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    The History of Chicago St. Procopius Catholic High School

Chicago (population 2.8 million) is located in the northeastern-most portion of Illinois in the heart of Cook County. Interstate Highways 55, 57, 88, 90, and 94 all lead you directly to and from Chicago. In addition, several Illinois and U.S. Routes will take you there as well.  Chicago was at one time one of the stockyard capitals of the world. The town was established in 1832 and incorporated in 1837.

The history of St. Procopius Catholic Parish can be viewed at the web address of: A brief summary of this article is as follows:

“St. Procopius parish was established in 1875 in the area of 19th and Halsted. A school was begun in 1876. The parish experienced immediate growth and needed to expand their facilities. In 1883, the church was converted to a school and a new church was built. In 1897, St. Procopius College was set up. St. Procopius College would eventually be moved to Lisle and become Benedictine University, which it remains today.”

St. Procopius High School opened in 1912 as a co-ed school, 11 years after St. Procopius College Academy moved to Lisle (that school is now Benet Academy). It started out as a two-year commercial school, expanded to three years in 1939 and then a fourth year in 1940 when it was called St. Procopius Commercial High School with general and commercial courses being offered. In 1951, the school accepted only girls and stayed open until its closure in 1981.

St. Procopius High School conitnued to serve the neighborhood for the next 30 years. At one time the combined enrollment of the high school and grade school reached 1,200 students. However, rising costs and dwindling enrollment would take their toll. The high school graduated its final class in 1981.

St. Procopius continues to support a grammar school today.

St. Procopius High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                                  1912

Year became an all-girls school:    1951

Year closed:                                   1981

St. Procopius HS team nickname:  unavailable

St. Procopius HS team colors:        unavailable

School Fight Song:                         unavailable


We can only surmise, at this point, that St. Procopius students competed in interscholastic athletics with other schools. We could find no mention of the school on the IHSA website. If you have this information, as well as the the missing “quick facts” info, please contact us via the means listed below.


From Bob Contreras (Class of 1979):

“My name is Robert Contreras, and I am St. Procopius High Class of 1979! I am one of 4 boys that had the privilege of attending this great school. I grew up in the surrounding neighborhood and was known by all the local people. Thanks to the then-associate pastor Fr. Terence Fitzmaurice O.S.B. I got my opportunity to graduate from high school at St. Procopius. I have so many memories of St.Procopius, the church, the school, the lot behind the school, the youth center, (which was established when I was there) and even the Carnivals and other fund-raising events that took place then, that I can write a book! People, situations, and events that took place from 1967 to 1984 are all etched in my mind forever.”

From Paulette DeHoyos (Class of 1966)

“School colors for the class of 1966 were navy blue and gold.”

From Cecilia Cruz (Class of 1978, dated 3/18/2021):

“I live not far from the school and every Sunday attended Mass. I remember when we have bands to play at the dances in the auditorium. The parents would prepare food in the kitchen to raise money for the school. We had bake and candy sales, raffles, and yearbook pledges where we would go to every commercial business for them to buy a page in the yearbook. We had performances for almost every occasion, and not to forget Christmas with the help of teachers and parents. Those are the fond memories I have when I attended St. Procopius H.S.”


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