Jacobson) Bushman. The fourth year of the student-term was finished at the Milledgeville or Sterling High School.”

Costs and enrollment are believed to have made the high school curriculum cease in 1924. The building remained as a K-8 school until a new consoldated school was built on the south side of town. Read more about this school on the Country Schools of Whiteside County page.

Coleta High School “Quick Facts”:

Year high school program began:    1920

Year high school program ceased:   1924

Building Status:                                  Razed – 1950s

Year K-8 program ceased:                 1982

School Colors:                                    Green & White (Grade School)

School Mascot:                                   “Comets” (Grade School)

School Song:                                      Unknown

Need Your Information

The Coleta High School may have offered sports and other extra-curriculars, but that is not known at this time. We are hopeful someone will fill in the open areas regarding the history and accomplishments of the Coleta school.  If you have any information you can offer including our unknown “Quick Facts” information, and a higher resolution photo, please drop us an E-mail at – or – you can write to us at:

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