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The History of Barry High School

Barry (population 1,368) is located in far western Illinois about 20 miles southeast of Quincy.  The town sits in the northwest portion of Pike County along Illinois Route 106 just south of Interstate Highway 72. The Norfolk Southern Railroad passes by Barry about one mile to the northwest.  The Mississippi River is located 12 miles west of town.

A nice history of the town of Barry can be read at the web address of .  The article states, in summary, the following:

Barry was plotted in 1836 and was first known as Worchester. When the town petitioned for a post office in 1839 they were told that there was already a town named Worchester in Illinois.  Mary Brown, a well-known citizen of the town, was given the chance to name the town and decided to name it Barre, after her hometown in Vermont.  The state clerk, however, recorded the town’s name as Barry and it has stuck ever since.

The history of Barry High School is in need of research.  Our guess is that since the town got such an early start, so did the high school.  We estimate that high school curriculum for the children of Barry was established by the late 1800s.  Barry High School served the community and surrounding farm families through the 20th century and into the 21st.  It was in the early 2000s that talks became serious between the school districts of Barry and West Pike, whose high school was located in Kinderhook.  After a couple of years of co-oping their sports teams, both school districts agreed to consolidate their resources.  This decision was put into effect after the 2006-07 school year.

The new school district was named the Western School District.  The high school for the district is located in Barry in the Barry High School facility.

Barry High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                      late 1800s?

Year consolidated:              2007

Consolidated to:                  (Barry) Western School District (with West Pike HS)

Barry HS team nickname:    the “Tigers”

Barry HS uniform colors:      Orange & Black

School Fight Song:              unavailable


Barry High School competed in the boys sports of basketball, track, baseball, and possibly football.  The girls competed in basketball, volleyball, track, and possibly softball.  We are in need of the Barry High School team uniform colors, school fight song, coach’s names, and season records of the many great Barry teams that graced the high school’s fields and courts.


The most well-covered sport on the IHSA website ( for the Tigers and Tigerettes is the sport of boys basketball.  Several nice season records were attained.  In the very early years the Tigers made a trip to the ELITE 8 finals before bowing out of the state tournament.  The records and coach’s names of the teams listed on the IHSA website are reprinted below.

1918-19   18 – 6      ELITE 8 FINALIST!!                   Coach M. Warston

                             District Champions

                             Elite 8 Finalist

                             Lost to Peoria HS 50 – 15

Peoria HS Placed 3rd

1960-61  12 – 12                                                      Coach Ralph Ginn

1961-62    9 – 15                                                      Coach Bob Moore

1962-63    8 – 13                                                      Coach Bob Moore

1963-64  10 – 14                                                      Coach Wayne Jenkins

1964-65  14 – 10                                                      Coach Bill Hellyer

1965-66  12 – 12                                                      Coach Bill Hellyer

1966-67  15 – 10                                                      Coach Bill Hellyer

1967-68  10 – 12                                                      Coach Gerald Smith

1968-69  25 – 1     Undefeated Regular Season!!    Coach Gerald Smith

1969-70  11 – 12                                                      Coach Mike Fray

1970-71  21 – 5     Nice Season!                               Coach Mike Fray

1971-72  18 – 8                                                        Coach Mike Fray

1972-73  17 – 8                                                        Coach Mike Fray

1973-74  24 – 3     Nice Season!                                Coach Mike Fray

1974-75  12 – 13                                                      Coach Wayne Lueders

1975-76    9 – 19                                                      Coach Wayne Lueders

1976-77    6 – 19                                                      Coach Wayne Lueders

1977-78  15 – 11                                                      Coach Wayne Lueders

1978-79  19 – 6                                                        Coach Wayne Lueders

1979-80  16 – 10                                                      Coach Bill Jacquot

1980-81    9 – 15                                                      Coach Bill Jacquot

1981-82    8 – 16                                                      Coach Bill Jacquot

1982-83  18 – 8                                                        Coach Bill Jacquot

1983-84    9 – 16                                                      Coach Bill Jacquot

1984-85    2 – 22                                                      Coach Jim Hembree

1985-86  11 – 13                                                      Coach Jim Hembree

1986-87  15 – 10                                                      Coach Jim Hembree

1987-88  11 – 14                                                      Coach Jim Hembree

1988-89  15 – 10                                                      Coach Jim Hembree

1989-90  18 – 10                                                      Coach Jim Hembree

1990-91                                                                  Coach Wayne Lueders

1991-92                                                                  Coach Wayne Lueders

1992-93                                                                  Coach Tim Rhoades

1993-94                                                                  Coach Mike Smith

1994-95                                                                  Coach Mike Smith

1995-96                                                                  Coach Carl Carlson

1996-97                                                                  Coach Carl Carlson

1997-98    18 – 10                                                    Coach Carl Carlson

1998-99    22 – 6                                                      Coach Todd Plattner

1997-98                                                                  Coach Todd Plattner

1998-99                                                                  Coach Todd Plattner

1999-00                                                                  Coach Todd Plattner

2000-01    6 – 22                                                      Coach Don Patterson

2004-05  23 – 6     Nice Season!                                Coach Todd Plattner

2005-06  27 – 5     Regional Champions!!                Coach Todd Plattner

*Hall of Fame Coach Bill Homer spent some time in Barry. Coach Homer ended his career in 1997 with 718 wins, good for 10th All-Time in IHSA Boys Basketball history!!

*Coach Mike Fray ended his career at Augusta Southeastern after amassing 305 wins in his career.

*Brian Kendall (Class of 1983), holds several scoring records for the boys basketball program, including most points in a career – 1362.

*Thank you to Matt Knepper (Class of 1999) for contributing to this portion of the BHS page.


Only three years of coverage is available on the Tigerettes basketball exploits.  One of those seasons had a real nice season record. If you have any further information on the Barry High School girls athletic program, please contact us so we can add it to this page.

1997-98                                Coach Terry Schoppenhorst

1998-99                                Coach Terry Schoppenhorst

2001-02    12 – 13                  Coach Tj Hoover

2002-03    19 – 11                  Coach Tj Hoover

2003-04      8 – 19                  Coach Tj Hoover

**From Michelle Brown Garrett (Class of 1998):

“Girls basketball started with my Senior year in 1997.  After several years of trying to get in through! We fought pretty hard and finally got it the year I graduated. We had 7 players on the team, so no one got any down time! 🙂 Coach was Terry Schoppenhorst and I believe he coached for 2 years. We had 3 Seniors on the team and the rest were underclassmen…Feels good to know I was on the first Barry High School girls basketball team! Thanks for letting me share!”



The Barry HS banner was carried proudly by one individual at the State Meet level in Barry’s storied history.  A gentleman by the last name of Herr placed SECOND in the pole vault under the one-class system in 1936!!

1935-36       Herr       Pole Vault       2ND Place


The IHSA also offers competitions that are not athletically related.  One of these competitions is the Indvidual Events competition.  Barry High School excelled in at least two years while competing in this state-wide event.  A student named Frances Wheelan placed in the top of the “serious” category in 1950 and 1951, being crowned STATE CHAMPION in the later year!!.  Frances’ effort earned Barry a top-ten team finish both years!

1949-50     Team Placed NINTH at STATE FINALS!!


Individual Medalist 

Frances Wheelan    Serious  Category      2ND Place!!

Final Team Standings

1)  Freeport (H.S.)                  14

2)  Elgin (H.S.)                        9

3)  Rock Island (H.S.)              7

4)  Evanston (Twp.)                  6

4)  West Frankfort (Frankfort)    6

6)  Peoria (Woodruff)                5

6)  Onarga                              5

6)  Chicago (Phillips)               5

9)  Harrisburg                         4

9)  BARRY                             4

1950-51     Team Placed FIFTH at STATE FINALS!!

Individual Medalist 

Frances Wheelan    Serious  Category      STATE CHAMPION!!

Final Team Standings  

1)  Evanston (Twp.)           14

2)  LaGrange (Lyons)         10

3)  Rock Island (H.S.)          9

4)  Galesburg (H.S.)            8

5)  BARRY                         5

6)  Elgin (H.S.)                    5

6)  Freeport (H.S.)               5

6)  Lincoln                          5

6)  Pekin                            5

10)  Joliet (Twp.)                 4


The Tigers did compete in baseball as well.  Season records and coaches names are needed.  We do have this tidbit on an individual who excelled at Barry High School in baskeball:

*Kevin Kendall (Class of 1986) – Holds several stolen base records for the baseball team. In 1986, he set the record for most stolen bases in one season with 55.


If you have any further information regarding the town of Barry and its former High School please contact us at .  A photo of the former high school building and other activities offered at BHS are welcome.  You can send items to us via real mail at:

IHSGD Website

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago,  Il.  60631


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