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Irving Crown High School
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The History of Carpentersville Irving Crown High School

Carpentersville (population 30,586) is located in the northeastern portion of Illinois. Carpentersville is situated in the far northeast corner of Kane County.  Illinois Route 25 is the main roadway through Carpentersville, connecting it to Interstate Highway 90 just three miles to the south.  Illinois Route 31 also passes through town while Route 68 brushes its southern border. The Fox River flows to the west of town.

A nice history of the town of Carpentersville can be viewed at,_Illinois .  In summary the article points out that Carpentersville was first settled in the late 1830s by two brothers with the last name of Carpenter.  They named the area Carpenter’s Grove.  In 1851 the land was platted for a town and the town was named Carpentersville. The town was officially incorporated in 1887.

Irving Crown High School Entrance
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According to another Wikipedia source (  the Carpentersville area supported one high school, that of Dundee Community High School, from 1874 until 1964.  It was in that year that the population of the area forced a second high school to be opened.  Irving Crown High School was opened to accommodate this population boom.

Carpentersville and the surrounding towns of East Dundee, West Dundee, Algonquin, and Sleepy Hollow supported Dundee Community High School and Irving Crown High School for twenty years.  Declining school enrollment led to the decision that only one high school was needed for the area.  In 1983 Dundee Community High School and Irving Crown High School were closed and merged into one high school.

Dundee-Crown High School was the name given to the “new” high school of Carpentersville.  Dundee Crown High School continues to serve the high school-aged students in the area today.

To view an excellent website that includes information on Dundee and Irving Crown High Schools check out , submitted to us by webmaster Annie Bahnmiller!

Carpentersville Irving Crown High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                            1964

Year closed:                             1983

Consolidated to:                        Carpentersville Dundee Crown High School

Irving Crown HS team nickname: the “Vikings”

Irving Crown HS team colors:      Royal Blue & White

Irving Crown HS FIght Song:       “Cheer for the Vikings of Crown High School”


Cheer for the team
The fighting Vikings of Crown High School
We will win the game
The blue and white above all others
Our team’s in there fighting
And we are sure to win the game
We’re sure to win (rah rah)
We’re sure to win (rah rah)
‘Cause this is Viking Victory Day
Vikings Vikings Are Best!


The Vikings and Lady Vikings competed in many different sports during the 20 years the school was open.  Several of these sports are listed on the IHSA website (  We have documented these sports below.  As you can see, we are still interested in the school’s team uniform colors, school fight song, coach’s names, team records, and any other items you may wish to share with others on this page.


The Viking’s baseball program won one Regional Championship.  We are searching for the coach’s name and team record of other great Irving Crown High School baseball teams as well.

1967-68     12 – 10        Regional Champions       Coach Stan Strainis

**Memories from David Nielsen:

Carl MuellerFrank Van Milligen, and Rick Waters were all conference. We almost won the sectional too, lost 2 to 1 in the championship against LaSallle-Peru who wound up taking second in the state.”

Irving Crown HS Baseball “Vikings” Regional Champs
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Coach Jim Hinkle appears to have led the Irving Crown High School boys basketball program for wseveral years, though most of the information is missing.  We only know that the Vikings won a Regional title in the 1980-81 season.

1965-66   3 – 19                                             Coach Robert Sayre

1967-68 10 – 13                                             Coach Robert Sayre

1974-75                                                        Coach Jim Hinkle

1980-81             Regional Champions          Coach Jim Hinkle

1982-83                                                        Coach Jim Hinkle


The grid iron heroes of Carpentersville Irving Crown HS had some real nice seasons.  The team of 1976-77 finished with an 8 – 2 record under the direction of head coach Jerry Curtright. Other seasons with above .500 records are listed below as well.

1965-66    3 – 5                           Coach Robert Seamans

1967-68    7 – 2                           Coach Robert Seamans

1971-76                                     Coach Jerry Curtright

1976-77    8 – 2                           Coach Jerry Curtright

1977-78                                      Coach Bill Owen

1978-79    5 – 3                           Coach’s name unavailable

1979-80                                     Coach Robert Carlson

1980-81                                     Coach Robert Carlson

1981-82    5 – 4                           Coach Robert Carlson

1982-83    5 – 4                           Coach Robert Carlson

1983-84    4 – 5  (last season)      Coach Robert Carlson


Coach Al Zinke led the grapplers of ICHS to some incredible duel meet records.  The team of 1982-83, the school’s final season, ended with an impressive 16 – 1 record.

1978-79  14 – 3                           Coach Al Zinke

1979-80  13 – 3                           Coach Al Zinke

1980-81    8 – 8                           Coach Al Zinke

1981-82  12 – 4 – 1                       Coach Al Zinke

1982-83  16 – 1                            Coach Al Zinke


Two individual earned medals at the IHSA Class AA State Track Meet.  Their excellent accomplishments are listed below.

1968-69        Mike Markowitz   Pole Vault   5TH Place
1969-70        Mark Kellar          Discus         3RD Place


The Lady Viking basketball program sent a team the deepest into the IHSA playoffs by reaching the Sweet 16 round of play in the 1979-80 school year.  The team record is needed.  Regiional Championships were won in 1981 and 1982 as well.

1979-80                 Sweet 16 Finalist                Coach Rich Bolinder

                             Regional Champion

                             Sectional Champion

                             Super-Sectional Finalist

                             Lost to Buffalo Grove 63 – 51

Buffalo Grove Finished 4TH

1980-81                 Regional Champions

1981-82                 Regional Champions

1982-83   12 – 12    (final season)                        Coach Joe Komaromy


The Irving Crown Lady Viking thinclads won a Sectional Championship in 1983, the school’s final season as Irving Crown High School.  The IHSA website does not list any individual medalists from the school however.

1982-83                 Sectional Champions


One individual scored a big victory for Irving Crown High School in the IHSA’s Individual Events competition. David Cantry was crowned STATE CHAMPION in the 1969 competition category of “After Dinner”.  David’s efforts led to ICHS landing a seventh place finish in Individual Eveents Team Competition.

1968-69             David Cantry       “After Dinner”      STATE CHAMPION!!

                        Team Finished SEVENTH at IHSA State Meet!!


The following was provided by Dave Haberkorn from the IHSA Member School Directory:

1965-66:  Principal Donald Rich.

From the 1966-67 directory

Coaches: Robert Seamans (athletic director) football; Robert Sayre basketball; Tom Miller track and cross country; Stan Strainis baseball; Richard Bates wrestling.

From the 1968-69 directory:

Principal William Wynn.

Coaches same except Tom Welch golf  and Dave Hersted wrestling

Irving Crown HS Hallway
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Irving Crown HS Entrance
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Courtesy of Dolly Hallenbeck

Any Information You Would Like to Share? 

If you have any further information to share regarding the great, through short, run of Carpentersville Irving Crown High School please contact us at .  A photo of the original Irving Crown High School building is being sought to share on this page.  Our mailing address is:

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