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The History of Chicago St. Ann High School

Chicago (population: 2.8 million people) is the third largest city in the United States, located on the shores of Lake Michigan in northeastern Illinois. It was the fastest growing city in the US during the second half of the 19th Century, even with a great fire in 1871 that wiped out a good portion of the city, and by annexing numerous communities such as Woodlawn, Roseland, Englewood, Lake, Rogers Park, Humboldt Park, Forrestville, and Pilsen.

Interstates 55, 57, 90, and 94 will take you to the city, along with other highways with state and US designations, train service, and air travel to/from O’Hare International Airport as well as Midway Airport, both of which serve many travelers daily. As the city grew, Chicago became a melting pot of cultures and people with countless nationalities showing representation in the “Windy City.” In doing so, neighborhoods were noted by the country were the immigrants came from. Those folks believed in education and started their own schools, some of which were taught in their native language or run by people that they knew and trusted.

St. Ann’s High School opened as a parish co-ed school in 1937, offering two years. The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth taught the students, 54 of which were enrolled at the time of the school’s opening.

The school made two changes in 1941 when it became a four-year school and electing to be an all-girls’ institution. The school was closed in 1981. Very little is known about this school. We know the building is still standing, however we are not certain what its usage is today.


Year opened as co-ed, 2-yr school:    1937

Became 4-yr and all-girls’:                   1941

Closed:                                                1981


**From Micaela Calleros-Stelter (Class of 1975):

“I graduated from St Ann HS in 1975. They were the best years of my teen life. Some nuns were stern, but never mean. It was the first time in my life when I didn’t struggle with math. The sisters were very patient. Miss Judy Powers was our music/choir teacher, and we rocked at the Christmas concerts! I later found out that Miss Powers married Father Tom. Beautiful memories of St Ann. ❤️”

**From Alma Leal Hernandez (Class of 1979):

“I graduated from St. Ann’s High School in 1979 and moved out of Chicago that same year. I remember being terribly saddened when I heard about the school’s closing. I visit Chicago very often and drive by the school because my family still lives in the area. If possible, I would love to hear from other St. Ann’s ’79 alumni and reminisce about our high school days (”

**From Elaine Mrozek Olszewski (Class of 1953):

“I graduated from St. Ann High School in 1953 when it was co-ed. My classmates and I get together at least once a year. In 1953 there were 33 classmates that graduated from St. Ann. It was a great experience.”

**From Marcela Licea:

“I attended St. Ann High School from 9/73 to 6/76. It was a wonderful school. I remember Mrs. Shoeffer who was kind and wonderful. I remember Maria Campuzano, my best friend.”

**From Judy Olszewski:

“I graduated from St. Ann High School in 1970.  It was an all girl high school.  There were 39 graduates in 1970 and 200 girls total in the school that year.”

**From Joan Macuszek:

“I graduated from St Ann in 1972, I remember the great friends I had there, and waiting in line to get into the lunch…store..that was in a large closet.  I remember our elephant grays..uniforms..also I remember most nuns were stern and mean, a few were nice, and the lay teachers were very nice….I was also saddened to find out that St Ann is permanently closed…you can see the building on google maps…still looks the same after all these years!”


to keep the spirit of St. Ann’s High School alive. We’d like to hear from alumni and friends of those who attended the school to share their memories of the school, photos, information about the course and extra-curricular activities at the school, names of notable alumni, and much more. Please click on this CONTACT US link to submit your information, or you can send it to us thru the mail, too. Address your envelopes to:

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