Chebanse High School “Firemen”

Chebanse School Bldg – 2012 (gymnasium on right)
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Chebanse High School Bldg Front View – 2012
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The History of Chebanse High School

Chebanse (population 1,148) is located off of Interstate Highway 57 approximately 9 miles south of Kankakee.  Chebanse straddles the Iroquois / Kankakee County line.  The town was founded in 1854.  The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad runs through the center of town.  Read more about Chebanse at the following web address: .

The school system in Chebanse was probably established in the late 1800s.  Chebanse townspeople supported their own school district, including a high school, for many years.  It was in the late 1940s that consolidation talks began between the towns of Chebanse, Clifton, and Ashkum.  This consolidation became effective after the 1949-50 school year with the creation of the Clifton Central School District.  The high school was located in Clifton.

Chebanse landed a grade school for the Central School District for grades PK – 4.  The original Chebanse High School building is pictured above.  For years it was used as a community center by the residents of Chebanse. However the building, though secured from the outside, is falling into a state of disrepair on the inside. It is believed the main portion will be razed in the future.

Chebanse High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                            late 1800s

Year closed:                             1950

Consolidated to:                        Central School District – Clifton

School nickname:                     the “Firemen”

School colors:                          Maroon, White, & Gray

School Fight Song:                   unavailable


Chebanse High School definately offered baseball and besketball.  It is thought that track was also offered for the boys.  The IHSA ( accomplishments of Chebanse High are noted below.

Boys Basketball

There is a real nice account of the Chebanse High School boys basketball team listed on the IHSA web site.  The two District Championships won as well as three other good seasons are listed below.

1933-34     18 – 2       (good record)                 Coach’s name unavailable

1944-45     23 – 7       (good record)                 Coach Frank Skoff

1945-46     14 – 9       (good record)                 Coach Henry Wulfe, Jr.

1946-47     24 – 9       District Champions      Coach Raymond Page

1947-48     11 – 14     District Champions      Coach Raymond Page

1949-50       6 – 16     (last season)                 Coach Del Dufrain

Boys Baseball

The Chebanse boys baseball team brought home a District title too. The Class of 1947 and 1948 must have been a talented group as the team of 1946-47 won a DIstrict Championship to go along with the two they won in basketball.  The coaches names and team records for the baseball program are not available.

1946-47    District Champions

If You Have Any Information…

…you can add regarding the history and successes of the Chebanse High School system please take the time to share it with us.  Team records, photos, other extra-curricular programs are all welcome items on this site. These items can be e-mailed to us at or you can write to us at:

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Chebanse Town Hall – Former Train Depot
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Chebanse High School
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Chebanse, Illinois
Chebanse High School
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