Chicago’s High Schools of the Late 1800s and Early 1900s

Chicago High Schools of the Late 1800’s and Early 1900’s

This page is dedicated to the high schools of the early days in Chicago’s educational history. These schools were real at one time, we simply have VERY little information to share on each. We will create a page for each if you have information you can share to help shed some light on their histories.

Private High Schools of Chicago (late 1800’s-early 1900’s)

Chicago Academy

Member of the Preparatory League from 1895-96

No titles won while competiting in the league

Chicago Andover (boarding school)

Chicago Beleke’s Academy

Chicago Berkeley

Chicago Brooks

  Not to be confused with Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep

Opened in 1890 by Maria Brooks at Ashland & Monroe

Chicago Brown

Chicago Cutler

Chicago Dyhrenfurth

Chicago Electa School for Girls

  Was located at 3142 South Michigan Avenue, was a non-denominational school that accepted boarders.

Chicago Faulkner School for Girls

  Opened in 1909 for girls from kindgarten thru high Elizabeth & Georgene Faulkner at the former Ascham Hall at 4746 Madison (now known as Dorchester) on the South Side near the University of Chicago. School colors were green and white and they offered field hockey, plus their yearbook was called the Kismet.

The school later moved to 7110 South Coles in 1960, and had financial problems at the end of the 60’s, and started admitting boys around that time. No year for discontinuing high school classes has been found, but a number of students have come together to keep the school’s memory alive on Facebook :!/pages/Friends-of-the-Faulkner-School-for-Girls/116747751690758.

Chicago Kirkland School

Chicago Lake View (boarding school)

Not to be confused with present-day Lake View High School

442 Wellington Avenue

Chicago Oxford School

  Member of Preparatory League from 1903-04

Located in wealthy Prairie Avenue neighborhood on Chicago’s South side

Did not win any league titles

Closed in 1907 

Chicago Princeton-Yale University High School

Located on South side of Chicago in wealthy Prairie Avenue neighborhood

Was a member of the Preparatory League from 1895-1903

Won conference titles in football (1895, 1900, 1901), track (1895, 1896), and baseball (1895, 1896)

Chicago Skinner

Chicago South Side Academy

  Opened in 1892 in Hyde Park neighborhood as a way to prepare students for studying at the University of Chicago

Became associated with the university in 1897

Was a charter member of the Preparatory League from 1895-99, and was in the Academic League from 1899-1905 even after merging

Won league titles in baseball in 1897, 1901, and 1902

Merged with Manual Training to become Chicago University High School in 1904

Chicago Starrett School for Girls

  Located at 4515 Drexel, opened up in 1882.

Chicago Stevan School for Girls

   Opened in 1890 by Mrs. Luella M. Wilson at 4313 Drexel Blvd.

Offered education from kindergarten to college

Chicago University School

Located on the North side of the city, closed in 1907

Participated in first Preparatory League track meet in June 1895

Won league titles in track (1898 and 1900) as well as golf (1899)

Public High Schools of Chicago (late 1800’s – early 1900’s)

Chicago Curtis

 Was open from 1905-1915 on the South Side

Member of the Cook County & Chicago Public Leagues while open

No athletic titles won

Renamed Fenger High School

Chicago Hoyne

Was open from 1905-1908

Member of the Cook County League

No athletic titles won

Named for Chicago lawyer and politican Thomas Hoyne, famous for writing “The Lawyer as a Pioneer”


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