Broadwell High School

Broadwell School Building – September of 2010
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Broadwell School Building Complex

The History of Broadwell High School

Broadwell (population 169) is located in the central portion of Illinois in the west central area of Logan County.  Broadwell is located just east of Interstate Highway 55 about 6 miles south of Lincoln. The original and famous U.S. Route 66 traveled through Broadwell as does County Highway 12.  The Southern Pacific Railroad line passes through Broadwell too. Broadwell is best known for its once famous restaurant, the Pig Hip, which was a well-known stop along the orignal U.S. Route 66.

An nice history of the town of Broadwell can be read at the Wikipedia web address of,_Illinois .  A summary of the history of the town, as found on this site, is as follows:

The town was established in 1856 and is named after one of its founders, William Broadwell. Broadwell was, at one time, a center for livestock and grain hauling.  The town has kept a fairly even population over the years.

Broadwell residents began a school system for their children very early in the town’s existence.  On a recent trip to Broadwell, we spoke with local historian, and owner of the now-closed Pig Hip Inn restaurant, Ernie Edwards. Ernie told us that he graduated from Lincoln High School in 1936 and moved to Broadwell in 1937.  He recalls that through the 1930s and 1940s Broadwell School offered a 2 year high school course of study. Students who wished to continue their education at a 4 year high school could do so at Lincoln High.  Broadwell High School likely was discontinued in the late 1940s as were all 2 and 3 year high schools in Illinois.

The Broadwell Grade School continued to serve the town and surrounding area for many years more.  It was in the late 1980s or possibly the early 1990s that Broadwell Grade School also closed her doors.  The Broadwell school building today serves as an apartment building and parts of it can be rented for parties.

Boadwell High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                          1920s?

Year closed:                           1940s?

Consolidated to:                      Lincoln High School

Broadwell HS team nickname:  Unavailable

Broadwell HS team colors:       Unavailable

School Fight Song:                  Unavailable

Broadwell School Gymnasium
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We believe that the boys of Broadwell High School competed in basketball.  Track and baseball may have been offered as well.  We are searching for information on the Broadwell High School team nickname, uniform colors, coach’s names, season records as well as individual accomplishments.

Extra-Curricular Activities

School plays, band, chorus, FFA, FHA, and other clubs may have all been a part of the Broadwell High School experience.  If you have information on these or other activities please drop us a line.

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Broadwell School – Northwest View
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