Chandlerville High School “Comets”

Chandlerville High School Building – 2010
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Inscription on the Chandlerville HS Building
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History of the Chandlerville “Comets”

Chandlerville is a community of 700 residents located Il. Rt. 78 approximately 41 miles northwest of Springfield. The town sits quietly in northern Cass County.

It is not known in what year the high school was established however it was deactivated in 1989.  The reason was an all too common one for small towns, lack of enrollment.  Upon closing Chandlerville High was consolidated with Ashland High School to form the A – C Central High School “Knights”.   The Chandlerville High School building still stands proudly in town and is in use today as an elementary school.

Chandlerville High School “Quick Facts”

Year High School Closed:  1989

School Nickname:              Comets

School Colors:                    Maroon and Gold

School Fight Song:  Sung to the University of Illinois Fight Song Tune

(click “play” above and sing along)

We’re loyal to you, Chandlerville

                                       We’re Maroon and Old Gold, Chandlerville

                                       We’ll back you to stand,

                                       ‘gainst the best in the land,

                                       For we know you have sand, Chandlerville!

                                       RAH     RAH!!   


                                      Go crashing ahead, Chandlerville,

                                      We’re backing you all, Chandlerville,

                                      Our team is our fame protector:

                                      On boys, for we expect

                                      a victory from you, Chandlerville!



Like many small schools of its time basketball was the feature sport at Chandlerville.  Below are listed some of the great accomplishments of the Comet boys basketball teams as documented on the Illinois High School Association web site

Boys Basketball

1922-23                    District Champs                 Coach’s name & record needed

District Tourney Scores Needed

                                 Decatur Sectional Tourney

1st Rd Lost to Mason City 27-19

Villa Grove Beat Mt. Pulaski in title game

Villa Grove would go on to become State Champions!

1926-27                    District Champs                 Coach’s name & record needed

District Tourney Scores Needed

                                 Jacksonville Sectional Tourney

1st Rd Lost to Mason City 27-19

Athens Beat Lincoln in title game

1927-28                    District Champs                 Coach’s name & record needed

District Tourney Scores Needed

                                 Jacksonville Sectional Runner-Up!

1st Rd Beat Latham 30-23

                                 Semi-final Beat Mason City 38-18

                                 Title Game lost to Griggsville 35-24

Griggsville placed 4th in state tournament.

1935-36                    Browning District Champs Coach’s name & record needed

Semi-final beat Versailles 35-30

                                 Title Game Beat Chambersburg

                                 Beardstown Regional Tourney

1st Rd los to Industry 31-30

Beardstown beat Rushville in title game

1951-52                    Bath District Champs         Coach’s name & record needed

Semi-final Beat Kilbourne 91-24

                                 Title Game Beat Bath 57-46

                                 Petersburg Regional Tourney

1st Rd lost to Athens 60-49

Mason City beat Athens in title game

1952-53                    Kilbourne District Champs Coach’s name & record needed

Semi-final Beat Tallula 83-53

                                 Title Game Beat Bath 58-43

                                 Havana Regional Tourney

                                 1st Rd lost to Easton 63-61

Havana beat Easton in title game

1963-64   21 – 7       Chandlerville District Champs   Coach Robert Gregurich

                                Early Rd Scores Needed

                                Title Game Beat Easton 61056

                                Havana Regional Tourney

                                1st Rd Beat Petersbburg 85-78

                                Semi-final lost to Havana 77-69

Havana lost to Manito Forman in title game

1964-65   18 – 6                                                             Coach Robert Gregurich


1965-66   21 – 6       Greenview District Champs       Coach Robert Gregurich

                                Semi-final Beat Bath Balyki 71-57

                                Title Game Beat Greenview 76-62

                                Havana Regional Tourney

                                1st Rd lost to Pleasant Plains 73-71

Mason City beat Athens in title game

1966-67   16 – 10                                                           Coach Robert Gregurich

1967-68   17 – 9                                                             Coach Robert Gregurich

1968-69   15 – 10                                                           Coach Robert Gregurich

1969-70   20 – 6                                                             Coach Robert Gregurich

1970-71   19 – 9      Ashland District Tourney            Coach Robert Gregurich

Early Rd Scores Needed

                               Title Game Beat Ashland 55-45

                               Havana Regional Tourney

                               1st Rd lost to Mason City 57-56  (O/T)

Petersburg PORTA beat Athens in title game

1973-74   11 – 13                                                           Coach Steve Keene

1974-75     6 – 19                                                           Coach Jerry Gray

1975-76   15 – 10                                                           Coach Jerry Gray

1976-77   10 – 13                                                           Coach Byron Strausburg

1977-78   15 – 10                                                          Coach Carroll Smith

1978-79     2 – 23                                                          Coach Carroll Smith

1979-80                                                                        Coach Carroll Smith

1980-81   20 – 7                                                            Coach’s name needed

1981-82A 15 – 11   Havana Regional Runner-Up      Coach Joe Granecki

1st Rd Beat Bath Balyki 69-51

                               Semi-final Beat Easton 57-52

                               Title Game lost to Havana 70-50

*Havana would go on to a 4th Place Finish in the Class ‘A’ tournament.

1982-83                                                                        Coach Joe Granecki

1983-84   15 – 9                                                            Coach Joe Granecki

1984-85   12 – 13                                                          Coach Joe Granecki

1985-86                                                                        Coach Doug Wellenreiter

1986-87                                                                Coach’s name & record needed. 1987-88                                                                Coach’s name & record needed

1988-89A               Mt. Sterling Regional Tourney  Coach’s name & record needed

1st Rd Beat Augusta SE 84-67

                               *Semi-final lost to Rushville 70-68

Beardstown beat Rushville in title game

^Final boys basketball game for Chandlerville High School, consolidated to become part of Ashland-Chandlerville Central High School in summer of 1989.

Great Player

Rick Conn was a Chandlerville HS Comet as a freshman and a sophomore in the 1985-86 and 1986-87 seasons before transferring to Jacksonville and playing for the Crimsons (Andy Kaufmann era). Chanderville’s enrollment was 79 in 1987. After leading JHS to two AA Super-sectionals during the 1987-88 and 1988-89 seasons,  Rick Conn continued his career at Wichita State.


1952  5-2  2nd place 3C’s Conference     Coach Rodney Richardson

After this fine season, Chandlerville won only one more football game over the next 5 seasons and fielded their last team in 1957. (Thank you to Tom Sikorski)

Great Coach

According to the IHSA web site Chandlerville had an excellent basketball coach from 1962-63 to the 1970-71 season.  His name was Robert Gregurich.  Coach Gregurich won three District Championships during his eight seasons at the school.  He also compiled a record of 147 – 62!  Gregurich went on to have similar successes at Havana and had a career record of 474-276, retiring in 2004.

Track and Field

The Comets also had one athlete who really excelled in track and field.  It was the 1924-25 school year when a male athlete named Bueford Harper walked the halls of the school.  Bueford Harper had an incredible track season which culminated in a 1st Place finish in the Shot Put and a 2nd Place finish in Pole Vault at the IHSA State Track Meet.  Harper’s efforts led the team to a 9th place finish in the State Track Meet!!

1924-25    BUEFORD HARPER        Shot Put        STATE CHAMPION!!

                                                            Pole Vault     2nd Place

                        Team Finished 9th Place Overall  

If You Have More Information…

…about Chandlerville High School, including a photo of the school or great teams you would like to share please e-mail this web site at

Chandlerville Vs. Balyki 1983-84 Season
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At Chandlerville….Check Out That Crowd!!!
Chandlerville High School
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Home of the Comets

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