Claremont High School “Cardinals”

Claremont High School Building
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Courtesy of Charles Schell / Submitted by Bill Pierson

The History of Claremont High School

Claremont (population 212) is located in southeastern Illinois in east-central Richland County.  Claremont sits about 5 miles east of Olney on Claremont Road just south of U.S. Route 50.  The CSX Railroad line passes through town as well.  According to the Wikipedia web address of,_Illinois , the town of Claremont was established in 1853.  The O & M Railroad line passed through the area in 1855 helping to solidify the town’s early growth.

The history of Claremont High School is in need of more research.  We were sent information on Claremont High by a fan of the Glory Days site, Bill Pierson. Bill tells us that the school building in Claremont housed both the grade and high school classes until in 1947. In that year the school district was consolidated into the newly formed East Richland School District located in Olney.

Claremont High School was a three-year high school.  Claremont HS students who wanted to complete a fourth year of school continued on at Olney High School.

Samuel Lynch provides the following information about the Claremont school building:

“The Claremont school continued on as an elementary school (grades 1-8) for many years after the HS was moved to Olney.  I attended the elementary school from 1965-1973.  I am not sure how long after I graduated 8th grade that it continued as an elementary school but I believe at least until the 1980s.”

Claremont High School Quick Facts

Year opened:               early 1900s

Year closed:                1947

Consolidated to:           East Richland School District (Olney)

CHS team nickname:   “Cardinals”

Uniform colors:            Red & White

School Fight Song:      unavailable


We have been told there was a basketball program for boys at Claremont High School.  It is quite possible that baseball and track may have been offered as well.  We are currently in search of the school fight song, team records, and coach’s names of the teams that graced the courts and fields of Claremont High’s storied past.


We know that sports were not the only “game” in town at Claremont High.  It is probable that class plays, FFA, FHA, GAA, Band, and Chorus were all a part of the CHS experience.  If you have ANY information on these or other activities offered at Claremont High School please contact us at the address listed below.

We Need Your Assistance

If you have any further information regarding the town of Claremont and its former High School please contact us at .  A photo of the former high school building and other activities offered at CHS are welcome.  You can send items to us via real mail at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva Ave.

Chicago,  Il.  60631


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