Chicago Englewood High School “Eagles”

Chicago Englewood High School 1873-1979
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The History of Chicago Englewood High School

Chicago (population: 2.8 million) is the nation’s third largest city that grew quickly within its first 100 years. It was the fastest growing city in the US during the second half of the 19th Century, even with a great fire in 1871 that wiped out a good portion of the city, and after rebuilding, it annexed numerous communities such as Woodlawn, Roseland, Englewood, Lake, Rogers Park, Humboldt Park, Forrestville, and Pilsen into its boundaries.

Interstates 55, 57, 90, and 94 will take you to the city, along with other highways with state and US designations, train service, and air travel to/from O’Hare International Airport as well as Midway Airport, both of which serve many travelers daily. From it’s founding in 1803 and even still today, the city possesses an eclectic feel with its numerous cultures and history that distinguishes the community from others world-wide.

Englewood High School was located at 6201 S. Steward, about seven miles south of the Loop. The school (which later built a newer facility in 1979) was settled in an area that was called Chicago Junction or Junction Grove when railroad companies began to lay tracks and build stations as early as 1852. The area had been initially settled in 1840 by a man named Wilcox when it was a swamp, but the railroads helped change that.

In 1868, settler and merchant Henry B. Lewis made a suggestion to change the name of the neighborhood from Junction Grove to Englewood in an effort to improve its image, and it succeeded in the degree that the Cook County Normal School (now known as Chicago State University) located in the area the same year. The school was on 10 acres between 67th & 69th Streets between Stewart and Halsted on land donated by a real estate developer.

Following the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the Englewood neighborhood became a prime location for those looking to build homes after being displaced, due to the fact that railroad service was already established. Streets were laid out in the neighborhood and the building started in 1872.

The following year, Englewood High School opened up to educate the students who came from the neighborhood, starting a tradition that would last 135 years. By 1889, the city of Chicago annexed the Englewood neighborhood along with those in Hyde Park and Lake in an effort to not only reach one million in population, but to also land the 1893 World’s Fair (aka the World’s Columbian Exposition), which it did.

During this time, Chicago and the Englewood neighborhood had immigrants from Sweden, Germany, and Ireland come in and settle, some of which were involved in a construction phase for the World’s Fair. Their relocation to the area by 1920 helped push the neighborhood population to over 86,000. Over time, the number of immigrants fell below 20 percent, but the Irish, Germans, and Swedes remained the largest ethnic groups.

Following World War II, the racial makeup of Englewood began to change. Up to that point, less than five percent were African-Americans that worked on the railroads, were laborers, or domestics. The Great Migration of the 1950’s saw the number of African-Americans come from the South in order to gain better opportunities for themselves and their families, and as a result, the percentage of African-Americans grew in Englewood from 10 in 1950 to 69 in 1960. Part of that increase can also be accredited to the construction of the South Expressway, which today is known as the Dan Ryan Expressway, when homes were torn down to make way for the superhighway.

Over time, the community and high school became nearly 100% African-American, and the societal changes that took place nationwide also affected their part of the world. Even though Englewood built a new facility in 1979 (see photo below) to replace the one it started in (see above), it did not help as it faced the issue of preparing its students for the future. The school was on probation for a nine-year period in order to get itself up to standards that were set by the Chicago Public School system, not to mention that various attempts to improve the situation had failed.

In February 2005, it was decided that due to poor performance, Englewood would be phased out over a three-year period to allow the freshmen that had entered to be the final class to graduate. That group did receive its diplomas at the final Englewood graduation ceremony in June 2008. The building is now the home of Urban Prep Charter Academy, which is an all-boys’ school within the CPS system, as well as TEAM Englewood High School.

A history of the neighborhood can be found here:

Englewood High School 2007


Year opened:                                         1873

Moved into new building:                       1979

Year closed:                                           2008

School colors:                                        Purple & White

School nickname:                                   Eagles

School song:                                          “Our Englewood

(thank you to Annie McGowan for providing the words, written by J.E. Amstrong & arranged by Charles Espenshade)

All voices raise in songs of praise for Englewood

Our flags unfold and banners hold for Englewood

For many friends thruout the land

With joyful hearts all willing stand

To shout her praise for dear old Englewood    

(chorus) Oh Englewood, our Englewood

How many times before

You’ve taught us how to faithful be

You’re turned defeat into victory

Oh Englewood, our Englewood

We’ll stand by you today

Hurrah for the Purple and White

Hurrah for the Purple and White

Then here’s a cheer for schoolmates, dear hurrah, hurrah

And here’s a hand for teachers, grand hurrah, hurrah

Our loyalty we pledge to thee

We’ll work for what we hope to be

All honor then to dear old Englewood

(back to chorus)

O tell me of a High School

Where I should like to go

Where jolly pupils gather

And seek life’s work to know

O tell me is there sunshine

In class and hall and heart

For I should like to join that school

And try to do my part

(repeat chorus)

Aerial view of Englewood campus


Englewood was a member of both the Cook County League and its’ successor, the Chicago Public High School (aka the Public League), offering boys’ sports in track, basketball, baseball, football, cross-country, swimming, soccer, gymnastics, golf, speed skating, and rifle marksmenship. The female students of EHS had their choice among basketball, volleyball, softball, track, and swimmng, even though there was very little information about these sports available while researching. Anyone who has more information about these offerings is encouraged to contact us with details at


Before you get settled in, allow us to say that it may not be a bad idea to make a quick trip to the restroom or grab something to drink since this listing is going to a very long one. The Eagles won four state championships, 18 conference titles (indoor & outdoor), along with numerous relay and individual championships at the state meets. Here’s a look at the Englewood boys’ track history:

1891   First team known competed in Cook County League meet

1893   Individual Medalists

           B. Hails                          1-mile bike           3rd place

           E. Kinchin                      880-yd run            3rd place


1894   Tied for 8th in State

Cook County League Champs

State Final Standings

1 Urbana                                        22

8 Chicago Englewood                 10

Yorkville                                      10

Individual Medalists

           Clayton Teetzel             1-mile run            2nd place

                                                 880-yd run            3rd place

           A. Vernon Hales            1-mile bike           STATE CHAMPION!!



           Cook County League Champs

State Finals Standings (top 5 schools)

1   Chicago Englewood             26  

2   Rockford HS                           20

3   Chicago South Division          16

4   Springfield HS                        14

5   Mattoon                                  12

Individual Medalists

T.B. Egbert                    440-yd dash          STATE CHAMPION!!

           L.V. Porter                    1-mile bike             STATE CHAMPION!!

           Clayton Teetzel             1-mile run             3rd place

                                                880-yd run               STATE CHAMPION!!

           James Hutchinson        100-yd dash         3rd place

                                                220-yd dash            2nd place

           N.C. Thayer                   50-yd dash            2nd place

                                                high jump               2nd place


1896   2nd in State!!

Cook County League Champs

State Final Standings (top 5 schools)

1   Rockford HS                        23

2   Chicago Englewood          21  

3   Chicago Hyde Park              11

4   DuQuoin HS                        10

5   Chicago English                    9

Individual Medalists

           James Hutchinson         long jump            STATE CHAMPION!!

           T.B. Egbert                    440-yd dash          STATE CHAMPION!!

           W.D. Brookfield             1-mile walk           3rd place

           James Henry                 triple jump            2nd place

           Bert Hodgman               1-mile run             2nd place

           N.C. Thayer                   100-yd dash          2nd place

           Gage Leake                  pole vault               3rd place


Cook County League Champs

State Final Standings (top 5 schools)

                  1   Chicago Englewood          22  

2   DuQuoin HS                        20

3   Chicago Hyde Park             17

4   Peoria HS                           16

5   Aurora East                         14

Individual Medalists

Gage Leake                  pole vault             STATE CHAMPION!!

           Clayton Teetzel            220-yd dash         3rd place

                                                440-yd dash          STATE CHAMPION!!

           Harry Salmon               880-yd run           2nd place

           Roderick “Jack” Siler   1-mile run           3rd place                                      

           Charles Flocken           hammer               2nd place

                                               broad jump            3rd place

           Willard Doud                880-yd walk         2nd place

1898   3rd in State

State Final Standings (top 5 schools)

1   Aurora East                         36

2   Peoria HS                            28

3   Chicago Englewood          19  

4   Chicago Hyde Park             13

5   Lewistown                           11

Individual Medalists

Willard Doud                220-yd hurdles      3rd place

           Zellner Pettet                440-yd dash          STATE CHAMPION!!

           Theodore George         800-yd walk          STATE CHAMPION!!

           John Maloney               880-yd run            STATE CHAMPION!!

                                                shotput                    2nd place

1899    4th in State

State Final Standings (top 5 schools)

1   Biggsville                            23

2   Aurora West                       21

3   Chicago Hyde Park            19

4   Chicago Englewood        15  

5   Taylorville                            9

Individual Medalists

Thomas Webster        880-yd run            3rd place

              E. Maginnis                1-mile bike             3rd place

              Clarence Gray            100-yd dash          2nd place

                                                 50-yd dash             3rd place

              William Hutchinson    220-yd hurdles    3rd place

              Roderick “Jack” Siler 1-mile run            2nd place

              Fred Indermille           800-yd walk          3rd place

1900    2nd in State

Cook County League Champs

State Final Standings (top 5 schools)

1   Biggsville                             33

                  2   Chicago Englewood          22  

3   Decatur HS                         17

4   Taylorville                            15

5   Aurora West                        12

           Individual Medalists

Fred Indermille             800-yd walk        3rd place

            William Forbes              1-mile run          3rd place

            Charles Kennedy           long jump         2nd place

            Frank Lasley                  100-yd dash      2nd place

                                                  180-yd dash        2nd place

                                                  50-yd dash          2nd place



            Cook County League Champs

State Final Standings (top 5 schools)

                1   Chicago Englewood          20  

2   Taylorville                            18

3   Aurora West                        15

4   Decatur HS                           9

Chicago Northwest Division  9    

Individual Medalists

Robert Maxwell            shotput               STATE CHAMPION!!

            Thomas Webster          1-mile run          STATE CHAMPION!!

                                                 880-yd run           STATE CHAMPION!!

            Ernest Salmon              220-yd hurdles  STATE CHAMPION!!

1902    Tied for 3rd in State

State Final Standings (top 5 schools)

1   Chicago South Division      31

2   Paris                                   14

3   Centralia                             10

Chicago Englewood         10  

Pontiac                               10

           Individual Medalists

Ernest Salmon              220-yd hurdles   STATE CHAMPION!!

            Robert Maxwell            shotput                STATE CHAMPION!!


1903    Tied for 10th in State

State Final Standings

1   Chicago Hyde Park              24

10   Taylorville                               5

Cuba                                       5

                        Chicago Englewood             5  

Elmwood                                5

Oak Park-River Forest           5

           Relay & Individual Medalists

             2/3rd mile relay                                       2nd place

             Corson Morris               pole vault         STATE CHAMPION!!


1904    Relay & Individual Medalists

2/3rd mile relay                                       3rd place

             Corson Morris               pole vault         2nd place



            Cook County League Champs

State Final Standings (top 5 schools)

     1   Chicago Englewood         16  

2   Chicago Phillips                  11.5

3   Greenfield                           10.5

4   Petersburg                           8

5   Chicago Crane                     9(?)

           Relay & Individual Medalists

2/3rd mile relay                                       2nd place

             R. White                       220-yd dash       2nd place

             C. Butler                       1-mile run          2nd place

             Walter Merrill               100-yd dash       STATE CHAMPION!!

                                                  50-yd dash          2nd place

             Roy Madigan                discus                2nd place

1906    Individual Medalist

            (James) Austin Menaul  440-yd dash     2nd place

1907    3rd in State

State Final Standings (top 5 schools)

1   Oak Park-River Forest        18

2   Chicago University              14.2

3   Chicago Englewood         10   

4   Atlanta                                  8

5   Chicago Lake View               6

Champaign HS                     6

Individual Medalists

(James) Austin Menual  440-yd dash    3rd place

                                                  shotput              STATE CHAMPION!!

            Ray Coleman                 1-mile run         2nd place

                                                  880-yd run          3rd place

1908    Individual Medalist

Ray Coleman                 880-yd run        2nd place

1910    10th in State

State Final Standings

1   Chicago University                26

10   Rushville                                 5

Chicago Englewood             5  

Individual Medalist

Darwin Tate                   880-yd run        STATE CHAMPION!!


1911    6th in State

State Final Standings (top 6 schools)

1   Chicago University              23

2   Chicago Hyde Park             18.5

3   Oak Park-River Forest        17

4   Chicago Lane                      16

5   Decatur HS                         11

6   Chicago Englewood           9.75 

Individual Medalist

Charles Bachman          discus           STATE CHAMPION!!

                                                  pole vault        STATE CHAMPION!!

                                                  shotput            3rd place

1912    3th in State

State Final Standings (top 5 schools)

1   Chicago Lane                     18

2   Oak Park-River Forest        17

3   Chicago Englewood         14.83  

4   Chicago University              14.67

5   Chicago Bowen                  12

Individual Medalist

Charles Bachman          discus           STATE CHAMPION!!

                                                  hammer           STATE CHAMPION!!

                                                  pole vault        STATE CHAMPION!!

                                                  shotput            2nd place

1915A  Individual Medalist

            F. Patton                        220-yd dash     4th place

1916A  Individual Medalist

            F. Patton                        220-yd dash     3rd place


1922A  Tied for 6th in State

State Final Standings

1   Evanston Township                     35

2   Highland Pk. Deerfield-Shields   17

3   Marion HS                                   14

4   Springfield HS                             12.75

5   Oak Park-River Forest                10

6   Chicago University                        9

Champaign Central                       9

Urbana HS                                    9

Chicago Englewood                    9       

Individual Medalists

Albert Washington         100-yd dash      2nd place

                                                   50-yd dash         STATE CHAMPION!!

            Joseph Cody                  high jump         3rd place

1923A  Individual Medalists

Joseph Cody                  high jump        STATE CHAMPION!!

            Gilbert Mintz                  220-yd dash      2nd place

1924A  Individual Medalist

Robert Colin                   high jump        3rd place

1925A  Individual Medalist

Nelson Brefford              high jump        5th place

1926    Individual Medalists

Nelson Brefford              high jump        5th place

            Raymond Singer            50-yd dash       3rd place

1932    Individual Medalist

Stephen McCall              long jump       4th place

1933    Individual Medalist

            L. Hayes                         220-yd hurdles 4th place

1934    4th in State

     Public League Champions (both indoor & outdoor)

State Final Standings (top 5 schools)

1   Winnetka New Trier             19

2   Rockford HS                        15

Sterling HS                          15

                   4   Chicago Englewood          10.5

5   Centralia                               9.9

Relay & Individual Medalists

             880-yd relay                                            4th place

             (?) Chism                       high jump       STATE CHAMPION!!

             Ed Smith                       220-yd hurdles 2nd place

1935    9th in State

            Public League Champions (both indoor & outdoor)

State Final Standings

1   Rockford HS                     21

8   DeKalb                              7

9   Chicago Englewood       6.5 

10   Palatine HS                       6

Peoria HS                          6

Relay & Individual Medalists

             880-yd relay                                            5th place

             Joseph Bowles              high jump       5th place

             Ricardo Ruiz                 440-yd dash     3rd place

             Aquila Austin                 long jump        4th place

1936    Tied for 9th in State

            Public League Champions (both indoor & outdoor)

State Final Standings

1   Elmhurst York                     20

8   Shelbyville                            7.5

9   Chicago Englewood           7  

9   Alton Senior                          7

Individual Medalists

            Aquila Austin                   long jump      STATE CHAMPION!!

            Evans Walker                  100-yd dash    4th place

1937    Tied for 10th in State

            Public League Champions

State Final Standings

1   Oak Park-River Forest        18.5

9   Urbana HS                            8

10   Chicago Englewood           7

10   Anna-Jonesboro                   7

Individual Medalists

Ray McQueary                 220-yd dash    3rd place

            Eddie Culp                       880-yd run      2nd place


1938    Individual Medalist

Eddie Culp                       1-mile run      STATE CHAMPION!!

1951    Individual Medalist

Clyde Ware                      440-yd dash   2nd place

1952    Individual Medalist

            Bernard Porter                 high jump      5th place


1957    Individual Medalist

            L.V. Morrow                     long jump      4th place

1967    Individual Medalist

Willie Thomas                  880-yd run      2nd place

1968    Tied for 8th in State

State Final Standings

1   Hillside Proviso West            20.5

7   Moline HS                             11

8   Chicago Englewood           10  

8   Maywood Proviso East         10

8   Chicago Harlan                     10

Relay & Individual Medalists

880-yd relay                                             3rd place

             Willie Thomas                 880-yd run      STATE CHAMPION!!

             Ray Smith                       220-yd dash    5th place

1969    3rd in State

            Public League Champions

State Final Standings (top 5 schools)

1   Alton Senior                        25

2   East Moline United              16

3   Chicago Englewood          15

4   Chicago Hts. Bloom             13

5   Berwyn Morton West           10

Individual Medalists

Willie Thomas                  880-yd run        STATE CHAMPION!!

            Harry Johnson                  1-mile run        5th place

            Roderick Moss                  220-yd dash    4th place

            Michael Stover                 120-yd hurdles STATE CHAMPION!!

1970    4th in State

            Public League Champions

State Final Standings (top 5 schools)

1   Evanston Township            21

2   Alton Senior                        17

3   Glen Ellyn Glenbard West  14

               4   Chicago Englewood         10  

5   Belleville West                      9

Individual Medalists

Alan Everett                     shotput             3rd place

            Lonnie Brown                  180-yd hurdles 2nd place

                                                      long jump         3rd place

1971    6th in State

            Public League Champions

State Final Standings (top 6 schools)

1   Evanston Township             24

2   East Moline United              21

3   LaGrange Lyons                 15

Alton Senior                        15

Chicago Heights Bloom      15

6   Chicago Englewood         13     

       Relay & Individual Medalists

         1-mile relay                                            6th place

             Lonnie Brown              180-yd hurdles 5th place

                                                    long jump        STATE CHAMPION!!

             Alvin Everett                 shotput            STATE CHAMPION!!

1972    Individual Medalist

Steve Jackson                 2-mile run        3rd place


1973    Tied for 6th in State

            Public League Champions

State Final Standings (top 6 schools)

1  LaGrange Lyons                  16

East St. Louis Lincoln          16

3  Harvey Thornton                  15

4  Glen Ellyn Glenbard West   13

5  Chicago Parker                    12

6  Chicago Englewood          10

Chicago Heights Bloom       10

Granite City                          10

Lebanon                               10

Relay & Individual Medalists

             1-mile relay                                                 3rd place

             880-yd relay                                                5th place

             Alphonso Sanders          440-yd dash      STATE CHAMPION!!

             James Thompson           440-yd dash      6th place

1974    Individual Medalist

James Thompson            440-yd dash      3rd place


1976AA  Public League Champions

Individual Medalists

Kenneth McCloud        880-yd run        7th place

                Tyrone Smith               330-yd hurdles 3rd place



Englewood competed in the first Cook County League meet held in either the fall of 1908 or spring of 1909. From there, the school competed over hill and dale, winning 12 Public League championship, placed in the top 10 of the team standings at the state finals four times (including a second and a third in successive years), and had four individuals place in the top 10 to gather all-state honors.

1933            Public League Champs                 coach unknown

1934            Public League Champs                 coach unknown

1936            Public League Champs                 coach unknown

1937            Public League Champs                 coach unknown  

1948            Public League Champs                 coach unknown

Individual Medalist at State Finals

                     Jerold Richard—-10th place    

1950            6th in State

                    Public League champs

State Final Standings (top 6 teams)

1   Chicago Hts Bloom Twp.         49

2   Paris                                         70

3   Des Plaines Maine Twp.          99

4   Peoria Woodruff                     104

5   Lincoln                                    117

6   Chicago Englewood             126

Individual Medalist

                      Charles Towns—-5th place                                                                                          

1951            Public League champs

                     State qualifier

1953            Public League champs

State qualifier

1954            Public League champs

                     State qualifier

1955            2nd in State!!!!  

                    Public League champs

State Final Standings (top 5 teams)

1   LaGrange Lyons                     95

2   Chicago Englewood           122

3   Urbana                                  139

4   DesPlaines Maine Twp.        161

5   Peoria Central                       163

1956            3rd in State!!!!   

                    Public League champs        

State Final Standings (top 5 teams)

1  LaGrange Lyons                   102

2  Rock Falls                             113

3  Chicago Englewood           151

4  Maywood Proviso                 156

5  Alton Sr.                                171

Individual Medalist

                      Leonard Williamson—10th place    

1957            Public League champs

State qualifier

1966            State qualifier

1967            State qualifier

1968            9th in State   

                    Public League champs

State Final Standings

1  Elmhurst York                        121

 Englewood                            263

                   Individual Medalist

                      Willie Thomas—5th place              

1971            State qualifier


Englewood’s tankmen were one of the better teams in the state of Illinois when the IHSA began offering a state championship in the sport during the 1930’s. The Eagles scored three top-10 team finishes (two of them in the top five) in that era, and also were Public League champs in both the indoor and outdoor seasons. Names of coaches are unknown.

1922-23       Public League Outdoor Champs

1924-25       Public League Indoor Champs–20-Yard Division

1927-28       Public League Indoor Champs–25-Yard Division

1930-31       Public League Indoor Champs–20-Yard Division

1931-32       8th in State     

State Final Standings

1  Des Plaines Maine                   22

                         8  Englewood                              4

Relay Medalists

200 medley relay—4th place 

1933-34      5th in State

State Final Standings (top 5 teams)

1  Des Plaines Maine                 27

2  Chicago University                 19

3  Chicago Roosevelt                 14

Rockford HS                           14

                        5  Chicago Englewood               8

Relay Medalists

160 freestyle relay—4th place

                       180 medley relay—3rd place

                 Individual Medalist

                       Harold Cullen   diving—4th place

                    Public League Indoor Champs–20-Yard & 25-Yard Divisions         

1934-35     4th in State     

State Final Standings (top 5 teams)

1  Des Plaines Maine                 26

2  Chicago University                 19

3  Oak Park-River Forest           10

                       4  Chicago Englewood              8  

5  Winnetka New Trier                 7

Chicago Hyde Park                 7

Relay Medalists

160 freestyle relay—3rd place

                      180 medley relay—4th place

Individual Medalist

Billy Edgecomb   40 freestyle—3rd place

                    Public League Indoor Champs–20-yard & 25-Yard Divisions


The Eagles enjoyed success on the gridiron, taking home either the outright title or sharing it with another school on 14 occasions in its early years, and even won a couple of division titles as well in Public League play. It even made a playoff appearance in 1996, winning its first game in the 4A playoffs before ending its season.

There have been a number of notable players that played for the Purple and White, but one has a trophy named after him: Robert Maxwell. The Maxwell Trophy goes to the top collegiate player in the country, and was started in 1937 by friends of the Englewood grad, who died from injuries suffered in a auto accident in 1922.

In addition, one of the oldest traditional football rivalries involved Englewood with neighboring school Hyde Park. Robert Pruter wrote at length about the meetings between the two schools that began in 1889 and serves as the oldest prep football rivalry in the state of Illinois:

With help from Pruter as well as Tom Sikorski and the IHSA’s website (, here’s a look back at some of the better teams in school history:

1889              First team

1890              Cook County League Champs

1895              Cook County League Champs

1897              Cook County League Champs

1898              Cook County League Champs

1899              Cook County League Champs

1903              Co-Cook County League Champs

1908              Cook County League Champs

1909              Cook County League Champs

1914              Co-Public League Champs

1915              Public League Champs

1916              Public League Champs

1918              Public League Champs

1919              Public League Champs

1920              Public League Champs

1933   3–2–1

1936   4–2–1

1947   5–2

1951   5–3

1958   7–0–1  Blue Division Champions!!

                      Blue South Central Division Champs

                       Defeated Roosevelt 19-6 & Farragut 12-6 for Blue Division Title 

1961   8–1      Blue South Central Champs!!         Coach Yoshio Yamada

Defeated Wells 41-14 in Blue Division playoffs

Lost to Roosevelt in Blue Division finals, 14-13

1962   5–2–1                                                            Coach Yoshio Yamada

1963   5–2                                                                Coach Yoshio Yamada

1965   5–4                                                                Coach Yoshio Yamada

1966   7–2      White South Central Champs         Coach Yoshio Yamada

1967   5–3                                                                Coach Yoshio Yamada

1968   4–2–1                                                            Coach Yoshio Yamada

1969   5–3–1                                                            Coach Yoshio Yamada

1970   5–2–1  White South Champs                     Coach Yoshio Yamada

1975   6–3

1976   5–3

1977   6–2

1980   5–4

1984   6–3

1985   6–2

1994   6–3                                                              Coach Eudell McKenzie

1995   5–4                                                              Coach Eudell McKenzie

1996   9–2   State 4A Playoff Qualifier                Coach David Stiggers

                    Beat Aurora Marmion in 1st round, 56-15

Lost to Batavia in 2nd round, 55-6

1997                                                                       Coach David Stiggers

1998                                                                       coach unknown

1999   6–3                                                              Coach Albert Cruse

2000-02                                                                  Coach Albert Cruse

2003   6–3                                                              Coach Albert Cruse

2004   6–3                                                              Coach Albert Cruse

2005                                                                       Coach Albert Cruse

2006   4–5    (last season w/team)                        Coach Michael Singleton

Last win was a 1-0 forfeit victory from Chicago Sullivan

Last game played was a 36-12 win over Chicago Payton

Englewood alumni that later went on to play professional football:

Tom Farris: Following graduation, Farris attended the University of Wisconsin and later played from 1946-47 with the Chicago Bears and 1948 with the Chicago Rockets of the All-American Football Conference as a quarterback & defensive back.

Ed Bradley: Bradley went on to play for Wake Forest, then was chosen in the 16th round of the 1950 NFL draft by the Chicago Bears, with whom he played with in 1950 and 1952 as a defensive end in 12 games.

Harold Bradley: This offensive guard went on Iowa, then signed with Cleveland, where he played from 1954-56. The Browns were NFL champs in 1955 as Bradley appeared in 11 games that season. Following the three years with Cleveland, Bradley played the 1958 season with Philadelphia before retiring.


Englewood’s basketball program made history on March 2, 1900, when the Eagles played Elgin High School in the earliest-known interscholastic game between two prep teams in Illinois, winning that contest at Sauer’s Hall in Elgin by the score of 16-12. The school won three conference titles, four more at the lightweight division, and a “Sweet 16” showing in the last year of operation.

1909-10              Cook County League Champions         coach unknown

1917-18              Public League Champs                          coach unknown

1922-23              Public League Lwt. Co-Champs               coach unknown

1924-25              Public League Lwt. Champs                     coach unknown

1925-26              Public League Lwt. Champs                     coach unknown

1926-27              Public League Champs                          coach unknown

1927-28              Public League Lwt. Champs                     coach unknown

2007-08   29-4     “Sweet 16” in 2A!!!                                Coach Louis Adams

                           Defeated Hales Francisan for Englewood Regional Title, 60-57

                            Downed Niles Northridge Prep 60-50 in Chicago North Lawndale Sectional

                             Upset by North Lawndale in sectional finals, 70-68

(North Lawndale eventual state 2A champs)  


The Eagles made history as they participated with Oak Park-River Forest in the first-known prep match between two Illinois schools, ending in a 1-1 tie in 1909. Soccer was introduced to the school in 1905 following a serious football injury, playing the Chicago Wanderers that fall and winning 4-3. The school was not able to schedule games against other schools until 1909 when OP-RF started the sport due to a football death in 1908, so they played amateur clubs until then.

Archibald Patterson was the school’s first coach, and helped push the Cook County League to establish the sport in the league in 1912. Englewood won a number of Public League titles as well as the Peel Shield in the fall of 1914 as champion of the Public League and winner over the Suburban League participate in a winner-take-all game. The Eagles were a perennial contender in the CPL as well as for the Peel Shield for the remainder of the decade.

The 1919 Peel Shield match versus OPRF was marred by rough play and the referee ordered an extra period of play after being knotted at two in regulation time. OPRF pulled their team off the field, despite protests by Peter J. Peel, sponsor of the title match, and that ended the series. Englewood won the CPL title again in 1922, then disbanded their program in 1925.

1914                             Public League Champions       

Peel Shield Winners

1915                             Public League Champions                           

1916                             Public League Champions

1918                             Public League Champions

1919                             Public League Champions

1922                             Public League Champions


The Eagles competed among the Cook County League and Chicago Public League teams, coming away with two singles and two doubles titles in addition to a team title. It also placed in the top three at the IHSA tournament in singles & doubles five times when the state finals were in their infancy.

Englewood was a part of the Cook County High School Lawn Tennis Association tournament that was held in 1894 only. The program gained some notice in 1910 when Alexander Squair won the University of Chicago Interscholastic singles title and then followed it up in 1914 with the Western Tennis Championship.

1912   Cook County Team Singles & Doubles Champions

1913   Cook County Team Singles & Doubles Champions

State Tournament Medalists

Al Lindauer & (?) Becker–2nd in doubles

(lost to Jerry & Jimmy Weber of Chicago Harvard 2-6, 7-5, 6-2)

Al Lindauer–2nd in singles

(lost to Jerry Weber of Chicago Harvard 3-6, 6-4, 6-2)

1921   State Tournament Medalist

(?) Reichenbach–3rd in singles

1922   State Tournament Medalists

Gene Quinn & Emmet Wertheimer–2nd in doubles

(lost to Rudolph Mulfinger & Frank O’Connell of Chicago Hyde Park, scores unavailable)

Gene Quinn–3rd in singles

1923   Public League Champions


The Eagles started as early as 1890 on the baseball diamond, according to information received from historian Robert Pruter, as Englewood won three Cook County League championship during the 1890’s. As you can tell below, they were still playing up to the school’s final days.

1892                  Cook County League Champions

1898                  Cook County League Champions

1899                  Cook County League Champions

2005        17-4    good record                                             Coach Louis Adams


Englewood enjoyed success as a team in the sport, winning three league titles, and even having one of its own players return home with a top five finish at the state tournament during the 1922 meet.

1910                  Cook County League Champs

1912                  Cook County League Champs

1922                  Chicago Public League Champs

                            Individual Medalist

                               Eldridge Robinson—4th place (246, 15 strokes behind)


The Eagles were pioneers in the sport, helped by the fact that they were coached by Henry Smidl, who introduced the sport to Illinois high schools. Englewood won the first Public League title in 1924 & 1925 before Smidl moved onto other Public League members Lindblom & Gage Park. Smidl was a gymnast himself, having won the national Sokol Club all-around championship from 1919-26. (The Sokol Club was an organization that was made up of Czechs and Slovaks who had immigrated to the US.)


Englewood was a member of the Cook County League from 1900-1906 before the sport was banned by Edwin Cooley, superintendent of Chicago schools. The Englewood girls won the first league title in 1899-1900, and resumed play when girls’ sports were re-introduced in the 1970’s, but no Eagle team won a league title or qualified for the state finals.



Englewood offered a team in the early 1920’s and won the senior division title at the 1922-23 Public League meet.This sport was contested all the way thru the 1970’s when it was dropped by the Public League.


The Eagles had both boys’ & girls’ teams in the post World War I era (1919-1929) that competed in area competition between schools from the city and possibly the suburbs, but no date is known on when the school discontinued these teams.


The folks at Englewood were proud of their students and honored those who became successful in athletics, business, education, entertainment, government, media, military, religion, and science & technology by inducting a number of them into the school’s hall of fame (see photo below). Among those inducted:

Patricia Roberts Harris–attorney, former UN ambassador to Luxembourg, former Secretary of HUD (Housing & Urban Development) 1977, served as Secretary of HEW (Health, Education, & Welfare) 1979-80, and Dean of Students at Howard University.

Jewel S. LaFontant-Mankarious–attorney, served as former Assistant General in US Attorney General’s office, and as a US Ambassador.

Avis Lavelle–public relations specialist, former broadcaster with WGN Radio & Television in Chicago. Has served as media specialist for former President Bill Clinton and Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Merri Dee–radio/television personality with television stations WSNS & WGN in Chicago. Also worked as director of community relations for WGN.

Samuel Greenlee–writer, poet, radio talk show host. Wrote “The Spook Who Sits by the Door” and “Bagdad Blues.”

Lorenzo Martin–former EHS teacher and newspaper editor/publisher.

Fred Farmer–first African-American Army paratrooper & aviation instructor for helicopters.

Maj. Robert H. Lawrence (USAF)–1st African-American astronaut and officer. Received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Ohio State, but lost his life in a test flight crash in 1967.

Sgt. Donald L. Minter (US Army)–Retired Master Sergeant and was the senior ROTC instructor at Englewood.

Dr. Walter R. Benson–chemist, pharmacist, retired Director of Drug Chemistry for the Food & Drug Administration.

Dr. Jewel Plummer–cell physiologist at California State University/Fullerton and President Emerita at the school.

Warren “Pete” Miller, Jr.–engineer and university professor, was Assistant Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Energy under President Barack Obama, and former Los Alamos National Laboratory senior administrator.

Walter “Roger” Brown–former Englewood basketball player who played professionally in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers & Detroit Pistons as well as the hometown Chicago Bulls, plus with three teams in the former ABA following his college days at Kansas.

Napolean Montgomery–coach of the 1996-97 boys’ basketball team at Englewood, and was named to the University of Nevada Hall of Fame in 1992,

Dr. Henry A. Hardwick–first African-American cadet chosen to the City of Chicago’s Cadet Corps, and served as manager of the State of Illinois Labor Statistics bureau.

Rudolph A. James–realtor, co-founded Ebony Real Estate in Chicago.

Larry Hudgens–entrepreneur, CEO & president of Riteway Construction Company, also served as a mentor to Chicago Public Schools.

Sheila Jefferson-Warfield–CEO of Educational Computing, Inc.

Darwin Yarborough–financial advisor for Waddell & Reed Financial Services

The Barrett Sisters (Delores Barrett Campbell, Billie Barrett Greenbey, Rodesa Barrett Porter)–members of the internationally-known gospel group, “Sweet Sisters of Zion

Gwendolyn Brooks–Poet Laureate of Illinois and writer, was first African-American woman to win a Pulitzer Prize for poetry.

Oscar Brown, Jr.–singer-songwriter, also a poet and playwright.

–Etta LaConstance Davis–international vocalist and activist, served as local school council president for EHS.

Lorraine Hansberry–playwright and essayist that wrote “Raisin in the Sun.”

Jeanette K. Wilson Childress–minister, educator, and guidance counselor.

Queen Esther Richardson Crawford–served on National Baptist Convention’s Foreign Mission Board. Also served as manager of the Bureau of Quality Control for the Office of the Inspector General.

Gloria J. Gibson Randolph–educator, administrator, and ordained deacon. Founded GGG (Giving God the Glory) Ministries and co-founded R.A.Y. (Reclaim A Youth).

Orietha Phillips Benton–Eductor and reading specialist.

Dr. Stephen H. Brown–former EHS principal as well as district and assistant superintendent.

Edna Alberta Dixon Bryant–served as educator for the Chicago Board of Education for 31 years.

Dr. Madie Davis Canamore–educator, consultant, writer for computer information services.

Nadine Dillahunty-Dillanado–award-winning educator, taught at EHS, and was Miss Englewood in 1968-69.

Dr. Brady J. Fletcher–professional and government educator that served as supervisor in various organizations related to education, research, and governement.

Hattie Green–served EHS for 37 years as school treasurer and payroll clerk.

Richard Hunt–sculptor and educator, taught at Illinois-Chicago, Yale, and Northwestern.

Elaine Ann Hunter–educator and assistant principal at Coleman Elementary School in Chicago.

Dr. Paulette Webb Kidd–served as assistant principal at EHS, and was student advocate.

Dr. Sarah Kidd-Burton–educator and compliance monitor for special education students.

Sherye Garmony Miller–educator and adminstrator

Charles Mingo–served as principal at Chicago schools.

Nathaniel Richards–educator & counselor, served on Advisory Board for the City Colleges of Chicago.

Audrey Hoyle Cooper Stanton–educator and administrator.

Dr. Hazel B. Steward–served as a principal and was a regional education officer for Chicago Public Schools.

Mark Upchurch–Served 38 years as English teacher at EHS, was department chairman, and was a delegate on the Chicago Teachers’ Union.

Rudolph A. James, received GED from EHS in after serving in World War II..was owner and founder of Ebony Real Estate at 79th and Ashland.

Other famous alumni who are not in the Englewood Hall of Fame include:

–Archibald Motley: 1914 EHS graduate, known for his paintings in the Harlem Renaissance movement of the 1920’s;

–Sherry Brewer-Bronfman, an actress who starred along side Richard Roundtree in the 1971 movie “Shaft” and was once married to Edgar Bronfman Jr., whose family was in charge of Seagrams and Vivendi Universal;

–Dr. George Carruthers, a developer of the space exploration telescope; and,

–Dr. John A Trimble, engineering professor and two-time Fullbright Award winner.


from Joe Barrett (class of 1955):

“I was reading online about Englewood High School, and wanted to add a note about the Englewood Cross-Country Team that won the Chicago City Championship seven years in a row from roughly 1948 to 1955. I ran on the team in 1953 and 1954.

“I attended Englewood from January 1951 and graduated in January 1955. President Obama’s mother-in-law, Marian Shields, was in our class. In my freshmen year, I took Latin and Robert Lawrence (see Famous Alumni above) was in my class, even though he was already a senior.”

from Annette Vaughn Nunnally (class of 1958, from 2/20/2018):

“I was looking for information for our 60th year Englewood class reunion and ran across your web site. I was very impressed to see information and history relative to Englewood. I was also happy to see the old school, which is a unique piece of architecture, resembling a castle. Our school was (I think) the only school that had stained glass windows (until they were destroyed). I particularly remember the “gallery” where you needed high-powered binoculars to see the stage.

“I was also impressed with your list of famous people who were listed in (Englewood’s) hall of fame, as well as those not listed. I went to school with George Carruthers and Madie Davis. We are preparing for our 60th year reunion (class of ’58) in September of this year. We are hopeful that we will be able to reach more of our classmates because we are hearing of deaths frequently. The sad part of having reunions this long is that you see old friends aging (some better than others). But we are always happy to get together and talk over old times and do the old dances.

“We have a number of people from our class who are not on (the) list. I don’t know too much about their accomplishments, but they have made great strides during an era when opportunities were limited for black. One of those people is Frank Mingo, brother of Charles, who created his own ad agency and was a big name in New York. Frank graduated in August 1957. At that time, we had half-year graduates that were lumped into one. Lesile Spires (’58) owned his own visiting nurse service, which is now closed due to the death of his wife. He is also an accountant and a member of our committee. Diane Slaughter was the first in our class to receive a PhD (at age 30). Donald Myrick played saxophone with Earth, Wind, and Fire. That sax solo on “Reasons” is him, and unfortunately he died some years ago.

“Precious Luster is part of the Luster Hair Products family and is an executive. Mr. Bunton (choir director) had a lot of famous accomplishments, which I can’t remember, but he did a lot of church choirs and was pretty famous in his field. Also, Edward K. Leak, of the funeral family graduated in 1946 or 1947 with the Barrett Sisters. He invited me to one of their class reunions and I was surprised that blacks were in the school that early. I should not have been surprised since my uncle and all of my older cousins went there also.

“Anyway, I enjoyed your website and if you need more info on Englewoodites of the past, I may be able to get some of my committee members to help me in the memory department.”

from June Miller (dated 2/9/2021):

“Thank you for commemorating the achievements of graduates of Englewood High School!

I would like to add that Warren “Pete” Miller is a former Assistant Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Energy under former President Obama and the former Los Alamos National Laboratory senior administrator (e.g. Deputy Laboratory Director for Science and Technology; Director of Science and Technology Base Program; Associate Laboratory Director for Research and Education; Associate Laboratory Director At-Large; Deputy Laboratory Director for Energy, Research, and Technology; Associate Laboratory Director for Physics and Mathematics; Associate Laboratory Director for Energy Programs; and Deputy Associate Laboratory Directory for Nuclear Programs, etc.).

It is wonderful how Englewood High School has supported so many students to achieve their dreams!”


to Harold Lee Rush for allowing us to use a couple of photos that are on this page, and well as information that we have been able to find out about Englewood High School. He has a website that caters to the EHS alumni and gives a great deal of information about the school’s history:

Also, kudos to Tom Sikorski and Robert Pruter for the information they have compiled on EHS.


but we have so much to do in telling the most accurate story about the history of Englewood High School for generations to come. If you have more information about the school, whether it be for athletics, academics, the school hall of fame, or others, please contact us. Our email address is or send it thru the mail to us at:

Illinois High School Glory Days

6439 North Neva

Chicago,  IL  60631

Englewood High School Hall of Fame
courtesy of Harold Lee Rush & Eagle painted by Patricia Stewart

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