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Forest View High School
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Front of Building

The History of Arlington Heights Forest View High School

Arlington Heights (population 76,422) is located in northeastern Illinois in the northwestern portion of Cook County. The town was incorporated in 1836, making it one of Illinois oldest “villages” as well. When first established, the thought of ever becoming a “suburb” was not even considered. However, with the many travel innovations over the next 100 years, Arlington Heights expanded to become one of Chicago’s biggest suburbs.

When the first high school building was built in 1922 for Arlington Heights to accomodate its’ 101 high school kids, thoughts did not comprehend the inmmense future growth the town would have. By the late 1950s, the high school-aged population had grown to well over 2000 stiudents. Plans were soon made to build a new high school to relieve the pressure on the many-times expanded Arlington High School. In 1962 Forest View High School was created.

Forest View High School served the community for nearly 25 years. It was in the mid 1980s that talks of now-decreasing enrollment led to the closure of Forest View High School in 1986. The Forest View High School building was put to excellent use and still remains in constant usage today. Katie Phillips tells us the following about the former Forest View school building:

“The school is currently the home of two alternative high schools; Vanguard School ( and  Forest View Alternative School (”

Kids who attended Forest View High School in 1986 were given the choice of attending Elk Grove, Prospect, or Rolling Meadows high schools.

Forest View High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                       1962

Year of last grad. class:        1986

Year closed:                        1986

School Team nickname:        the “Falcons”

School colors:                      Black & Gold

School Fight Song:              “Fight for Forest View”

Forest View High School

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Falcon Fight Song

Forest View High School
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Girls Track Team 1973-74


The town of Arlington Heights and the surrounding communities must have been loaded with talent. If you review the Arlington High School page, you might think there was no trophies left for the neighboring schools to win. The kids of Forest View High School proved this theory wrong. Forest View High School offered nearly every sport available on the IHSA web site ( Even more so, they won some type of IHSA hardware in nearly every sport they competed in!  Three State Championships and several (and I mean SEVERAL) top ten finishes in State Competition. This is not to mention the dozens of individual medals won by Forest View athletes. If you have any more information on Forest View such as great teams and their records, great coaches, great athletes, conference championship teams, etc., please write to us at anytime, we will update the below listed information.


Let’s talk State Championship teams first. The lady bowlers of Forest View High were the “kingpins” of the middle 1970s. In five consectutive seasons (1974 – 1978) the team finished, in order, First, Second, Second, First, and First!!!  An incredible run over a short period of time! The seasons and the accomplishments are listed below. Incredibly. only one individual, Jackie Sinkler, earned a state medal in being crowned a State Champion herself in the 1981-82 season.

1973-74       Team Finished as STATE CHAMPIONS!!               Coach Diann Tomaino

                   District Champions as well.

1974-75       Team Finished as STATE RUNNER-UP

                   District Champions

1975-76       Team Finished as STATE RUNNER-UP

                   District Champions

1976-77       Team Finished as STATE CHAMPIONS!!               Coach Warren Myers

                   District Champions

1977-78       Team Finished as STATE CHAMPIONS!!               Coach Warren Myers

                   District Champions

1979-80       District Champions

                   Qualified for State Meet

1980-81       Qualified for State Meet

1981-82       District Champions

                   Qualified for State Meet

                   Individual Medalist

                   Jackie Sinkler         STATE CHAMPION!!       


There is a fairly complete history of the football program with team records from 1974-1985 available on the IHSA web site. It seems that the program was really hitting its stride toward the end. The 1985-86 Forest View grid iron greats nearly pulled off a State Championship of their own. Following an 8-1 regular season, the FVHS boys won their first four games of the playoffs before falling in the State Championship game to finish the season as the IHSA 5A runner-up. The better seasons of football as listed on the IHSA website are in turn listed below.

1974-75      6 – 2                                                 Coach Fred Lussow

1976-77      6 – 3

1977-78      5 – 4

1978-79      9 – 2      Class 5A Playoff Qualifier   Coach Fred Lussow

                              Final Four Finish                              

                              Beat Aurora West     15- 9

                              Beat Glenbrook So.  21-14

Lost to Buffalo Grove   20-14

Buffalo Grove finished 2nd

1980-81      5 – 4

1982-83      8 – 2

1983-84      5 – 4

1984-85      5 – 4

1985-86    12 – 2     Team Finished as 5A STATE RUNNER-UP    Coach Fred Lussow

                             Beat Wheeling          37-14

                             Beat Hersey              13- 7

                             Beat Antioch             16- 7

                             Beat Rich East          16-13

Lost to Rockford East  28- 3

Forest View High School Falcons
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1978-79 Football Team – Final Four Class 5A Playoffs
Forest View High School Girls Volleyball 1980-81
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Elite 8 Finalists 30 – 7

The boys soccer team had one great year too.  The boys of 1978-79 made it to the State Tournament Semi-Final game before losing to Evanston in overtime.  The results of this season are listed below.

1978-79    20 – 2 – 1      Sectional Champions                      Coach Alan Beard

                                   Final Four Qualifier


                                   Beat Wheaton-Warrenville 2 – 1


                                   Lost to Evanston 3 – 2 in Overtime    


The Boys Cross Country team at Forest View had one real nice season where they finished 7th in the State Meet.  One Individual also earned State Medal acclaim.

1971-72      Team Finished SEVENTH in STATE MEET Competition

                  Individual Medalist

                  Jim Wise                29th Place Finish

1976-77      Individual Medalist

                  Darryl Robinson     11th Place Finish


One name sums up most of the medals won in gymnastics for the girls team.  Nina Dziem won a total of 14 medals, including 6 Gold Medals.  The 1979-80 team placed fifth at the state meet.  This great seasson and the individual medals won are listed below.

1979-80       Team Finished FIFTH in STATE MEET Competition


                   Individual Medalist

                   Nina Dziem          All-Around                STATE CHAMPION!!

                                               Balance Beam          STATE CHAMPION!!

                                               Floor Exercise          STATE CHAMPION!!

                                               Uneven Bars             2ND Place

                                               Vault                         2ND Place

1980-81       Individual Medalist

                  Nina Dziem           Balance Beam          STATE CHAMPION!!

                                               Floor Exercise           STATE CHAMPION!!

                                               Uneven Bars              STATE CHAMPION!!

                                               All-Around                  2ND Place

Vault                          2ND Place 

1981-82       Individual Medalists

                   Nina Dziem           Floor Excercise       2ND Place

                                                All-Around               3RD Place

                                                Uneven Bars            3RD Place

                                                Vault                        4TH Place

1985-86       Individual Medalist

                   Chris Hrbacek       Uneven Bars            STATE CHAMPION!!  


Though no team hardware was earned, two male gymnasts at Forest View High did bring home medals from the State Finals.

1965-66    David Hippensteel      Trampoline            2ND Place

1967-68    Gary Dimas                 Trampoline            4TH Place


The boys of the hardwood court faired well as well.  Four Regional Championships were won in the tough basketball area of the northwest suburbs. The years are listed below.  Unfortunately the records and coaches names of these and other great FVHS teams are not currently available.

1977-78               Regional Champions

1979-80               Regional Champions

1980-81               Regional Champions

1981-82               Regional Champions


The Lady Roundballers brought home one Regional Championship as well.  Again, the record of this and other great FVHS girls basketball teams are not available.

1976-77                Regional Champions


The boys baseball team won a Regional as well.  There had to have been some great team records and coaches of the program that are not currently available.  If you have this information, please forward it to us.

1973-74                Regional Champions


The boys golf team won a Regional Chamopionship.  No further information is currently available.

1982-83                Regional Champions


The Lady linksters of Forest View High won a District title of their own and qualified for the State finals.

1975-76                District Champions

                            Qualified for State Finals


The boys tennis team won one Ditrict title and placed 7th overall during one other season.  Unfortunately, this is all of the information available.

1974-75          District Champions

1976-77          Team Finished SEVENTH at the STATE FINALS


The Ladies’ volleyball team at Forest View High won 3 District titles, 2 Sectional titles, and made one appearance in the Elite 8.   Only the Elite 8 season lists the team record and coach’s name.  If you can provide any more information on these and other great teams at FVHS please write to us via e-mail.

1975-76   21 – 4      District Champions                       Coach Denise Van Huele

                                                                                 Asst. Coach JoAnne Travis

1976-77   17 – 2                                                          Coach Denise Van Huele

1980-81   30 – 7      District Champions                      Coach Denise Van Huele

                             Sectional Champions                  Asst. Coach Mike Duellman

                             Super-Sectional Champions

                             Elite 8 Finalist

1981-82   28 – 8 – 1 District Champions                      Coach Denise Van Hueleman

                             Sectional Champions                  Asst. Coaches Mike Duellman, Robin Gavin

**Shery Brinkman of the 1980-81 volleyball team still holds the state record for the most blocks in a state finals game with 13!!!                             


The Forest View High School thinclads also won some State Meet hardware.  The Lady tracksters even earned a FOURTH Place finish in the State Meet in 1973.  Included are 10 individual medals won by the girls including gold medals from Vanessa Calabrese and Sherri Brinkman.

1972-73        Team Finished FOURTH at the STATE TRACK MEET!!  Coach JoAnne Travis


                    Individual Medalists


Vanessa Calabrese           Discus                STATE CHAMPION!!

                                                              High Jump         4TH Place

                    Jan Smith                          440 Yard Dash    3RD Place

                    Relay Team                       440 Yard Relay   4TH Place

1973-74         Individual Medalist

                    Renee Gromke                  80 Yard Hurdles   8TH Place

                    Team won Conference championship.

1974-75        Team Won the District Championship

                    Karen Terp     Conference Champion      High Jump 

1975-76         Individual Medalist

                    Deb Brinkman                   Shot Put               7TH Place

1979-80         Individual Medalist           Coaches Denise Van Huele/Rich Hedstrom  

                    Sherry Brinkman                Discus                  2ND Place

                    Sherry Brinkman also won Conference Championship

1981-82         Individual Medalist           Coaches Denise Van Huele/Rich Hedstrom

                    Sherry Brinkman                Discus                  STATE CHAMPION!!

                    Sherry Brinkman also won Conference Championship

1982-83         Individual Medalist           Coaches Denise Van Huele/Mike Shay 

                    Debbie Pankow                 800 Meter Run      6TH Place

1983-84         Individual Medalist           Coaches Denise Van Huele/Mike Shay

                    Debbie Pankow                 800 Meter Run      8TH Place


Forest View’s boys track team won a DIstrict of their own and brought home six medals from the State Track Meet.  This includes two golds from Steve Schellenberger.

1969-70         Individual Medalist

                     Mike Keen                   220 Yard Dash             6TH Place

1974-75         Team Won the DIstrict Championship

                     Individual Medalist

                     Steve Schellenberger  880 Yard Run              STATE CHAMPION!!

1975-76         Individual Medalists  

                     Steve Shellenberger    880 Yard Run              STATE CHAMPION!!

                     Jim Vartanian              120 Yd. High Hurdles   7TH Place

1976-77         Individual Medalist

                     Darryl Robinson            1 Mile Run                  7TH Place

1985-86         Individual Medalist

                     John Cole                     High Jump                  5TH Place


There were a total of four medals earned by individual athletes at the State Swim Meet competition.

1973-74         Doug Shalk         100 Yard Free Style                4TH Place

1977-78         Lou Redig           100 Yard Free Style                3RD Place

                    Thomas Redig     200 Yard Intermediate            4TH Place

1978-79         Thomas Redig     100 Yard Free Style                2ND Place


The grapplers brought home a total of five individual State Medals including a Gold from John Gross!    

1966-67         Ray Vitka             145 Lb. Weight Class              5TH Place

1967-68         Robert Savage     Heavyweight Class                 6TH Place

1974-75         John Gross           105 Lb. Weight Class             STATE CHAMPION!!

1977-78         Steve Byrne         185 Lb. Weight Class              4TH Place

1983-84         Kirk Jurinek         105 Lb. Weight Class              5TH Place


The ladies competed in archery as well, winning the conference championship in 1973-74!


Forest View High School began a girls soccer program in 1983.  We don’t have any seasonal records currently to share, however we do know that the first goal scored in girls soccer history at FVHS was scored by Lisa Bandt.


Don’t think for a second that all of the success attained at Forest View High School was attained by the athletes.  Top flight teams were also put together in the IHSA sponsored events of Drama, Speech Individual Team, and Group Interpretation.  All three earned top ten fiinishes during state competition.  In addition 9 individuals brought home medals from the State competition.  Their successes and medals won are listed below.


1978-79          Team Finished SIXTH in STATE Competition


1973-74          Team Won the District Championship

1975-76          Team Won the District Championship

1978-79          Team Finished FIFTH in STATE Competition


1964-65          Kathie Dunn                    Verse                5TH Place

1965-66          Adrienne Hamperian        Orig. Comedy    2ND Place

1967-68          Team Finished SEVENTH in STATE Competition

                      Individual Medalist

                      Kris Knudsen                   Extemporary     STATE CHAMPION!!

1970-71          Team Won the District Championship

1973-74          Team Won the District Championship

1974-75          Team Won the District Championship

1975-76          Team Won the District and Sectional Championships

                      Individual Medalist

                      John Tucky                      Dramatic Inter.  3RD Place

1981-82          Team Finished FIFTH in STATE Competition

                      Team Also Won District Championship

                      Individual Medalists

                      Chuck Pelletier                Drama Inter.      2ND Place

                      John Concepcion             Orig. Comedy    4TH Place

1982-83           Brian Hay                         Orig. Oratory     6TH Place

1985-86           John Colella                    Humor Duet       6TH Place

                      Jeff Przybylo                    Humor Duet       6TH Place


The Illinois Theatre Festival is the largest, non-competetive high school theatre festival in the world. It was organized in 1976 by teachers from the Chicago suburbs. This festival is still going strong as they perform at the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana) and Illinois State University every other January. Forest View High School participated in this festival in 1978.


Forest View High was said to have had an excellent music department which included band and choir.  If you have any stories or information you would like to share please write to us via the information listed below.


If you have ANY more information you would like to see added to the Forest View High School page of this site please forward it to us so we can share it with others.  Photos (especially of the school building) and information are welcome and can be e-mailed to us at .  You can also write to us via real mail at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago, Il.    60631

Forest View High School
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Girls Track & Field Records
Forest View High School
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Girls Track 1975-76

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