Alhambra High School “Leopards”

Alhambra High School Building – Built in 1921
A brick building with a lawn in front of it

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Photograph Taken by Douglas Combs
Sign Above School’s Main Entrance
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Courtesy of Douglas Combs

The History of Alhambra High School

Alhambra (population 630) is located in southeastern Illinois in the northeastern portion of Madison County.  Illinois Route 140 is the the roadway that leads you to and from Alhambra from the east and west.  Route 140 connects Alhambra to Interstate Highway 55 just two miles to the west. The Norfolk Southern Railroad passes through the west side of town. The town’s is named after a fortress palace in Granada, Spain.

The history of the town of Alhambra is in need of research.  We could not find this information on the internet resources we utilize.  The history of the school system in town is needed as well.  We do know that Alhambra once supported a three-year high school.  We believe this school would have been established in the early 1920s.  We know that Alhambra students wishing to obtain a four-year high school diploma had to complete the required courses at nearby Highland.

Alhambra High School Building Cornerstone

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Photograph by Doug Combs

Our guess is that Alhambra High School served the town through the middle to late 1940s.  It was likely then that Alhambra completely closed the high school portiion of the school and sent all children wishing to attend high school (from freshman year on up) to Highland.

We know that Alhambra school continued on as a K – 8 elementary school for several years (approximately 40) after the high school closed.  At some point the Alhambra School District was annexed to the Highland School District. Alhambra School continued for several more years as a PK – 6 Elementary School.  In the past year or so the school has been established as a PK – 2 Elementary School for the Highland School District.

The former Alhambra High School building was demolished in 2010 to make way for new construction for the Alhambra Elementary School.

Alhambra High School Quick Facts

Year opened:                          late 19-teens / early 1920s?

Year closed:                           late 1940s?

Consolidated to:                      Highland High School

Alhambra HS team nickname:  the “Leopards”?

Alhambra HS team colors:       Orange & Black?

School Fight Song:                  unavailable


We know that Alhambra High School boys competed in the sport of basketball.  It is quite likely that baseball and track were offered as well. The current Alhambra Elementary School utilizes the Leopard as its mascot and the colors of Orange & Black as its school’s official colors.  Is it possible these were the original high school’s mascot and team uniform colors as well? We are searching for this information as well as team records, coach’s names, and any other information you may have regarding Alhambra High School athletics.

Boys Basketball

We know that AHS competed in boys basketball in 1934-35.  That year the boys played a varsity game against nearby Greenville High School. Any information you have regarding Alhambra basketball would be welcome to share with others on this page.

Extra-Curricular Activities

School dances, plays, FFA, FHA, band, chorus, and many other events were probably a big part of the Alhambra High School experience.  If you have any information on this side of the AHS experience, please write to us via the means listed below.

If You Have Any Further Information

Please forward any further information to us at Photos and other information are welcome.  You can also write to us at:

Illinois HS Glory Days

6439 N. Neva St.

Chicago, Il.  60631


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