Alpha (Oxford Twp.) High School “Bulldogs”

Alpha High School Building 1924 – 1948
Courtesy of Joanne Carlson
First High School Building
Alpha, Ill.

The History of Alpha High School

The town of Alpha, Illinois is located in the southwestern portion of Henry County on US Rt. 150 and Il. Rt. 17 approximately 17 miles north of Galesburg.

The residents of Alpha (population 726 today) started a school in 1857. A new building was built in 1884 and was replaced in 1909. This building housed the first Alpha High School, which has its first commencement in 1895 with 12 graduating pupils. The 1909 building became the grade school in 1924 when a newer, Oxford Township High School, building was built next door specifically for the high school grades. The 1909 building (grade school) was destroyed by a 1941 fire. It was replaced by the brick structure pictured above.

Alpha supported their school proudly until consolidation talks with nearby Woodhull became a reality.  This took place in 1948 when the school districts of Alpha and Woodhull formed Alwood School District #225.

The Alpha High School building from 1924-1948 has since been torn down. The “new” building now serves as the grade school for the Alwood school district.

Alpha Grade School
Alpha, Illinois

Alpha High School Quick Facts

Year opened:            1895

Year closed:             1948

Consolidated to:        Alwood School District

School nickname:      the “Bulldogs” (sometimes the “Miners”)

School colors:           Red & White

School Fight Song:    unavailable


We know that the Alpha boys competed in basketball and football. It is believed the Alpha High School students also participated in baseball and track. If you have team records or conference champions from other teams, as well as those listed below, that you would like to share please forward the information to us.

The official name of the Alpha High School athletic teams was the Bulldogs. However the Alpha teams were sometimes referred to as the “Miners” because of the coal mines which once existed around the area.

Boys Basketball

The Alpha High School Bulldogs boy’s basketball team could play with the best of them, a tradition which continues at Alwood HS today. The Alpha roundballers brought home one District title and five Regional titles in their existence. As stated on other pages, IHSA hardware is only one measuring stick for athletic or school successes.

Alpha’s first basketball facilites were upstairs in a two-story building, according to the town’s centennial publication. A gym was built in 1923-24. Several scores involving Alpha High School in the IHSA state tournament were located on a site titled “Illinois Postseason Basketball Scores.” These scores are listed below.

1926-27       N.R.A.   Henry County Champions         Coach Duke Rumble


**In addition to its 1927 Henry County championship, they won it in another unknown year between 1924-26. From 1924 to 1929, Alpha won 72 percent of its games!


1931-32       21 – 5     good record                                 Coach’s name unavailable


1932-33       19 – 7     IHSA District Champions          Coach Robert Douglas

                                  District Scores Needed

                                  Peoria Sectional Tournament

1st Rd lost to East Peoria HS 24-17

East Peoria lost to Canton in title game


1933-34       19 – 8     Galva District Tournament           Coaches name needed

1st Rd lost to Cambridge 23-16

Cambridge beat Kewanee in title game

1934-35       22 – 6     Galva Invite champions             Coaches name needed

                                  Galva DIstrict Runner-Up

                                  1st Rd Beat Annawan 46-16

                                  Semi-final Beat Galva 47-30

                                  Title Game lost to Kewanee 28-23


1935-36       20 – 5     Kewanee Regional Tournament  Coaches name needed

Early Rd Score Needed

Semi-final lost to Wethersfield 26-24

Wethersfield lost to Kewanee in title game     


1936-37       28 – 4     Galva Regional Champions      Coaches name needed

1st Rd Beat Aledo 26-16

                                  Semi-final Beat Lafayette 26-23

                                  Title Game Beat Kewanee 33-28

                                  Moline Sectional Tournament

                                  1st Rd Beat Roseville 28-20

                                  Semi-final lost to East Moline 37-25

East Moline lost to Moline in title game

1937-38       16 – 2     Aledo Regional Champions      Coaches name needed

Early Rd Scores Needed

                                  Title Game Beat Viola 41-22

                                  Moline Sectional Tournament

1st Rd lost to East Moline 35-26

East Moline lost to Fulton in semi-final

Fulton lost to Moline in title game


1938-39                     Aledo Regional Champions     Coach Robert Andreen

                                  Season Record Needed

                                  Regional Scores

                                  1st Rd Beat Aledo 48-26

                                  Semi-final Beat Alexis 48-19

                                  Title Game Beat Sherrard 36-25

                                  Moline Sectional Runner-Up!

                                  1st Rd Beat Savanna 40-21

                                  Semi-final Beat Mendota 25-20

                                  Title Game lost to Moline 40-38

Moline lost in Sweet 16 Rd.


1940-41       16 – 11   Postseason scores needed         Coaches name needed

1941-42                     Joy Regional Tournament            Coach’s name & record needed

1st Rd lost to New Boston 36-21

New Boston lost to Viola in title game

1942-43                     Aledo Regional Runner-Up          Coach’s name & record needed

1st Rd Beat Alexis 47-24

                                  Semi-final Beat Seaton

                                  Title Game lost to Aledo 34-31   .


1943-44       26 – 3     IHSA Regional Champions          Coach’s name & record needed

Early Rd Scores Needed

                                  Title Game Beat Aledo Roosevelt Military 28-24

                                  Moline Sectional Runner-Up!

                                  Early Rd Score Needed

                                  Semi-final Beat Morrison 44-34

                                  Title Game lost to Kewanee 59-30

Kewanee lost to eventual State Champ

Taylorville in Elite 8 Round

1944-45                     Aledo Regional Champions     Coach’s name & record needed

                                  1st Rd Beat Sherrard 50-28

                                  Semi-final Beat Aledo 45-28

                                  Title Game Beat Aledo Roosevelt Military 35-30

                                  Moline Sectional Tournament

                                  1st Rd lost to Moline 47-36

Moline beat Kewanee in title game

Moline place 4th in state tournament

1945-46                    Joy Regional Runner-Up          Coach’s name & record needed

1st Rd Beat Joy 39-27

                                   Semi-final Beat Sherrard 45-41

                                   Title Game lost to Aledo 59-46

1946-47  Postseason scores, record, and coach’s name needed.

1947-48                     Joy Regional Tournament            Coach’s name & record needed

**1st Rd lost to New Boston 49-27

New Boston lost to Joy in semi-final

Joy lost to Aledo in title game

**Final game for the Alpha High School “Bulldogs.” Consolidated with Woodhull in the summer of 1948 to form the Alwood School District.

Noteable Roundball Athlete

Dean Kelly – Led the Bulldogs to a 16-11 record in 1940-41 and was among the area’s leading scorers with 270 points.


Football was offered at Alpha beginning in 1939. They won a conference championship in 1943 and was runner-up in 1944.

1943-44       N.R.A.    Conference Champions        Coaches name unavailable

1944-45       N.R.A.    Conference Runner-Up           Coaches name unavailable

Information needed

If you have any information on the Alpha High School district or the town of Alpha itself please complete a “School Submission Form” or a “Guest Commentary Form”.  You can also write us at or via real mail at:

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Alpha 1932-33 Basketball Team
Alpha Grade School
Side/Rear View

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