Cahokia Fort Bowman Charter Academy “Rangers” & “Lady Rangers”

The History of Cahokia Fort Bowman Charter Academy

Cahokia (population 16,391) is located in southwestern Illinois along the Mississippi River. The city is located in the northeastern portion of St. Clair County about 4 miles south of East St. Louis. Interstate Highway 255 travels through Cahokia. Illinois Route 3 also takes you to and from Cahokia.  The Terminal Route Association of St. Louis Railroad travels to the east of town.

The community takes its name from the Cahokia Mounds, which was inhabited by Native Americans at the time it was discovered by French-Canadians in the latter part of the 1690’s.  As the explorers became to settle, priests from the Seminary of the Foreign Missions of Quebec attempted to convert the Cahokian and Tamaroan Indians to Christianity, and built a log church that was dedicated to the Holy Family. Within 50 years, the area became one of the larger French colonial towns in North America.

Cahokia became a trading post with over 3,000 residents and had a successful business district, which rivaled that of Kaskaskia 50 miles down river. Farmers stayed and planted wheat while maintaining peaceful relations with the Native Americans.

But all of that ended in 1763 as the French were forced to give up Cahokia to the British as the result of losing the French & Indian War. Many residents were in fear of the British, and moved across the Mississippi into what is now St. Genevieve and St. Louis. Thanks to George Rogers Clark, Cahokia was taken from the British in 1778 during the Revolutionary War and a court was set up there. The courthouse was used as a territorial courthouse and political center until 1801 when it expanded its boundaries to take in a sizable area that stretched all the way to Canada. That ended in 1814 when St. Clair County (where Cahokia is located) had decreased in size and moved the county seat to Belleville.

Information regarding Fort Bowman Charter Academy High School is needed.  There is very little information available on the internet through search engines.  We know, through research by Adam Rosoho, that Fort Bowman Academy began in 2001.  We believe that Fort Bowman Academy was a magnet school. We know that Fort Bowman Charter Academy, at least the high school portion, was closed at the end of the 2008-09 school year.

Fort Bowman Charter Academy Quick Facts

Year opened:                        2001

Year closed:                         2009

Consolidated to:                    Cahokia High School

Fort Bowman HS nickname:  “Rangers” and “Lady Rangers”

Fort Bowman HS colors:        Blue & Gold

School Fight Song:                unavailable


The “Rangers” and “Lady Rangers” competed in several sports.  Many were part of a coop agreement with Cahokia High School.  We know the boys did compete on a solo basis in the sport of basketball.  The girls may have done so as well.  If you have any information about the Fort Bowman Academy athletic program please forward it to us via the means listed below.


The only season or sport mentioned on the IHSA website ( was the boys basketball team of 2003-04.  Their nice season is listed below.

2003-04      11 –  9    Coach Randall Durk


Seeking Your Assistance

If you have ANY further information about Cahokia Fort Bowman Charter Academy please share it with us.  Photos and information can be e-mailed to us at .  You can write to us via real mail at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

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