Berwyn Morton West HS

(*School remains open, athletics combined with Cicero Morton East High School.)

Morton West High School

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The History of Berwyn Morton West High School


Berwyn (population 54,016) is located about 10 miles west of Chicago north of Interstate 55 along Illinois Route 43 and south of Interstate 290. Ogden Avenue (also known as U.S. Route 34) also brings traffic thru town.


The community began its life in 1856 when Thomas Baldwin bought land from the Illinois & Michigan Canal Company (which passed nearby from Chicago to LaSalle) to develop land for an affluant community called LaVergne. Railroad traffic from the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy line did not come to the area until 1874, Over time, the community grew with developers such as Marshall Field, Charles Piper, and William Andrews, as they platted the land, constructed streets, sidewalks, and sewers during the 1880’s and 1890’s.


Piper and Andrews renamed the community Berwyn for a Philadelphia suburb on a timeline for a railroad and continued to purchase land as middle-class Chicagoans were enticed to see what was developed there, purchasing homes west of the big city. The community incorporated itself in 1894.


Berwyn broke away from Cicero Township in 1901 as Chicago was moving readily to buy up land to annex into their city, but the working class Germans, Polish, Italians, and Czechslovakians helped build Berwyn as the population more than doubled itself from 1910-20, and gained the reputation as the fastest growing Chicago suburb.


Educationally, its students attended Morton High School in Cicero, even the school suffered its growing pains as Morton offered morning classes for its juniors and seniors, while freshman and sophomores went in the afternoon. And to boot, students from Morton Junior College also attended classes in the same building!!


After many years of court delays, lack of public support, and the combination of the Great Depression and World War II, the land for a second Morton High School was finally purchased and developed for a new school in the 1950’s, opening up in 1958. The school was named Morton West and eased the overcrowded conditions at the Cicero location.


Morton West continued to prosper on its’ own until the mid-1980’s when it was decided to bring the schools back together for extra-curricular activities under the name Berwyn-Cicero Morton. Similar to what would take place at Joliet Central and Joliet West in 1993 or at Chicago Heights Bloom Township and Bloom Trail in 2003, Morton West remains open and has its own attendance boundaries, as does Morton East.


To view photos of Morton high school alumni check out the webaddress of , submitted to us by George Krejci!




Year opened:                                                         1958

Year school activities merged to one school: 1985

Consolidated to:                                                    Morton Township High School

School colors:                                                        Green & White

School nickname:                                                 Falcons

School fight song:                                                “Falcon Fight” 

Link to school song on YouTube (courtesy of Jane Gruber Sinclair, class of 1967):


Words to “Falcon Fight:”


Stand up and fight

Stand for the right

And stand behind the Green and White

And in the end

We score again

We win the game and fame for J.S.M.

And when it’s done

When we have won

Our team will be still be champions, Mor-ton!

Come on, you Falcons

Fight, fight, fight

For dear old J.S.M!

(repeat verse)


Nothing can stop us

No one can top us

Vic-tor-y in every game

Let’s make the rafters

Ring ever after

Echoing the Morton name

Let’s let ’em hear it

Show ’em our spirit

Falcons, fight! fight! fight!


(back to first verse to conclude)





Morton West offered a number of sports and other activities for their student body when the school had its own extracurricular activities prior to merging with Morton East. According to the IHSA website (, the school offered baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, golf, soccer, swimming, track & field, and wrestling for the boys.


The girls were able to participate in bowling, basketball, and softball, but this author would like to believe they could have been offered volleyball, cross-country, soccer, track & field, swimming, tennis, and gymnastics. If you have any information to show that Morton West offered those sports or others to their student body that are being reported, we would like to hear from you by contacting us at one of the addresses listed below.





The Falcons made the most noise in state tournament action by sending a number of athletes to the state finals in either Champaign or Charleston, who came home with state titles (like Rich Ellison and Terry Erickson) or placed well enough to receive medals on the podium after the event was decided.



1963               Individual Medalist                          Coach Jim Rexillus

                        Rich Ellison      Pole Vault—STATE CHAMPION!!! (13’9”)

(only the second person to clear 13 foot at state finals—was state finals record for two years)

                        Ted Nykiel         440 Dash—5th place


1964               Tied for 5th in State!!!                      coach unknown

                         Team Standings

                          1  Alton Senior                                      19  

                          2  Winnetka New Trier                        18  

                          3  Evanston Township                        16  

                          4  Palatine HS                                      11  

                          5  Chicago Hts. Bloom Township      9

                              Berwyn Morton West                      9  

                          7  Elmhurst York                                    8  

                              Park Ridge Maine East                    8  

                              Aurora East                                        8  

                              Hillside Proviso West                       8  

                              Hinsdale Township                          8


                        Individual Medalists

                          Rich Ellison      Pole Vault—STATE CHAMPION!!! (13’4”)

                          Ed Halik             Pole Vault—2nd place


1965             Tied for 10th in State                         coach unknown

                       Team Standings

                        1  Evanston Township                      25  

                        2  Champaign HS                              15  

                            Hillside Proviso West                   15  

                        4  Alton Senior                                    12  

                        5  Chicago Dunbar                            11  

                        6  Taylorville                                        10  

                        7  East St. Louis Lincoln                     9  

                            Rock Island HS                                9  

                        9  Palatine HS                                       7  

                      10  Chicago Hts. Bloom Township     6  

                            Berwyn Morton West                      6      


                      Individual Medalists

                        Bruce Self        180 yard Hurdles—2nd place

                        Ed Halik            Pole Vault—4th place


1966             Tied for 10th in State                        coach unknown

                       Team Standings

                        1  Evanston Township                             30  

                        2  Chicago Hts. Bloom Township         21  

                        3  East St. Louis Senior                          15.5

                        4  Elmhurst York                                       14  

                        5  Campbell Hill Trico                             12  

                        6  Maywood Proviso East                       10  

                        7  Palatine HS                                            9  

                        8  Chicago Phillips                                    8  

                            Winnetka New Trier East                     8  

                      10  Berwyn Morton West                          7  

                            Rockford Auburn                                    7     


                       Individual Medalists

                         Larry Erickson    100 yard dash—3rd place

                                                         220 yard dash—2nd place


1967              Individual Medalist                          coach unknown

                        Larry Cascio        Pole Vault—5th place


1968              Individual/Relay Medalists              coach unknown

                                                       1 mile relay—5th place

                         Terry Erickson  440 yard dash—3rd place


1969              5th in State!!!                                    Coach Gordon Busse

                         Team Standings

                          1  Alton Senior                                      25  

                          2  East Moline United                         16  

                          3  Chicago Englewood                       15  

                          4  Chicago Hts. Bloom Township    13   

                          5  Berwyn Morton West                    10  

                          6  Hillside Proviso West                       9  

                          7  Palatine HS                                         8  

                              Maywood Proviso East                      8  

                          9  Glen Ellyn Glenbard West                6  

                              Harvey Thornton                                 6  

                              Elmhurst York                                     6  

                              Colfax Octavia                                     6

                              Moline HS                                            6  

                              Wheaton North                                    6  

                              North Chicago                                     6  

                              St. Charles HS                                    6  


                         Individual/Relay Medalists 

                            Terry Erickson  440 yard dash—2nd place

                            1 mile relay—STATE CHAMPION!!! (3:19.7)

                  (Terry Erickson, Krev, Regac, Vondra made up relay)


1970                Tied for 8th in State                      coach unknown            

                         Team Standings

                          1  Evanston Township                    21  

                          2  Alton Senior                                  17  

                          3  Glen Ellyn Glenbard West         14  

                          4  Chicago Englewood                   10  

                          5  Belleville West                                9   

                          6  Villa Park Willowbrook                   8  

                          7  East St. Louis Senior                    7  

                          8  Chicago Hts. Bloom Township   6  

                              Galesburg HS                                 6  

                              Ottawa Township                           6  

                              Skokie Niles North                         6  

                              New Lenox Lincoln-Way               6  

                              Hillside Proviso West                    6  

                              Elmhurst Timothy Christian          6  

                              East St. Louis Lincoln                    6  

                              Berwyn Morton West                   6  

                              Urbana HS                                       6


                           Individual Medalists

                            Terry Erickson  440 yard dash—STATE CHAMP!!! (:48.2)


1973                Individual Medalist                       coach unknown

                          Paul Proffitt     Long Jump—3rd place

                          Gary Remius   Shotput—5th place


1976AA           Individual Medalist                       coach unknown

                          Don Piha         Shotput—4th place


1977AA           Individual Medalist                       coach unknown

                          Tom Piha        Shotput—3rd place


1979AA          Individual Medalist                        coach unknown

                          Steve Piha      Shotput—6th place


1984AA          Individual Medalist                        coach unknown

                         Jeff Gennarelli  Shotput—5th place




The Green and White of Morton West made their mark on the prep wrestling mats of Illinois by placing in the top 10 of the state early in the school’s career and sent a number of grapplers who finished in the top four of their weight classes.


1962               Tied for 9th in State                     Coach Ken Geiger

                        Team Standings

                         1  Burbank Reavis                         62

                         2  Waukegan HS                           36

                         3  Savanna                                     34

                         4  Moline                                         29

                         5  Evanston Township                 28

                         6  LaGrange Lyons                       18

                         7  Palatine HS                                16

                             Granite City HS                          16

                         9  Park Forest Rich East              15

                             Berwyn Morton West              15

                             Winnetka New Trier                  15

                             Maywood Proviso East             15


                         Individual Medalists

                           Lee Mungai                 180 lbs—4th place

                           Lee Olson                    145 lbs—2nd place


1963                 Individual Medalist                     Coach Ken Geiger

                           Lee Mungai               Heavyweight—STATE CHAMPION!!!


1969                 Individual Medalist                    Coach John Polz

                          Joe Vicchiollo              127 lbs—2nd place


1970                 Individual Medalist                    coach unknown

                          Craig Baldacci             175 lbs—2nd place


1978-79                                                              Coach Joe Callahan


1984AA            Individual Medalist                    coach unknown

                          Dan Ivanisevic             Heavyweight—4th place




In trying to keep pace with their district counterparts at Morton East, West also had some flags of their own to show off to fans in the western suburbs of Chicago. The Falcons reached the Elite Eight of the state baseball tournament twice before bowing out of contention.


1963   21- 2   Regional Champions                     Coach Stan Pace

                           Interim League Champions


1968   22- 2  Elite Eight Qualifier!!!                       Coach Stan Pace

                          Regional Champions                       

                           Sectional Champions

                            Lost to Peoria Manual 7-4 in state quarterfinals


1972               Regional Champions                           coach unknown


1982  18-12  AA Elite Eight Qualifier                    Coach Roger Hahn

                         Regional Champions                        

                          Sectional Champions

                           Lost to Darien Hinsdale South 9-7 in state quarterfinals




The Falcons were competitive on the soccer pitch, with a number of successes in the win-loss column, and made it the state Elite Eight once under long-time coach Bill Stamper, who complied a win-loss record of 105-72-17 (.585 percentage) in his 11 years on the sidelines at Morton West.


1974      8-  6                                                            Coach Bill Stamper


1975    16-  3     FINAL FOUR!!!                             Coach Bill Stamper

                            Sectional Champions

                              Elite 8 Qualifier

                              Shutout Chicago Senn in quarterfinals, 1-0

                               Lost to Park Ridge Maine East in semifinals, 1-0 


1976    10-  6                                                            Coach Bill Stamper

1977    14-  3-1                                                        Coach Bill Stamper

1978    11-  7-2                                                        Coach Bill Stamper

1979    10-  5-1                                                        Coach Bill Stamper

1982      8-  7-1                                                        Coach Bill Stamper

1983    10-  8-2                                                        Coach Bill Stamper

1984      9-  9-2  Last season                               Coach Bill Stamper




Morton West made a splash in the wintertime, sending several tankmen to the state meet who came home with medals at the finals. One excellent coach who helped bring this program along was Jim EllingerDan Swacina (Class of 1971) tells us:


“We had a really good coach that developed the swimming program at Morton West HS, Mr. Jim EllingerMr. Ellinger died in a tragic car accident in the mid to late 1970’s.”



1971  Dan Swacina           50 Freestyle—6th place

1973  Jim Martin               Diving—5th place

1974  Jim Martin               Diving—2nd place

1974  Bob Olson                Diving—5th place

1976  Lou Kammerer        50 Freestyle—5th place

1977  Lou Kammerer        50 Freestyle—STATE CHAMPION!!!

1978  Lou Kammerer        100 Freestyle—2nd place

                                         50 Freestyle—5th place

1982  Todd Ronde            Diving—4th place

1985  Doug Arnish            Diving—10th place




The Lady Falcons started slow, but built their program up all the way to a peak when Morton West & East brought their athletic departments back together. A year after the merger, Coach Jim Kulawiak led Morton to a state title. His record at Morton West was 135-23 (.854 percentage)!


1976         0- 5   first season                                       Coach Campagna

1978       11- 3                                                               Coach Gerry Stiverson

1979       10- 4                                                               Coach Gerry Stiverson

1980       14- 6                                                               Coach Jim Kulawiak

1981       17- 5    AA Regional Champions              Coach Jim Kulawiak


1982       26- 2    AA EILTE EIGHT FINALISTS           Coach Jim Kulawiak

                               AA Regional Champions

                                AA Sectional Champions

                                  Lost to Herrin in quarterfinals, 5-3


1983       24- 4  AA Regional Champions                Coach Jim Kulawiak

1984       28- 2  AA Regional Champions                Coach Jim Kulawiak

1985       26- 4  AA Regional Champions                Coach Jim Kulawiak




In the early days of girls’ sports, Morton West won four district titles and qualified for the state meet on the bowling alleys of Chicagoland. If you have more details, we welcome your information at the addresses listed below.


1973-74             District Champions                         Coach unknown

                              State Qualifier   

1974-75             District Champions                         Coach unknown

                              State Qualifier 

1975-76             District Champions                         Coach unknown

                              State Qualifier

1977-78             District Champions                         Coach unknown

                              State Qualifier




A fan of the Glory Days site and alum of Morton West, Kenny Klimes, sent us the following information regarding the incredible football program at MWHS. We are told that Ken Kimes is a modest guy, but was a great quarterback in the late 1960s for the Falcons:


“I noted in your High School football team record section that Berwyn (Morton West H.S.) season records were lacking and incomplete. The school’s first year in football was 1961 in the Des Plaines Valley Conference. During the sixties, Morton West was one of the Chicago area’s football powerhouses. During this 10 year period, they won 49 games while only losing 15 games. They won four conference championships and had three second place finishes. The head coach during this period, Mr. Jim Regan, is a member of the Illinois Coaches Hall of Fame. I have the records of the Morton West football teams from 1961 to 1984 to include the coaches, and would appreciate that they be included on your web site. I have personally talked with coaches Duchon, Evan, and Ruzycki just recently about the won – loss records. I have also researched the accuracy in past Morton West yearbooks. The following should complete your web site for Berwyn (Morton West H. S.)”:

1961-62    4 – 3 – 1                                                           Coach Jim Regan

1962-63    6 – 1 – 1                                                           Coach Jim Regan

1963-64    5 – 3 – 0                                                           Coach Jim Regan

1964-65    8 – 0 – 0   Undefeated DPVC Champs      Coach Jim Regan

1965-66    4 – 2 – 2                                                           Coach Jim Regan

1966-67    4 – 2 – 2                                                           Coach Jim Regan

1967-68    5 – 2 – 1                                                           Coach Jim Regan

1968-69    6 – 2 – 0                                                           Coach Jim Regan

1969-70    7 – 0 – 0   Undefeated DPVC Champs      Coach Jim Regan

1970-71    2 – 6 – 0                                                           Coach Jim Regan

1971-72    3 – 4 – 0                                                           Coach Frank Duchon

1972-73    4 – 3 – 1                                                           Coach Frank Duchon

1973-74    4 – 4 – 0                                                           Coach Jim Evan

1974-75    6 – 3 – 0                                                           Coach Jim Evan

1975-76    2 – 7 – 0                                                           Coach Jim Evan

1976-77    3 – 6 – 0                                                           Coach Jim Evan

1977-78    5 – 4 – 0                                                           Coach Leonard Ruzycki

1978-79    3 – 6 – 0                                                           Coach Leonard Ruzycki

1979-80    4 – 5 – 0                                                           Coach Leonard Ruzycki

1980-81    7 – 3 – 0                                                           Coach Leonard Ruzycki

1981-82    3 – 6 – 0                                                           Coach Leonard Ruzycki

1982-83    2 – 7 – 0                                                           Coach Leonard Ruzycki

1983-84    7-  4        IHSA 6A Playoff Qualifier          Coach Pete Ventrelli

                              Edged Chicago Gordon Tech 8-7 (OT)

                              Lost to Chicago St. Rita 35-13 in quarterfinals

1984-85    5 – 4 – 0                                                           Coach Pete Ventrelli

“I also would like to add some school history. As you may have noticed the football team was undefeated, champions in 1969. But the record was not 8-0 but 7-0. That is because in the fall of 1969 the teachers went on strike at Morton West High School. Since the school was not in session the first two weeks, Morton West had to cancel the first game of the season with non-conference rival, Riverside Brookfield High School. If the strike would have lasted another week the team was threatened with losing the rest of their season. The students decided to protest to get the teachers to come back to the negotiations. The student body even made the front page of the Chicago Tribune during their protest march. The teachers came back to work and the football team was allowed to continue their season. This was especially important to many senior players since many seniors received athletic scholarships that year.”

Nice job Kenny!



One athlete had the honor of going to state in this event, and came home with a medal. Unforunately, there is very little information to list about the Falcon harriers, so we are in need of more details.


1966          Individual Placer                                 coach unknown  

                    Carl Ruzicka—7th place




Morton West participated on the hardwood, winning one regional title in the early 1960’s before losing in the sectional finals to Harvey Thornton.


1961-62      Summit Argo Regional Champions          Coach John Capron  

                       Beat Joliet in Harvey Sectional, 79-74 

                         Lost to Harvey Thornton in Sectional Finals, 78-60


Note from Chuck Karabin: “That 1961 team was really led by guard Tom Gribben, who was quite the shooter.” 




The Falcons did offer golf to its boys and they came home with a district plaque on one occasion. How long they offered it and what successes they had beyond the district championship is unknown.


1973              District Champions                             coach unknown




The girls also played hoops in the winter, and came away with one winning season out of the nine that the school offered the sport to its’ female athletes.


1976-77                                                           Coach C. Gilbertson

1977-78                                                           Coaches T.Kulp & M. Ripple

1978-79                                                           Coach R. Hapac

1979-80                                                           Coach R. Hapac

1980-81                                                           Coach R. Hapac

1981-82    8-  4                                                Coach T. Kulp

1982-83                                                           Coach T. Kulp

1983-84                                                           Coach T. Kulp

1984-85                                                           Coach T. Kulp






If there was any one field that Morton West proved itself as one of the top schools in the state, it was in Drama. Lead by coach T.F. (Fred) Meyer, the school finished in the top five of the state four times over a five-year span, and helped fill up the trophy case at the school.


1974               District Champions                    Coach T.F. (Fred) Meyer

                        Sectional Champions

                         State Qualifier


1975               2nd in State!!!                              Coach T.F. (Fred) Meyer

                        District Champions  

                         Team Standings

                           1  Homewood-Flossmoor          7  

                           2  Berwyn Morton West             9  

                           3  Wheaton Warrenville             12  

                               Normal University                  12  

                           5  Waukegan HS                        14  

                           6  Lansing Thorn. Frac. S.        21  

                           7  Geneseo Darnall                   23  

                               Lincoln                                     23  

                           9  Northbrook Glenb’k North    25  

                         10  Bloomington Cen. Cath.      32


1976               5th in State!!!                                Coach T.F. (Fred) Meyer

                        District Champions

                         Sectional Champions  

                        Team Standings

                           1  Homewood-Flossmoor         7  

                           2  Dolton Thornridge                   8  

                           3  Decatur MacArthur                 12  

                           4  Elgin HS                                  13  

                           5  Berwyn Morton West          15  

                           6  Summit Argo                          16  

                           7  Highland Park                        20  

                           8  Rochester                               26  

                           9  Pekin                                       28  

                         10  Edwardsville HS                   29


1977               District Champions                    Coach T.F. (Fred) Meyer


1979                4th in State!!!                               Coach T.F. (Fred) Meyer

                        Team Standings

                          1  Bensenville Fenton                 6  

                          2  Homewood-Flossmoor         6  

                          3  Dolton Thornridge                   9  

                          4  Berwyn Morton West          13  

                          5  Des Plaines Maine North    18  

                          6  Carbondale                            21  

                              Arlington Hts. Forest Vw       21  

                              Belleville West                       21  

                          9  Peoria Woodruff                    24  

                        10  East Moline United               31


1981                4th in State!!!                              Coach T.F. (Fred) Meyer    

                         1  Homewood-Flossmoor        3  

                         2  Highland Park                         7  

                         3  Belleville West                      10  

                         4  Berwyn Morton West         13  

                         5  Normal University                13  

                         6  Dolton Thornridge                18  

                         7  Buffalo Grove                        21  

                         8  Peoria Richwoods               25  

                         9  Rochelle                                26  

                             Roselle Lake Park               26


1982               District Champions                   Coach T.F. (Fred) Meyer





Morton West came home with one state title, had a top ten finish another time, and have several individuals take home some medals in the state finals. Obviously, there was some talent in the English department at Morton West.


1976              STATE CHAMPIONS!!!                Coach T.F. (Fred) Meyer & student Patrick Shanahan

                       Team Standings

                        1  Berwyn Morton West                        6  

                        2  Tremont                                                7  

                        3  Lansing Thornton Fractional So.     9  

                        4  Homewood-Flossmoor                  13  

                        5  Peoria Richwoods                           17  

                        6  Murphysboro                                     22  

                        7  North Chicago                                  24  

                            Burbank Reavis                                24  

                        9  Belleville West                                  25  

                      10  Bloomington Central Catholic       26  


1981              8th in State                                  sponsor unknown

                       Team Standings

                        1  Harvey Thornton                          5   

                        2  Dolton Thornridge                       8                       

                        3  Lincoln                                           9

                        4  Highland Park                            16   

                        5  Rochelle                                     17   

                        6  Belleville West                           19   

                        7  Carbondale                                20   

                        8  Berwyn Morton West              21 

                        9  Wheaton-Warrenville                28

                      10  Stanford Olympia                      29  


1962            Linda Bates                        comedy—3rd place

1963            James Finerty                    radio speaking—2nd place

                     Joyce Verbik                       after dinner speaking—4th place

1964            Russell Skleviska             extemporaneous speaking—5th place

                     Joseph Sveda                    radio speaking—5th place

1965            Paul Woldy                         original oratory—5th place

1969            Pam Braun                        original comedy—STATE CHAMPION!!

                     Debbie Duepner                serious—3rd place

1970            Joseph Cappelletti            original comedy—4th place

1972            Nesladek & Tumas           duet—6th place

1975            Ann Slivinski                       prose reading—3rd place


All of these students were coached by Maxine Lichtermann.




In addition to Individual Events, Morton West made its name by getting into the top 10 at the state finals on one occasion.


1968-69         Tied for 9th in State                     Coach Maxine Lichterman

                        Team Standings

                          1  Homewood-Flossmoor            14  

                          2  Bensenville Fenton                   13  

                              Peoria Richwoods                     13  

                          4  Arlington Heights Arlington      10  

                              Dolton Thornridge                     10  

                              Northfield New Trier West       10  

                              Wheaton Central                       10  

                          8  Highland Park                              9  

                          9  Chicago St. Ignatius                   8  

                              Berwyn Morton West                8



Famous Rock Band


The rock group “The Ides of March” hail from Morton West High School!




From Jane Gruber Sinclair (class of 1967):


“Hello. Just found your website while looking for my HS alma mater, J. Sterling Morton West in Berwyn, IL. I just did the fight song and posted it to YouTube. You do note the fight song. Thought you might want to add a link. Thanks for all the great info. I went to grade school with Larry Cascio. You have him winning
a medal in the Pole Vault. Nice to see.”


From alums Dennis Heydanek, Jim Przybytek, and Carole Cech:


“Great site! Thanks for sharing.


“Stan Pace was the Baseball Coach in 1963. The team was Interim League Champions and lost in the Sectional Finals of the State Tournament that year and finished with a 21-2 record. I have newspaper clippings if interested. 


I can confirm that Robert (Bob) Reynolds coached the pole vaulters of note in 1963 (and likely for 3 years prior to that). His standout performers were Rich Ellison and Ed Halik. Ed Halik was a Fraternity Brother of mine at the University of Illinois.”


From Ed Talluch (class of 1963):


“Here is an update of your website on Morton West athletics……….Wrestling Coach in 1962 and 63  Ken Geiger   1969  John Polz  …….Track Coach in 1969  Gordon Busse…..Baseball Coach 1963  Stan Pace     Hope this helps filling in the blanks……ED TALLACH   Class of 1963……..Assistant Football Coach to Jim Regan 1967-1969.”


From Deborah Nykiel Oles:


“My brother, Ted Nykiel, graduated from Morton West in 1963. After receiving multiple scholarship offers in track from many universities, he attended University of Missouri on a full 5 year scholarship. Ted can fill you in on more particulars but Ted wrote to me and said he was 6th in the state in the 440 yard dash in 1963, which was not listed in your site.”




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