Alden High School “Rascals”

Alden High School Building 2011
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Now a Private Residence
Alden High School Building
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Courtesy of Bruce Van Hoozen

The History of Alden High School, District 92

Alden, Illinois (population 1,534) is located along Ill. Rt. 173 five miles west of Hebron and six miles east of Harvard in McHenry County in Northeast Illinois. Alden Road runs through the town going north-south.

The town of Alden started a high school district in 1921 after consolidating the country schools in the vicinity. This district was #92. The first graduating class of 1922 consisted of four students: Bessie Carbrey, Margret Disbrow, Forence Seefeldt and Darlene Erle. High school was offered in Alden until the late 1940s when consolidation talks began with Hebron. This effort was final in 1948. The last graduating class of 1949 from AHS included Ethel Burow, Elaine Cates, John Faber, Edward Huffer, Irene Schuld, Joan Staab, Myrtle Uhlig, Edward Van Hoozen, and Martha and Wilbur Wirsema. Twenty-six other students were sent to Alden-Hebron High School.

Further history of the Alden School District was provided from a book titled “McHenry County, Illinois—1832 – 1968”.  This article, submitted by Bruce Van Hoozen, states the following regarding Alden High School:

“For 27 years, from 1921 to 1948, Alden Township had its own high school in Alden village. The high school was located on the top floor of Alden School, on Route 173.  Since consolidation with Hebron, students have been transported there for high school.

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District 92 in Alden began operating on June 5, 1913.  An addition to the original Alden School was made in 1917.  High School courses began in 1921.  The first graduating class earned their diplomas in the spring of 1922.

Beginning in 1896 when it was constructed, the Alden School building served the town and surrounding farm kids of Alden.  In 1967 this historic school was closed for the use of educational purposes.  All school-aged kids of Alden now attend one central school located in Hebron.”

The fate of the 1896 Alden School building is a good one.  Margo Van Dan tells us that the building today is used as an apartment building after previously being utilized as a factory.

Alden High School “Quick Facts”:

Year opened:                                                    1921

Number of students in first graduating class:    four

Year closed:                                                      1948

Number of students in last graduating class:     ten

Building status:                                                 Still standing

School Colors:                                                  Dark Blue & Gold

School Mascot:                                                 the “Rascals”

Submitted by M. Van Dan
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Evan Bottlemy With His Father Roger’s Letterman’s Jacket


Alden High School offered Basketball as a sport. The new consolidated school of Alden-Hebron won the state championship in one of the most wonderful stories in all of high school basketball just four years after the consolidation. Did they offer other sports? They might have not won any IHSA hardware, but we are sure there were many successful seasons over the years.


A copy of the basketball summary of the Alden HS basketball team of 1948 revealed that at that time Alden High School’s basketball program did not include many games.  The school did not have a gymnasium, often practicing at Hebron High School.  AHS dropped the first game of the District Tourney that year to Woodstock St. Mary’s..

The later years of Alden High School boys basketball did not end so well. The boys lost District Tournament games Elgin St. Edward in 1946 (79-17), Capron in 1947 (73-21), and Woodstock St. Mary’s in 1948 (47 – 15). Thank you to Dean Bently for providing this information. Here are some scores located by Dean from a 1947 Alden High School yearbook:

@ Caledonia – 74……..Alden – 28

@ Caledonia – 50……..Alden – 37

@ Capron – 50……..….Alden – 21

The following basketball scores were located on a website titled “Illinois Postseason Basketball Scores“.

1922 Elgin District Tournament             Coach’s name & record needed

West Chicago 51, Alden 11

Elgin Beat West Chicago in title game

1946 Hebron District Tourney

Elgin St. Edward 79, Alden 17

1947 Hebron District Tourney

Capron 73, Alden 21

Alden HS Graduates 1922 – 1935
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Submitted by Dean Bentley
Alden HS Graduates 1936-48
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Submitted by Dean Bentley

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Alden High School
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Courtesy of Bruce Van Hoozen

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